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Anonymous 28177

Who 30 year old Boomerette here?

Anonymous 28184

Are you really 30?
What’s it like? Femcel? Living at home? Formery-cool-girl-who-is-now-lonely?

Anonymous 28188


Almost but not yet, I'm getting close though. Married and have a dog and a baby on the way, I became an out of touch normie but I still love talking to people on imageboards lol. Just wondering if anyone else is an old lady here.

Anonymous 28190

O shid there's already a 25+ thread on page two, sorry I'm stupid

Anonymous 28191

That comes with your age, Stacy

Anonymous 28195


Pls no bully young lass, I have smoll shriveled boomer brain from doing too much neopets in my youth

Anonymous 28214

>tfw 29yo NEET

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