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Do people actually wear hats? Anonymous 271515

I haven't seen anyone wear a hat in over three days

Anonymous 271516

only in the fall. a newsboy cap (not the peaky blinders type) can be pretty cute with fall outfits

Anonymous 271519

I haven't been able to wear hats in years. I used to work at a thrift store and always tried on random hats for fun until I got lice super bad and it lasted forever. To this day I can't put a hat on without feeling them crawling on me. I know logically there's nothing there but I always feel it anyway.

Anonymous 271520

I wear a baseball cap if I am going to be outside for long period of time.

Anonymous 271536

i have a collection of fish-themed trucker hats, but i never see anyone wear non-caps and the occasional zoomer with those little bucket hats. so hats are real probably

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