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A pet peeve Anonymous 273043

When discussing the animal kingdom, humans love seeing our reflection. Even our negative traits are quickly acknowledged. Animals overeat, ostracize, punish, fight. Some even go to war. Humanity is not unique. They’re just like us.

That’s where the conversation goes silent.

Because we aren't the only species that rapes.

The animal kingdom is full of sexual violence. Rape, gang rape, cross-species rape. In the process the male's targets can be maimed, even killed. As a cherry on top, animals commit necrophilia.

Humans exhibit all of these behaviors.

So, why is it taboo to acknowledge sexual violence as another way animals are “like us”?

Anonymous 273044

>So, why is it taboo to acknowledge sexual violence as another way animals are “like us”?
Taboo? Rape in animals is pretty widely acknowledged, haven't seen anyone trying to debunk this, hell be with most animals and you see plenty of rape, male-on-female, male-on-male, even female-on-male, my dog (8 year old jack-russel terrier) was almost killed by a foxhound for not wanting to mate (talking like ears chewed to pieces and blood everywhere)
I think you got it backwards, we dont want to acknowledge that we are like them, or that we are capable of the same evil (by "we" I mean moids)
Actions like waring, bullying, indulging can be somewhat morally and reasonably explained (fighting over resources, weeding out the weak, etc.) But rape is purely selfishness

Anonymous 273065

This, it's worth noting that some extremist moids are the first to point to nature when justifying misogyny, the issue is that they're often looking at a single model of behavior found in some animals (and usually they aren't even primates), and applying it to humans.

Anonymous 273067

I am not entirely sure if this is the answer you are looking for but comparisons between people and animals are ultimately useless in every field other than (very) arguably biology. We also have many traits that make us completely different from animals. Narratives that certain behaviors are in certain people's nature just serve to justify people's misanthropy.

Anonymous 273068

I think people usually don't hold animals to moral expectations because they don't think they have the intellect to be moral agents (i.e. the same reason you wouldn't hold a baby to moral standards). That being said, I can definitely think of individual animals that are smarter than individual humans (and ironically the latter tend to farm the former).

Anonymous 273088

I kinda kek at vegans who cry about muh artificial insemination is rape but absolutely ignore the fact that bulls, boars and roosters are rapey as fuck

Anonymous 273090

How is cow smarter than a farmer?

Anonymous 273116

Cow doesn't pay taxes

Anonymous 273144

Fair enough

Anonymous 273258

I think it's interesting vegans won't even eat squid. I mean… they eat each other, so it should be fair game right?
I'm sympathetic to muh cows and chickens just because they largely don't eat other animals besides bugs (even if they can be absolutely brutal creatures). But anything that eats other animals? Fair is fair imo.

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