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Dolls Anonymous 268955

Does anyone collect dolls here? What kind of dolls?

I collect pullip family dolls but only isuls and dals because for some reason I dont really like pullips and taeyangs :D I have 3 ones started in 2017!

Anonymous 268957


idk if they count but I'd like to start collecting Sylvanian families/Calico critters, I didn't even play with them as a kid I just think they're pretty lol

Anonymous 268966

there are pretty cool :D what's your favorite one you have?

Anonymous 268978

I had these as a kid and I loved them! happy to see someone collecting the toys I liked lol

Anonymous 268980


Sylvanian families are super cute! I had some as a kid. Loved them as well.

Anonymous 269005


I used to have a few littlest pet shop toys as a kid, recently they brought back the old designs style which is great (The image i choose are the old ones though)

Anonymous 269023

Never collected any because of how expensive it can get, but I always wanted to collect monster high dolls. Maybe I'll check secondhand. Do you buy new or used ones mainly?

Anonymous 269027

I have bought all the 3 as new because it is more limited what dolls are sold as used but if you can find the ones you want as used in good condition sure buy :D

Anonymous 269172

isn't that bit childish?

Anonymous 269175

I don't see any problem with having "childish" hobbies and interests, after all we're still adult and have much different perspective on it than kids.

Anonymous 271351

I collect Precious Moments figures

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