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please help a tech-illiterate idiot Anonymous 266954

I use an adroid phone that has google photos on it. I decided I wanted to back up my photos, but didn't have enough space on my google drive. So I went through and deleted thousands of pictures.

Now I'm regretting the decision. I went to the garbage can folder and pressed "return all photos" but it says I don't have enough storage space to return them. Tried turning off backup and the same message appeared. Is there any way to restore my photos without paying Google?

Anonymous 266972

>get a microsd card (the more gb the better
>put microsd card in your phone
>recover images

Anonymous 267010

If your phone doesn’t have a microsd slot, you can get a USB-c flash drive and shove it up there.

You can also plug the phone into a pc and move the photos over to the pc.

Anonymous 267018

When you go into the photos app on your phone, you have a google account linked to it right? Should be in the upper right hand corner with your profile picture.
Log into that account on a computer, restore your photos from trash and save those photos to a thumb drive or some other external hard drive.

Anonymous 267110

Thank you! I don't have a computer but I was somehow able to restore the files using my phone's file manager.

Anonymous 267111

\o/ good job

Anonymous 267125

make a new gmail account, that will give you more 15gb of drive, save your recent photos there, detele from your old account than restore the old pictures.

Anonymous 268173

Good advice

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