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other imageboards Anonymous 267132

Recommend some other imageboards/forums that you frequent? Preferably ones that are comfier/discussion based as opposed to edgelord 4chan moidcore.

bonus if you have any paranormal/esoteric/strangeness focused site recommendations

I like melonland (forum) though it's not incredibly active.

Anonymous 267227

e-shuushuu.net - 8…

Anonymous 267228

isn't melonland full of SJWs and troons?

Anonymous 267229

Sushichan used to be okay years ago, if a bit slow, and it's how I found CC. Not sure what the board culture is like now though.

Anonymous 267251

Most slow chans are too slow to have anything resembling board culture
You can even see it with some 4chan boards too now, lol

Anonymous 267253

Trashchan.xyz's /comfy/ and /late/

Anonymous 267255

Fast boards are for prepubescent teens who only want to troll
Give me 100 slow imageboards over 1 fast board any day of the week

Anonymous 267256

I've stopped browsing a lot of altchans due to all the cp spam. I'm sure that's intentional since the powers that be want to force us all into a few very easy to monitor forums, but I don't need to be exposed to that kind of shit and the slower chans have maybe 3 moderators that check in once every 5 years if you're lucky.

Anonymous 267257

Unfortunately yes though the atmosphere of the site is nice. A lot of the oldweb fans are Aidens which is ironic due to how non-pc the Internet used to be. I still like it as a resource for old tech and nostalgia

Anonymous 268191

Is this the correct web address? I tried but didn't find anything

Anonymous 268194

i remember this tranny imageboard. you need to go directly to the boards https://trashchan.xyz/comfy since the frontpage intentionally blanks

Anonymous 268196

thank you. and damnit another tranny board! kek

Anonymous 268323

I just lurk here, but seems pretty fun https://lainchan.org

Anonymous 268348

sushichan looks pretty good nowadays but there are troons there

Anonymous 268353

What mod is that?

Anonymous 268483

sorry for being a bit off topic, but are there other imageboards who despise troons as much as cc, kf, and probably lolcow (and 4chan?)? I've been to some other imageboards and most of them welcome those freaks.

Anonymous 268484

>Fast boards are for prepubescent teens who only want to troll
No one could never POSSIBLY want quality discussion and semi frequent response times simultaneously!

Anonymous 268986

I don't know other imageboards like that, but what is kf?

Anonymous 268998

Probably referring to kiwifarms. They're not really an image board though, more a cow discussing forum. Plus a safe haven for women yelling at troons. At least safe from the banhammer, gotta deal with some messy scrotes. It's a good resource for Troon stuff since LC isn't as great anymore.
Spinster might be an option. It's a gender critical/feminist friendly fediverse instance. So basically twitter but allows women to speak free. Since it's basically twitter you can say whatever you want, but to get in you have to answer questions around why you want to join to try and prevent bad actors. I'm trying to use it more but it's got a nice community of women. I'm hoping to post my random colouring stuff and I see posts with different interests on top of feminist news from around the world. Plus laughing at troonshit

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