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Anonymous 30509

I know we have a femdom thread, but I think we need a separate gfd thread.


>Blushy boys
>Cute boys
>Cute boys
>And more cute boys

Anonymous 30510


Anonymous 30511


Anonymous 30512


Anonymous 30513


Anonymous 30514


Anonymous 30515


Anonymous 30516


Anonymous 30517

This is really cute but not nsfw.
Do you count anything that isn't maledom as GFD? Isn't there anything in between?
Not hating, I like the pics.

Anonymous 30518

I'm not gonna lie the lines are getting blurrier and blurrier although I would definitely argue that's it's fairly distinct from the two people mix it up with a normal relationship and femdom. Romantically in normal non-traditional relationships today there's often an understood equality between partners, while in a GFD or Femdom relationships there is a distinct power imbalance in the favor of the woman, where what you say is treated with respect over their own opinions, they look to you for guidance, and you have implied or sometimes literal power over them.

Gfd differs from femdom because it puts much less emphasis on the "Having power and domination over someone" (which often ends up being purely indulgent to the man) and focuses more on a mentorship role over their partner, using their power to act as a teacher, guide, and emotional protector which is why in contrast with femdom, in gfd the men are often younger than the females and younger in general, more attractive, shy, and emotional, because it's not about being better or superior than your partner in gfd, it's about nurturing someone who's vulnerable.

Tldr; I posted it because gfd is about taking care of and giving affection and love to cute shy boys, even if such things aren't exclusive to gfd, it's appreciated as it none the less.

Anonymous 30519


Anonymous 30520


Anonymous 30521


Anonymous 30522

pov is great

Anonymous 30523


Anonymous 30524


Anonymous 30525


>go look this artist up
>this power dynamic is a big fetish of mine
>also she draws a bunch of femdom
Nice, thanks anon.

Anonymous 30526

In an ocean of male-oriented porn full of faceless men, endlessly ample yuri and poorly proportioned and off putting yaoi, she truly is /ourgirl/
Happy to share what little there is of the good stuff, 'non.

Anonymous 30527


Anonymous 30528



not porn, but I feel like this is relevant.

Anonymous 30529


Anonymous 30530

sauce plz

Anonymous 30531


Anonymous 30532


Anonymous 30533


Anonymous 30534


Anonymous 30535


Anonymous 30536

It breaks my heart to say that I have no idea.

Anonymous 30537


>cat boys
I see you're an anon of culture as well.

Anonymous 30538

part 2.png

Anonymous 30539


feels like there's too much weeb stuff on here, lemme do an irl dump

Anonymous 30540


Anonymous 30541


Anonymous 30542


Anonymous 30543


Anonymous 30544


Anonymous 30545

GFD is both nsfw and sfw… it's more of a lifestyle or an inclination than a fetish, which is why there's no mainstream irl content for it, and why the tumblr ban sucks the worst for GFD. GFD doesn't exist on pornsites because it's not entirely sexual, i.e. maternal snuggling & romantic dynamics, and it can't exist on most social media sites because it's not entirely sfw, tumblr was really the perfect spot for the community to exist.

Anonymous 30546


Anonymous 30547

I hope a new gfd community can be created, far away from malestream porn shite

Clueless 30548

Is this a normal cock and balls color?

Anonymous 30549

It varies from guy to guy, but more or less.

Anonymous 30550


you also have to consider he's probably been edged for god knows how long, so that's maybe why it looks a little different to you.

Anonymous 30551

Does that really make a difference?

Anonymous 30552

Extra blood pressure? Ya. There's also something called blue balls.

Anonymous 30553


Anonymous 30554

yes if you tease it a little
it also depends on the guy I guess

Anonymous 30555


fingers in mouths anyone?

Anonymous 30556

Anonymous 30557

I want some festive male subs tied up with ribbons for xmas.

Anonymous 30558

be sure to leave some for the rest of us

Anonymous 30559

where to get gfd stuff from since tumblr is banning this now?

Anonymous 30560

bdsmlr.com is full of Tumblr refugees, though the site is not nearly as good from the technical side

Anonymous 30561

Could you recommend some blogs on there?

Anonymous 30562

here I guess, anons should do a tumblr dump.

Anonymous 30563


Anonymous 30564

Why are there no pics of this? Don't disappoint me cc.

Anonymous 30565


only 2D sorry

Anonymous 30566


Anonymous 30567


Anonymous 30568


hope you all had a wonderful xmas

Anonymous 30569


Anonymous 30570

Late but I appreciate it, anon.

Anonymous 30571


Anonymous 30572


cat boys are adorable.

Anonymous 30573


Anonymous 30574

Anonymous 30635

kis kis.jpg

Somehow we've been transfered to /b/…? Are the mods sympathetic to gfd anons or something or did they finally get tired of seeing us in /nsfw/? A bit of a shame, we've just been thrown out from a birds nest, now we're either gonna flap our wings fast enough to soar or we aren't, and we're gonna sink deeper and deeper into the page listings of threads until we crash and die the bottom. Now that we're out in a open, I feel almost too embarrassed to post
cute boys to flap our metaphorical wings though. I feel like the metaphor was extremely unnecessary in hindsight,

Anonymous 30636



Anonymous 30637


not really gfd… but relevant…?

Anonymous 30640

Also, some of the legitimately nsfw posts weren't spoilered by the mods when they moved the thread and I'm kind of concerned..? The non spoilered ones being

Anonymous Admin 30643

Fixed, sorry! As for /nsfw/, please join the discussion here: >>>/meta/2119

Anonymous 30645


>younger in general, more attractive
>it's about nurturing someone who's vulnerable.

You can nurture someone who's not younger or more beautiful. I think you might be conflating beauty and youth with femininity (therefore a loss of power) which is pretty much the lens of misogyny that most toxic guys who are into gfd on places like 4chan see it.

Anonymous 30647

>You can nurture someone who's not younger or more beautiful.
Of course you can. You can nurture whoever you want.

>I think you might be conflating beauty and youth with femininity (therefore a loss of power) which is pretty much the lens of misogyny that most toxic guys who are into gfd on places like 4chan see it.

You make an interesting point. I think it's unfair to dismiss a lens that sees femininity as something to be protected as standard 4chan misogyny though, because it's not something only 4chan gfdanons indulge in, anywhere there's a gfd community I see the same lenses. I think it's only misogynistic if you associate femininity exclusively with women, which funnily enough, is also misogynistic in a way. Is it sexist for me to use the same lens for effeminate boys? Is role reversal some sort of self misogyny, where I escape the oppression on my femininity by oppressing someone elses…? Or is it self empowerment? I think it might be both in a weird way. How do you see it anon? I had a few drinks, I dunno how comprehensible this is, guess I'll um… see in the morning if I remember it

Anonymous 30648

also uh you forgot to spoiler your image

Anonymous 30652

It's not real, right? Female can't respect sub male, it's biological or something.

Anonymous 30654

Many of us are incredibly mentally ill. We like it for the same reason that folks on r9k occasionally whine about "tfw no dominatrix gf". (or rather the opposite reason but since we're the opposite gender it's sort of a double negative I suppose)
I think it's a lot more of a fantasy than anything, but maybe there are anons here that have had relationships with effeminate men that enjoy it. I still think it's not healthy but whatever makes you feel good right?

Anonymous 30655

Well yeah, makes you feel good, but in term of actual real life relationship that can last, I reckon it isn't plausible.

Anonymous 30656

Which is why I said it's a fantasy.

Anonymous 30662

I'm not sure what I'd feel for a dom would be "respect," I'd never want to fuck him or let him touch me in any way. It would be a turn off and I'd stop seeing him sexually or romantically.
Or is that how heterosexual relationships are ~supposed~ to be? A throwback to the days when males just raped females?
More doms for you, anon. No need to complain.
Speak for yourself, the better I feel about myself and the more my mental health improves the more I want a sub partner.

Anonymous 30666

What does a gfd fetish have anything to do with respect? Every person gets basic respect, including submissive men.

Anonymous 30667

>Well yeah, makes you feel good, but in terms of actual real life relationship that can last, I reckon it isn't plausible.
I think you anons are imagining gfd as some wild kinky fuckery, that's only a piece of it though. It's a dynamic embellished with the strongest states of intimacy, of seeing your partner in their most honest states, of cherishing them, and of observing their loving loyalty and support. An intimacy built on an unrelenting, but delicate trust sustained through strong communication. All that kinky fuckery loses its value when you lose that trust and communication the relationship is built upon, because a strong gfd relationship is not a relationship about kinky fuckery it's a relationship about trusting each other to do kinky fuckery and do their part in a relationship. I think it's unfair to assume that a relationship is unsustainable because it's different. What's unhealthy or unsustainable about being completely honest with your partner about what you want? What's unhealthy or unsustainable about giving all your love to someone who wants it? I find it hard to believe that the love I feel for my bf is unsustainable, although, maybe that's just the endorphins talking. I feel like I sound angry or confrontational, but I don't mean to be. You'd also have to define what you consider sustainable. I don't know very many other gfd dommes, but one of the few I do know is engaged to her sub fiance if that counts for anything.

>the more my mental health improves the more I want a sub partner
This was me. Don't give up anon, just know what you want and keep looking.

>It's not real, right? Female can't respect sub male, it's biological or something.
No, we're very real. You can respect a person without respecting the assumed authority they have over you. Even if it were a biological imperative to disrespect submissive males which I think is ridiculous, there is no totally homogeneous biology in humanity, so there would still be a minority like us, who would be able to respect sub males just fine.

Anonymous 30671

I didn't really mean absolutelly no respect, tho that's definitely depending, since I heard some opinions about that already and most weren't very positive. What I did mean though is that
>basic respect
isn't really kind of respect one should have for a serious partner and not a one time fling. You have basic respect for every human, you need something more for a partner. Maybe biology doesn't make you disrespect submissive male, but I also don't think it puts him in on equal ground when compared to more traditional dominant one, and since it would be something innate, you might not think it now, but your brain would make you feel it when put in actuall relationship like that.

Anonymous 30675

Do you have a fetish for forcing dommes into situations where they get dominated or something?
Or are you just so self-centered that you can't imagine someone wanting something different from what you want?
You also avoided replying to my response, come on. I feel left out.

Anonymous 30676


>Maybe biology doesn't make you disrespect submissive male, but I also don't think it puts him in on equal ground when compared to more traditional dominant one, and since it would be something innate, you might not think it now, but your brain would make you feel it when put in actual relationship like that.

If anything I respect sub males far more than traditional dominant ones, for being brave enough to express themselves in a manner that society chastises them for and to be vulnerable in ways that are looked down upon. That and due to my misandry towards excessively masculine and dominate men. I think it's dependent on the individual's opinion of and experiences with submissive men not any natural inclination and you're just taking your own opinion of submissive men and applying it to every woman. Or you're a male and you just can't comprehend the desires of real women who don't conform to your ridged understanding of how we think. Your final comment also doesn't ring true because I've been dating one for more than 2 months, and I respect him far more than any of than any of the men you think deserve more.

Anonymous 30678

>I feel left out.
If it makes you feel any better anon, I can pretend to argue with you.

Anonymous 30679

Thanks for the thought, anon.

Anonymous 30680


Anonymous 30685


Girls, tell your pet boy to suck on your clit, not just lick

Anonymous 30688

I have to ask, I noticed a slight talk about this, but it kind of drifted from this idea so I'm going to try to bring it back.

Male appearance in the GFD dynamic. Do they have to be feminine, weak, and able to be overpowered? I have a male friend I talk to about random life bullshit feels, and he kind of harps on this one topic of that he doesn't fit into the stereotypical desired GFD sub boy and he hates it. I was curious about what he saw and him going on 4chan I checked out the GFD threads there, and it seems to be majorly dominated by men in activity so I'm not even sure what's posted there are genuine things that a female finds ideal in a GFD relationship and instead just posting fetish fuel jerk off bait for other guys. The smut posted here is giving mixed signals and I'm looking to see definitive opinions.

Anonymous 30689

This is going to sound irrelevant at first, but bear with me.

Visible ab muscles are statistically more common in women than men because of how sex hormones affect bodyfat deposits. Low levels of estrogen and high levels of androgens and the abdomenal region becomes the primary fat storage location, to the point where (due to their own body's natural fat storage design) many men would need to be less than 5% bodyfat even with extremely large abdomenal muscles to really have those visible inter-abs lines, far below the recommended healthy range of 15% to 20% bodyfat as percentage of weight for men. For women, the body generally needs to be between 15% to 20% bodyfat to have visible abs, which is significantly closer to the recommended healthy level of 20% to 25% bodyfat. And it is fat, not underdeveloped musculature. A lot of steroid users find themselves frustrated with their muscles not overwhelming their last remaining deposits of fat on their abs, and this is probably one of the reasons a number of men die of steroid related causes every year, and others seem to give up on exercise when they realize it will never give them abs. Some former wrestlers I knew back in high school seem to have decided that beer guts aren't so bad, and wrestlers are the lunatics who jog for hours wearing plastic bags so that they can lose every spare ounce of water in their bodies. Women who are naturally high in androgens, generally progesterone, have an unfortunate tendency towards the apple shape when they gain weight, the masculine obesity pattern.

Visible abs are often described as the very most attractive thing possible in an athletic man. And they're almost female secondary sex traits, sort of the reverse of men who develop gynecomastia as a consequence of obesity. Does this mean that most women into the athletic look are closet lesbians on the lookout for female bodybuilder gfs?

GFD sub bois should look a little more feminine than average, because all men should look a little bit more feminine than men usually do. This isn't a GFD specific thing, study drawing for a while and note all of the differences between male and female bodies and features, and try to get a good feel for where the average really is among men, it's quite disappointing. A chin that comes to a point, a less protruding brow, and a more vertical slope of the skull make a man appear sophisticated and intelligent. Look at a comparison between a male and female skull study, the male looks more animalistic down to the bone. Brighter and larger eyes would make him appear more attentive and sensitive and make him easier to read–but the brightness would be an effect of an smaller tear duct pushing slightly more water into the surface (female physical trait) and the largeness an illusion from subtle feminine changes to the eyelid, nose, brow, and skull width. Their bodies shouldn't be so prone to visceral fat and abdomenal fat, it's not just gross, it's also bad for them. None of these things are specific to a GFD dynamic, and none of them necessarily interfere in any way with a man's ability to fulfill a traditional masculine role on their own, so if each of them were just a dial on a character generator things would probably look different in this thread. But bodies are systems, and pushing the dial one way on one set of hormones moves a lot of the other dials in different directions. Men develop certain kinds of gross bodies as an unfortunate consequence of masculine hormones and masculine physical development, so looking for images with a body that isn't gross is going to give you a high chance of finding bodies that are also less prone to other aspects of masculine development; fewer beer guts may come at the cost of shoulders that aren't quite as broad. The same hormones that let men have long, full beards also strongly tends to turn the tops of their heads bald. If you like nice full heads of hair on your men, then you'll notice that most men you post will be cleanshaven or very strategically whiskered, because their beards often look like rubbish when grown out. The preference isn't away from beards, that's just a side effect.

Also, there's not too much heterosexual porn on this site, and female spaces tend to get overrun with males, either hetero or homo. It's pretty hard to say what people like about the pictures they post, too. It's hard to draw a baseline and say where "this is a photo of an attractive man with a healthy body weight and clear skin who happens to be posing sexually" becomes "this is an attractive GFD bf." I'm reasonably sure that a lot of men who think they're into femdom are actually just interested in pictures of attractive women posing sexually.

Anonymous 30690

I think it's pretty individual, I know there are many women who want to domme big strong boys due to the psychological power involved. Or they just like muscles lol.
Personally I want the smallest boy possible (without getting into dwarfism or anything lol), but not someone overall feminine in presentation. As in I like a small frame, but I also love body hair and how veiny and bony skinny men appear. I like short men with proportionately large hands and feet. Not into beards, but some roughness is nice.
Some girls like full androgyne though. It really varies.

Anonymous 30691

>tfw you'll never be high iq enough to comprehend your own kinks
I-I just like soft subby boys.

Anonymous 30697


Sisters, how do I make my bf to follow this?

Anonymous 30698

you find a bf that wants to follow this
no need to thank me

Anonymous 30699


>unironically falling for the reiko memes
Hardly any of this stuff actually makes sense or actually works if you look into it anon. It's just false instructions that were made to encourage robots to join some other very creepy robot's own trap harem cult. You can use the instructions I guess, but don't take them seriously.

Anonymous 30700

don't know if it works, but this picture is way older than whole /r9k/ trap harem thing

Anonymous 30701

I mean before jerking off to traps on /r9k/ they were doing it on /b/.

Anonymous 30702


No one really knows when the psy op started, only when it was discovered. You're probably right that the origin of the photo goes way too far back though. Do you know how old the gfd one is? Because I thought that was part of the reiko meme too.

Anonymous 30703


These charts still disturb me to no end.

Anonymous 30704

Yeah…. all of this stuff, even if it does work, or if it's not a reiko meme, kind of comes off as obsessive to me… I'm not really disturbed by it… just kind of suspicious of it.

Anonymous 30705

You want your cute sub bf? Well you got to put some WORK.
It ain't go be easy, uh

Anonymous 30706


Yeah I know, that's why I'm not necessarily disturbed by it. more just suspicious of them. You can look at a good portion of work out routines and diets see they come off as obsessive. These particular ones, come off as a little creepy to me though because of their obsession with estrogen, and they contradict the casual gfd vibes I appreciate. Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 30707

Well from an outsider looking in, this looks pretty "normal" being a relative term. It seems like a lot of females desire feminine looking men to be their sub, and how do you make men look more feminine? Estrogen. If it didn't work MTF wouldn't use it.

Anonymous 30708

This is no good, I want a skinnyfat acne ridden bf.
So long as he's short and weighs less than me. I'd rather he never exercise.
I'm sure this is definitely a lot of girls' ideal though.

Anonymous 30709

It's not necessarily the process I'm perturbed by, just the obsession with the process, I guess I might be being a little ridiculous.

Anonymous 30710

Well I guess in that aspect, they try to entice people to do these things by treating it like a fetish. A living 24/7 fetish. I feel like more people care about this stuff in a fetish dynamic rather than a lifestyle choice.

Anonymous 30711


>I feel like more people care about this stuff in a fetish dynamic rather than a lifestyle choice.

Which sucks, because I only care about the boys who care about it as a lifestyle choice.

Anonymous 30712

Well I know there are guys out there who like the lifestyle, but I doubt anyone here would want them.

Anonymous 30714

>I doubt anyone here would want them
I already kinda have one, but it's still frustrating when I encounter guys and girls who overly fetishize it. Why don't you think any one here would want them..?

Anonymous 30715

Mostly because what I see, a lot of the guys are gross and not up to the aesthetic that is required for GFD. There seem to be two types who are into it, either people for the fetish, or people who are such hot messes that they just desire a strong female guiding role in their life. And the people who go for the lifestyle are just hot messes that no one really wants to deal with.

I'm not trying to speak in absolutes but it seems like there is only one way to be in this situation and it goes against what a lot of guys got going for them unless they are a living lanky skeleton.

Anonymous 30717

>A lot of the guys are gross and not up to the aesthetic that is required for GFD. There seem to be two types who are into it, either people for the fetish, or people who are such hot messes that they just desire a strong female guiding role in their life. And the people who go for the lifestyle are just hot messes that no one really wants to deal with.

I suppose you might be right to a certain extent. I find hot messes adoring though, as long as they don't expect you to solve all their problems for them, and they try hard at themselves. When a boy is passively sad, I wanna coddle them and make them feel better. When a boy is shy I wanna encourage them and be strong in the ways they aren't. When a boy is clumsy, or messes up, I find it adorable. When a boy demands that same attention from you, expects it, or shows outward frustration due to a lack of it, it's very unattractive to me though.

Anonymous 30718

>When a boy demands that same attention from you, expects it, or shows outward frustration due to a lack of it, it's very unattractive to me though.
Can I ask why? I'm curious as to when it becomes a deal breaker for you because a lot of hot messes tend to be clingy and a bit needy.

Anonymous 30719

Sounds to me like you want a son, not a boyfriend.

Anonymous 30721

>Can I ask why? I'm curious as to when it becomes a deal breaker for you because a lot of hot messes tend to be clingy and a bit needy.

It's hard to describe when it becomes a deal breaker but, having a flawed person as a boyfriend is completely fine to me, maybe even more desirable, easier to tease about things, etc. when those flaws inhibit their ability to give back into the relationship to point where I'm the only one giving or showing any love, or it causes them to be demanding, petty or rude then it starts becoming clingy, needy, and undesirable to me.

lmao, can you explain?

Anonymous 30722

So you want someone whose a mess, but not co-dependent. Seems like a tall order, because it seems like after a while they might. Being so worthless and then being filled with worth by someone else might fill them with some co-dependent traits as they might enjoy feeling like they are worth something and valued.

Anonymous 30723

>So you want someone whose a mess, but not co-dependent. Seems like a tall order, because it seems like after a while they might. Being so worthless and then being filled with worth by someone else might fill them with some co-dependent traits as they might enjoy feeling like they are worth something and valued.

Jeez anon, so pessimistic. Someone can be a mess without being completely worthless, everyone's a mess, some people just have more visible messes than others, and I find some visible messes cute. A boy can enjoy feeling valued and loved without developing unhealthy co-dependent traits. You're taking every weakness you can find in my preferences and jumping to a conclusion where they end in inevitable failure. You can similarly analyse any weakness in any relationship and assume they end in inevitable failure, but you'd hardly ever be right. Relationships don't exist free of any quirks or weaknesses, they exist in compromise with those weaknesses, and I'm willing to compromise with someone who's a mess. Sure, a boy might develop co dependent traits, but that's only one possibility, not the only possibility.

Anonymous 30724

People who are a mess tend to believe they are completely worthless. That's pretty much why they are a mess. Yeah they can try to pick themselves up and carry on, but honestly I don't meet a male whose a mess that wasn't down on themselves. I'm not trying to attack or find weakness, I'm just basically stating what I think I understand and applying my own experiences of certain things to this.

But yes to think I'm pessimistic is a bit of an understatement.

Anonymous 30725

download (10).gif

>I'm not trying to attack or find weakness, I'm just basically stating what I think I understand and applying my own experiences of certain things to this. But yes to think I'm pessimistic is a bit of an understatement.
I think your pessimism is causing us to see this in fundamentally different ways. Someone who's down on themselves wouldn't make them a completely hopeless boyfriend.

Anonymous 30726

Sorry my last post was typed when I wasn't feeling well, so I missed a point I wanted to say in the bouts of fighting food poisoning.

Someone whose down on themselves wouldn't make a hopeless person, but what I'm trying to say is most guys I've met who are down on themselves, are very co-dependent and needy. So I'm more amazed that you can somehow find men who aren't co-dependent and needy while also being down on themselves. That was my entire point with all of this.

Anonymous 30751

This, if a man doesn't believe he's weak or/and worthless, he won't be a mess and just follow the footsteps of every other regular man with typical men traits and desires. He might not actually BE what he think he is, but he will still feel taht way. Not a GFD material.

Anonymous 30755

This thread has given me improper thoughts all week and I don't like thinking at the best of times okay please stop it

Anonymous 30764

>This thread has given me improper thoughts all week and I don't like thinking at the best of times okay please stop it
But thinking about gfd at the best of times makes them even better.

Anonymous 30765

Just give into the GFD lust, don't run from what you know is right.

Anonymous 30766


this tbh

Anonymous 30767

All positive fantasies have to be expunged.

Anonymous 30771

Why? Are you afraid of being happy?

Anonymous 30785

Yes, because being happy just makes the sad parts hurt more and there are far more sad parts than happy parts.

Anonymous 30788

Refusing to be happy actually makes the sad times worse. The more happy you are, the less sad those times seem. Too much sadness, and you'll never find your way back to happiness. Get well soon.

Anonymous 30805

Fuck, I haven't been happy in years and wish I had some good times to remind me that it's worth drudging on.

Anonymous 30807

"Gfd is about serving men"

/D/ leave and stay leave.

Anonymous 30808

where can I find cute GFD bf?

Anonymous 30809

It is not worth it tbh and just makes you even more anti-social

Anonymous 30819

Prob some fetish website like fetlife. I only know of an ugly GFD person who could be a bf.

Anonymous 30830

Outside, get out of your room

Anonymous 30831

>finding bf on fetish websites

That's such a good idea! Let me just grab a net so I can catch some boys off the street and make them my GFD bf. It's that easy, huh? hah…guess it's time to get to work.

Anonymous 30835


Your question is valid, it's not like these guys walk around with "sub" stamped on their forehead. My current tactic is dating normally and my preferences will come up if we click, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack you know.

Anonymous 30837

GFD is a literal fetish. I don't know what you expect, that's like saying yikes to having to find a homosexual in a gay bar or using grindr.

Anonymous 30840

As others have pointed out it's a outright fetish even the "sfw variants" and as posted before in the other FD thread; fetish/kink tastes aren't exactly easily discussed with strangers like they are with music or movie preferences. Your only hope short of advertising yourself on twitter and hooking up with 'clients' (dont) is to be the change in your generation and list your kinks on your dating profile. It's no guarantee of even acting as a basic filter but it is a signal for those who are interested to atleast look. Just be mindful what you may consider "gfd" your partner may not and etc. Then hopefully in the future people discuss their preferences with strangers like they do with tv shows

Anonymous 30868

images (4).jpeg

Has anyone pegged a man or a woman before? My bf implied he might be interested. Just wondering what it feels like and what happens in a relationship where the boy takes a strapon.
>lesbians are invited to post too

Anonymous 30869

>all those smoothskin hairless twinks
It's j-just a minority… Right?! I'm perfectly sane preferring hairy bears more, yes?

Anonymous 30871

I like hairy and brown twinks if that counts for anything. There's very little content for that, either…it's mostly hairless white and east Asian guys.

Anonymous 30878

Why is this thread not in /nsfw/

Anonymous 30879

/nsfw/ is dead

Anonymous 30886

It was in /nsfw/ for 2 months, then it got randomly moved here. IMO fetish threads should not be here either.

Anonymous Admin 30889

please see >>30643

TL;DR we can keep /nsfw/ as a discussion board without porn and lewd threads if desired, but I'm still waiting for feedback on that.

Anonymous 30890

Honestly, this fetish just attracts autogynephiles who want you to make them feel "girly". This is especially evident when it's discussed on places like 4chan, which spawns things like >>30702 and >>30697 (men wanting to turn themselves into their ideal anime trap/girly boy).

I would say you're playing with fire considering men's fetishes tend to intensify over time. It can easily go from "being the bottom" to pegging, crossdressing, "forced femininzation" and then ultimately transitioning.

Anonymous 30892


imo, nsfw threads in general will inevitably attract men that want to involve themselves in women's discussion of sex stuff.
i would go on but i don't really see the point in discussing a fetish at length unless it's on a website dedicated to it, so i'm not the best person to say whether or not we need a /nsfw/ ( since i would never use it )

Anonymous 30893

Why no lewd theards? After the nunification of Tumblr there's really no place for us to go. It's nice to have a place to talk about these things with other girls. Guys are already infiltrating the whole website anyway.

Anonymous Admin 30895

Talking is fine, I meant "porn and lewd imagery" threads, not all sexual conversation. From observing /nsfw/ it was clear that safe for a few threads, most porn dumps were run by outsiders who didn't post anywhere else on the site or downright bait.

Anonymous 30896

>tfw also into male crossdressing and would date a mtf
Ahead of the game.
…admittedly my sexuality also intensifies with time and I'm into almost everything under the domme umbrella and am generally gender indifferent.

Anonymous 31085

It is too bad, manly men who just submits to the woman they love are the best

Anonymous 31086

I sometimes question logic like this. Is he really submitting or just allowing you to take control? I always feel like with submission it's forced, like you made them give up control and even if they wanted to fight back they would be powerless. In this specific dynamic though they could prob fight back and win if needed. So is it really submission or a mutual trust to where he desires you to show your love physically in a more dominant way for a change.

Anonymous 31087

Well crap you could always pump yourself full of anavar and put him on a full soylent diet. The "willful" submission on part of the hunk is a turn-on in itself anon.

Anonymous 31088

So you still want to dom but have no actual signs or ideas that it's willing and that you over power him. Fair, I just was curious if it's like legit submission where you feel all powerful or in control or just some kind of illusion control kind of deal.

Anonymous 31089

They're submitting. That's the whole point. I'm not the anon you were previously posting to, by the way.

Anonymous 31848

Reviving this because I want to ask you how do you bully your boyfriends? I have been given full control over a guy's sexuality and I need some inspiration. There's no limits either

Anonymous 31856

I dont have a partner but if I did, I would be the one who picks where to eat.

dont mess with me

Anonymous 31861

Probably off topic but
>tfw you're 70-80% straight according to Kinsey scale
>tfw you always have to urge to dominate men in sexual/romantic relationships
>tfw no man is into it, and sees it as a massive red flag
What do? Half of the dudes I've propositioned say outright that they don't want it, the other half will show interest/experience it, but eventually feel like their masculinity is being challenged and end up breaking things off. I feel like my soul has to leave my body every time I do some vanilla/submissive shit and I'm so tempted to just push them down and show them how to do it properly.

Anonymous 31883

>feel like their masculinity is being challenged and end up breaking things off
Did you end up taking the roleplay outside of the bedroom?

I kinda like being submissive in bed but I could see it getting annoying real fast if my so ever just started ordering me around in public.

Anonymous 31884

I feel you. And when you do find a male sub they're often not truly submissives but instead random demanding men who prefer to be on the bottom or something

Anonymous 32217

I used to be so into gentle femdom. But… recently I've been so turned off to it only because there's literally no such thing as a real guy who's good for it. Men can't be cute. Maybe their characters in doujins can be cute but they all (every single one) is secretly hiding the fact that they are a piece of shit on the inside… I keep thinking maybe I'm just being negative but I still can't get over everything they've put me through. Every time I think I'm overthinking a guy shows up to disappoint men. Men are capable of such evil. I know some of you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anonymous 32274

Maybe not-so-gentle femdom will break this boy's mind and he can unleash his potential. They can be cute if flustered and blushing when they start to regret that pegging idea but are too proud to admit it

Anonymous 32314

what sites/discords/idk do you use to find quality gfd boyes? fetish websites suck, people there are hardly ever interested in the gfd lifestyle and treat it like a fetish
also too hard to find them irl

Anonymous 32382


Anonymous 32393

Femdom for ants.

Anonymous 32634


Well this would be nice..

Anonymous 32635


Or also this

Anonymous 32648


>there are men who would be okay with abuse and violence just to have someone to comeback home to and hug, to not feel alone.
>You will never find one and even if you did, he would be living far away.
How can you live with that?

Anonymous 32652

Do you drip hot wax on yourself?

Anonymous 33270


Anonymous 33377

That's a lot of projection there, anon. I've been with a sub guy for 6 months now and it's the happiest relationship either of us have had. He has no intention of turning into a girl also what's wrong with pegging?

Anonymous 33390

Femdom is for the mentally ill.
I only see fat or weird ugly women into that. I'm happy to be submissive to my bf and that's how it goes with my irl friends. I feel some sort of visceral disgust when I see a man being submissive.
Truly only on CC to find stuff like this.

Anonymous 33391


Anonymous 33392

You don't seem very normal either, anon.

Anonymous 33430

I like this thread. I've had such inclinations for a while but didn't realize it fit into an actual label. Thank you all.

Anonymous 33431

there's also reddit.com/r/gentlefemdom and /r/rolereversal

Anonymous 33432

/r/gentlefemdom is just porn now and most of it's content feels forced imo

Anonymous 33552

If you’re going to plug Reddit, I will mention 8chan’s /gfd/ even though it’s ded.

Anonymous 33553

That's because "she" is a guy

Anonymous 34021

do you like hair on your boy's body? Or are hairy chest and belly contradictory to rather slim gfd sub ideal?

Anonymous 34026


Don't bother anon, we can see right through you

Anonymous 34033

I like both, personally. A furry boy can be a cute boy.

Anonymous 34038

Everything you said about muscles and bodyfat is wrong.

Anonymous 34099

Can anyone explain the appeal?

I've had fun domming people before, but most submissive hetero men just disgust me on a very primal level. I think it's something about their needy behaviour combined with the male entitlement.
There is nothing dominant about giving an hour long "kinky" "edging" "ruined orgasm" handjob until both your arms hurt, or "sexually using" him by fucking him in exactly the way he wants.

Don't get me wrong, being a domme is way cool. But since I'm more of a sub myself and some bad encounters killed off all my desire for switching, I genuinely don't understand:
What could one possibly enjoy about this? Why don't you just get a girlfriend instead?

Anonymous 34107

This isn't a GFD answer so take this with a grain of salt but to me proper femdom that isn't a male fantasy is like, making them do stuff you want, giving orders. the more extreme stuff people like I suppose involves injuring them but that's not Gentle. (and I won't get graphic, but there are ways you can have sex with a man which don't please him much but would please most women)


Anonymous 34109

I consider myself basically a service top so all of that appeals to me. I enjoy pleasuring my partner, but I'm not a sub because I don't like bottoming/having the focus on me at all.
I just want to make a small guy feel good and toss him around is the answer, I guess. I'm also kind of into mean femdom for sadism reasons but this thread isn't about that.

>why don't you just get a girlfriend?

I'd be the same with a gf..? Idk what point you're making here.

Anonymous 34114

I'm not sure what you're responding to but if it was the comment about more extreme stuff I personally see no appeal in pegging but causing physical harm (with consent to a man who likes that) is an appealing idea)

Anonymous 34139

Liking the opposite extreme doesn't make you less mentally ill, anon.

Anonymous 34218


I called my "bf" to tell him that he's a pathetic excuse of a "man" who should be castrated and he lost his shit in front of his co-workers

Anonymous 34219

That doesn't sound very safe and sane. Did you talk about it before at least?

Anonymous 34221

I don't think that belongs in this thread.

Anonymous 34222

It doesn't but I needed to tell someone. I'm worried.

Anonymous 34223

Worried? What?

Anonymous 34224

I think she might've just sent that to him out of the blue.

Anonymous 34237

I think it might be time for professional help.

Anonymous 34265

It's actually pretty difficult to find a decent submissive guy. The men you're talking about are bottoms (want to have stuff done to them) rather than submissives (want to follow orders, submit, serve). I admit, most bottoms disgust me. It's pretty sad when you look at femdom porn and it's pretty much the women working hard to get off the man in 50 different ways while she isn't even touched and doesn't even have an orgasm. Then the same men complain there aren't any dominant women. The man should be the objectified one, but even in most femdom the women is still the object, just in a different flavor. It's okay if people like different things but I hate that it's called femdom since it gives people the wrong idea about actual dynamics.

If you get into a relationship with an actual submissive man, it can be very lovely. He will enjoy pleasing you, putting you first, and would enjoy you taking the lead. Both inside and outside the bedroom. He likes being ordered around by you and gets genuinely pleasure from seeing you happy. I think a lot of women would try femdom more if they saw this more loving side of it.

Anonymous 34275

This makes a lot of sense, thank you for your answer.
I once had a short fling with a guy like that (he lived in a different country so it didn't last), and it was so much better than all my other femdom experiences. Couldn't pinpoint what it was though.

Do you have any advice on what to look for?

Anonymous 34321

I think the criteria are pretty much what you would look for in a good partner. Someone who is loving, caring, patient, understanding, etc. You have to really talk to them, scope them out. Where does their focus tend to lie? Stuff being done to them, or do they make the focus on you and what you want? Are they enthusiastic about learning more about you and what you enjoy? Or do they one-sidedly talk about how they'll "serve" you by lying there and making you do all the things they want you to do? Do they just talk about sex all the time or do you spend most of the time just enjoying each other's company and learning more about each other?

All of this is important because you won't get this type of relationship through flings/casual hookups. Good quality men aren't going to give themselves up to anyone. You really have to be patient. Even dom men have trouble finding a proper sub women. A lot of them are entitled, just like sub men, and only want to be treated roughly exactly as they want without the actual submitting part. So be very patient and observant if it's something you really want.

It's definitely worth it though.

Anonymous 34349

Is there such a thing as GFD that is restricted to the bedroom? Is that just the fetish side? Is that even possible?
While I think the sexual part is quite appealing, I wouldn't want my partner to act like that the whole time. Wouldn't it be hard to switch in-between personalities?

Anonymous 34350

I'm getting into GFD because my new boyfriend was a KHV before we met and he's enthusiastic, but he has no idea what to do and I'm more experienced, so he enjoys letting me take the lead & he's dumb and he knows it and says please and thank you when I teach him things.

Anonymous 34351

I have such relationship.
>thing you're 100% bottom because my 2 previous bfs made me feel sick about giving them pleasure because they never wanted to actually focus on mine
>find new bf in february this year
>he's the cutest motherfucker i've ever seen
>first sex act we did was him going down on me because "it would be kinda unfair otherwise"
>start enjoying topping and teasing him because he always shows how much he likes it and at the same time asks for it so rarely
otherwise we're about even in who takes the lead in relationships, he goes with the flow many times so i can express what i want quite easily.
I would never want complete submission at all times like >>34265 says with "outside the bedroom" stuff, he's soft and gentle when interacting with me but i wouldn't want him to be my doormat.
If i wanted submissive hoe with no backbone at all i'd just go lez tbh.

Anonymous 34391

that sounds lovely tbh

Anonymous 34399

>says please and thank you when I teach him things.

Anonymous 34416

>If i wanted submissive hoe with no backbone at all i'd just go lez tbh.
Epic. Liking submissive men makes you gay. You heard it here first.

Anonymous 34554

people believing the reiko stuff guess this really is borderline r9k tier stupidity lmaoooo

Anonymous 34808

How do I teach my virginal bf how to eat me out? He has facial hair and it scratches me when he's between my legs. I don't like direct stimulation and told him to flatten his tongue rather than applying direct pressure but I always have to stop him after a few seconds because it hurts too much

Anonymous 34812


That's still going on?

Anonymous 34823

Have him watch a tutorial and tell him to shave.

Anonymous 34842

>virginal bf

Anonymous 34854

What about it?

Anonymous 34956

Your story. You and him. More importantly, how you found a virgin bf.

Anonymous 34979

You must be a virgin gf :^)

Anonymous 34981

He was a friend of a friend for a few years until he awkwardly hit on me and I appreciated the effort and thought I'd give it a shot. Hes extremely clumsy about dating but very enthusiastic and I've known him to be very loyal and sweet so I'm willing to put in the effort too.

Anonymous 34982

you can find them on 4chan but don't go to stupid ass boards like r9k, go to something that has an interest. plenty of virg dorks on there for you to gently domme.

Anonymous 34989

> How you found a virgin bf?
Go into a STEM field at any major college.
Try something extra nerdy like statistics or theoretical math.
You should be surrounded by virgin guys.

Anonymous 34991

Esp. Outside of certain outliers like mechanics Engineering and a few others, it’s very much male dominated, many are too busy or focused on studies to be party animals or take part in “frat life”, and at least a 1/3 are virgins typically.
If you aren’t finding virgin bfs, it might be because you aren’t working hard enough to be in their field of study/work.

Anonymous 34996

So lucky. A friend of a friend? AAAAAAAAAH. How am I supposed to get a friend of a friend when I don't even have any friends to begin with? I guess I should start making friends then. That's networking, I suppose.
Oh, education. That would work too, IF I HAD ONE.

Thank you for the advice, though. It helps to know everyone here is so keen to assist one another. Feels like home.

Anonymous 35043

This place has a /d/ board?

Anonymous 35045

>not being able to browse /d/
Oh, I sometimes forget that there are those who never got their discord-exclusive Diamond Account™. What a shame.

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