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Anonymous 273146

what are your biggest red flags when it comes to men?

Anonymous 273149

>no female friends
>make jokes about porn/call women bitches
>complain about how hard men have it in any context
>don't bathe regularly

Anonymous 273150

>Asks for pictures when shopping
>Describes himself as "centrist"
>Mentions David Foster Wallace
>Has no outdoor/physical hobbies
>On behavioral medication
>Flatshares after the age of 25

Anonymous 273151

>watches cartoons
>wont eat vegetables
>into psychedelics
>repeats the same joke within a month
>begins any sentence with the word "actually"
>doesn't know how to iron
>eats well done steak

Anonymous 273153

Being male on itself is a red flag

Anonymous 273154

Also, don't we have a similar thread in catalog?

Anonymous 273157

Some of these are oddly specific

Anonymous 273159

He's a slut is the biggest red flag

Anonymous 273160

>no female friends
Thats not a red flag

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