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Male models mocking women Anonymous 34795


Look at these guys. Look at how these supposedly “perfect men” make fun of the women they’ve been with and brag about being manwhores. Imagine if female models did the same thing. But no, femcels just have to sit and take it while privileged moids tell them bullshit.

Anonymous 34801

incels say same shit about privileged women

Anonymous 34804

I just assume for beautiful people in the entertainment industry it is normal to have a lot of sex. It just seemed like typical bragging, they weren't making fun of the women.
I agree though that it is a bit of a double standard, female models would be shit on for making a similar video.

Anonymous 34813

Evil and degenerate behaviour

Anonymous 34817

Anonymous 34830

I was expecting something more polemic? i mean, its douchey but is just an ultra gay guy asking a couple jocks if they have done a menage or if they cried for love. Normie tier stuff that you see as well in girl channels.

Anonymous 34831


>female models would be shit on for making a similar video.

Comments are disabled, so they probably were shit on.

Anonymous 34837

>goodness of their own heart
Those with criminal records tend to committ crimes. Does a lender deal debt collection? Don't look to those with power. You don't need them.

Anonymous 34843

Anonymous 35028

Anonymous 35036

>privileged men
Remember there are less privileged men than you thing there are.

The doctrine of "Male Privilege" wholly dismisses all these disadvantages of being a man as being irrelevant, based on the notion that men as a whole have "privilege." The reason men are considered generally "privileged" is because more CEO's / STEM workers / Politicians / Millionaires are male than female.

This is a problem known as "The Apex Fallacy" - where some people are judging the bottom 99% of men by the top 1% of men, the apex. They're employing a doctrine that automatically dismisses all the widespread problems faced by the bottom 99% of men, simply because the top 1% of Men "have more power & privilege" than the top 1% of women.

This is a self-validating world view, where no amount of male suffering by the bottom 99% can possibly outweigh the privilege of the top 1%. These people simply don't care when guys talk about the male suicide gap, or the prison gap, or the education gap - or any other enormous widespread issue faced by your average male, because none of it matters when the top 1% of men have "more privilege" than the top 1% of women.

Anonymous 35037

It's true and can be seen propagated by uneducated people everywhere, not only regarding "male privilege". Whole notion of social media is basically
>look these few people have it better than you, your life sucks so you should hate them i guess!

Do like i do and compare yourself to those who have it worse. I know its shallow to make fun of others but it's single best cure for bad mood i've discovered that doesn't involve spending resources or having friends. Look at people who have it worse than you and best make sure to be friends with one. Then you'll get more insight into their shit life so you can be the better living person in your pair :3

Anonymous 35044

I'm becoming blackpilled on men. Is it a bad idea to marry some rich older guy off Seeking Arrangement so I can stop living in poverty? Old guys have lower sexual needs and it's less degrading than an office job. I've been holding out for "muh true love" but I'm starting to think that's a great fat unicorn hunt. If it's gonna be between one asshole and another asshole shouldn't I take the rich asshole?

Anonymous 35046

>is it a bad idea to marry some rich older guy off Seeking Arrangement so I can stop living in poverty
The fact you're questioning it rather than just jumping the gun should tell you how bad of an idea it is. Aside from that, why would you want to be with a rich asshole, if you're still going to be saddled with an asshole for the rest of your life, in the end. You're better off just continuing the unicorn hunt, as it's better to be with yourself than some asshole. You're not looking hard enough, anon. Look harder!

Anonymous 35061

I considered it but I chickened out. You have to be a high level player to win that kind of game. Would you really be able to fake being in love with someone 24/7/365 for god knows how many years? And keep him into you, despite the fact that he's the type of guy to have an account on SA?

I realized I'd rather just be a broke bitch than deal with that. If you can feel genuine attraction to significantly older guys, that might make it more plausible.

Anonymous 35063

Jesus, the guy is absolutely seething over some random lady's photo. Must be really sad when other people living their lives triggers you so much, I wouldn't want to be that guy. I hope he gets the help he needs.

Anonymous 35065

It's really funny how they provide an image list of women with giant, medically dangerous implants who obviously are on anavar as their "healthy" alternative to some random normal looking woman with an upper-healthy range BMI. Artificially implanting objects that your body slowly rejects and filling your system with hormones to get male level muscles for instagram likes is so healthy and a good, TRADITIONAL standard for how women should look. I'm a cardio bunny who loves fitness and agrees fat acceptance is stupid but damn whoever put that together is braindead and pretty much wrote the article with their dick.

Anonymous 35078

Should I just marry like, a doctor then? Not on SA but from tinder or something?
I had an SD for a while and thing is they know you aren't in love with them, they're practical about it and pretty realistic and down to earth. fundamentally all marriages are about money and security for the woman and sex and affection for the men. why not cut to the chase? idk i just don't see myself finding some disney tier true love so what the fuck. i feel like a fool sitting here starving to death.

Anonymous 35080

>fundamentally all marriages are about money and security for the woman and sex and affection for the men
You will never be happy, so long as you see this way. It shows in your face, and the way you act. You need to be hopeful and make moves if you want to be content with life. Don't give up.

Anonymous 35081

>all marriages
Uh. I only want sex and affection from a man. There's no other reason for me to date or marry since I'm going to be making my own way in life. Fuck, I'm a gfdfag and would happily support a man.

You male or do you live in a male dominated country? Sounds like incel rhetoric lmao. Blackpilled on men but apparently you also believe women don't crave love and sex.

Anonymous 35111

You can't compare SDs with marriage partners. The fact that you got yourself an SD says a lot about your own personal views…

Anonymous 131672

its a youtube vid
its staged

Anonymous 131677

Necro, but this is an incel delusion. Even the bottom 1% of men will be better off than the 1% of women. Women are raped, trafficked, abused, objectified, and persecuted since birth. The worst thing that can happen to a moid is not getting his dick wet.

Anonymous 131688

Amazing how drastically a board's traffic can change in just a year or two.

Anonymous 131903

I have a Stacy tier friend that brags about how many quality fuckboys she has (so far she got 3). She uses moids like dildos.

Moids have always bragged about that crap and its because male virginity is "shameful" while female virginity is "sacred" or in another terms a man cheating and/or having multiple partners is "alpha" but a woman having laid with 5 different model tier moids is "whore". Double standards.

Anonymous 131905

They're supposed to be physically perfect, why would you assume they would be morally perfect

>what is the halo effect

Anonymous 131915

I have been browsing the site for over two years. Different people will have different opinions. We aren't a hivemind.

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