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News General Anonymous 3217

Post and discuss various local, international and global news events ITT.

Anonymous 3218


I just found out that Stevie Ryan was found hanged in her home in LA 3 days ago Saturday, July 1st, and I'm pretty shocked. She was a VH1 and Youtube actress that made viral skits on her show Stevie TV, but I think most people on this board would probably recognise her from the Youtube series she made, Scene Kid LOVE, where she paraodied Kiki Kannibal and the scene movement in her character Sceney Sceneable.
It's just weird because I remember watching her videos back in 2008 and thinking "Wow this girl is beautiful, she's really gonna end up going places".



Anonymous 3219


She was too pretty and funny to an hero. Wow man. Depression is a shit that needs wiping up.

You find comedians always have suicidal urges a lot. It's so sad.

I'm genuinely upset about this news. I loved her skits :(

Anonymous 3220

I don't know why, but it makes me sadder knowing she hung herself.

Anonymous 3221

I know Anon. Her Twerking Intervention skit made me genuinely laugh.

I was thinking about that this morning, and I couldn't figure out why, but somehow hanging feels like one of the loneliest ways to commit suicide. I feel so sad thinking about what her last moments must have been like.

Anonymous 3222

What do you all think of this?


>Federal authorities have arrested a 28-year-old man who researched abduction and sexual fetish websites in connection with the disappearance of Chinese scholar Yingying Zhang, who is now believed to be dead. Zhang, a visiting graduate student at the University of Illinois, has been missing from the Urbana-Champaign campus since June 9. She was last seen …

I feel awful for the girl's family.

I saw something on tumblr saying that this reinforces why we should kink shame and discourage the use of sites like Fetlife (something about it being a place for abusers to "kiki.")

Anonymous 3223

I haven't heard about this yet but it's absolutely dreadful if true - the picture of Yingying with her father is heartbreaking.
Stuff like this only further reinforces my stranger-danger paranoia, but I have to wonder why any woman in this day and age would ever risk getting into an unfamiliar vehicle in the first place, especially with nightmare cases such as the torture, rape and murder of Shirley Lynette Ledford becoming more and more commonplace.

Anonymous 3224

That white girl holding hands with the murderer at the rally jesus christ

Anonymous 3225

I really hope she's still alive.

Also I'm so tired of this "I'm so surprised! He was so nice/calm/normal" bs interviews people do. Obviously people aren't going to say shit like "Oh yeah the guy was weird as fuck, never trusted him ever" or anything like that.

Anonymous 3226

>Guy I went to college with creeped everyone the hell out
>Tortured animals as a kid
>Would walk around the dorms threatening people with his Nerf guns

I almost hope I'm in the area when he finally kills someone because I will look the interviewer straight in the eye like "this dude had no respect for women and we all could have seen this coming a mile away"

Anonymous 3227

that shit drives me up the wall too– also the decision to include the most wholesome and sympathetic pictures of this guy imaginable, enjoying his college life and graduation with friends. bit of cognitive dissonance there

Anonymous 3228

Anonymous 3229

>under 13
thats fucking repulsive.

Anonymous 3230

What the fuck is with this influx of kiddie diddlers as of recent?

Anonymous 3231

Performers have always been p sketch, it's just becoming less and less acceptable for the groupie lifestyle.

I don't remember the site but there was some forum where basically girls would post their exploits/conquests are groupies and brag and share stories (it's how the Jared Leto choking thing came out) and a lot of the girls would say they fucked these guys when they were teens and stuff.

It's probably a blend of hero worship and the guys not caring about the ages of one night stands.

Anonymous 3232


I think what >>3228 meant was the fact that more and more, it seems like the age girls are targeted at isn't even 16, but more like 14 and under. I mean, with that Owl City guy, she was 12.

To be clear, I don't find it acceptable at 16 either.

Anonymous 3233




Really, I have now words.

On another note, what do you think of this, miners? It's kind of a conspiracy involving Cornell's and Chester's suicides.


Anonymous 3234


samefag to add: Maybe it's not so much "on another note", since they were chasing pedos.

I really don't know what to think about this theory, I think it's not too far fatched but who knows.

Anonymous 3235

I agree with this. David Bowie fucked a 13 year old. A lot of celebrities have always done that. It's just getting more media attention now because there are more ways to leak things and because age of consent is a bigger topic in people's minds.

Anonymous 3236

Maybe I've read too much ONTD in my life, but I could believe this. The more I read into Chester's life, the sadder this whole thing is. Whether it was murder or suicide, I hope they're both in a better place now.

Yeah, Sable Starr was 12(!!!) years old when she started her 'career as a groupie'. And then there's that one album called Virgin Killer I think, with the nude shot of an underage girl as its cover. Celebrities have always been really gross when it comes to young girls.

Anonymous 3237

I don't want to sound too tumblr-y and I'm certainly not saying this isn't possible, but I kind of feel like it's a bit "downplaying" his mental illness? Yes he went to therapy, yes he stopped doing drugs and yes he was a father and husband but mental illness is still an illness. The shit haunts you a lifetime.

Maybe I'm just somehow biased on all of it because it was quite a shock.

Then again, the no suicide note thing was strange. Unless all the albums are sort of a very long suicide not, especially the new one.

Anonymous 3238


Yeah, I understand your points, I actually agree with you. When you look onto his music closer, it does sound a bit like a lot of suicide letters. But I don't know.

I don't want to sound insensitive or anything, sorry if I do (really!), but I think Chris' death was more shocking and.. unexplained? I don't know. It really came out of nowhere, or maybe I am just too dense. Sorry again.

I hope they both are in a better place, anyway.

Anonymous 3239

I used to be a big fan of Linkin Park and the suicide wasn't too big of a shock tbh. Like I was surprised since I thought he had managed to be ok after everything but the guy has been a walking posterchild for seeking help/abuse victim for years since the 90s. He was open about his mental issues and suicidal thoughts for years, anyone who was a fan of the band or looked into the band knew it as a fact.

Anonymous 3240

to think i used to like this group….

Anonymous 3241


To be fair, he got kicked out once the rest of the band found out.

Anonymous 3242

People are shocked because they were mainly just casual listeners. It was a band people listened to as kids that they discovered on the radio but as they grew older, moved onto better bands and developed their own taste. That's why we're all shocked.

Anonymous 3243


Trump's banning transgender people from being in the military and all the LGBT communities are freaking out over it.

Anonymous 3244

That's stupid, if anything you'd think the right would want more trans people putting their lives at risk like that

Anonymous 3245

I laughed at this, and then felt bad for laughing

Anonymous 3246

The whole thing makes no sense. What extra costs do Trans soldiers pose to the military? Therapy? Some operations?

What about soldiers in active duty with PTSD? Ones with disabilities? Are they going to be removed? Because that's a much bigger 'medical cost' than a couple of thousand trans soldiers.

Tho tbh it's been entertaining seeing the typical "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" or "GOD LOVES OUR TROOPS" people being conspicuously silent this time around.

Anonymous 3247

>tfw your country has, more or less, become an episode of south park
i'm not even sure how to react at this point. i'm more confused if anything.

Anonymous 3248


Good. If it means less dicks in female spaces like locker rooms and showers I am all for it. Women already get sexually harassed and raped in the military when their spaces are segregated from men.

Also not sure why there is a huge uproar about this when people with anxiety, depression, and even ADHD cannot join the military.

It's not about being bigoted at all like I am it's about minimizing health risks within the military. Makes sense to me.

Anonymous 3249

tbh I'm not an American but this is pretty much how I felt on the issue as well, I just didn't want to say anything.
I'm curious about how people feel military service would actually apply to MtF's who've undergone sexual reassignment surgery though. I mean don't they have to perform painful dilation of their pseudo-vaginas twice a day for a minimum of two hours per day for the rest of their lives to stop it from closing up, since it's literally an open wound within the body?

I don't feel I really know enough about the issue to comment fully, but it doesn't seem unreasonable to me to discount a sect of people known to suffer from a wide variety of mental illness (depression, dysmorphia, disassociation etc.) from military service completely. Why anybody would want to serve in the military in the first place is beyond me, but that's a discussion for another time.

Anonymous 3250

What I'm fucking confused about is that the tumblr kids are all fuck the popo and war is bad until it's trans people being excluded and then it's let the beautiful cinnamon rolls drive a tank, u meanies uwu.
Like, I'm anti-war. I respect the trauma soldiers go through and I know that defense is necessary but I don't have a nationalist or patriotic bone in my body and I didn't think the kids of today did either?
I feel like as soon as a politician says "trans" everyone starts hooting like baboons and throwing their shit. I don't think this has anything to do with money, (it's clearly just winning points with conservatives) but I also don't think that a marginalized group should be clambering up the recruitment line for the chance to blow up a mosque.
Idk, my lefty two cents.

Anonymous 3251

tumblrs aside, a lot of transwomen actually are really patriotic, since a lot of the beta dudes that become transwomen tend to be.

Anonymous 3252

do you think he's talking about pre op? the military would have to pay their surgeries and HRT if that were the case.

Anonymous 3253

You're so right, I don't understand the trend of neckbeards becoming MTF. It's like they hate girls so much they're like "OUTTA MY WAY, BITCHES THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE" lmaooo

Anonymous 3254


>Australia police 'foil terror plot to bring down plane'


Anonymous 3255

Probably just some more mentally ill individuals of nondescript appearance I'm sure.

Anonymous 3256

Everyone knows they're muslims, no need to implicitly hint at it.

Anonymous 3257

There is a pretty big difference between providing heathcare and treatment for conditions sustained from being on active military duty, than having preexisting mental illness and then joining the military. Not to say that people like that don’t get in, they do and it’s already a big issue to deal the thousands of crazy cis people who lied about being suicidal and are given license to kill people/put under stress that even mentally healthy people can’t deal with.

Anonymous 3258

they failed as men so the alternative is to try to be women.

Anonymous 3259


Anonymous 3260

What the fuck? Why aren't more people talking about this

Anonymous 3261

I agree completely. This needs to be discussed.
The hat must be so traumatized now and zhim/zher is obviously just looking for their forever home.

#SaveTheHat #HGTOW #HatsGoingTheirOwnWay

Anonymous 3262

Anonymous 3263

am i having a stroke

Anonymous 3264

as a west african, i appreciated this. gave me a good chuckle.

Anonymous 4721

Anonymous 4732

this is sorta giving me flashbacks to that one prison inmate that got a modelling contract after being released from prison, although i have no idea what his sentence was

Anonymous 4733

Raping a child. Or maybe it was just abuse, either way, he FUCKED UP A CHILD. He also got an unbelievable amount of fanmail and comments from girls talking about how hot he is, he now has abandoned his family to live a life of luxury. Some women are fucked, "Oh but he's so sexy and he's a bad boy!" Frankly it sickens me, and of course robots constantly post about how this is proof every woman wants to be raped and it just frustrates me to no end.

Anonymous 4734


Why would you go on the internet and tell lies? It took me two minutes to prove you were full of it.

>The sentencing came in federal court. According to U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner’s office, Meeks was convicted of one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was then given a 27-month prison sentence.


>Some women are fucked

They live among us.

Anonymous 4738

>British taxpayer money is spend on this


Anonymous 4740


>taxpayer money

No, it didn't. The BBC isn't a state broadcaster, it's a public broadcaster

Anonymous 4743

The license fee is something you have to pay if you have a device and socket capable of watching terrestrial broadcasts here. And the enforcement officers are scumbags.

Anonymous 4818

As a linguist, this is pretty cool of the BBC to do.

Anonymous 5041

Anonymous 5066

No it isn't. Proper English should be encouraged through official channels. Fragmentation of language should be combatted because a universal standard helps with mutual intelligibility.

Anonymous 5123

Pidgin is a proper enough language for the people who actually do speak it, and most linguists recognize pidgins and creoles as basically their own languages. (i.e., there are entire populations who are born and grow up only knowing how to speak pidgins/creoles). By doing this, the BBC is offering their news to an even wider audience of people who typically do not even get regular news because they don't actually read/speak English or any other typical language.

The BBC DOES provide proper English through official channels such as their BBC.co.uk link. When you google "bbc news" you'll get a proper English site (whether their UK site or their American site). What's so wrong with them adding a page on their site that translates the news into pidgin? (which doesn't really have anything to do with English at this point).

Anonymous 5145

this girl looks like she kills people.

Anonymous 5228

Anonymous 5265

>The BBC DOES provide proper English through official channels such as their BBC.co.uk link

Which is why it shouldn't be promoting this monkey variant. Language fragmentation is never good, no matter what your teacher told you.

Anonymous 5281

Yeah fuck language fragmentation! All of europe should still be speaking Latin!

Shut up, you stupid Brit.

Anonymous 5308

>>Language fragmentation is never good, no matter what your teacher told you.

That's actually the most hilarious and biased thing (because I can bet my ass the only language you speak is English) I've read all day. Care to explain why so I can laugh more?

The anon above me has said it all though; languages evolve and change over time, and change will always happen. It's unrealistic to expect languages not to change.
Diversity isn't always bad, you know? Linguistic variation, dialects and such are pretty fucking interesting things to study.

Anonymous 5329

>because I can bet my ass the only language you speak is English

Not true, I live in the UK but I'm a child of immigrants who are non-native speakers.

I don't think you're a non-native speaker, otherwise you'd realize how annoying it is to encounter kneegrow patois being elevated to the status of real English, and being incapable of understanding anything it is they say because they were never forced to learn proper standard English. Language fragmentation makes things hardest on foreigners, moran.

Anonymous 5330

>All of europe should still be speaking Latin!

If all of Europe had actually maintained Latin as a Lingua Franca it would probably have been a good thing, we'd have had our own variant of Mandarin to communicate with each other. English sort of does the job, but I'm not convinced it will last.

also this:

>Diversity isn't always bad, you know? Linguistic variation, dialects and such are pretty fucking interesting things to study.

Lee Kuan Yew, who built a first world nation from the ground up, didn't agree:

>Founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew had, in 1999, pithily described Singlish as “a handicap we must not wish on Singaporeans”. His premise was: “We are learning English so that we can understand the world and the world can understand us.”

The purpose of language is mutual intelligibility, not creating odd trivia to intrigue academics.

Anonymous 5336

I'm actually am a non-native speaker.
I'm not from the UK, or a minority, or anything like that. I am white and my first language is an European language too. But worry not, I won't force it on you.

>Saying that Latin should have remained as lingua Franca forever.

>Using Singapore as the only example to justify your shitty statement regarding the situation in the UK when their history, financial situation, and society have always been different
>Using the word "kneegrow" when asked to explain your argument does not make it remotely valid. It just makes you sound biased (and racist) as fuck.

Language fragmentation does not make things harder for foreigners – they should, however, eventually learn the country's language. I work with languages and education, and I teach foreigners and non foreigners where I live. I could give you a thousand of personal reasons (given by own my very students) to explain why what you said is absolute bullshit, but this discussion should probably be taken to the language thread if you want to keep on this topic, since we're derailing this thread.

Anonymous 5339

>>Using Singapore as the only example to justify your shitty statement regarding the situation in the UK when their history, financial situation, and society have always been different

How does this change the fact that the purpose of language is to facilitate mutual intelligibility?

Should we establish official support for every possible "dialect" of English?

Anonymous 5340

>How does this change the fact that the purpose of language is to facilitate mutual intelligibility?

I never said it doesn't, otherwise I wouldn't teach languages to immigrants, etc. You're right it does. But that was never our point of discussion; you just brought it up now because you have nothing to validate your pile of a shit statement.
The point is that you said language fragmentation is "never good, no matter what your teacher told you", which is bollocks.

In a perfect world maybe we'd all speak the same language (people already tried that relatively recently, have you ever heard of Esperanto?), but the world is way too big for that and people are allowed to keep their languages no matter where they move to. Like I said, I don't want to keep derailing this thread. If you want to keep this discussion going, take it to the language or linguistic thread, whatever that is called, and get ass blasted there by all the other anons.

Anonymous 5361

>>Can we stop the fighting girls?

I'm American living in U.K. and no one said a single word to me about the Vegas shooting. I swear if it happened in another European country or somewhere like Japan people would ask locals from those places about it and if they/their family is OK.

>>Anyone else abroad have a similar experience?

Anonymous 5367

A lot of left wing Brits are absolute cunts towards Americans. It's the only form of identity they have left. Sorry.

Anonymous 5368

Let's stay on topic and stop derailing the thread.

Anonymous 5374


I asked the guy who told me about it if he had family out there, he's English but I didn't realise it was a global news story at the time. I don't think your experience is representative, we're actually quote nice. Sort of.


Are we? How big of you to to avoid the same mass stereotyping us left wingers are such dab hands at.

Anonymous 12274

Anonymous 12289

I don't think so, personally. How hard is it to wrap a towel around your waist and pick up the mail. Nudists have colonies because most people have zero interest in joining their lifestyle.

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