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How are people attracted to men ? Anonymous 266999

They are such absolute filth mongers. It is so depraved to be attracted to them irl. It completely contaminates you to go along with the mountain of lies that come with their existence. What is the solution to feeling completely repulsed by what they being to the table ?

Anonymous 267009

Some people are straight anon…
Political lesbianism and all the trendier terms for it are an option but most women will never go for it. Women crave relationships and sex with the gender they’re attracted to and (most?) people can’t help who they’re attracted to.

Anonymous 267013

You forgot the hideous rise of volcels anon. It's easier for women to forego dating if they can have everything else they want and wait.

Anonymous 267022

>What is the solution to feeling completely repulsed by what they being to the table ?

Celibacy, with the tradeoff of becoming as bitter and silly as any mgtow/incel

Anonymous 267023

Single and childfree women are the happiest demographic

Anonymous 267025

I sincerely doubt that genuinely-single and childfree women are happier than engaged lesbians. Especially since lesbians demographically outearn heterosexual women. There is a clear deficit of detail in supporting figures that do not account for something as obvious as lesbian happiness and this suggests that the entire demographic study category was engineered.

Sabine Hossenfelder has talked about the rising problem of physics, math and chemistry suffering from data falsification and I can't take seriously the suggestion that studies of human happiness that don't account for lesbianism have more integrity.

Anonymous 267039

Lmao I don't think lesbians were taken into account. I think they were comparing single childfree women to heterosexual women.

Anonymous 267053

>how can people be attracted to boys they stink I wonder what his used shirts smell like haha

Anonymous 267056

says who? studies by single and childfree women? all those studies have biases that they're written to confirm.

Anonymous 267057

Pathetic, scote worshiping behavior. 100 hail Ceces for you

Anonymous 267078

Or it just makes you mad its a fact of life women have an easier time single and not babysitting a damn moid and his crotch goblins

Anonymous 267106

I've honestly never been attracted to a non-fictional man but I am bad with people, I am very lonely, and thirsty men make themselves available. I know they're only pretending to care about me but at least it's something.

Anonymous 267123

Try harder moid

Anonymous 268603

Future generations will ask why Americans didn't resist when the US became a police state.

Anonymous 268609

What is so moidy about my post? I wish I had female friends. I have had some in my lifetime and I know that they have more affection and support to give than the coochie-starved men pretending to care about me. But the latter is the only type of human contact readily available to a woman who's terminally timid and socially retarded.

Anonymous 268610

>terminally timid and socially retarded.
i wish i was just "timid"

Anonymous 269285

sorry its just muh biology nona i can't help it. i love men but not the attitude that comes with one.

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