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For the anonnettes who are DDLC enjoyers. Anonymous 267094

I started playing DDLC today, i have watched gameplays about it and i know what's about, im not new. I can't help but notice the intense foreshadowing it has. For example, in the poems Monika writes, the little "It's not long before you won't need me anymore" sayori says to us when she asks if we would walk home with her or yuri (yuri in my case, i like her a lot), and also the little details, how monika is the only one looking directly at us, how the other ones just pop up in the scenes while monika slides and appears moving, also after showing her our second poem, she says something about saving the game before making a big decision "you might change your mind!" when i tell you it sent shivers down my spine… I don't know if i just notice this because i have watched gameplays about the game and i know what's about or because it really has a lot of little details, hints and foreshadowing.
Anyways, the art is very cute, Monika is scary, i feel intimidated every time she shows up on my screen, i also love the soundtracks.
What do we think, anonnettes?

Anonymous 267100

Katawa Shoujo is superior in every way

Anonymous 267101


I played it back in 2017 around the time it came out and really enjoyed the experience. I'm surprised to see the game is still relevant and has a fanbase over all these years! Enjoy yourself nona. As usual the male fans of this game are pretty insufferable. Thankfully I've mostly talked about this game to other women.

Anonymous 267103


Its an awesome game i wish i couldve experienced it for the first time without the memes. I became aware of its existence by jokes about how fucked up it was and even tho watching letsplays was still fun it kinda spoiled everything for me.

Anonymous 267127

I don't know that one, what's about? can i download it in my mac?? do i have to pay for it?

Anonymous 267152

its an old free visual novel made by halfway decent scrotes back in the halfway decent days of 4chan.
The music is top notch honestly, and it's a romantic VN with different routes depending on different choices with an incel path as well lol.

I'd link it but you seem to be shitting up your own thread for whatever reason and should have the mental capacity to google and install the game yourself

Anonymous 268472

that game is bullshit, it's literally about fetishizing disabled women. gross.

Anonymous 268487

I remember it was released almost directly after Undertale, which made the direction of the story very obvious just from seeing the cover picture plus the sudden hype around a random visual novel. The whole playing with the meta thing was the cultural zeitgeist at the time.

Anonymous 270010

holy brainrot

Anonymous 270015

Why would you play a VN aimed exclusively at men?

Anonymous 270028

it isn't that bad. i did the route of the artist girl (the one without arms) and honestly i was surprised, because the MC has to waste a lot of time listening to the ramblings of an autistic teenager and doing favors to get close to her. and the romance was like any other angsty teenager bullshit. in fact, she was more realistic than most female characters in VNs.

Anonymous 270049

surprised no one has thought to mention kimi to kanojo to kanojo no koi. my favorite vn and predates ddlc by 4 years.

Anonymous 271540

i really like it. if you watched chainsaw man monika reminds me of makima

Anonymous 271560

“What if romantic visual novel but surprise it’s actually disturbing and messed up!” is a really trite concept.

Anonymous 271608

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