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Newbie here Anonymous 35888

I just found this img board but it looks pretty much dead to me, especially /media/, and it's kinda sad because it looks comfy enough.

I tried to power through 4chan because reddit is becoming too much like other social media sites but I prefer staying anonymous and having to wipe my account every week is exhausting. Also now people can follow users there and I don't like dealing with this.
I mainly enjoy talking about video games but… /v/ has to be the worst place I've been in. There's no actual real content there anymore and the mods archive anything that actually promotes discussion. I don't care much that they're very anti-female there, but overall that place is just terrible, low-tier bait shit-hole.
I'm hoping crystal.cafe, /b/ and /media/ are nice alternatives.

Anyways… Hello, /b/. I hope you have a nice Saturday.

Anonymous 35891

Welcome, anon! I think you’ve found a place you’ll really enjoy. Remember that 4chan isn’t the only imageboard out there- there are pretty good boards targeted around specific hobbies elsewhere on the internet.

Don’t be afraid to start a thread if you feel like things are slow!

Anonymous 35892


Yeah, I just found out about that. I'm very new to this and I'm amazed I haven't found imageboards sooner, despite surfing the webs for 2 decades.

Anonymous 35893

Hello anon, welcome. I found c.c a few months ago and stayed for the /comfy/ness.

4chan is full of crazies/incels/cancer but I really the imageboard format and being anonymous.

It is pretty quiet here but so I check once every few days. I kind of like that it is slow though. Some imageboards are just so chaotic.

Anonymous 35894

Hello Anon! I feel the same way about 4chan and Reddit. I've really only had negative experiences from those sites personally. Sometimes I browse /ck. While I like keeping anonymity on image boards, I wouldn't mind either way honestly. It's pretty slow here and while I don't mind I also have been pushing myself to respond and post more here to help make it more active instead of just reading what others are saying.

Anonymous 35900

Welcome! I really like this place too and am glad I found it. Sure, it's not as active as other imageboards, but I really like how discussions here are unfiltered/uncensored, but also civil. Anonymity is very important too. Sometimes in non-anonymous boards, I feel like I have to maintain this persona. On the other hand, there's more room for honest self-expression when posting anonymously.

Anonymous 35903

You wont find much video game discussion here either.
Just a bunch of whining about relationships and lack of them.

Anonymous 35931

Fucking LOL @ 4channers coming out of their tiny little cesspit hive world thinking anything that doesn't get 150,000 posts a day is "dead".

Anonymous 36009

To be fair, there's a lot of slow boards like this one on 4chan, I think people are just used to today's internet in general to be a very fast moving place. I love /trv/ on 4chan and I visit it as much as this place tbh.

Anonymous 36019

>There's no actual real content there anymore and the mods archive anything that actually promotes discussion.
Here's some lessons in 4chan 101

Archiving happens automatically. If a thread goes to archive that means it was not bumped enough and fell off the board, or it reached its bump limit and therefore could not be bumped anymore, falling off the board. Mods don't archive threads, they can move threads though. This almost never happens because 4chan only has a few mods (compared to hundreds of jannies) and all mods serve all boards.

Jannies are board specific and can delete threads, but not archive or move them. If a thread is deleted, it was probably jannied (but it could also be deleted by OP). Mods only very rarely get involved directly since that's what the army of jannies is for.

Anonymous 36029

Try /vg/ maybe.

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