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Your posts have been datamined. Anonymous 266851

Anonymous 266853

nobody cares

Anonymous 266854

It’s kinda interesting. When the media starts pushing the femcel narrative big time and every zoomer with an internet connection starts using femcel as the buzzword of the week at least you know where it started

Anonymous 266990


I’m interested in reading the full text. I’m just happy they got femcels>incels right.

Anonymous 267029

What if they made a femcel AI chatbot from our posts

Anonymous 267031

Femcels are just regular women voicing our frustrations with the patriarchy. We aren't incels

Anonymous 267035

it'd be more accurate to label it "fgtow" than femcel cause femcels would be female involuntary celibates (while lacking an incel's impotent rage). Especially since the worst one could say is the women here are "misandric" and separatist. Not girls pining for men while hate criming them (or wishing they could)

Anonymous 267037

cc is not a femcel board tho

Anonymous 267050

Hopefully some normies will get a hold of it and find out we’re actually correct (I’m not a femcel btw, but I could see how men and pickmes could call me that)

Anonymous 267052

bieber albakyan.jp…

>Sorry, sci-hub has not included this article yet
hook us up, OP
also post your rare sci-hub memes

Anonymous 267107

scihub hasn't been good for years. it's only good for old papers

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