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Should you own a microwave? Anonymous 269584

Is it safe or does it cause health risks like cancer?

Anonymous 269590

Microwaves use the same wavelength as wifi just with more energy so if it causes cancer so does your WiFi which it doesn’t

Anonymous 269709

If you heat leftovers often they're beneficial for sure, no real risks from them, all they do is jiggle the molecules until they're hot and you eat the jiggled food to put it very simply.
Personally I don't have the counter space and like making quick small meals for myself so I actually have a small air fryer instead since I can cook with it easy and heat most things up in it just fine though a little longer than the microwave and it needs an oven safe plate. It's much better than the microwave to heat some things when it comes to taste (kabobs 100% better) and not drying or overheating them, but realistically if you don't have much use for an air fryer then the microwave is just fine. Though if you're picky about taste I'd say try living without it and heating food up the old fashioned way. More annoying but I haven't missed my microwave since it broke down and haven't replaced it in over 3 years now. I can also heat bread in the fryer on top of the food I plopped in.

Anonymous 269725

too large for my small kitchen but i have a small mini oven in addition to my standard oven/stove

just bought an electric kettle for tea but it can cook rice and stew as well

Anonymous 269732

I've never heard of a that does soup and rice. That's so cool nona!

Anonymous 269745

microwaves are non-ionizing. so no, they won't give you cancer. but if you run a magnetron unshielded and look into it you'll give yourself cataracts

Anonymous 269765

Cataract? No, no, me drive Rincon Continentar

Anonymous 269780

Microwave doesn't make much sense for me. My main use case for one is heating water for tea & coffee, and I already have an electric kettle for that, and they are way better at it. However, I did end up getting a countertop convection oven, just large enough to make pizza. But I think about getting a new one that also has microwave functionality.

I'm not worried about health risks at all.

Anonymous 269810

me either until it came up in my temu recs lol tis awesome tho :3

Anonymous 270047

I couldn't live without a microwave. I can't be bothered to learn to cook. Most of my food is microwaved unless it specifically needs to be warmed up in the oven. The only time I use the stovetop is for ramen. I've been living like this my entire adult life, no regrets with saving plenty of extra time to do stuff other than cooking.

Anonymous 270051

Try making cold pastas or egg salad. You can make them in bulk and eat them the next day or two.

Anonymous 270064


Anonymous 270121

yeah yeah yes

Anonymous 271413

This makes me sad

Anonymous 271512

>put thing in microwave
>close door
>open door
>it’s hot

Eldritch evil magic I have to assume

Anonymous 271531

a microwave is less dangerous than a light bulb

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