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Anonymous 267043

Are you winning, queens?

Anonymous 267044

I’m honestly upset that people were saying she’s ugly when the scandal first happened. She’s better looking than most male cops. Hope she wins her lawsuit. I generally dislike the police force but none of the male cops got their face plastered across tabloids and shitty memes about their looks.

Anonymous 267090

Who is she again? She's cute and I remember her on the news due to some burger scandal but I didn't pay too much attention cause there wasn't much info but it never came up again in the news here I don't think
Rather hear the facts from here if there were moidy narratives about

Anonymous 267099

I think she fucked half the police force while still being married and vids got out and now she's suing them for grooming.

I mean its fucked up all around but I think men should be held accountable for being pigs so I hope she wins.

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