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Tell me about your day Anonymous 268888

How was your day? Anything interesting happen? What sre you feeling and thinking?

Anonymous 268917

ehh just existing

Anonymous 268929

I'm so tired but the actual work and school aren't tiring, it's the hell on earth that is public transportation.

Anonymous 268935

being a brain dead bulimic but on the come up yeah i swear we on the come up

Anonymous 268964

Made 60 jars of jam from the berries I grew, built a wall, planted a bunch of trees.
Steaming some rice

Anonymous 268965

Anonymous 268967


Thats pretty cool! What berries? I was just thinking of making my own jam the other day, because I remembered how my great grandmother used to make jam from strawberries and one time I went to pick some berries with my aunt.

Anonymous 269238

Ever since I got dumped from my first relationship (a 6 year one) I had a lot of difficulty being alone and rebounded into another 2 year one. After that I was once again struggling being alone but this morning was the first morning I woke up in a good mood (without that pit of dread in my solar plexus) and felt kind of nice being alone with my cat. I'm feeling optimstic about being able to enjoy life again, even if I'm alone.

Anonymous 269705

I'm training someone at work and it's pretty taxing because I have to have my extrovert worksona on at all times instead of getting to work by myself.

I'm also worried aboit a trip I'm going on soon, my relationship with my partner, and my future.

I had a drink tonight and I wanted a second but I just had a snack instead. I'm proud of myself.

Anonymous 269726


did hygiene and makeup and put on a pretty dress/shoes

went to doctor

decided to do a rest day re: working out

avoiding dishes and putting away clean laundry

drinking black tea and browsing the net in a cozy blanket

waiting for virtual therapy time + nigel to return from work

will probably knock out the dishes at some point, maybe ask for help putting away the laundry

best day this week so far

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