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Anonymous 34083

Does Crystal Cafe shoot guns? What do you think about guys that shoot guns?

Anonymous 34089

It's just a hobby anon. That's all.

Anonymous 34095

Guns are ok I guess. I've never shot a real one because I've never been in a situation that calls for murder pellets, but I respect the artillery and why they're sometimes necessary.

Gun culture is absolute garbage though. This is coming from an American.


Bait is delicious.

Anonymous 34102

What is your favorite gun in terms of aesthetics? I like to fantasize about shooting myself in the heart.

Anonymous 34103


I like looking at anime girls holding guns, but that's where the fascination ends

Anonymous 34105

I feel uncomfortable around guys under 25 who shoot guns, and more comfortable around guys over 30 who shoot guns.

Anonymous 34123


P90 is pure sex

Anonymous 34126

>I've never shot a real one because I've never been in a situation that calls for murder pellets
You can target practice with them, you know, like with a bow, or a sword. It doesn't always have to be a hunt for flesh.

Anonymous 34156

cx4 storm.jpg

I've been looking for a Cx4 Storm for a while now, but like with most things I'm too poor to afford it and too stubborn to get something cheaper.

Anonymous 34164

I did it when I was in the girl scouts. It was fun but not fun enough where I would consider making them a hobby.
I am wary of guys who have weapons as a hobby because I assume they are /pol/tards.

Anonymous 34173

>tfw no m1 carbine gf (male)

Anonymous 34174


At least you can take solace in the fact that you have good taste.

Anonymous 34190

Do you have any experience with a Hi-Point carbine? I really want a 9mm carbine and I hear it's super durable, but it's just so ugly…

Anonymous 34195

You fired guns in the girl scouts? Where was this? Texas?

Anonymous 34447


I shot a gun once on a friend's property in the country and it was very fun, if I ever move out to the country I would love to have one and shoot at targets on my own property. Kinda not possible to do that in the city/burbs lol.

Anonymous 34453

There's always gun ranges.

Anonymous 34455

I like the idea of shooting them, but am pretty weak physically and would need to improve my upper body strength to shoot them. Also not a fan of the noise and the damage it does to your hearing, so I’d invest in some ear protection first before getting into it.

Anonymous 34482

I do cross country skiing and biathlon somewhat regularly in winter, and shoot rifles a lot in training. It’s a fun challenge to shoot when your heart rate is up.

Anonymous 34713

guns are cool. I'd love to have a glock or just a small ladies' pistol, but I'm too mentally ill to trust myself with owning one.

Anonymous 34739

California, in a rural area during a summer camp.

Anonymous 34740

No. Not in California.

Anonymous 34742

Well, California in 2010 or so. I dunno if they would do it today.

Anonymous 34798

Most .22lr rifles are pretty cheap and easy to shoot even if you aren't really that big. There are also a lot of Women's Models for larger guns that are more custom tailored for smaller frames.

Anonymous 34803

>custom tailored for smaller frames
this usually just means it's smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to carry, especially if you're carrying it for many hours on a hike… buuuuut it makes it hit your shoulder harder from the recoil. a heavier model of the same thing "absorbs" the recoil better.

if you only ever shoot the thing at the range and never have to haul it around for long, the normal "full size" models will be more comfortable for you to shoot.

Anonymous 34825

I’m more concerned by the necessity of keeping firearms away from my suicide risk friends (basically all of them) than I am by guns themselves or people who take simple pleasure in plinkin’ time. I’ve never been suicidal so the dawning realization guns were dangerous even if safely handled by me (due to the risk posed to my friends, like if I ever left them not actively locked up) was disconcerting. I never had to view guns as unpleasant objects before that, but now I’m aware of how… rude, I guess, having them around like I grew up with would be to a whole class of people (anyone who’s ever been even secondhand affected by firearm suicide).

Having guns around is like having computers or other hobby stuff around for me. They’re fun and decorative, I like it. I like the paraphernalia for their maintenance as well. But it’s really too bad this country (america) has gotten so miserable that you can’t count on people being safe and reliable about guns. The only people being shot should be hunters shot by their own dogs, really.

Anonymous 34839

They should be put away, not the guns. Otherwise they'll just grab the knives, jump on the balcony, etc. If only the mental health industry was still as great.

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