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Anonymous 30084

What is your opinion on homosexual men and/or women, in real life, yuri/yaoi, and in general?

Anonymous 30085

homosexual men are gross in real life but cute in yaoi.
homosexual women aren't real.

Anonymous 30086

> homosexual men
> homosexual women
Incels/femcels who can't get laid. Or mental ilnesses.
> yuri/yaoi

Anonymous 30087


>homosexual women aren't real.

Anonymous 30089

I don't believe that women are capable of that level of degeneracy for pleasure. Men I'd believe would fuck other men in the ass as a fetish or turn into females for their AGP tendencies.

I go clubbing a lot with friends and I have seen so many girls just start making out with their friends to look hot or whatever. It's a phase, just like FTM trannies are imo

Anonymous 30090

>homosexual men and/or women
Pick one. Manga isn't a representation of real life.

To answer the question though, I have plenty of gay/lesbian friends and I don't see them any differently to my straight friends.

Anonymous 30091

so you think gays and lesbians are just fetishists? That’s so wrong

Anonymous 30092

>capable of that level of degeneracy for pleasure
How is it degenerate though? Do you think being gay is wrong?
This is an imageboard so of course it attracts people with edgy opinions sometimes. I want to know why you think lesbians = degeneracy.
What about a lesbian that has only had sex with 1 single partner, in a LTR?
And what about older lesbians? They're not trying to look ~hot~ to attract men, so what's your explanation for their existence?

Anonymous 30093

they're people like you and me, i don't have any particular opinions on them since generalizations are ignorant.

as for yuri, a lot of it is boring highschool cliche shit but even that's comfy every now and then. yaoi has a lot more variety but, now that i'm older it's lost some of the appeal? seme/uke shit just seems pretty cringe these days.

Anonymous 30095


Anonymous 30097

that website is not an unbiased source, the sample size for homosexuals on that graph was less than 100 people whereas the heterosexual sample size it’s compared to was around 7,000 people, hardly fair representation

Anonymous 30101

>that one particular study is slightly less good compared to the other hundred

Like pedophilia with homosexual men.
2% of a population can be homosexual, and sometimes over half of that same 2% are also pedos.

Anonymous 30102

I would say that 50% of men in general are pedophiles, so that’s not really weird

Anonymous 30105

Supportive to neutral at worst, though after a pride parade featuring kids, I'd probably impress a /pol/lack honestly.

Anonymous 30124

Very supportive. My mom's best friends are a gay couple. They've been in my life since I was born and honestly, they're wonderful people. My family is muslim and they're not but that hasn't been an issue at all. We all went to pride with them too last year and they bought me Earl Gay tea lol

Anonymous 30135

I like homo women, dislike homo men because they are annoying. Sometimes if they are married homo men can be alright though. I ended up being friends with a lot of lesbians in high school and beyond, for whatever reason I find that it is easy to talk to them.

Anonymous 30144

>shimanami tasogare
ayyyyyyyy good taste anon!

Anonymous 30145

Gay men are okay. I used to 420 blaze it with a flamboyant queen type from work and it was very fun. Common theme is that they're very self focused in conversation.

Gay women are alright. Old married couples are very cute. But some my age have been all "that girl is sooooo hot" or "muh flannel" and it's like okay we get it. I've had more negative experiences with them than gay men, but at the same time the dyke at work was the only girl who talked about vidya and anime with me.


Yaoi is god damn adorable. Yuri is not my thing, there need to be more gay males and trans boys/girls in my 2d and less girl love ty.

>in general

Nothing wrong with it and I'm happy we're reaching a point where they're so socially acceptable it's no longer shocking. But I am not one of those types that says LGBT struggles are 100% over and that they need to shut up now.

Anonymous 30192

>Homosexual men

>In yaoi

Full of rape tropes.
>in real life
usually nice, though can be misogynistic.

>Homosexual women

>in yuri

Can be cute and heartwarming but tend to be written by men and catering to male fantasies.
>in real life
seem fine.

Anonymous 30195


>homosexual men
The flamboyant type is annoying. The rest i don't care, do as you please.
>in yaoi
>homosexual women
Tumblr type ones are fucking retarded and should all die. But i'm fine with them existing. I actually am one but i have never dated a girl (khhv)
>in yuri
It can be cute but most times it's just autism.
>in general
Pride parades are disgusting, cringeworthy and embarrassing and should be banned.

Anonymous 30196

Screen Shot 2019-0…

I feel uncomfortable around lesbians for the same reason I don't like being around heterosexual men. I'm ambivalent to gay men, but I am also aware that many of them have forced this sexuality onto themselves out of a hatred of women. I don't morally fault them for this, but I prefer not to interact with them. Every self-proclaimed bisexual woman I've met has only ever been with a woman for attention, and I don't agree with this dishonesty, but if someone identifies themselves as bisexual, it produces the same discomfort in me as lesbianism, as this in turn forces me to think of myself as a sexual object. I find it difficult to relate to heterosexual women oftentimes because they believe relationships to be a positive thing. I relate better to repressed-but-straight/antisexual women. I think all sex is bad. Human bodies in general disgust me, except on the rare occasion that I am attracted to men, which causes me much self-loathing. I do not like to see skin or eyeballs. I don't like to think about people as physical entities. The existence of my own body disturbs me. I try to make myself forget, but you can't really tell yourself people don't exist.
Ok. Illustrations are far enough removed from reality, and they help fuel my escapism.

Anonymous 30213


>homo guys
basically what >>30195 said about flamboyant guys, bonus points of annoyance if they talk in stereotypical "gay" male voice, its so weird because one of my fantasy scenarios are having my bf sucking off some hung guy like completely submissive slut, no flamboyant stuff and no sissy outfits, just regular submission to mighty penis
>mfw when we talked about same sex intercourses and he said he doesnt find many guys attractive but there's just something about well muscled large guys that give him weird sexual tension

OKAY back on track now!

>homo ladies

Haven't met many but they are usually very fun to be around, seem bit more proactive in social situations than straight ladies


Not my thing at all. They're so stereotypical if you've seen one yaoi or yuri manga you've seen them all. Boring.

>in general

Not interested in any sort of relationships other than with my bf. I don't mind them but the gay parades where people wear dildo suits or open-ass pants make me sick and don't help in explaining homosexual people are like straight people, just fuck different things.

Anonymous 30216

>one of my fantasy scenarios are having my bf sucking off some hung guy like completely submissive slut, no flamboyant stuff and no sissy outfits, just regular submission to mighty penis
very nice fantasy, I like it

Anonymous 30217


Its also funny that i've never had this kind of thoughts when i didn't have a boyfriend.
He's just so willing to serve and please in bed that it's just too easy to imagine him getting knees weak when ordered to worship a large dick

oh dear i must stop, got stuff to do and all that

Anonymous 30331

homosexuals i've encountered fall into two categories
a) normal people who happen to be attracted to other people of the same sex
b) the most judgemental, gate-keeping, over-dramatic and self-centered assholes of all time (also gay)

I'm bisexual and I used to get a huge amount of shit from one of my gay roommates because I didn't 'look' or 'act' gay enough for her tastes. she never pried into my personal life and I didn't bring my dates around the house (because it was filthy and there were four other people living there) so i don't know if she thought i was just pretending to be gay, or what. anyways every time she saw me she would make a point to call me a 'faggot' at least once in the conversation, which i pretty much ignored because i had no idea how to respond to it. I still don't know if it was intentionally to be insulting or whether she thought it was some kind of gesture of familiarity between LGBTQ people. the one time that i ever responded in kind a complete stranger made a point to 'call me out' because they perceived a long-haired, normal-looking girl calling a short-haired stereotypically dyke-looking girl a faggot, without any context of our relationship or the fact that she'd been doing the same thing to me for months. like you can only be a part of the lgbtq club if you look like you've rejected all !traditional gender norms! shaved half your head, dyed the other half blue, tattooed a dinosaur on one side of your skull, and thrown out everything in your wardrobe that isn't flannel or denim?
ffs the reason i date girls is because i appreciate their femininity, not because i want a date who looks and acts like a man but just happens to have a vagina.

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