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Anonymous 272972

Are there any other women only anti moid radfem sites?

Anonymous 272973

there was the pinkpill.com which was way harsher towards scrotes but it got taken down sadly

Anonymous 273005

Lipstickalley.com has a womenist/feminist forum.

Anonymous 273006

I want to mention one more site, spinster.xyz

Anonymous 273009

there's spinster.xyz, but it's on fediverse and federates with instances like nicecrew.digital, which is full of wignats.

Anonymous 273021

in what ways?

Anonymous 273074

Spinister isn't female only or at least it wasn't when I was on in 2020. Women WERE constantly dunking on the site owners terrible Nigel though. It's also an fbi honey pot

Anonymous 273091

The only people who dunk on spinster are trannies and wignat coomers from poast. It’s ran by Alex Gleason’s wife, a radfem writer and the majority of its userbase is made up of radfems.

Anonymous 273097

All these sites look glowie as fuck, no thanks

Anonymous 273098

>implying that this site also doesn't glow

Anonymous 273175

PNG image.png

>thinking anything that isn't twitter or instagram glows.

Anonymous 273184

all i'm aware of is ovarit.com and /2X/ on lolcow

Anonymous 273193

>cc most raided female website
babes we're just creating a target list. thankfully idk any other websites than the ones mentioned

Anonymous 273239

"It's not male run, it's run by some guy's wife"
You really showed them,

Anonymous 273454

Troon hands wrote this.

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