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Anonymous 273352

Why is homosexuality considered something bad? No, I genuinely don't understand why. Because they fuck eachother in the asses? A lot of straight dudes want to fuck women in their asses and nobody seems to care. Because it's unnatural? A lot of shit humans do is unnatural and no one gives a fuck. Because they're pedos? Most pedos are straight men, teen porn and lolishit are widespread as fuck, but no one gives a shit.
There is so many things that are much worse than homosexuality, yet people run around and act like gay marriages is the worst thing that could happen to the world.

Anonymous 273354

The issue with m/m homosexuality is that it's male sexuality on steroids, there are no women to protest sexual immorality (pedophilia, rape, bestiality) and gays feel vilified by traditional values so they go hog wild in defiance. Straight men are just as horny, degenerate, and polyamorous but they have to reign it because women don't like that.

Anonymous 273355

Homophobia is a construct of patriarchy.
There’s gay men who are insufferable but their gayness isn’t the problem really.

Anonymous 273359

looking at the prison population of pedos is dumb. There are way more straight pedos they just aren’t going to jail because it’s basically legal.

Anonymous 273360

Anonymous 273363

lions can be gay???

Anonymous 273369

I hate anal havers no matter what their sexuality is. You have a point, if anything, straight men who fuck women in the asses should be condemned because women don't even have a prostate there to be stimulated.

Anonymous 273376

I feel like straight men are obsessed with anal because they're holding over their thoughts from childhood when they thought the penis was supposed to go in the butt.

Anonymous 273381


A lot of male animals will fuck eachother because of sexual frustration.
Females of some species will also hump each other during heat, like cows.

Anonymous 273382

this is obviously a man, no woman talks like this so im not even going to engage. leave it to the mods

Anonymous 273383

Handmaiden thread

Anonymous 273384

Why? I am not defending them, I am genuinely curious why being hono is considered that bad

Anonymous 273385

I had 2 female pet rats and they went into heat every week or so. They would run around and hump each other and it was kinda weird.

Anonymous 273386

I know a girl who had her pelvis broken by a horny cow. Never turn your backs to cows

Anonymous 273387

homosexuality is considered bad because it makes men uncomfortable. when you realize 90% of morality is based off on what coddles men the most, the world start making more sense

Anonymous 273389

They are obsessed with anal because male sexuality is violence, and the idea of hurting or ruining another part of a woman makes them hard.

Anonymous 273390

OP here, I am also weirded by female lesbophobia i.e. women disliking lesbians. I understand why men get mad, because lesbians wouldn't fuck them even if they were ultra rich gigachads, but why do some women dislike them? Because they are predatory? Average straight male is way more predatory than average lesbian, so it is weird reason.

Anonymous 273392

that says more about how much women are brainwashed by power structures that are essentially made to keep them docile than how much of morality codes is made for/by them

Anonymous 273426

Lions apparently mate for "dominance" according to the biologist people. I have a hard time trusting what they say about homosexuality though. A lot of the takes I've heard on homosexuality in animals sounds kinda biased.

Anonymous 273432

Non-straights are simply worse about sexual deviance.
Gay men overwhelmingly see no problem with children being exposed to porn and sexuality no matter the age. As do trannies. Lesbians are (somewhat) better about this purely due to the fact that they're not scrotes but even then, I overheard a lesbian say "well why should we call out any of it when all of it is attacked?" Thats a shitty attitude to have.
I frankly became disillusioned with and started hating gay men before I started hating trannies.

Anonymous 273441

lul cope

Anonymous 273442

you're insane

Anonymous 273445

I don't know if you're a moid or just stupid.

Anonymous 273737

Why is this a genuine question? It was seen as bad for most of human history because homosexuals don’t reproduce. They don’t produce children that will keep the tribe/civilisation they are inhabiting running after they’re long dead.

It’s only very recently when humans have become noticeably overpopulated did homosexuality became more accepted in general. Because a tiny % of non-reproducing people is small enough to not cause a severe birth rate decline that would throw civilisation into complete atrophy.

Anonymous 273740

No its seen as bad because a homosexual man wants to act like a girl. And that isnt manly and what a man wants other men to be like. Especially if its a mans son he doesnt want his son to be a her. Women can fuck off and do whatever they want but men need all hands on deck.

Anonymous 273746

I can't speak about lesbians, in fact I don't know anyone who has a problem with lesbians. I knew two in my life and both were really cool colleagues of mine. Gay men are largely a danger to public health with some exceptions. Anal sex is physically harmful and unhygienic and frankly it disgusts me. Another anon ITT mentioned lack of sexual inhibition, many guys really are like that.

Anonymous 273747

This too. Nobody cares about FtM, they are not a threat, they are small, equivalent to a child. MtF are IMO an insult to women and people are indulging their delusions pushing them to self harm and suicide instead of working on mental healing.

Anonymous 273748

It's a crime against nature, misuse of sexuality, and a distortion of the human person. It's sort of like eating paint chips, just because you technically can do something, doesnt mean you should, even if you really really want to.

Anonymous 273750

basically this. homophobia against scrote couplings is usually because 1. men become aware that other men can be attracted to them in the same violent way they are attracted to women, and this scares them. they’re used to being “safe” from malegaze sexualization but they realize they aren’t. 2. some gay men act like stereotypical women/femininely (thus it’s misogyny). 3. probably something to do with the biological component of not reproducing but honestly i think that’s 70% bullshit


Anonymous 273754


Anonymous 273765

personally I think it's a mental illness and should not be normalized, that being said a homo is no less than a human.
The reason we are plagued with gay /tranny shit is because those people are always oppressed in a developing civilization, which the west is no more, and feel the need to explain themselves to people around them ( which is good for understanding gays and PREVENTING future ones)

Anonymous 273768

OP asked why it is considered bad, and what I said is literally the Christian worldview. I would have said "From the Christian perspective…" but I figured that was too close to talking about religion, which is against the rules.

Anonymous 273772

Your heteronormativity is TIRED AF tho. I'm not even gay but i know how much you heteronormative women lie yourselves into hell. Don't be fucking surprised i dont follow you there or want anything to do with the insufferable kind of man that ruins your life. We can all thank god the gays were put on this earth to save our sanity. Men only hate them because they're hypocrites and power obsessed. Obsessed with power over women. Yeah i hate when trannies impose gender stereotypes i guess but you heterosexual liars are a plague on this earth. Nobody actually wants to follow you into your self-imposed misery and you need to stop expecting it and being surprised we actually want nothing to do with your tired ass bullshit.

Anonymous 273774

Screams moid opinion. Twisting the narritive up to make it so heteronormativity isn't the epitome of worldwide oppressiion and misery. Cry yourself to sleep at night, we dont care, thanks!

Anonymous 273776

You are peak handmaiden if you worship the default masculinity though. Just admit it.

Anonymous 273779

it all circles back to MISOGYNY

Anonymous 273898

lol do you believe in cisnormative too?

Anonymous 273901

either way it makes you come across desperate if you actual settle for any of it.

Anonymous 274053

Why do you care though? Gay men only act degenerate with each other, they leave women alone, and that's better than straight men who rape women.

Anonymous 274055

Gay men are 2% of the population but 40-60% of serial killers and gays are 3.8% of the population but they make up for 30-40% of child molesters

Anonymous 274058

Source scrote

Anonymous 274074

not that i like faggots but child molesters always go for either boys and girls because they look same. "straight/gay" doesnt apply to pedos because theyre usually sexual opportunists that will target any child. its only a matter of which child is more available to them in the moment (ex. boys scout, boys church choir, girls beauty pageants)
>Gay men are 2% and 3.8% of the population but 40-60% of serial killers
are they "gay" or "bisexual"?
bisexual = high risk taking sexual opportunist
gay = homosexual child molestation victim

Anonymous 274080

Yeah this is not a source and you sound like the typical trump obsessed sleazebag

Anonymous 274088

Speaking of child molesters, the majority of them are male. That's the common denominator. It doesn't matter if they're gay or bi or straight. It's weird that you want to focus on their orientation.

Anonymous 274101

It's because back then cops would be embarrassed to investigate gay people. Like when Jeffrey dahmer had a 10 year old boy and he was screaming and the cops got called. He told them they were having sex and they were uncomfortable and just left.

They also mostly target sex workers who they know police aren't going to care about. Serial killers target people who they know are "less valuable". It's just a fucked up fact about life that some people are considered to have more value then others. Like how this board is dedicated to the fact that women are less wanted than men.

Anonymous 274144

How has rooting for Biden worked out for you?

Anonymous 274147

There is no way in hell you are not sewer dwelling waste of oxygen filth moid if you vote for trump. Stick your head ina wood chipper for all our sakes moid. your kind should be strung up and lit on fire. you're a filthy degenerate plague on this earth.

Anonymous 274148

Wut? I'm not even American

Anonymous 274281

Anonymous 274302

>voting for trump literally means you're a fascist!!!!!

Anonymous 274310

It comes from years upon years of indoctrination, generally through religion. Exactly why the idea got into religion is beyond me though. The bible had to be rewritten by hand for thousands of years, so there's a chance that homophobic passages never existed in the original books and that they were added in later. Why someone added it I cannot say - maybe it was the elite of the time trying to scorn the Greeks (because the Greeks seemed fairly open with homosexuality). If not the Greeks, then they probably wanted to delegitimize a particular group of people and an easy way to do that was to attack homosexuality.

Most of the people who hate gay people have been propagandized into doing so, much in the same way that a lot of 'LGBT' supporters are also heavily propagandized. I'm weary of zealots on principles.

Anonymous 274311

I just think it's because homosexuality is inherently disgusting and gets in the way of reproduction. Even in places that weren't religious, homosexuality was still seen as abnormal

Anonymous 274317

No matter how much you cry about it women aren't going to have sex with you

Anonymous 274318

always thought people who cry about fascism were annoying but the rep supreme court just passed a rule to make trump immune over getting you epsteined, so funny that

Anonymous 274320

Why not just say it outloud, that you're basically a moid entitled to the feminine being performed for you, so you can reap the benefits of dominating everyone. but you are actually hideous for not being able to return all that and balance femininity and masculinity. Men who gatekeep sexuality and fear diverse sex experience just kind of seem like entitled ugly beggars to me. Like on the one hand nobody says you need to be gay or do anything you don't like but stop pretending like your "right to masculinity and homophobia" aren't just repulsive entitlements. Masculinity is a selfish insufferable perversion that can only be imposed on others through the entitlement to power. Take your precious disgusting masculinity and stuff it up your ass thanks. Maybe you could learn something who knows Lmao.

Anonymous 274323

Isnt going to stop us from cutting your dicks off and setting your repulsive waste of spacer carcases on fire if you cross onto our properties. Hell i would tie you up in my basement if you crossed onto mine. Id scoop out your eyes and forcefeed your balls you ugly ass christofascist pigfuckers. Christofascists are the real faggots on this earth, gay people don't even come close to that level of worthless swine.

Anonymous 274324

if i dont have balls are you going to cut out my ovaries? because i get that you want to protect yourself but i need those along with my eyes, toes, nails

Anonymous 274328

Misogyny, HIV, mental illness

Anonymous 274329

nta but you sound like a troon. men renouncing their masculinity and trying to adopt a faked depraved frankensteined version of femininity are the worst. nothing more dangerous to women than a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Anonymous 274332

No she is right, men who are obsessed with protecting their masculinity have a chip on their shoulder and are obsessed with control. The best men i knew were the opposite of power obsessed, masculinity obsessed. They were not troons they were gorgeous and emotionally intelligent. Everything isn't just troons or repuslive hetero absoluteism. Rigid obsessive heteronormativity in men isn't just unattractive, its repulsive. You just sound like you're totally incapable of nuance.

Anonymous 274338

Homosexuality is a part of the human condition, it's seen in all higher lifeforms that have recreational/non-reproductive sex, but I think its historical association with depravity and pedophilia has cultivated a dark underbelly throughout the ages, outcasts will find solidarity with other outcasts and male sexuality unchecked leads to atrocities. I don't think there's any saving the modern gay/lesbian communities unless they do some serious housecleaning and ideological reformation.

Anonymous 274349

wtf are you retarded schizos on about. i'm not a man for saying i hate faggots. god i hate going on here sometimes because some of you freaks can get so annoying

Anonymous 274357


Lmao yeah we're the freaks

Anonymous 274704

it's probably some zoomer

Anonymous 274705


I think most people who dislike homosexuality dislike it either because their religion tells them to or because they dislike how male homos tend to be hypersexual.

Anonymous 274735

fucking degens!!

Anonymous 274780

tsmt i hate fags

Anonymous 274792

yea i only hate male homos

Anonymous 274796

She's right though, this is just a flat out truth about gay men.

Anonymous 275181

On its own I have no issues with homosexuality, but holy hell I have met far too many misogynistic fags for me to have almost any respect for them. Even the ones who are nicer to be around are still oddly complicit with troons despite being somewhat or fully aware of the shady stuff they're hiding.
This too.

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