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Do you eat cows? Anonymous 274408

Anonymous 274409


Anonymous 274410

>how do nonas like their steaks?

Anonymous 274412

If you cook a steak any way other than medium then you are actually dumb and stupid

Anonymous 274413

Curious, how people only talk about cow meat when it comes to vegan discourse, although pigs have it way worse (I say a person who worked both on industrial dairy farm and industrial pig farm) Beef cows have it the best among all farm animals.
Anyway, I don't eat them (and many other stuff) due to my disease. I don't think eating meat is immoral, but honestly, cows are much more interesting when they are alive

Anonymous 274419

>but honestly, cows are much more interesting when they are alive
You wouldn't be saying that if you could eat them (sorry to hear that btw, that sucks) but yes, cows are very cool

Anonymous 274420

In taco form mostly.

Anonymous 274439


Samefag, but despite not being vegan, I hate when people comment shit like "nice steak/bacon" on pics with cute farm animals. Those jokes are not funny and are very repetitive. And those people won't say something about dog meat under cute puppy picture. Let people enjoy living animals.

Anonymous 274440

I've moved onto chicken and turkey for most of my meals and I feel good about it. Very rarely will I actually consume beef anymore, maybe once a month?

I just don't give a crap about birds, tough luck.

Anonymous 274444

This. It's just not funny but people will see you not finding it funny as being a triggered vegan. Really I've seen way more people complaining about vegans/vegetarians or even trying to trigger them, start an argument, get them to eat meat etc. when they're just minding their own business.

Anonymous 274450


I really like the beijin beef from china express

Anonymous 274452

panda espress

Anonymous 274453

panda press

Anonymous 274454

panda expresso

Anonymous 274455

panda asjdfaksjdfhkasjdhfjashdfjk

Anonymous 274456



Anonymous 274457


What a cute cut of veal

Anonymous 274462

Joke failed, this breed of cattle isn't raised for veal, so he'll grow into adulthood

Anonymous 274463


What a cute cut of filet minion

Anonymous 274551

My family are redneck hunters so the meat I probably eat the most of is venison. Wonder how much chronic wasting disease is in my brain rn.

Anonymous 274617

No - I'm not a barbarian

Anonymous 274619

It's such a common response because of cognitive dissonance. People can obviously tell they're being wildly immoral by consuming animals but don't want to stop so they get defensive and bleat "lol bacon XD" "how do u like STEAK which I EAT btw" etc.

If they didn't recognize on some level what they were doing is wrong, they wouldn't get so defensive about it and seethe so hard at vegans.

Anonymous 274689

yes. they are my favorite animals because they are so useful: delicious meat, yummy milk, and versatile leather! best animal

Anonymous 274709

No, I'm not a monster

Anonymous 274726


oh yeah, steak is one of my favorite foods and I love trying out different restaurants. if we're talking about beef in general, tacos are ok too I guess

this is correct

picrel the largest and most expensive ($150) steak dinner I had

Anonymous 274730


My weakness is the beef rib. Bonus if side of corn.

Anonymous 274756


Related to this thread, but I've seen a cute Angus calf prancing around on my trip from work to home and it made me smile.
Btw, Angus is the breed of cattle most of you get your steaks from

Anonymous 274762

Prefer chicken or fish or eggs for every day but I do enjoy beef on occasion.

Anonymous 275260


Birds have no souls and should be eaten

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