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Anonymous 30762

Did you had "that" phase in school and if yes, what was it?

Mine was pic rel except shitty and ugly. I try to forget.

Anonymous 30769


I had an MLP phase in middle school and unironically called myself a “pegasister.” I wore MLP shirts too, outside of the house. Thankfully this was during the summer though so no one from school saw me. I don’t think anyone can beat this.

Anonymous 30770

I had a Jfashion phase in my teens in the mid-00s when brand was hard and expensive to get and most DIY brands were ita as fuck. I'm glad I never went through with it aside from getting 2 brand skirts and coordinating some really basic casual lolita outfits.

My condolences.

Anonymous 30773

>typical weeb phase (everything you expect; injected japanese into speech, drew bad anime, obsessed with yaoi)
>phase where I identified strongly as a shotacon (although I was very young myself? for some reason being a 13-year-old being into 12-13-year-olds was notable for me)
>~yandere~ phase (forbidden)
>H O M E S T U C K
>in high school I tried to be androgynous out of self-hatred
>also in high school, husbandoism phase where I denounced the 3DPDs and had the fucking WEIRDEST husbando. Also drew a lot of porn at this time.
And same as >>30769 It overlapped with Homestuck, right after my interest in anime waned.

Most public was my weeb/HS phases, but biggest regret was husbandoism phase. Well hidden cringe, but I (and my old friends) remember it all.

Sometimes, although I'm 21, I worry I'm in yet another cringy phase in my life. The femcel phase? I hope not, but it's probably true.

Anonymous 30774

I volunteered to show my entire class a Powerpoint presentation of Elfenlied. I ended it with a tasteful AMV with lots of blood and a really shitty metal soundtrack

Anonymous 30778

>weeb phase
>emo phase
>homestuck phase
>school shooter phase
in that order. i regret zero of them because i had fun, and if anyone had negative opinions of me i can't remember them so it doesn't matter


Anonymous 30779

I had something like a "tragic heroine" phase in middle school where I would cry and act sad but not tell anyone what was wrong because I thought I was being deep. I tried to convince myself I had multiple personalities because I thought it was cool. I also tried and failed to make a tulpa. It makes me very uncomfortable typing this out, I wish I could forget.

Anonymous 30783

>8-13 rabid Nintendo fangirl
I wasted my best years on the g4Tv forums
>12-13 furry
Googling my old online handle leads to my deviantart account I can't remember the pw to :/
>14-18 athiest pseud and black metal fan
I used to wear nothing but black leather boots, dark jeans, and black metal band t shirts. I argued with people in my Bible belt town about religion a lot And I wondered why guys never asked me out in hs lel

Anonymous 30794

>I denounced the 3DPDs and had the fucking WEIRDEST husbando.

Anonymous 30796


You asked for it. I guess I also denounced humans.
…I even made a 5' papier mache sculpture of his full body form.

Anonymous 30799

ooo I did not expect that, pretty cool

Anonymous 30801

If everyone went through a contrarian phase through highschool then who is/are the normals? I bring this up because I had pretty uneventful years (just typical introvert stuff, no dating, quiet but not antisocial). I don’t have any nostalgia or hate for those years. While nearly everyone else from my hs (few hs friends I still talk too in person and postings online from people I didnt know) act like it was a terrible phase and how they hated it all and the like (even the people who seemed content/popular and not bitter in HS).

Anonymous 30802

Things seem worse in your head. I'm sure in a lot of cases others don't even remember the cringiest moments someone had.

Anonymous 30804


In middle school my best friend and I used to skip lunch to go to the library and write vampire YA fiction. In high school I was an edgy class clown and closeted weeb. I never did anything too embarrassing because I was super self conscious.

Anonymous 30821

i had a lot of phases.

the first one was where i pretended to hate twilight, but i actually read the books and watched the films as well as reading and watching a bunch of other cheesy vampire shit.

next was the weeaboo and tumblrina phase, it wasnt too dramatic, and tbh my friends were a lot worse than me, they used to spam attack on titan yaoi porn in group chats. the worst i did was have a crush on literally every male character, talk about which obscure hetalia ship was best in public with said friends and write shitty fanfiction that i never shared with anyone anyway. i also really liked the typical mid 2010's tumblr shit as well (supernatural, sherlock, doctor who, etc) but i never got too involved.

also a star trek phase where i had a massive crush on data kek.

Anonymous 30822

Wtf i just now realized the mid-2010s YA teenage dyspotian novel and adaptation craze is now considered vintage/nostalgia now

Aaaaaaah!!! (There are still HS kids into Harry Potter for damn reason)

Anonymous 30844

i listened to emo music and i liked the scene hair and piercings but i never dressed myself that way. i didnt like to stand out. i still dont. i never went through any phases appearance wise- never dyed hair, always dressed plain, no tats or piercings,idk. am i just boring

Anonymous 31023


I went through the "RAWR I AM QUIRKY AND RANDOM" and weeb phase online because irl I had some levels of self-awareness. I use to heavily listen to Mindless Self Indulgence, The Birthday Massacre, Fear Factory (mostly industrial and gothic rock.)

Anonymous 31025

That album is still bitchin'

Anonymous 31029

Agree, and I still listen to the music Jimmy makes now. I think I just didn't grow out of my edgy phase though…

Anonymous 31034


Yes, oh god yes.

I was a wannabe scene/emo kid. My mom wouldn't let me dye my hair, get piercings, or wear ripped jeans but I was so insistent on "not being a fcking prep" to cringe levels.
Did my hair so it looked like OP's pic but blonde and wore god awful purple and silver eyeliner combo for all of eighth grade. Even tried cut myself to be edgy, no bullshit
Honestly, it was even worse than just having "that" phase.

Anonymous 31041


Anyone do the opposite and have a hyper moralfag phase? I was super into Christianity and "justice" when I was 12. Brings back memories of when my cousin was going through an edgelord phase and she would post emo anime boys with atheist quotes and I would get mad and post bible quotes in return on our chatroom.
These kinds of images were everywhere too, those were the days.

Anonymous 31050

Once in a while I listen to a couple of Tight and Frankenstein Girls tracks for pure nostalgia, it still lives up to this day.
I remember Jimmy releasing a new album a couple months back but I haven't heard it, admittedly I've interest in listening to anything new from them after IF came out. I haven't grown out of my music taste, but my personality and views related to my phase is gone.

Anonymous 31116


>weeb phase
>yaoi phase
>bad sense of fashion with colorful striped socks and otherwise all-black
>meowed irl

Anonymous 31124

Well, at least you never nyan'd in public.

Anonymous 31136

Wow. That's actually kinda cool, believing in something as complicated as religion at that age. I was still playing with bionicles at 12.
All the normie girls nyan'ed when the meme hit the internet

Anonymous 31149

I’m glad self-described meme humor in public never took off until my last two years of HS (excluding brief mentions of doge and music fads like harlem shake and fox). I can vividly remember being in middle school computer class where the assignment was to make a basic powerpoint about your interests and some kid plastered his with pre-2010 meme-stuff like “cake is a lie” , youtube poops (sfw sonic stuff), 9000 etc. I couldn’t help but be repulsed by that. Now seeing people online saying how they bond over memes and have even found their bf/gf just makes me feel like a boomer; this despite many boomers themselves posting minions memes. Back to original premise though; I’m too old to feel familar with let’s plays youtuber personalities and their respective fandoms. Has anyone gone through a phase where they obsessed over some youtube personality?

Anonymous 31154

Now I want to witness 30 years old female boomer memes. There's only 1 video of it on YouTube so far.
Back on topic. I wouldn't call that obsession but I have this one particular qt Irish boy playing videogames subscribed on YouTube. He makes falling asleep easier.

Anonymous 31156

Isn't the female equivalent supposed to be "cool wine aunt"?

Anonymous 31183

I used to watch lots of lets play channels and called myself a gamer girl but never actually played the games myself. I used to watch quite a lot like nintendocaprisun, joshjepson, attackingtucans, pewdiepie, presshearttocontinue and cryaotic but the only one I continue to watch is lucahjin.

Anonymous 31193

Hereby providing the memes of my youth.

Anonymous 31194

Anonymous 31195


Anonymous 31196

Anonymous 31197


Cats really were top tier meme material back then. I guess they still are, but it was a simpler time.

Anonymous 31198

Anonymous 31199

Anonymous 31200



keyboard cat is my number one forever.

Anonymous 31201


some more

Anonymous 31202

Anonymous 31205

Am I the only directioner? Yes I did waste my time with reading self-insert fanction

Anonymous 31206

Oh god all my elementary school friends were absolutely obsessed with them. I remember the tons of cringy fanfiction pages about them and about Bieber on facebook… ouch

Anonymous 31208

I wasn’t a Directioner but for some reason when I was like 12 I had this extreme Beatles phase so me and these other instagram Beatle fan accounts would harrass the Directioner fan accounts because we all had this intense hatred for them
oh and i read this dramatic Beatles fanfiction where John and Paul fall in love with eachother but John has an affair

Anonymous 31211

Haha, nah, anon. I wasn't a directioner but my friend was super into Larry when we were in our last year of high school. I thought Harry was super cute, and I enjoyed One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful… a lot!

I bought a circa 2012/2013 One Direction tshirt at my school's used clothing sale for a dollar, and I wear it every other week or so. No shame!

Anonymous 31736

I went through a weeb edgelord phase in middle school, then an angry feminist phase in high school. I'm equally embarrassed of both of them.

Anonymous 31758


Anonymous 31797

Did anyone else NOT grow out of your cringy phase, or instead grew into it? I was pretty normal in middle school.

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