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This website over the years. Anonymous 266845

I've been here for quite a while. Not exactly right at the beginning but I remember when this site wasn't known by most imageboard-savvy people yet and the userbase still felt pretty much female only. These past few years the last few posts have been overly baity and nonsensical. Don't get me wrong, we always had scrotes (or 4chan poisoned women) that would come here to bait and get (You)s and whatnot. But to this extend? We used to have more conversation here. There's so many baity threads and empty inflammatory replies now. I know that I should be the change I want to see, and trust me I do post and try to at least say something of substance even if it might not interest everyone here. Is it the fact that now cc is seen as "le 4chan for women xd", "le ebin femcel board"? I'm just frustrated. I remember nonas wishing the site would become more popular (without attracting moids) but frankly this makes me think that I wish it never truly went more popular to begin with. (tbh I still believe this site is pretty niche) I liked the comfy atmosphere here and it was one of the rare places on the internet with it. Now I feel like I have to navigate through obvious bait threads to see some posts worth reading. It's just not fun anymore I guess? I'm rambling again.

Anonymous 266849

Report, hide, move on

Anonymous 266856

I'm out of post ideas myself…

Anonymous 266870

It all began once r9k started mentioning this board all the time thus bringing unwanted attention, suddenly Snail was nowhere to be seen and then after that soyjak.party started obsessing over us and it went all downhill from there.

Anonymous 266989

I’ve come back after being gone for years you don’t have to believe me if you don’t want, it’s ok and it seems more active which I think is good. I always tried to advertise it to my (all female) classmates while I was still in school so maybe some of them are here? As long as there’s no cp/gore posting I'm fine with some bait, it’s always been there.

Anonymous 267017


Anonymous 269008

>normies are… le bad
if you are such desperate for a change, you are always free to make your own imageboard.

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