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Music Anonymous 272811

What kinda music do you all listen to?

Anonymous 272825


Tons of different genres, from boomer rock to speedcore and weeb music, foreign music like IFA Wartburg and
Vendredi Sur Mer. I can listen to most things if it sounds good to me.
I mostly listen to Pop Punk and Late 2000s Pop music at the moment tho.

Anonymous 272827


Occult psychedelia

Anonymous 272843


Anonymous 272847


i like dark philosophical stuff like momus and psychic tv (understandably troon-infested) and visual-kei

anison is what i listen to the most though bc i am a fagget

Anonymous 272853


metal music mostly, such as Armoured Angel, Sodom, Ostrogoth and Enchanter to name a few! I dabble in dungeon synth/ambient and do like eurobeat also and songs from other genres sometimes also but I'm not passionate about it like I'm deeply passionate for metal.

Anonymous 272901


anything from ambient pop to kpop

Anonymous 272912

I've been listening to cringe emo music lately, MCR and the like

Anonymous 272975


lil bit of everything but my go to genres are punk and grunge

Anonymous 273084


mainly weeb music (vocaloid). really into trance lately.

Anonymous 273093


I don't have a preferred music genre, i listen to a bit of everything depending on how i'm feeling.
I like skramz, midwest emo, shoegaze, any rock subgenre really, trip-hop, etc. Slint, Sonic Youth and Lazarus Plot are bands that come to mind, i really like Mitski too. I've been listening to Kikiwest and Portishead these last few months. Mineral, Black Box Recorder and Daddy's Hands, i like those too.

Anonymous 273127


Falco is life

Anonymous 273135

basic bitch adolescent male taste
troon or moid, call it

Anonymous 273147

omg nona ily

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