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It is hard to find places to vent freely Anonymous 267143

Posting on image boards is shit because of misogyny, but at least you can talk back freely to rude people. On reddit if you ask a question or vent and somebody responds in a snarky way or tells you to go to therapy, something not everyone can do / a lot of therapists can be shit. You can't respond to them or you will get modified/downvoted for not agreeing, so you have to let the thread die. This might be petty, but I am kinda annoyed about getting stonewalled by either jokes or Go To tHeRaPy for being slightly upset about anything.

Anonymous 267144

i meant modded not modified sorry spellcheck

Anonymous 267149

Maybe you just haven’t found the right community. I’ve made vent posts and received nice replies, but they were in the appropriate places. I won’t name them for obvious reasons, but yeah, good places for this type of thing exist.

Anonymous 267150

you have a point, i post sometimes in the aspie subs and although sometimes i get understanding responses, still sometimes i get the well you sound depressed so go to therapy

Anonymous 267154

Go to therapy is Reddit for stfu and I refuse to hear different. People just don’t want to hear it because it makes them feel uncomfortable, so they deflect with jokes or say something like “go to therapy” that sounds helpful but is actually just dismissive. Why they can’t just scroll and not comment is a mystery to me. Plus this “everyone needs therapy” culture is extra fucking stupid too.
Incoming blog: Take it from an upper middle class firstie who got diagnosed with the anxiety and depression meme and had access to meds and therapy on therapy while I was still living with my parents. It does nothing unless you have a specific problem to fix (like a phobia or specific trauma, not just intense emotions). I pretty much would just complain about school and not having friends at individual and use group to hear gossip from people with more problems than me. I’m happy I did it because it provided twice a week interaction with someone other than my mom and my judgemental classmates but did I need it? No, and expecting someone who isn’t 100% mentally stable but not psych ward bad to waste 5 years on therapy and SSRIs just because they could kill themselves but probably won’t is stupid
I made a private discord server with a vent channel and I also use my notes app. It’s free and discord/apple don’t care enough to get me 5150’d over my data

Anonymous 267159

I like going to therapy, but people act like it's so easy to get a good therapist. There are so many quacks out there and you have to pay them for the first few sessions just to realize they're not for you.

Anonymous 271300

People take vents personally

Anonymous 271377

redditors are obsessed with the concept of therapy and think it fixes everything

Anonymous 271391

My therapist commented on me not wearing make up as a woman

Anonymous 271405

Every female therapist I’ve ever had has been an absolute cunt whose #1 focus was bitching about my appearance in one way or another.
Only therapist I ever liked was a gay guy too old for his brain to be testosterone poisoned, and then, this best-case scenario was that therapy was inoffensive but useless.

Anonymous 271511

Borrowing this thread to vent as to not interrupt the catalog

>Tfw gray ace

>Tfw hypno fetishist, but mainly for the mental aspect
>Join discord servers looking for idk
>See "roles" channel: m:f ratio is 2:1 and others in between
>VC voices are all low to mid tenor voices; they're almost all mtfs
>They're also almost all into roleplaying degenerate shit
Oh come on

People can talk about trans acceptance all the time, but it still doesn't change the fact that I don't feel safe spilling womanly secrets to someone who couldn't really relate to what I'm trying to get across, because like it or not, being born male means you won't know what it feels like to have menstrual cramps or hormonally affected mood swings etc

And the best part is that I can't vent this peeve anywhere else without getting accused of transphobia. Nice

Anonymous 271518

the amount of tims into hypnofetish makes me want to get away from the community altogether. it’s a crazily male dominated fetish that’s fun until i think about it through a feminist lens and feel disgusting for partaking

Anonymous 271523

I don't mind male 'tists, though I am very selective of them regardless of gender
What I do mind is most of them clearly only being into it for the sex part, many of them eithe rbeing outright pigs that know barely anything about hypnosis or are degenerate bottoms looking for "dommy mommys" to change their diapers and shit

Every time I try to get into a community, I get reminded almost immediately as to why I still stick with anonymous text scripts or one way recordings from veterans like Ultra after so many years

Anonymous 271885

You can always went in your own notes. If you post it on a public forum, mostly men will see it, and they really do not understand the concept of venting. They see it as someone nagging them to fix something for a stranger. Go to therapy means "i don't know you, you don't pay me, go pay someone to listen to your bitching". After all why should they care about your problems

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