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Items you would buy for your home/room Anonymous 42571

So sometimes I like to pass time by putting on some music and 'window shop' online (I think I wrote that out weird lol). Anyway, I like to envision what my future home will look by adding neat items I find to my wishlist even if I don't actually buy it. Found these cute coconut bowls.

Anonymous 42573

aaaa my apartment is so dusty. I really need to get my shit together. I wanna invest in a good comforter/duvet but I wanna make a smart choice.

Anonymous 42576

Ooo I really like the big white linen comforters with the feather stuffing. So comfy.

Anonymous 42582


I don't really care too much about fancy furniture but I did get really into browsing high quality bed frames once

Anonymous 42590


That's freaking wild. Love it.

Anonymous 42596


A bean bag or a low level chair for reading. Right now I don't have the space for it in my apartment, and the couch isn't the comfiest. Also want to replace the huge dining table with a small table just as low as the chair, so I can sit on the floor and do away with extra chairs. Oh, and more fairy lights in the bedroom too.

Anonymous 42604


based. Fairy lights willnever go out of style for me. Found these pyramid style paper lanterns on Etsy a while back ago.

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