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Anonymous 274633

Are you a scold? Would you have been put into the ducking stool in the past?

Anonymous 274642


In the future only men will be called scolds and we'll do what we want with them shrug

Anonymous 274650

Not really but I am pro other people doing it.
Fuck the "do whatever you want bruh" lolbertarian faggotry. Society needs a set of standards for people. The problem with the old ones are that they were dictated by moids.

Anonymous 274701

this pic is obviously some degen moid fetish shit but it's really interesting nonetheless

Anonymous 274737

No way. I can't even summon the will to complain about food quality at a restaurant. Thankfully my roommate is a scold who can easily chastise and argue with people for me.

Anonymous 274750

KEK this fucking image

Anonymous 274779

is this like, moid bait?

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