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Anonymous 44115

Where the fuck do you meet men

Anonymous 44116

Through friends.
Alternatively, join a yoga class or a hobby club.

Anonymous 44117

Why would anyone ever want to meet men?

Anonymous 44119

You need to get yourself into situations where you can meet new people, even if the only people you click with are girls that then opens you up to potentially meet their existing circle of friends which could contain some bf material

Anonymous 44120

you don't because your social experience is far lacking compared to all of the others your own age and lower aged people of your same social level will see you as old and never talk to you

Anonymous 44121

Or she can meet someone in the same situation as her. Imageboards are full of this type, unfortunately.

Anonymous 44122


Anonymous 44124

Just buy one at the man store.

Anonymous 44147

They are everywhere. The hot ones? I don't know.

Anonymous 44148

I tired /soc once and very very very very very few of them are actual nice humans. Majority of them are asshats who want nudes. Even if it doesn't start that way, that's the ultimate goal for most. I gave up and deleted my discord and never went back on it. That was like a year ago.

Anonymous 44151

Card game tournaments and cosplay conventions.

Anonymous 44157


Anonymous 44158

No shit soc is a terrible board. No decent man will go on it. There's heaps of good and attractive men on 4chan. Try smaller boards and don't add people on the premise of you being female. Add them on shared interests/hobbies and it may unfold with you getting a good man. Also avoid anime and videogames and the like as the interests. So-called 'Nerdy' people are shallow and childish.

Anonymous 44164

>There's heaps of good and attractive men on 4chan
No, anon. No.
>So-called 'Nerdy' people are shallow and childish
Then why would you want to find a guy in the nerd Mecca?

Anonymous 44168

The problem with the ones you meet there is that they care about diamonds more than they care about you. From experience :(

Anonymous 44170


At your local library? (Don't listen to me; I haven't dated in nine years.)

Anonymous 44178


Anonymous 44186

As far as I know, only little boys still play Minecraft. Do you have something to confess to us, anon?

Anonymous 44189

Depending on where you work you might meet one there. I dated a coworker for 2 months and he fucked a lot up for me and I had put in my 2 weeks. Another coworker convinced me to stay and try something different so I switched to 3rd shift and everything fell into place. Met the sweetest guy and we have been dating for 2 years now. Obviously this kind of thing doesnt happen everyday but if whatever you have going on everyday isnt working then try changing something up. I wouldnt recomment your job though, maybe a hobby. You would be surprised by what is waiting for you.

Anonymous 44214

Most men on /ic seem like incels. And thats one of the slowest boards.
So don't try 4chan at all

Anonymous 44234

Martial arts, sport clubs, meeting apps, uni, workplace, dance clases, bars, common friends, asking minor stuff to strangers and chat.
Men will notice you and aproach you if enough signals are given, no matter the place.

Anonymous 44346

Grocery stores

Anonymous 44347

>she thinks men post on 4chan
traps, traps in denial and little boys

Anonymous 44348

through friends, doing stuff you like etc. You can always mail order one, if men do it, we should too

Anonymous 44398

Hinge, or at a bar or social event. Men will be more likely to respond to you if you just go up and talk to them, as opposed to the other way around. A lot of them like it, in fact. Give it a shot princess, you got this.

Anonymous 44464

After college? Very difficult. You are really restricted to the workplace. Better hope you don't work in a majority female profession. People suggest bars, clubs, and others, but there is an obvious selection against positive traits in those environments. You could try online dating, which presently is stacked highly in our favor. Good luck.

Anonymous 44466

You will have to figure that out elsewhere, Steve.

Anonymous 44471


is online a wrong answer?

Anonymous 44486

Go to church if you want to find someone marriageable.

Anonymous 44490


Anonymous 44500

That's how one of my cousins found her husband. Would recommend.

Anonymous 44560

Keep in mind that their thoughts aren’t as restricted by the context of your meeting. Most women will be hesitant to open up to a stranger that they meet in a professional or serious context, however for men that isn’t really the case.

Obviously it’d be short sighted to go on dates with every attractive guy that you meet in conferences, classes, or whatnot, but certainly keep in mind that guys you meet there won’t necessarily be unavailable because of the situation.

Anonymous 44567

How to Be Yourself…

How to Be Yourself by Ellen Hendriksen

Anonymous 44568

Flirtology by Jean…

Flirtology by Jean Smith

Anonymous 44569


Captivate - The Science of Succeeding with People
by Vanessa Van Edwards

Anonymous 44767

I can confirm that you will find many many men at card game tournaments, but not many of them are bf material

Anonymous 44771

Depends on how you define bf material. What if all I want is a clean dick.

Anonymous 44773

Card game tournaments are infamous for their stink

Anonymous 44776

Are they stinkier than men at cosplay cons?

Anonymous 44779

then you'll be fine

I've never been to a cosplay con, but I've never found card tournaments to stink, just the occasional person

Anonymous 44934

Church. Just don't go to a cucked one - you'll find pansies there.

Anonymous 44943

Your head is way too small for your body, you look ridiculous lol

Anonymous 44944

That guy looks as straight as a circle.

Anonymous 44949

To be fair, he does look like a Greek rapist.

Anonymous 44955

There are tons of guys at board gaming events.
Local boardgame stores host events sometimes for people to come and play games for free. There's also Meetup.
It is spooky going to an event for the first time, but i never played boardgames until recently and in my experience no one has been mean to me about not knowing how to play a game. Usually they're just happy to have someone play with them.

Anonymous 44968


I do avoid those types of boards tbh.
I'm also not that pretty.

Anonymous 44985

It's true that he gives off gay vibes. I think >>44940 and >>44947 would look good together.

Anonymous 45015


Anonymous 45023


I hate board games with a passion. I hang out with a nerdy engineer crowd and love the people, but hate how every time we meet at someone’s house, we end up playing board/tabletop games. I just don’t understand what’s so fun about those games and only play them so I can spend more time with people I love.

Anonymous 45037

Enjoy hell pedophile

Anonymous 45043


That's fine. Everyone has things they enjoy, you know? To each their own.

Anonymous 45105

do you say presently because you expect this to change?

Anonymous 45111

Discord servers for content creators you watch, especially massive ones with tons of random fans. Join vc a few times a week and get e bf in 2 months ez

I’ve heard you can also meet them irl but I’m too awkward to talk to boys irl.

Anonymous 45115

But my favorite youtuber doesn't have shit like discord.

Anonymous 45152

Where can I meet women that's waking conscious is tied to the internet and are cynical yet still optimistic.

Anonymous 45153

Probably a neet weeb convention

Anonymous 45155

Like an anime convention? I don't have a big interest in anime besides a few shows.

Anonymous 45189

Literally go to a bookstore, and start asking questions to the first seemingly decent guy there, or if you're passive, have a book but don't stare into it - be open to others around you, make eye contact, smile at the attractive ones, or look at them repeatedly.

Anonymous 45196


>make eye contact, smile
>look at them repeatedly

Anonymous 45200


top rofl

Anonymous 45258


Anonymous 45290

Oh wait. Are you saying you're too ugly or awkward to pull this off? In that case my condolences, but most girls don't need to do much. Be available to talk, don't be unavailable.

Anonymous 45786

They like competition.

Anonymous 45788


i think it's because the nerdy engineers are socially inept and board games provide very, very structured frameworks/scripts for interacting in person. it always feels like a crutch. i'd just rather talk and hang out without literal rules in place.

Anonymous 45839


It's weird how half the population is so hard to find, like I'll have to break into a cute boy's house to find one

Anonymous 45849


That makes sense. I’m not a very competitive person at all, and don’t really find much joy in winning over other people. Not a big fan of sports either.

Anonymous 45850

You should try going outside before resorting to this.

Anonymous 45862

She would naturally wind up outside on her way to the house she was planning to break into.

Anonymous 46431

What you meant to ask is "where the fuck do you meet men who are worth meeting", the answer to that is I don't know.

Anonymous 46511

What does "worth meeting" mean tho

Is it something you feel at a certain moment

Anonymous 46514

NTA but I assume she meant bf material

Anonymous 46554

That´s nice and all, but then you dont get to kill the dragon take its gold.

Anonymous 46569

/int/ is very decent and has a lot of qt and funny boys. Plus you will know exactly what country they're from, which is a big plus

Anonymous 46570

Which /int/?

Anonymous 46573

4chinz one

Anonymous 46574

I thought i was the only one lurking /int/ to find a bernd bf.

I've been lurking more on Kohlchan's /int/ though, as i noticed at least 3 BR anons who are into femdom and might be sub bottoms.

Dunno how i will get them to contact me though.

Anonymous 46593

That's why I asked her which /int/.

Anonymous 46630

Anyone who would suggest 4chan as a serious place to meet people is either a man or a man in a dress. Please don't fucking take advice from these larpers.

The only thing you'll find on 4chan is a bunch of basement-dwelling incels who will string you along so they can post your nudes online or make your life hell because they have mommy issues and want to destroy other women's lives in revenge.

If you want to meet men, go outside. Literally nobody I know in a long-term relationship has ever met anyone online.

Anonymous 46633

>dated guys from 4chan
>now married to a /fit/izen lmao
She didn't learn the lesson

Anonymous 46638

This is only true for the cliché incel boards like /b/, /v/, /vg/, /r9k and /pol/

Anonymous 46640

The coolest and nicest bunch of people I met and still am in contact with were from 4chan. I don't know if I hit the jackpot but we've had a discord server for years now and it's full of really nice and interesting people. 4chan is huge and it isn't just visited by angry alt right virgins.
Even the few angry virgins we had in that group matured over time and grew out of it and became decent people lmao
More and more people meet up online and stay in ltr's although I think it's still a taboo to admit that, at least in my country.

Anonymous 46660

>met my best friend and now ex on /pol/
We only broke up because it was too expensive to travel and keep up a long distance relationship.

Anonymous 46661

Why? I'd expect girls to go on any board other than /pol/.

Anonymous 46662

/pol/ is good for a laugh and very occasionally insightful

Anonymous 46667

it's because nobody here is a girl

Anonymous 46668

Well I am a racist so.

Anonymous 46670

Hopefully, you're as honest about it in real life as you are here.

Anonymous 46671

I am. It's not really taboo in here (latin america), pretty much everybody is racist on some level.

Anonymous 46798

anywhere you would find men. clearly not at the places you hang out at. at the end of the day you just need to put yourself in the same room as them, and i'm sure you'll work out the rest.
lots of places were already mentioned. less well known are the archery and gun ranges, though if you go that route you'll get to know a lot of boomers along the way.

Anonymous 46800

archery ranges are less noisy so you can actually talk to people, who are also more friendly in general

Anonymous 46848

Doesnt matter.
Guys go crazy in these circles. But if you go, best bet is to go after one who isnt hunting you. Higher potential bf material. Since he values his hobby higher than a female he doesnt know at all. Also shows he is not that needy.

Anonymous 46849

What is even worth meeting anyway. Im fine if he is not a fuckboy and doesnt chase staceys

Anonymous 46864

is 4chan even an option. i feel like everyone there has some form of mental issues

Anonymous 46869

I'm honestly not sure.
The gym will get you someone physically fit but who knows about personality. Maybe meet them online through mutual interests but dont tell them you're a girl until you know them better

Anonymous 46942

That is a bit pot, kettle considering where you are posting.

Anonymous 47010


Cosplay conventions

Anonymous 47012

does airtighted mean what i think it does?

Anonymous 47014


Not sure about what they mean

Anonymous 47048

Depends what kind of men you're looking for. Someone with similar musical taste? A gig, show or a festival.
Someone with similar hobbies or interests? Try joining a club or something (don't try to approach people in gyms though, most people don't want to be bothered in their workouts, speaking from experience).
Dating apps are also an option.
You can also go to a bar alone, as long as you look approachable (body language, don't sulk in a corner staring at your phone!) people will come and talk to you.
You could also try to get to know other women, whenever you get to meet a circle of friends there's usually men in it.
Also, random occurrences like meeting someone on a walk, falling over on a bike and having someone come help you, the options are truly endless. But one thing is for certain, men won't come to you if you just sit in front of a screen and post here.

Anonymous 47071


Anonymous 47105

Enroll in some social activity and send clues.

Anonymous 47110

Reminder that /int/cels from 4chan are raiding this thread as we speak. Beware of those basket cases

Anonymous 62445

Not everywhere is closed. I'm still going to work, so I have plenty of people to still talk to.

Anonymous 62452


Anonymous 62465

The lockdown's been mostly lifted everywhere but the US and the US has been ignoring it anyway.

Anonymous 62466

I wish.
My uni is closed till April next year.
Same goes for all public places like swimming pools and such.

Anonymous 62467

Same, I can't even go to the fucking library for AC and a quiet place to study and it was 118 degrees fahrenheit last week and now I'm being gassed to death by wild fire fumes.

Anonymous 62471

i think fit would be like a smart place since they're at least they take care of their bodies

Anonymous 62472

Nobody outside of CBT is actually into fitness there. The lack of moderation allowed everyone from r9k to brigade there since their board got taken over by gays and /int/. They even raided this place from there about a week back.

Anonymous 62473

>not /plt/

Anonymous 62523

Join a Judo class.
If it's a decent school those guys can get pretty big.
Especially the ground sparring when they try to pin you down can be quite intresting

Anonymous 62525

Go to India then show bobs and vagene.

Anonymous 62538

These wildfires are fucking with me I can’t go for runs or even leave the house for long periods of time without getting a headache.

Anonymous 62662

At your local gym for the cute ones?
Maybe on some outdoorsy club or so too if you don't want a lardass neckbeard that carries a waifu pillow IRL?

You better be decent looking though; that's how you get dumped quickly since everyone always thinks "I could do better" if one is more handsome/beautiful than the person they're in a relationship with, sadly.

Anonymous 62699


At their homes in front of their computers. You just have to find where one lives and then brake inside through a balcony or something, that's how nerdy men imagine their manic pixie dream girl will just fall in their hands. Alternatively you could find one at a party, an actual party, drinking alone at home is not a party, a gathering with some of your friends is not a party either.

In the age of internet? I don't think so.


You're on to something there.

4chan indeed is a terrible online hangout, anyone worth their salt left it in 2014.

Anonymous 62714

Sauce? I know it very ot but this pic cracked me open for some reason.

Anonymous 62718


I don't know artist's name, but i have this one more heartwarming image for you.

Anonymous 62723

Cheers, I reverse image searched it, artists name is adarsh balak.

Anonymous 62735

The problem is that the more social and outgoing they are the less likely they are too be loyal. Plus I cannot deal with them having a social life since I don't. I want somebody like me.

Where do you get a comfy homebody bf? Also I hate manchilds and people who play video games and watch anime. I don't want a total loser either.

Anonymous 62736

i was placed next to this cute guy when i had to get a forklift license for my job.

The last day we took the train together and he asked for my snapchatt. I hope he asks me out soon.

Anonymous 62764

Some people will just find any excuse to not love somebody. It's literally female r9k.

Anonymous 62769

My definition of loser is somebody without a good education and career.

I know loads of losers with a social life and also loads of successful people without one.

Anonymous 62785

>Men will notice you and aproach you if enough signals are given, no matter the place.
Given they're not autistic, then you'd have to declare your intentions straight up.

Anonymous 62788

What then of autistic men?
Do you simply "approach", if not "pursue" them?
How do you make it clear that you're being serious and are not in fact making fun of them?

Anonymous 62794

No but they make horrible partners with zero emotional intelligence.

Anonymous 62821

Clubs unironically

Anonymous 62830

one verb: tunneling

Anonymous 62832

I mean are we talking about actual diagnosed autism or internet meme autism (which is really just social awkwardness)?
The former are bad partners and should be avoided but the latter can be fine.

Anonymous 62833

I think you're taking the whole "miner" thing a bit literally.

Anonymous 62846


I think that not having a social life causes mental distress, even introverts go mad without socialization, it only happens latter for them. Humans are a very social species, our individual successes get judged, rewarded and punished according by how well we participate in our society. Our individual successes are also dependent on how successful our cooperation with each another is. I don't know any successful socially inept people, except Mark Zuckerberg maybe? I think that socialization is a big part of life and under normal conditions should be a reward into itself.

Anonymous 62939

I messaged him and have talked now for 2 days straight now PLUS he asked me out.

Thank you for making me message him first im so happy

Anonymous 63116

In the current year? Idk

I met my fiance at a religious function

Anonymous 63121

Someone suggested martial arts and i actually think that's a decent idea. Thing is, i can't stretch out my fingers completely, because of a condition. Can i still learn Taekwondo or would i look like an idiot. Also, Kickboxing might be fun too, but you don't rly get physical with men during the training, right?

Anonymous 63128

Do swimming instead.
I met my first bf in an advanced swimming techniques class I did at uni.

Anonymous 63168

I got my last bf through a local imageboard meeting (it was for a small local imageboard). I wouldn't reccommend this route, since even the oldfags are usually either incels or incels-who-made-it, in other words, they still either have mommy or daddy issues.

Anonymous 63171

I met my ex through a small obscure imageboard too and while he wasn't an incel type, he was emotionally immature and had no real life experience whatsoever outside of work. Can't recommend

Anonymous 63178

I've been thinking about going to a gardening club to find a bf. If they like to garden I know that they are patient, outdoorsy, and nurturing, so ideal bf material for me.

You could call the dojo and ask or go for a grappling art instead like >>62523 suggested. Tbh I think judo is more effective anyway if you want to be able to defend yourself as a female.

Anonymous 63198

I meet mine on tinder

Anonymous 63201

I'm actually deeply concerned how often I read about female anons trying to meet male anons off of the chans. Are you girls purposefully trying to hook up with porn addicts, closeted trannys, RP/MGTOW and/or incels? No hot normal guy uses imageboards. Absolutely. No. Hot. Normal. Guy. I don't care if you're weird and ~totally introverted and like vidya games~ yourself, there is NO comparison between the women here and the men on imageboards. You deserve better so stop picking them. Let natural selection do its job please.

Anonymous 63211

My ex was neither of these things but I still can't refute your argument because he simply didn't know how to deal with relationships. You're right, no emotionally sound man hangs out on IBs.

Anonymous 63223

Do you have an argument?

Anonymous 63224

While it's still not a great idea, imageboards aren't one person. 4chan has millions of users and all kinds of people from all countries, actually much more diverse in types of people and opinions than elsewhere. There is literally no requirement to go on and post.

There is plenty of comparison to women here and other imageboards, the women here literally use and post on those imageboards. And based on this thread people clearly don't want a 'normal guy' because normal guys are shit or won't be able to understand people here.

Also, normal really has nothing to do with being hot. There are endless cases of hot men on 4chan but those posting their pics on an anonymous imageboard are likely to be the crazy ones.

Anonymous 63225

1. How do you even meet guys on 4chan? Like there is zero contact info.

2. The guys who are going to approach you are self-selecting themselves to be thirsty and/or desperate as fuck, if nothing else.

Anonymous 63226

There is /soc/! Most of the guys on there are cumbrains but I’ve met some sweet, somewhat-normal people.

Anonymous 63227

>There is /soc/
Eww, those moids are disgusting.

Anonymous 63247

School, Work, Hobbies and through Friends.

Anonymous 63255

/soc/ is a nightmare. To anyone who reads this, don't even go there. 99% is hookup/porn threads and the 1% of platonic threads are still full of troons and coomers. I tried /soc/ at my most desperate and highly filtered who I added and I still only met either bitter, spiteful moids or uwu wholesome idiots with anime profile pics. /soc/ is the bottom of the barrel because everyone you'll meet is either desperate for contact or already talks to 58494 people.

The only way to meet good men on 4chan is to participate in hobby/discussion threads, see if someone posts contact to keep up the convo, pretend you're a male while you get to know them, and only reveal that you're female once you know how they think about women.

Anonymous 63280


Sorry retardchan, I don't think not-normal guy means autistic incels or men who secretly hate women. You can meet a guy who likes not-normie things not on 4chan. Let's not forget that 4chan is full of mass shooters (and soon-to-be-mass-shooters). I'm not gonna argue about the 'hot' bit because there can be a good looking dude on there will typically have other issues that are wrong with him.
All of the men on there have something wrong with them with like 0.00000001% exceptions.

Anonymous 63356

I studied dating behavior of people.
In environments with high sexual peer pressure, due to how culture works and people.
Only assholes are left to date, all serial daters with a lot of expertise who could not give less of a fuck who they date, the main reason they are so successful and can refine their abilities so well.
Most people opt out of this, completely.
There isn't even a great gender bias to this, most people opt out before ever trying, not seeing themselves compatible ever.
Some people try a few times, get burned every time and on either side, they make up a majority of where
>every x is horrible
comes from.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE3j_RHkqJc just about anger, but fits the issue pretty well.

These people also have big issues outside dating, with how they train themselves.

The current dating culture, largely allows a few moids to pick completely unchecked, be mostly matched with the worst of our people and this leads to an arms race of horrible autism.

The best way is to ignore the grand tenet of
>never date someone you know
if you can't date normal people and end relationships normally, it's best to not and leave poor souls alone
all this also means that any sane person, can easily lock down the best guys that exist the first time they run into them dating
not that media and the world isn't designed to make us hate them and only if they are from certain races
we are getting fucked, just not the right way, we are celebrating it and we still vote it in and support it every which way we can
our perception largely defined by broken people who would never follow their own advice
but with lots of glee destroy any relationship of their friends for far lesser reasons
worst board there, their chinese factory assembly line for nice guys is pure horror
I've not met a single normal person there, their cham chat rooms are horrible, the nicest looking guys dox, threaten, blackmail and plan the worst things.
Better chances to find a confused hippie with strong convictions on pol.
The way our brains work is not compatible with trying to find love online and the abstraction of perception to it all, is a perfect breeding ground for issues like in Watzlawik's
>Manual to unhappiness
or how it's translated
>The Situation Is Hopeless, But Not Serious: The Pursuit of Unhappiness
Any hobby where one meets people is going to be more successful than the internet dating choices.
they don't, try to make a positive thread about women and see what happens
if it's remotely successful you'll notice people who are clearly men pretending to be women in real life fucking up the threads and then deleting them
beside their vested interest in fucking people with their hate for the real deal
they and others also just created the idea of incel and politicized it
it's not even a moid term
I mean, the last two weeks it was perhaps better, lots of jannitor changes
Also they helped out with putting a filter on the address to here.
how do you think it works in matriarchal or matrilinear cultures? they still exist
and even what the scythians had with centaurs and amazons still exists in some tribes.
Even Islam matrilinear societies like the Minangkabau or Touareg exist.
Both great examples of the effect culture has.
Everyone's culture is under attack, it's not easy enough to calculate economic success and political control with it and those are natural processes, happens in any epoch of mankind.
Just the tools are a whole lot different and in theory, any interested person could find more than enough information of how incel, is a political and cultural weapon, used by letter agencies in conjunction with corrupt journalists to push it.
Successfully used, transforming people.

Anonymous 63401

Have you had any success anywhere else?

Anonymous 63418

1,000 IQ post. Especially with how assholes and sociopaths are the only ones active in online dating which, funnily enough, makes up the majority of men.

Anonymous 63422

soc is probably the most male gay board of 4chan, and there is a lgbt board there

Anonymous 63460

So if sociopaths and generally unpleasant people make up the vast majority of actively dating men, then do you think it would would work to pursue men on your own?
After all if the only men who approach women are generally unpleasant, it seems to be logical that you should just pursue men that you want of your own volition.
Then again I've never dated, so I wouldn't really know anything.

Anonymous 63463

All you have to do is not be completely passive.
If you are completely passive only the scum will approach you.
If you go out meet people and show some interest in people (you don't literally have to confess love) then you will get attention of better men.

Anonymous 63706

I just went cycling across the city for an errand.
There are SO MANY cute looking single men walking all over the place.

The only problem is, there is no place where people can just to meet others.

Anonymous 63720

Stop looking for excuses to talk with boys. Just go up and talk to them. Literally pick one.

Anonymous 63741

That's such an American thing to say, lol.

Anonymous 63767

I hope you realise Americans are the ones who think every relationship has to start like the ones on TV.

Anonymous 63990

Church is really the only way to go, although most guys that go to church already have wives and kids. Still I'd take my chances there over literally anywhere else.

Anonymous 63995

Throw yourself to the ground in front of him.

"Ow, I bruised me knee, if only some cute guy could help, haha."

If he ignores you, there was something wrong with him anyway.

Anonymous 64171

>>63995 I can't imagine this actually working.
After he has done everything he could to help you he would never see you since you're just an inconvenience to him.

Anonymous 64211

The best place to meet dudes online is twitter. I know people who got married off of it. Bonus points if you are religious, then if you retweet and follow a lot of Christian stuff youll get a bunch of Christian dudes in your DMs. These people generally aren't total psychopaths because they put a lot of effort into gaining a reputation and high follower count because its more of a genuine community instead of a swarm of randoms.

Another great place is church. Go to an orthodox church, some of the sweetest people Ive ever met in my life I met there. If you go and wear a veil theres usually some put together dude who will swoop after you instantly.

Good luck!

Anonymous 64226

Well you obviously need to follow up with drugging him and tieing him up while his guard is down.
From there you just need to stuff him in your trunk and toss him in your designated boyfriend room.
This is pretty basic stuff anon.

Anonymous 64290

Find a hobby you like ("get a life") and join a group related to that hobby. This is a common suggestion for men, and a lot of these groups are mostly male so you'll have options. Not all hobbies need a group, I like bouldering and you can meet people just going to the boulder gym.

From my experience local board gaming events are great, though it depends on the kind of guy you're looking for. Some muscular guy might like board games but I wouldn't count on it. If it's an open event nobody will ever be mean to you, they expect new players.


Some of those nerdy types can be really thirsty and I've heard i't destroyed gaming groups before. A rule that was suggested to me was to only join groups where I wouldn't be the only female but I've only ever played at open events so it was never an issue.

>I'm also not that pretty.
Just try to care for yourself and work out a bit. Unless you're somehow deformed, if you look confident and work out like once or twice a week you're in top 80% attractiveness.

Anonymous 64306

Figure out what your favorite hobby is and go to any sort of meet up related to that hobby.
It's a great way to meet similar minded people,I think people like similar things because at least a part of the way they think has to be somewhat similar.

Anonymous 64315

it means having a dick in your vagina, a dick in your ass, and 1-2 dicks in your mouth

Anonymous 64316

pics or it didn't happen

Anonymous 64318

where's a good place to meet a muscular guy?

Anonymous 64354

Anonymous 64385

To be mean to?
I always want to tease them, but Im told my jokes always come out too mean.

Anonymous 64391

I second this. Aside from looks there's not much to them.

Anonymous 64397

Depends on the men you're looking for. Tinder, Discord are good places to start.

Anonymous 64431

Better question: How do you make these chimps leave you alone? Men are ugly and unlovable, but they never seem to fuck off and mind their own business.

Anonymous 64968

A dick in every primary oriface at once, yeah. Mouth, ass, pussy.

It's really intense, and they all just focus on thrusting so if you don't like penetration, I don't recommend it.

Anonymous 64977

…? Have you?

Anonymous 64991

Yeah. I was more willing to try new things when I was younger and I watched too much porn, so it probably warped what I thought was okay to do.
I don't know why I ever thought differently, but surprise surprise, a large chunk of moids want to try stuff they see in porn, and don't care about your pleasure at all. Some do, and some of the stuff is actually great to do, but most of it is impractical and probably won't get you off, and is just for them.

Anonymous 65028

how do you even go about organizing that type of thing

Anonymous 65041

Essentially, I knew a few people already who I knew would be into it. Guy friends, ex roommates, etc. Real dudebro types, but who are still fine with seeing other dudes naked or accidentally touching dicks. Also using apps like 3nder. And I just sort of advertised that I was down to give it a go. Eventually, two guys were keen, and after some drinks and weed we were good to go. The third guy was actually a last minute addition, messaged and showed up on the night. Before him it was just DP.

More related to the thread topic, this is not a way to meet good men. If you're keen to fuck, then go for it, but not a great way to meet 'the one', or any romantic guy. Just coomers.

Anonymous 65459


In the current age, good men wouldn't be outside interacting with the general population.

Anonymous 65460


Anonymous 65471

How do I lure them out of their rooms?

Anonymous 65472

Dont go for whatever run off the mill moid, let those choke in loneliness, they wont try in life and die out if nobody shows them interest anyway.
Go for racoons.

Anonymous 65527

lol no
Nice try.

apolitical men are the best.

Anonymous 65535


Anonymous 66173


That sounds like something Tomoko would do ngl.

Anonymous 66175

How does one exactly go about this in a casual manner? I'm always afraid of coming off desperate or creepy. Has anyone tried this, and has it worked out?

Anonymous 66176

You need a good pretext for that.
>Hey nerd, where's this book at?
>This library smells like old people, amrite?
>Does this institution have hentai mango dohinshee?

Anonymous 66177


Why is getting a bf so hard? Where do I even meet guys? I read stories here about NEET girls with extensive dating history and whatnot, meanwhile I have a part-time job n I attend uni, but still no bf.
The only male interaction I have is simping over some e-boy who hates my guts.

Anonymous 66178

also, do men find it weird when women approach them first?

Anonymous 66180

Nah, I think it's the same for both genders it's not creepy unless you're ugly, or you are too random.
Just don't spill spaghetti, don't look at the floor while saying 10 words per second.
Don't start showering him with random questions, take it slow.

Anonymous 66182

What do you study at uni

Anonymous 66218

>do men find it weird when women approach them first?
Only if he is a prick who aint worth your time anyway. Approaching first is a must in this day & age where moids are just retarded.

Anonymous 66441

where my niece (we're the same age) found her amazing husband

Anonymous 66442

This series made me smile.

Anonymous 66443

A lot of more traditional churches has singles groups specifically for meeting potential spouses. there is a mix of married people there, too, so it isn't a meat market, it is a real chance to meet people.
My roomie went to the Catholic one, Youventutim (SP?) for 6 months before COVID and said it was fun and that those 6 months resulted in 6 marriages

Anonymous 66445

Can't believe anons are actually recommending the church, religious men are the most hypocritical of all

Anonymous 66452

Of my friends the only ones with decent guys married church guys

Anonymous 66466

Maybe it depends on the area, I live in an overwhelmingly catholic country and every dude that's super into going to church is a weirdo.
My ex was the "church on sunday, confess my sins every once in a while" type of guy, he had a terabyte porn collection and still did all the sex stuff before marriage but then was in constant fear of going to hell kek
He'd tell me how he cried to the priest and would explain what he jerked off to in detail, religious men are wack. At least he was honest with me but that's because I wasn't judgmental due to being raised as a filthy atheist. That changed now and I don't date coomers, but I lose respect when it comes to dudes that don't jerk off because god tells them to.
Plus they're usually nationalistic misogynists but I'm aware the nationalistic part varies from country to country.

Anonymous 67509


Where are the good men? Do gentlemen still exist?

Anonymous 67511

Most people in the gym are coping.

Anonymous 67728

That statement in itself is a cope. Don't get mad that people actually care about their bodies while you sit on your ass all day.

Anonymous 67731

>moid goes to the gym
>gets his ass kicked by another person that actually learned fighting techniques or that has a weapon and hows the basics on how to use it.

Boohoo. Besides /fit/ is full of misogynists, basically /r9k/ 2.0 and they deserve to kill themselves.

Anonymous 67744

Go away moid.

Anonymous 68025

If you draw or have other artistic hobbies, try art related online communities. I've met quite a few guys that were really cool to talk with on deviantArt(inb4 >deviantArt, there's not only sonicfags and ponyfuckers there.) Plus you can usually judge their character somewhat from their art, if someone's drawing fetish inflation anime porn you can be pretty sure he's not relationshit material lol.
I didn't get a relationship out of it but I talked to quite a few guys who seemed lovely that I'd have loved to meet IRL if they weren't on the other side if the planet. Those that had pictures on their profiles or shared them didn't look bad either. I don't look for relationships there either, usually just ask for art tips or about some common interest like some show or something and the conversation just goes from there. It feels kinda relaxed like running into someone cool you just like to talk to IRL. At least from my experience, dunno how representative that is, maybe I was just lucky

Anonymous 68031

you are using imageboard right now, don't be a hypocrite

Anonymous 68034

using an imageboard =/= dating men from imageboards

Anonymous 68038

I mean yeah, it just means that statistically speaking you're the same type or "quality" as those people you would be dating. And I kind of agree, people on imageboards tend to have more issues than the ones who aren't in these places, but telling someone not to date people from an imageboard on an imageboard… cmon how can you not see the irony? Its like an obese person telling another obese person not to date obese people.

Anonymous 68041

>I mean yeah, it just means that statistically speaking you're the same type or "quality" as those people you would be dating.
You have a fundamental misunderstanding of this entire issue. It doesn't mean that at all, in any sense, especially not "statistically". You're legit either retarded or possess a penis. Pretending that male imageboard users are anywhere near as innocuous as the fairly mild mannered female weebs that visit CC is straight up apologia and completely detached from reality.

Anonymous 68043

>mild mannered
posts racoon bf in you're path

Anonymous 68044

>mild mannered
>in the same post where you call me retarded
Irony aside, have you seen like…. any post talking about men in here? Dont be delusional, we are to men what /r9k/ incels are to us.

Anonymous 68047

Oh yes, anon, we're just like the board that eggs on people on to kill themselves and laughs at photos of dead "roasties". Being realistic about how unfaithful, dishonest, and dangerous men is is not the same as what they do on r9k. Men are a proven statistical danger to women, this is a literal fact. We aren't the ones committing upwards of 80% of violent crimes and higher for homicide and rape. American men aren't the ones being murdered at a rate of 3 men a day by the women they were or are the most intimate and vulnerable with. That's women. Women recognizing that fact is not the same as men being angry and resentful because they aren't able to fuck us on command. And the majority of us on here aren't pornsick. That in and of itself is a huge differentiation. Pornsick people are not desirable partners.

Anonymous 68326

Where is he wrong tho.
It's become an outright meme that you can't treat women properly without being a "nice" guy.
I.E. petulant 30IQ rage when denied coochie.
Not only that but everything in society encourages abject selfishness to the point of absurd.

Anonymous 68460


Can confirm that men browse that website. And they are exactly the type of men that someone making a thread like this would be fit for.

Anonymous 68461


Anonymous 68534

I know at least four couples where neither one has eyebrows.

Anonymous 68693

on wizchan.org

Anonymous 68709

They don’t want women posting on there though

Anonymous 69204


Anonymous 69258

I can't tell if this is ironic joke or not. Is this an altered copypasta from /r9k/?

Anonymous 70201

from what i can tell some wizard runs it and he shuts the site down every other day because he hates everyone and everything on it

Anonymous 70203

ylilauta /int/

Anonymous 70697

You underestimate how dense guys are. 99% of the time they won't pick up shit. Don't waste your time being so subtle, it doesn't work.

Anonymous 70699

Go to the beach or something and stare at them nonstop

Anonymous 76203

This fact cuts both ways, hence why you should go outside. People have problems anyway but if you're inexplicably trying to meet men on 4chan you're not advancing beyond at least one struggle you have (social) anyway.

Please do yourself a favor and just be personable in real life. You never know who's out there. Just look at the internet and realize there are tons of guys who are just as lonely as you, and you will make one of their day if you just be patient and don't rush this shit by trying to settle on that godforsaken website.

Anonymous 76251

Oh this explain why /pol/ meets are full of mutts

Anonymous 76661

I think it's important to have an actual social life. Most of my Discord friends were actual friends or friends of friends first, and one of 'em moved nearby from out of state. Some of those friends have friends of the opposite sex. That can … lead to things.
On the other hand, I've chatted with people on 4chan's LGBT board offsite and there were some weirdos, and I've been the weirdo, too. Nothing actually crazy, but nothing good comes of it, tbh. Scored some femboy lewds for the social clout.
Or just install Tindr like everyone else.
Often very true, but sometimes they play dense because it's easier and less likely to hurt feelings than a hard "no". But I fucking swear, it's like they either lead with dick pics and expect sex that night, or they casually shoot the shit at best (or outright ignore you) and nothing goes anywhere.

Anonymous 76670

>find local Tridentine latin mass, weirder times the better!
>show up
>wait for mass to end
>pick one of the 2-5 bachelors you think looks best
>compliment suit/hair
Congratulations, you've got a fiance.
Worst case scenario, you make friends with sweet old church ladies who make you some scarves and recommend their grandsons.

Anonymous 76875

games, men like to play video games

Anonymous 76883

Ugly, unhinged, unhygienic, unstable ones. Sometimes one gets lucky ngl tho.

Anonymous 77171

you won't meet men in a yoga class lol

Anonymous 77172

In my university town the yoga classes were about 50% male, 50% female.

Anonymous 77247

Literally all young moids play video games these days

Anonymous 77251

those guys cant get their strokes right though

Anonymous 77253

Yes but I'm not 17 anymore.

Anonymous 77254


H-haha yeah who play video games well into their twenties like seriously

Anonymous 77261

> There's heaps of good and attractive men on 4chan
doubt.jpg lol

Anonymous 77264

scrotes play video games even into their 30s

Anonymous 77273

You never saw the viral gma on youtube playing Animal Crossing?

Anonymous 77293

Thy now have video games on their smart phones too

Anonymous 77473

>Ugly, unhinged, unhygienic, unstable ones.
dumbest take in the last 7 days on this site

Anonymous 78054

Last time I was at church the only guy under 25 and over 16 was the weird edgelord from my old highschool. He stopped wearing leather jackets all the time and came out gay a few years later. Shame, he was kinda cute, in an angry sort of way.
Then again, my area got rid of the latin masses ages ago and the priests wear pink or green robes on occasion. I haven't been back since my dad died.

Anonymous 78065

idk the only men who talk to me r internet men. weirdo internet men who fetishize mentally ill girls

Anonymous 78078


Gun ranges. In Europe especially, they're like 98% male.

Anonymous 78111

Where do you meet these men?

Anonymous 78112

There's definitely been a resurgence in younger people going to the Latin masses over the past few years. Even if it's out of the way, I'd suggest trying to find one in a 30-minute radius.

Anonymous 78124

i either meet them on twitter or discord. mostly twitter, but u can find them on discord too. if they find out ur a sad girl , they r mostly likely going to dm u. its mostly the anime guys tho btw

Anonymous 78484

>those posting their pics on an anonymous imageboard are likely to be the crazy ones.
can confirm

Anonymous 78493

Men her age. Not Boomers.

Anonymous 78511

Oh, I'm sorry. Try the local laser tag arena, zoomette.

Anonymous 78541


I'm dead, plus the boys over there are extremely insecure

Anonymous 79196

Where do you meet women

Anonymous 79197

the library sometimes

Anonymous 79199

How do you attract men in the library? Previous attempts at occasionally starring have not lead me to success.

Anonymous 79202

you gotta just go for it
worst case they ignore you and you move on with your life knowing that at least you tried
if youre not confident you just gotta fake it til you make it

Anonymous 79205

Ask your friends to fuck their boyfriends. They’ll say yes.

Anonymous 79500

Videogames, specifically communities around videogames.

IMO best way to go about things is to only reveal you're female after you've been friends for a few weeks, casually revealing this maybe in VC. This is a good way to filter out weirdos who might otherwise not show their real self in front of a woman.

Anonymous 79502

This, don't lie and say you're a guy but just don't bring it up until you've established a casual, friendly basis.

Anonymous 79522

Why would you try to find a boyfriend in a vg community?

Anonymous 79527

Most men are self-conscious as fuck and don't expect women to like them, which is why they're almost always utterly fucking baffled anytime a female shows any interest. Don't be quick to show interest and dont go out looking for a bf.

You want a boyfriend? Talk to guys who like the same sorts of things you do. Make friends. If there's a guy who'd be good for you, you'll probably realize it after some time. Going out with the goal of getting a bf doesn't work because you'll either rush things or judge too harshly on shit that barely matters. It's a lot easier to fall for someone you actually enjoy being around and trust to not be scummy.

As for how to actually find them, just fucking talk to people in your circles, whether it's games, music, literature, whatever. It's really not a big deal and there are tons of guys out there who aren't desperate losers; Just ignore the ones who are and talk to the normal ones.

Anonymous 79528

Some guys will do the opposite though, where they seem fine when they think you're a dude but then flip into being total creeps the second they find out you're a girl

Anonymous 79532


Well, YMMV. At any rate you'll know more about the guy.

Anonymous 80240


Anonymous 80464

LMAO hell? Damn. I didn't think I'd have to die just to get a decent date.

Anonymous 80577

Honestly? The best guys are all taken.
That's not a joke. Whatever is happening to men these days I don't know but the difference between a fit guy pushing 40 and a 25 lefty citykid these days is night and day.
The younger one looks older.

But I'm going to blow your mind:
It doesn't matter.
Why? Because the best ones want more and so do their wives/girlfriends.

Also they care more about weight than anything.
I'm 5ft 9 with teeth like a horse, acne and no tits or ass but 123lbs.
Don't be fat and nothing else matters.
He fucks me harder than her and sneaks off to fuck me 2x a day at least while she's at work.
I think she's hot anyway, and I don't mind sharing. I would never find a guy like him in a million years solo, but because I'm open to being their 3rd wheel they treat me like God's gift.
Their kids are all grown enough that they're not annoying at all, quiet and just spend all day on discord with their friends playing games, and they're sweet to me and seem genuinely interested in what I'm up to since I'm a bit younger and more hip than their parents, plus I've been slowly getting them into anime. Their kids love that.

Maybe you get used up a few times until you find a couple like them but you will if you're into it.
It's like a fucking cheat code to a upper middle-class or upper class lifestyle.
We've got a fucking maid and groundskeeper and he's working in software development in some kind of upper posistion with tons of disposable income. I cost them maybe 100$ a month in extra food so they're fucking loving it and all I've gotta do is keep my pussy waxed and enjoy more sex than I've ever had in my life.
To be honest he was my second ever.
I found them on Facebook by just clicking on random local "you might know" until one came up that had posted about "polyamory " beforehand. Turns out he's actually a genuinely amazing person and so is his wife.

Anonymous 80578

this reads like it was written by a horny troid

Anonymous 80579

what the fuck is this larp lmfao get the fuck out you degenerate coomer

Anonymous 80581

I was Fed up and I've given up before this. To tell you the truth I wasn't really specifically looking for this but it clicked that maybe there was another kind of desperate. These couples looking for "a unicorn" truly are, there's nobody out there so when I casually left posts on a mutual group people started to dm me.
I was just literally punishing myself by looking at old highschool friends get married and have kids and cars and a fucking life before I was going to delete Facebook but it sucked me in. I hadn't really used the site in years except to message my burnout brother and make sure he was still alive.
I was getting jealous of the girls who ended up single mothers even because at least some guy loved them enough to become a father with them.
I've never had that. Ever. I was always too tall, too pasty with gross acne, loose skin, no muscle tone (I still have none), and glasses. Thick ones. My nose is probably too big and I have an overbite. My nails get gross and yellow, and I don't know why. My hair gets greasy after one day, lays flat on my head and is dull brown. I even tried "no poo" and got fucking alopecia for my trouble. Never again. No haircuts work, my head is shaped weird.
I tried social everything. Sports, cars, games, drinking until I thought I was becoming an alcoholic, tattoos, edgy piercings to distract from my uggo face and bad skin just to have the guts to approach guys.
I was always the friend my "friends" would try to set up with the overweight or persistant underachieving guys who wouldn't leave them alone after making it clear they were not interested. They all got married and never talk to me at all unless I message them first. Too busy with babies and their husband's friends and social life. because I'm homely, probably manic and depressed, and wasted my early 20's being a wasted 4 days a week angry welfare loser renting rooms from student housing.
I've tried to distance myself from all of them and these people are almost old enough to be my parents so my past isn't a factor.
I might be a little selfish now that I got something that feels like a dream, but I would NEVER do anything to push her away from him because I know I'm the one getting dumped to save their marriage.
So I've just become super submissive.
I get fired from every job I take anyway because I would get so worn out from even normal or below average looking people treating me like I don't exist or a literal mule for their labor. Oh, Sarah will take the third shift. Fuck you.
I think I can at least do this one thing if it means I can live comfortably with a handsome man and his wife for a few years.
It's been since before covid started and I'm sure lockdown has helped since it's this weird "zombie apocalypse" situation and they joke about "saving me from the walkers" because I sperged out from reading cvg and nearly noped back to my grandmother across the country but they convinced me to stay.
Probably because other girls got spooked after the first time they messed around. They mentioned being with one other girl before (who left them for a mutual friend) and she says that it left a bad taste in their mouth.

Anonymous 80584

I knew I was too fucking autistic and wordy to get advice or tell my story here. I'm just going to phonepost myself into depression anyway, no wonder I've only lurked.
You're all way more fucking normie than you think.
I did something that made me happy during this fucked virus shit and it's not the same things you all spout.
Church is literally insane. Those people are crazy and the priests are literally closet xhild rapists and there's no magic sky man.
I swear to fuck there's no actual girls(female) here is there? You're the ones who sound disgenuine: I've never once had a friend who ever sounded like some of you.
Even the few and far between somewhat unsuccessful or mental issue friends that I met who I know use image boards (or because I showed them) never sounded like cc.
I truly don't know what this place is.

Anonymous 80586

You know what I'll just fucking go then, but if I had some way to fucking bet you every last dime I had I would bet that you could get a message from a couple or 10 on 3nder or Facebook or some shit that's at least a 7/10 with a house and a job.
I'm not going to sit here crying because I thought I could vent to someone but since it's so fucking taboo I can't even share the one time I've ever been happy or in love with anyone else.
I thought maybe, just maybe here would be OK. Whatever.

Anonymous 80588

We get some real crazies here

Anonymous 80590

Yeah I probably am.
So what. I'm too ugly to be a manic pixie dream girl.
I look like trailer trash even with loads of makeup applied by someone who knows what they're doing.
But they don't seem to care? They say they love my body and I get a kiss goodnight and they tell me they love me.
It's almost been a year during this pandemic and I still wake up surprised when he's down there making coffee every day and she's already gone by the time I wake up. I still usually stay in bed playing catgame for a hour every morning before I drag my ass out of bed after they leave it. He only sleeps for like 6 hours.
He says it's because he's getting older but he has more energy than every single person I've met nearly half his age. His generation is all like that. I've met his friends.
I'll die alone with 20 cats otherwise or drink myself to death or become something worse.
I feel normal here.
Maybe some of you could like that too. There's somehow a million couples out there like this but like nobody as desperate as me willing to give up Disney prince delusion.
I thought you wanted to find handsome attractive successful men?
Like I said they're all taken by 25. The real ones anyway.
They all went to good universities and married their hot neighbors and pumped out kids by 30.
And now that they're done with that and they have money and time they're bored and want excitement.
She's just really based and probably becoming a lipstick lesbian, I dunno.
She pays more attention to me than him these days because we tend to gang up on him? He complains about being overruled all the time but you can tell he actually loves it anyway. Plus she likes putting me in all her clothes from highschool lol.
I'm having fun now anyway, maybe I'll get dumped and I'm always worried I'm just a sex toy to them but after a year I don't know.
I still get all weird and self conscious and go into denial and they always drag me out of it and baby me.
Then I get worried they'll fucking hate my doubts and fears and get sick of assuring me they want me to stay with them so I just go with it.

Anonymous 80609

>not all men are bad! like my brother, who I want to fuck
I love this board.

Anonymous 80610

One generation of incest isn't all that likely to produce defects, yeah the chance is increased compared to a normal couple but it's still pretty low. The problem is if it repeats for generations. I can't really care about relatives fucking when it's completely legal for people to pass on their horrific genetic diseases. Have you ever read about people with the Huntington's Disease gene getting pregnant on purpose, knowing that they? Their kids have a 50/50 chance of dying young from a horrific degenerative disease but it is completely legal for them to reproduce. It makes you want to die inside a little bit.

I'm not saying you should fuck your brother btw that's still probably a bad idea, but slightly higher chance of defective babies isn't the best reason.

Anonymous 80612

stop giving her ideas please

Anonymous 80616

Not that anon but it's important that sister anon confronts her feelings, otherwise she'll never be happy. They could also just adopt.

Anonymous 80619


Anonymous 80622

I don't support incest I just think the genetics worry is a weak excuse to be against it until society starts openly embracing eugenics

Anonymous 80639

Anon I don't think you're a moid but you've got terminal insecurities and internalized misogyny. Knocking up a woman doesn't mean they "loved her enough to do so", that's just one of the 3585 things in your posts that scream about your lack of life experience which makes me feel sad for you falling for the unicorn bullshit to get validation. You don't have to do this. I've been there. Being alone is better. Don't sell yourself short.

Anonymous 80642

>Being alone is better
so true
living alone and single has been some of the best and happiest years of my life

Anonymous 80644

He's cheating on his wife with you. Why do you keep insisting he's such a wonderful guy?

Anonymous 80663

It's a polyamorous thing. I don't agree with it personally but he isn't cheating and they both have sex with her.

Anonymous 80783

Honey I know your pain so fully you're making me want to day drink at 6 in the morning. My brother is a gigachad. Always amazing to me growing up, we're talking about a brother who:-

- beat up my bullies
- cuddled me and stroked my hair when I was sad
- shared his desserts and candy with me
- always included me in games
- always helped me with homework
- took care of me when I was sick
- defended my decisions to our parents
- hung out with me when I had no friends

Plus he smells amazing, is athletic and fixes cars which is pretty manly. I always used to tease him that I was going to marry him when we grew up and he always played along, it crushed me when I realized it was never going to happen. I'm so autistic that my mom had to literally come into my room after a family party, sit me down and ask me to stop saying it in front of people because it's gross and weird coming from an 11 year old and it was never going to happen. 10 years later and I still cringe about how much I cried. It's not fair that 99.999% of men are irredeemable pieces of dog shit and the one golden example of a man in your life is literally taboo.

I've had the hots for him forever too. I walked in on him masturbating once and I froze, not because I was in shock or anything, but because my heart was pounding through my chest and all I wanted to do was throw my dress off and doink him until it hurt. I know it's gross and I don't care. I have a naked picture of him I stole from his laptop when I was 18 and he was in college and I rub off to it to this day. I'll probably do it now.

Anonymous 80791

>sudden incest
You're all trolling and practising brocon fanfics on this board, r-right?

Anonymous 80792



Anonymous 80793

there is nothing wrong with incest

Anonymous 80799

Normal people don't want to fuck their siblings

Anonymous 80801

>>80598 here. 'fraid not. I'm 100% serious.
The Westermarck effect is complete bullshit.

Anonymous 80803



Anonymous 80805

What's the age difference between you and your brother?

Anonymous 80808

4 years and change.
Glad I'm not the only one. life really is just a long joke with us as the punch line.

Anonymous 80811

sooo hot holy shit
wish i had a chad brother who was sweet to me

Anonymous 80846


What happened to this thread?

Anonymous 80853

Incest is gross. I have 2 brothers. One is a kind, lovely man who has a law degree, doesn't watch porn (he talks about his beliefs with me, that's how I know), is friendly, conventionally handsome, etc.

The other brother molested me as a child, is also conventionally handsome, is a souless dirtbag. People would often tell me how hot he was as a kid and it made me want to punch them in the face. People are under the impression he is like the eldest brother, but he's really not. He talks shit about women behind closed doors, but no one would know that unless you were family. If any of you girls were molested or approached by your otherwise "gigachad" brothers as kids, you'd have very different opinions of them. It's disgusting. I was forced by my family to hang around this brother, be driven to college by him, etc. because they wanted to force me to basically forgive him and befriend him. The worst part about incest isn't much genetics. It's how it screws around with your family dynamics, your perception of boundaries, etc.

I want to believe some trolling moids are writing these accounts because they want to drag girls on this site to their levels. Or it's girls who were indoctrinated by r9k and /b/ to think this is all normal.

Anonymous 80855

Oops I forgot to finish my first point.

As much as I admire and respect my eldest brother, I'd never want to date or fuck him no matter how shitty other men are. I respect him too much for that and i want hint to be happy and have his own life.

Not to mention that it IS possible to find men who are quality. You have to put effort into yourself and not settle for less. My boyfriend is finishing up college, cooks and cleans for me, is kind, generous, and loving, isn't corrupted by porn/4chan/etc, has productive hobbies, will do anything I ask of him and extra (like once I commented that there's no light in our closet and not only did he purchase lights for it that he rigged up but he also bought organizers and reconfigured things in the closet to give me more clothing space because he knows how much I like clothes, but I never even asked for anything to be changed in the first place), isn't degenerate sexually but is able to fulfill my sex drive (2-3x a day), cares about his family members and my family members, my mental health, the list goes on. He is kind of similar to my eldest brother now that I think about it, but of course, my brother wouldn't be intimate with me mentally (and physically, duh) the way my boyfriend knows me. He also has improved over the course in our relationship at dealing with conflict.

But if you're into incest, that's a tall order imo to expect another man to be "good" to you in that same way, or to not see his own sisters in a specific way.

Anonymous 80864

I'm amazed to this day that people still fail to understand what the Oedipus Complex is. I guess it comes with having never read the tale of Oedipus.

Anonymous 80865

Theres something with you faggot.

Anonymous 80870

Confusing consensual incest with incestual rape is probably running into an issue. You don't have to love your brother, but there's no reason they can't want to love or fuck their brothers. If it's consensual, there is literally nothing wrong with incest unless you're a eugenicist.

Anonymous 80871

If you found out one day that your boyfriend is actually your long lost brother, would you still stay in a relationship with him?

Anonymous 80872

>all I wanted to do was throw my dress off and doink him until it hurt
so why didn't you?

Anonymous 80879

Certainly if it's not consensual it's worse. But consensual incest, assuming you both grew up and knew each other as siblings, is still going to have other repercussions that are not purely genetic in nature (which I mentioned). Not to mention power dynamics will nearly always be present in some way, shape, or form in "consensual" incest relationships. If a kid sister turns 18 and starts to fuck her incel 21 year old brother, it's extremely tricky territory to protect the potential power dynamic of her brother being an elder sibling. That fact alone contributes to the consideration of whether that is "consensual". I mean, consider how molesters within families where the kids are both underage operate - they don't always know they're molesting, but they're profiting off the power dynamics their younger siblings is subjected to by being their younger sibling.

Idc if it's a long-lost situation or something, though note those are generally fetishized scenarios by outside parties and they rarely occur in real life. In the cases that does occur, though, I think they shouldn't breed preferably, but by all means, get married, have a life together. Do you.

I'd still date him because we did not grow up in the same family.

Anonymous 80880

>Not to mention power dynamics will nearly always be present in some way, shape, or form in "consensual" incest relationships.
This is so vaguge, power dynamics exist in literally any human relationship that has ever existed, what is the level of "power" that has to exist for the concept of "consent" to be thrown out the window? I thought the entire point of consent as a concept is individuals can own their bodies and make decisions for themselves. If you believe in "power dynamics" you can't mutually believe in consent at the same time.

Anonymous 80903

Would you date your brother if he wasn't your brother?

Anonymous 80911

This is such a silly, false question because you would never know your brother to the extent you do if he wasn't your brother. Assuming this isn't just some shitty moid LARP, anon would probably think her brother was an asshole like everyone else and never have the opportunity to know him in-depth.

Anonymous 80933

can you tell him to come fuck me

Anonymous 81032

No. He is a devout christian and I am atheist. Barring that and the fact he physically disgusts me despite the fact I am aware he is conventionally attractive to others, I would. But it grosses me out to think about because I know him as my brother. I have no interest in him.

Anonymous 81035

>If you believe in "power dynamics" you can't mutually believe in consent at the same time.
Let me demonstrate. If a daughter decides to get into a relationship with her father (who raised her since she was a baby) once she turns 18, how likely is it that that relationship is going to be fair and equal when she has acted in the parent/child relationship power dynamic for so long? She is at considerable risk that her father will treat her in an unequal way because of this dynamic. Even if her father treated her lovingly in the relationship, the dynamic still remains, likely has unhealthy results, and can easily, easily be abused. Consider why 13 year olds in school having relationships with their teachers is considered unsafe, even if the teacher really does have an interest in the person they're in a relationship with.

With most siblings, it's not an equal relationship. Most sibling relationships have order instilled in them (elder vs. younger) and look at each other, depending on this order, usually. They also might have special roles assigned to each other from a young age. The point is, if they grew up with each other, the potential for inequality in the relationship, as well as abuse, is huge. Ask people who are molested by siblings - it's often not a clear cut "someone didn't want it". The sibling's relationship to each other was utilized for access that usually wouldn't be granted. The same would apply to a potential relationship once a person's 18.

I mean, consider how that would impact certain scenarios - you could groom relationship partners for yourself and legally nothing could stop you as long as long as they hit a certain age. Obviously, this isn't the main situation I'm thinking of in my above responses, but it's an opened up possibility.

I think of it similar to the legal age of consent isn't technically necessary in that I'm sure there have been positive relationships of 12 year olds with 20 year olds, etc. But, the age of consent provides a certain protection to its victims.

Anonymous 81074

So… the femcels are afterski responsible for the incest shit on pornhub huh?

Anonymous 81088

Yeah, that sounds like a great way to end up old and alone.

I think I'll pass.

Anonymous 81204

find on campus, message him on instagram. is it that hard for you?

Anonymous 81659

Of all the things that happened, this happened the least.

Anonymous 81665

I'm a neet and I don't use social media, so yes.

Anonymous 81804

I am South American and Catholics are the most double faced religion I know, but then again all people are double faced. I'm so sick of listening to abusive men abusing, manipulating and literally extorting girls that I honestly refuse to believe finding a man in a church is a good idea at all. They all live under the impression that you can do wrong, go to church, confess and be clean again. I really hate the Catholic church as an institution and as a community.

Anonymous 81926

it happens so often there has been television snows about it and documentaries.
It's been a part of all human society in history up until the present day, where some societies have multiple wives, and (though rarer) multiple husbands to a single breadwinner or central figure.

In a ton of places, even modern ones, the practice of taking multiple partners is completely normal and in some ways MORE fair to the women involved than if they were forced to marry down or remain single without children the rest of their lives.
Just google around and stop living in your western worldview.
It was WILDLY common in celtic/franc/roman societies too, if you're saying "but NoT whItE pPL" and tons of religious people in north america practice polygamy, even.

Anonymous 81934

>it was wildly common in societies with monogamous marriage

Anonymous 82501


>Hobby groups are good, given it's the same advice given on the other side.
>Don't join video game or tabletop groups for meeing some
You being a different gender does things to them, not all, but for some groups all it needs is one guy changing their behaviour for the entire group to fall. If you want to go to such places to find friends, go ahead, but don't reveal that you are a girl, at least for a long time after you started to communicate, don't lie about it though, just don't reveal.
>Don't expect them to get your signs, even if you were to sit down next to one on a bench when all the others were empty, some would still not get it. If you want to talk to him, do it, at least try. They might get startled at first, given they probably don't expect it, but try to keep it goin.
>Pen pal websites are a nice place to find them too
They are not as dating oriented as actual dating websites, and allow for more info about hobbies and such, you don't have to worry about sending letters, most of the people that are on these sites don't. IP and GPP are the best two imo.
>Don't fake an interest nor hide your power level to get a guy Both will come out eventually, if you are open about who you really are, worst case scenario guy is not going to care, best case one is that you find a really compatible one.
>Churches are a place of worship, not dating
If you want to meet a God-Fearing one, there are Church groups for that stuff, but also if you see one openly admitting that he is one, in public or online, he consideres it rather important
>4chan these days is not the best place
Could say that it never was, but now posting contact info or discord links is way more frowned upon than it was before. Best case scenario you get into a nice 1v1 conversation and then exchange info, don't expect it to happen though, but you are free to try. Also, the same rule, don't say that you are a girl.
>Public discords are not the best way either
You hear about drama and the sorts about them often, but biggest problem that I have noticed is that a lot of people there are just underage, especially on the bigger ones. Getting into a good public server is hard, go for more specialized ones, like for people who enjoy cooking for example, insead of these "hangout" ones. The app itself is fine for 1v1 conversations and group chats with people you already know.
>Onlie games themselves are decent in some cases
Most previous advice applies here, don't reveal that you are a girl, don't get into game groups, beware of people wanting to talk only given your sex, use common sense and you will be good. VR is rather female friendly, but there is a lot bad things there you don't want to get involved with.

Anonymous 82786

RETVRN TO TRADITION and have your father introduce you to one.

Anonymous 82798

>>Churches are a place of worship, not dating
You've obviously never experienced the concept of an LDS "singles ward". Created for the pure function of pairing off adult singles.

Anonymous 82802

I don't think my dad likes any young man enough to introduce him to anyone

Anonymous 82862

you can't lern jap…

I'm starting a new job this August/September. I will also join at least, better two recreational clubs once this meme country got the pandemic under control. I'm going to do it and I'm going to find someone to handhold with. There is nothing you can do to stop me.

Anonymous 82993

You good? Wanna talk about it?

Anonymous 83029


that's the spirit! get your bf/gf! HAND HOLD! do it! do it!

Anonymous 83092

How do I find a bf I'd actually like. I'm pretty sure at this point one of requirements is that they at least understand if not are also into my hobbies since I don't want them to just be something he puts up with for sex but also finding someone with the prerequisite tism seems hard

Anonymous 83093

>join group for your/or one of your hobby(ies)
>find male
>talk to him
>he asks you to be gf
If that fails just find a new male/group to look in. There’s literally over 3 billion of them I’m sure it’ll happen eventually

Anonymous 83095

Nope, sorry, I'm with the Aniki-lovers >>80598 and >>80783. Brother or Bust. Fam or Fail. Frat or flat. Gimmie my bro or away I go. I just want my brother and will accept no other.

Anonymous 83097


I missed these posts wtf

Anonymous 83098

I have advanced tism in that even if I'm hanging out with people that like anime or whatever they still don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I don't want to have to explain to my bf what I'm talking about 90% of the time and I don't want to never mention these things either because fuck having to hide something even if it's somewhat trivial to get along with your SO

Anonymous 83099

>Go to anime club
>Everyone there has seen like 3 anime
It hurts Ness

Anonymous 83101

How do I meet and fuck your brother?

Anonymous 83175

I'm sorry. MY Brother? YOU… want to fornicate with MY brother? Oh you poor thing. Oh dear. You don't know do you… no, you couldn't! no way. if you knew there's no way you would say what you said with such impunity.

Back off. That's your last warning.

Anonymous 83193

He's going to pump me full of baby batter while you watch

Anonymous 83194

Either that, or they've already seen more anime that you'll ever watch in a lifetime.

Anonymous 83197

Other people knowing more than you is a good thing. If you consistently have more insight into things than the people you interact with you'll never form real friendships

Anonymous 83356

>join club for your hobbies
Is this a European thing? I don't think we have those in the US outside of college….

Anonymous 83374

I feel like evening classes are definitely a thing, but I tried to find a cooking class and couldn't see anything in my area even though I live in a big town. I feel so lied to. It's cruel how you don't get any opportunities to learn after you're done with college unless you do it all yourself.

I have had better luck with Facebook, not for classes but just hobby groups.

Anonymous 84293

> where do you meet men


Anonymous 84412

You don't. You meet women and eat the pussy

Anonymous 84432


Anonymous 84436


Anonymous 84441


Anonymous 84442


Kitty (:

Anonymous 84444



Anonymous 84884

Any other anons here never been in a relationship, on a date or experienced anything romantic in general? Don't get me wrong, I hate men for so many things and it makes trusting them very hard. But I do feel like I would hate them a little less if I ever experienced love and not just some men who'd willing to get with me because they're so desperate for pussy. I'm too introverted to meet anyone irl but all dating apps seem so gross, shallow and degenerate…

Anonymous 84887

Eh my opinion of men is so bad currently that I'm not sure if it can get much worse from being in a relationship… If I get hurt, it'll just be what i expect. Though I suppose it would give a fresh, personal touch to my hatred

Anonymous 87446

School, church, mutuals. Dating apps, and any other social media platforms are full of disgusting scrotes

Anonymous 87452

Dunno. It just happens in you school, job or whatever place you visit regulary. Guy likes you => guy talks to you. Well, unless he's shy. Than you have to take the matter into you own hands. I never met a potential mate outside of my typical circles :/

Anonymous 87789

Take up boxing
All that testosterone and you’re the only girl there that can’t throw a punch, you’ll be neck high in balls

Anonymous 87790

Bjj class is better
You get to roll with them too

Anonymous 87791

Mail order husband. Or sexpat it up in Morocco or Fiji or Jamaica

Anonymous 87792

Better yet use a mosque to filter the fuck boys. Had a friend that got knocked up by a guy she met at a church circle. And guess what after giving birth to their little girl, her best friend was pregnant too and he’s with her now. Now it’s child support battle .ugh.

Pick the western born muslim they’re more liberal

Anonymous 87794


Anonymous 87872


>go to mosque to find husband
>get knocked up
>get married
>best friend gets pregnant
>she gets married to your husband as well
>now you're sister wives

Is this why I should go to a mosque?

Anonymous 87873

What. The fuck. Is this

Part of me wants this larp to be real so I can laugh at it

Anonymous 87874

this thread is wild

Anonymous 88188

not 4chan

Anonymous 88201

perhaps but think about this. If you have kids, a boy and a girl are you gonna be the one to break it to them that THEY can't get married and have children? Or perhaps you don't think TWO generations of incest are enough to cause defects. Are you gonna break it to them that they have to break it to their kids that they can't breed together? And so down the chain you go until you realize at any point committing incest is taken away options from your children and if your children are worse off from you you're basically a shitty parent. Think about it.

Anonymous 88203

>Are you gonna break it to them that they have to break it to their kids that they can't breed together?

Anonymous 88205

>And so down the chain you go until you realize at any point committing incest is taken away options from your children and if your children are worse off from you you're basically a shitty parent. Think about it.
The default was these options were already taken away. You can't take away what was never given in the first place.

Furthermore, you're relying on a statistical argument that each progressing generation of children will have the same predisposition as their parents, which is obviously not the case as if everyone had this disposition, everyone everywhere would be inbreeding always. So we can assume the default for a human is not to want to commit incest for very obvious reasons. This pattern extends to animals as well, where it tunes out looking at a given species, their programming trends towards encouraging procreation with 3rd cousins on average.

This isn't even getting into the fact that people that actually exist that have genetic deformities are allowed to procreate, so why is is this a valid argument when two people might create a child with a genetic deformity? It's not logically consistent that the person with an actual genetic disorder be allowed to procreate, but a couple who might produce a child with a genetic deformity can not.

Tell you what if you agree that no one with genetic defects should ever have children again, I'll also concede that those whose habits might encourage genetic defects shouldn't reproduce either.

Anonymous 88207


>perhaps but think about this. If you have kids, a boy and a girl are you gonna be the one to break it to them that THEY can't get married and have children?
What if all of our parents had incest with each other and they only tell us it's wrong because of this?

Anonymous 88244

This thread is a dumpster fire

Anonymous 88460

and we will all die alone, amen

Anonymous 88626

I came here just to wonder the same thing– why would you sign yourself up for such misery?

Anonymous 88627

so this is how the world's inbred come to be lol
>reading this coomer-tier shit

Anonymous 88628

I've yet to read a single "insight" on that virtual dumpster fire that channers call a "board"– some of the dumbest takes in the entirety of political discussion. They literally had a massive thread once about how the female orgasm is actually fake and a conspiracy to… make men consider their partners pleasure? Emasculate men? Destroy Western civilization? They weren't sure, but they were very angry about it.
…they had some decent art threads, tho

Anonymous 88651

I know anon, I'm fucking disgusted. I stg this shit is larped by braindead coomers. To believe I had hope that this place would be any different from 4sad

Anonymous 89163

>and lower aged people of your same social level will see you as old and never talk to you
don't underestimate the moids deep inherent thirst for mommy big childhood friend/older sister gf
just don't be standoffish and treat them as equal and show genuine interest, talk to men like retards to let them know "yes, i do infact am in the market"
literally almost spell it out for them as men communicate like robots most of the time

Anonymous 89164

*heterosexual men

Anonymous 89165

based, and incestpilled

Anonymous 89171

I have been dreaming and fantasizing about Alexander the great. I don't care if he's a manlet, I just want to be dropped in 300+BC to join his Harem of racially ambiguous womxn (i'm including the eunuch)

Anonymous 89176


Hey remember that time he got shitfaced and murdered his best friend in a drunken quarrel?

Anonymous 89177

high test

Anonymous 89184

hnngg the aftermath is even better. he wanted to fall on his sword and kill himself out of shame but his soldiers stopped him. he then locked himself for 3 days to repent. hmmm i love me some pious over-emotional, neurotic penis..
oh, that wasn't his best friend btw, it was Kleitus, his mentor and semi-surrogate big bro/dad (he was brother to his wetnurse). The guy saved him multiple times, including in Gaugamela.

Anonymous 89186

Actually nauseating

Anonymous 89191

horny alert

Anonymous 89194

Don’t listen to what anyone says , liking bisexual conquerors who die before they get ugly is prime taste

Anonymous 89195


i mean, there's nothing wrong with liking war mongering man sluts with heterochromia, but does it bring you joy?

Anonymous 89198

I don't know anything about Alexander the Great but based?

Anonymous 89225

Why so hostile towards the brocons? Everyone with an opposite gender sibling secretly has had a passing inappropriate thought about their sibling. These unfortunate souls just fixed on it. Who knows? Maybe their brothers are as amazing as they say. From the descriptions they provided they sound like they represent the top 5% of moids. Maybe that's enough to flip that switch?

Anonymous 89231

> Everyone with an opposite gender sibling secretly has had a passing inappropriate thought about their sibling
Speak for yourself anon. I love my brother very much but ew, no. Never have, never will.

Anonymous 89283

Fucking no, that's gross. And my brothers are both considered very attractive and are successful in their high paying fields.

Anonymous 89290

Depends on your temperament and intelligence. If you can figure those out you can figure out where similar people hang around.

Anonymous 89409

High intelligence, high Openness, low Conscientiousness, medium Extraversion, low Agreeableness, high Neuroticism. Now where do I find like-minded people????

Anonymous 89423

>high Openness
>low Conscientiousness
>low Agreeableness
Try moid-centered activities like debating religion and politics online. You seem perfect for it

Anonymous 89828

I get you're a troll, but no. Every person who meets them gushes to me regarding their attractiveness.

Anonymous 90060

If I wanted a male opinion, I'd listen to the sound my toilet makes when I flush a mega shit.

Anonymous 90157

If you want a husband, hit up the single men on swinger sites. That’s how I met my man.

Anonymous 90996


The most HQ men I've ever met are usually in:
>jiu jitsu
He has to lose a lot, so his ego is less fragile and he knows how to give a real blood choke lol
if he's not part of a church or serving a sentence and he's choosing to volunteer at like habitat for humanity or something he at least has some character
>hobby shop classes
If you go to like a building/arts/cooking workshop and there is a man there, he is probably well rounded or trying to be.
even online college you'll probably run into that one guy who is charming and driven, helping and leading conversations on zoom. The chances are good that if you just e-mail him and ask to do a study group that he will.

I'm not single but if I was that is where I'd look again.

Anonymous 98104

entertainment industry
death row

Anonymous 98120


Anons, is it possible for an autist to befriend a normie boy that could potentially blossom into a long lasting relationship? I am done with dating men who are also into anime/vidya. I don't know why but the ones I attract are extremely gross. They either want to be feminized, have mommy issues/kink, oogle at other women, or think showing your emotions makes you a homosexual.. There has to be a guy who's the opposite of all of this, right? Right?!

Anonymous 98375

>n I attend uni
are you studying only at weekends?
even if its a uni with majority of women, there should be occasions to meet up with some guys after classes (or during classes)

Anonymous 98378


>see some almost 30yos with nintendo switches spergin about about Mario, Animal crossing and new PS exclusive
I can't be the only one reviled by this

Anonymous 98383

I walked in on him masturbating once and I froze
Did he notice you? If yes, what was his reaction?

Anonymous 98403

I always thought if a person's main hobby is playing and/or discussing videogames that's just… sad. Any age I guess
And those people are often boring

Anonymous 99516

> only reveal that you're female once you know how they think about women.
This. You don't want any desperate moids swarming and lovebombing you just because they're pussy-deprived.

Anonymous 99517

This is probably the best advice in this thread so far

Anonymous 99523

>All of the men on there have something wrong with them with like 0.00000001% exceptions.
I know this is a months old post and I'm not advocating in favor of meeting guys off 4chan, but I think this is the attitude that makes people perpetually lonely. 100% of people have something wrong with them, and refusing to settle for someone imperfect is just dumb.

Anonymous 99529

Nice quads

Anonymous 99542

there's a difference between having flaws and being the type of guy that hangs out on imageboards. it's not just imageboards though, men that use discord a lot are also cancerous.

Anonymous 99545

women on imageboards are very different from men on imageboards.

Anonymous 99794

Yeah that sounds like cope

Anonymous 99800

NTA but nah. Men on imageboards are an entirely different breed; you sound a little… scrotus.

Anonymous 99802

I don't think so. Just compare cc to other imageboards.

Anonymous 99807

Are you baiting or is CC somehow your first imageboard? All the greatest moid board stables like gore, nonstop spam, ritualistic reposting, attention-whoring, discussion of the sizable British Broadcasting Corporation, and "board culture" such as cartoon horses on a video game themed board, get you banned here

Anonymous 99836

If you're talking about /b/ or /r9k/ yes you are correct.
But boards like /sci/ and /g/ don't seem so bad and i like them.
Still, i believe all imageboards (inclding CC) are bad and fill your brain with illusions if you use them long enough, even CC can rot your brain although not as fast as 4chin boards.

If you think CC won't fill your head with any illusions you're wrong and need to take a break from the internet for atleast few days to clear your brain.

Anonymous 99875

>If you think CC won't fill your head with any illusions you're wrong and need to take a break from the internet for atleast few days to clear your brain.
like how? what kind of "illusions" are you bound to start seeing into if you use CC?

Anonymous 99881

Like those anons who want to change their sexuality and turn themselves into lesbians because they feel too guilty to even fantasize about men

Or how you will eventually start viewing every man as being an exact replica of some incel pedo loser and eventually stop socializing with people and hurt yourself.

The world is not as black and white as imageboards will try to convince you. there is no black or red pills or whatever other made up internet bullshit, it's all just different shades of illusion, the only way you can know the truth is from experience, not from an obscure crystal mining forum.

You may not be one of these people, if so then congrats.

Anonymous 99882

>there is no black or red pills
Thank you. I like -pilled as a meme format, but people who lend too much credence to the concept start to expect the universe-warping enlightenment pedaled by cult leaders.

Anonymous 100229

That's a very rational take. Suprisingly so. I wouldn't have expected to see such rationality on an imageboard like this.
But then again, maybe that's proof that Crystal Cafe is a cut above everything else.

Anonymous 100238

It’s not and the quality of posts is much much worse than what we had here at first, you’re just used to 4chan shittness
I blame the lolcow immigrants for that

Anonymous 101376

>until society starts openly embracing eugenics
>imageboard poster
as if you wont be the first to go?

Anonymous 101592

I met my scrote at a bar, but he also doesn't drink and we had a lot in common. If you're into music, I'd suggest certain nights at clubs/bars and shows. But if you like other hobbies, join a group into that. Unless you like anime, don't date a scrote who likes anime.

Anonymous 101603


It seems this board is unfortunately a good place, according to >>101120

Anonymous 101652

idk, meeting guys is easy its just they tend to be assholes and idk, kinda scared ngl
im a male-preferring bi, but, i feel way more (emotionally) comfortable with a girl so, so far i just stay with girls tbh

Anonymous 103595

>There's heaps of good and attractive men on 4chan


Anonymous 103596

racism? cringe!

Anonymous 103600

necrobumping this hard

Anonymous 104310

Based and churchpilled.

And then you have to deal with his awful family that hates you for being a "western whore", no thanks. Even moderate muslims can be huge assholes, moid entitlement knows no religion but it's clearly more present in that dumpster fire…

Anonymous 105868


>all 4chan boards are /soc/ sausagefests
>99% of 4chan users are posters, nobody lurks
unbelievable cope

Anonymous 106815

This is going to be unpopular, but I think outside matchmaking – or even outright arranged marraiges organised by families – is the only truly good way to meet men.
Think about it – really, in the modern world, there are only two way to meet males in scenarios which are acceptable for dating, and that's 1. bar or club and 2. after knowing them as part of some hobby club.
Think about each in turn – the only men who are going to meet at a bar are the ones who go to bars. They're often drunks or violent. In the second case, it's just a shared interest, why would your shared passion for Moomin icongraphy translate to a compatiable match or a healthy long term relationship? I like video games, I don't want to date men who play them though.
Now think about it – who knows you better, than your mum and dad? They know more about you than you even know yourself, really. And who knows a man better than his family? Because both families also have a vested interest in seeking long term, stable relationships for their offspring, they will take great efforts to ensure that, so you know that when they suggest a partner, that he's actually good. Sure, you might not hit it off, but you can say no, and the process begins again, and even better, it gets refined by your responses.

Anonymous 106817

Also, you don't have to go through all this nonsense of trying to constantly tease out information about a man, going through what is effectively a mock marriage just to even get to know him to the point where you can determine if he's good for you or not. It's emotionally draining and upsetting. Let other people do the work for you.

Anonymous 106866

On the internet

Anonymous 106871

At work

Anonymous 106923

Crystal cafe, more like incel cafe

Anonymous 106940

don't shit where you eat

Anonymous 108544

I only fuck older dudes at this point. If they're under 30 i dont even bother.

I took up fishing and kayaking and ive met scores of decent older guys. some are just looking to cheat on their wives with someone half their age but some actually are dating material.

I've completely given up on "men" my own age. i swear to fucking god theyd rather watch twitch and jerk to onlyfans than take a girl out or even actually touch a real woman. It's not even worth the effort. Sorry not sorry zoomers, i dont wanna sit on your bed while you paint your nails and watch pokimane.

tl;dr, if you want actual men, go older. Dont waste ur time on dudes under 30. they're all feminine little bitches that just wanna consume content and jerkoff.

Anonymous 108546

I've decided to try to find a husband, but most friends I asked said I need to meet and then date them for 2-3 years before that.
I was hoping for closer to 2 weeks or a couple months after meeting them

Anonymous 108726

Ate you American? I've seen enough people who met at work and came out fine one way or another and when I see people saying not to date at work it seems to be burgers usually

Anonymous 108729

Same, I'm french and it seems to be a very american thing. Plenty of people met at work, and if you do something that you like it's even better, you know you both like a bit of the same thing.
It's a bit uncomfortable with "direct" coworker, like someone you are working with everyday on some project, but dating the cute guy that's not in your team but you see sometimes in the break room? Golden

Anonymous 108731

The soiboi meme is actually real. Men today have really really low testosterone compared to the past. This is fine if you're into doughy/scrawny and boring guys with zero energy who only watch porn and play video games, but most women aren't.

Unironically, more worried about this than climate change. What happens when we run out of actual men? And when fertility goes to zero?

Anonymous 108922

Mr. Hemulen (or simply the Hemulen in most adaptations and translations) is a former stamp collector turned botanist who is a close friend to the moomin family, he is a member of the hemulen species after which he was named after, he is usually the person characters would go to for advice on plant matters and alike and usually gets roped into the moomin family's antics because of that. He is normally seen analysing plants around Moomin Valley with his magnifying glass and lives alone in a dome-like house in the middle of a vast and empty field overgrown and surrounded by a wide variety of plants that is presuma

Anonymous 108925

At this point I am so desperate that I just would like an arranged marriage but honestly that's just a fantasy. Arranged marriages are terrible, forcing adults to live with others without choice is not acceptable.

Anonymous 108926

>Now think about it – who knows you better, than your mum and dad? They know more about you than you even know yourself, really
My parents do not know me at all. Basically every big decision in my life was the opposite of what they recommend and only once I emancipated myself and did so did I become happy.

Anonymous 109800

yo mom house :)))))))

Anonymous 112549

arranged marriage doesn't mean mandatory marriage especially in this day and age. they just arrange candidates and you choose.

Anonymous 112585

>there are only two way to meet males in scenarios which are acceptable for dating, and that's 1. bar or club and 2. after knowing them as part of some hobby club.
But that's already not true? People meet naturally at university or college, at their jobs, people meet on dating apps, at parties and get-togethers. All of those are socially acceptable places/ways to find someone to date.

>who knows you better, than your mum and dad?

This is also not true. Maybe for some people who had tightknitted relationships with their parents but definitely not for me.

Anonymous 112601

I met my boyfriend in college and the fact that 1) we were interested in the same thing 2) I knew he had a good education level 3) my friends could screen him and I could see him interact with other people was really good to begin dating.
Plus, my catholic grandmother that thinks women should stay at home is happy because "at least college was useful for something, you found a man". Sigh

Anonymous 112622

Literally Okcupid and tinder… Which I know what people will say and yes you're 100% correct, however these days I don't really have time to go out and this stuff is a blessing if you have the patience to traverse through the shit.

But really, you could end up meeting someone at walmart of all places.

Anonymous 112649

i would say bars, school, online, and through friends are the most common ways

sometimes i like to put on a cute outfit and take a walk through town/some public place and hope someone approaches me but i havent been quite successful.

Anonymous 112941



Anonymous 112947

>wanting a man from friends
>of all the sitcoms

Anonymous 112950

I think you mean…

"Could you BE any more NGMI?"

Anonymous 112957


Jumping on with Sitcom-chan because I love her enthusiasm.
How to get an Abed?

Anonymous 112960


had a crush on an abed so autistic he couldnt leave his house (internet fren). its not worth it, they are unlikely to love you, and if they do they wont understand it. well, some at least. if you do manage one, ill be amazed, i wish you good luck anonette

Anonymous 112971

literally though where do I meet men that I am actually interested in and share similar views?

>dating apps are like a hellportal

few men on there want serious relationships, the ones that do seem to be a little bit crazy and maybe even abusive. also filled
>not in school
I could go back but I really don't have the money and I don't know if I can afford to go into that much debt.
>job is dead end for meeting men
I'm a receptionist in an office and everyone there is old and married. I guess the highest possibility to meet any men here would be through the clients that come to the office.
>hobby groups are all female/typically feminine
Any hobbies I do have are all female oriented like sewing. I don't know if any men I'd meet through these hobbies are men I'd legitimately be interested in.

When I think of the things I'd like a potential guy to be into, I feel as though all his interests would also be typically masculine. Most of my friends are female with female friends, any male friends I have are kinda nerdy and so I feel like most if not all of the men my current friends could introduce me to would again not really be men I'm interested in. Think soyboy meme.

All things considered, the only thing I can really think of is the gym, which I've just started going to, but am I really going to be approached by men there? I don't really know what else would be successful besides online stuff. A reading group? What are some hobbies that reasonably both men and women would be into?

Anonymous 112985

Have you considered your brother?

Anonymous 112992

Sorry to hear, anon.
I just imagine it would be more doable than anything with normfags. I'm not autistic myself but poorly socialized as a child, so my behavior and fact that I live in my head weirds them out. It would be nice to date someone and be cringe together. Also not having to play the dating mind games that drive me up the wall. I do enjoy taking the reigns so I have that going for me.

Ideally I'd find someone who is equally as socially inept as me, no more or less. This has unfortunately proven hard.

Why not approach the guys at the gym? Ask them for help or to spot you or something.
Don't let fear of rejection hold you back. It builds confidence, I promise.

Anonymous 113011

I hate approaching guys because historically when I've tried to initiate anything, it never seems to go anywhere or men just want something casual out of it. I'm not expecting to meet dream husbando deadlifting at the gym or in the middle of some trad gathering of masculine alpha males, but I'm tired of fuckboys.

Or at least, what is the balance between approaching men and letting them initiate things? I feel like I'm fucking autistic but with men.

>mfw I'm an only child

Anonymous 113018

Damn, we're kindred spirits then. My experience has kind of been the same despite having seemingly different taste in men to you.
I think the truth is many guys are fuck boys no matter their appearance or hobbies. Sad.

Anonymous 113019

Sounds like the usual dilemma of wanting a really outgoing attractive guy to commit to you. They want something casual, because that's what they can easily get that from other girls.

Anonymous 113021

Yeah, I dunno. I hate it because I want to be upfront and sometimes even forward, but based off my experiences and what other women have been telling me, it's that I should just let men initiate things. Otherwise when you do it, appears that you feed into a scenario like >>113019 mentioned re: men who know they can get any attention they want for other women and you're just another ego boost.
But genuinely, if someone has advice on how to balance approaching guys vs letting them initiate I'd love to hear it. Otherwise part of the reason I'm going to the gym more is to improve my looks since that seems like the only way men will approach you more often. Chasing after guys just never fails to make me feel like a goddamn clown.

Anonymous 113022

I just emailed everyone on a zeemap, only he responded, dated him for two years, then married him.

Anonymous 113203

Hi friend, I think to be honest the best way to meet quality men is through girlfriends/family reccomendations - ie. meeting someone at a friend/family member's event

But outside of that , I think that you could try one of those 'serious' dating apps like Hinge (I know a few who have had success on there but as you mentioned it really varies on location and if the men there are willing to commit)

the vibes i get from dating app guys just really make me ick though

and for the gym, do you dress up for it? do you have cute sets that you wear? i find that whenever i wear my sexier/cuter workout clothes i get approached more (even when my bf is with me) as to when i go in just an old tshirt and old leggings. also smiling at people there works wonders, and since you're new maybe you can approach and ask for tips?

and i think for your final question, you'd have to think of hobbies that have the men that you want (no soyboys) so for example meeting a man through the local volunteer group or say a volleyball meetup is different than meeting a guy whose in a literature/sewing club

Anonymous 114586

a zeemap about what? what was the context for this? job?

Anonymous 114812

how to deal with it as a woman?

Anonymous 114821

Yeah I'm curious to. Should be the burden of reproduction be placed on women yet again? Should we date the most violent and most hairy men to make sure humanity continues?

Anonymous 115248

Women already do that. Its not a natural selection problem its microplastics ans chemicala. Bpa even has epigenetic effects where a mother who has been exposed to it will give birth to a son with higher estrogen and lower sperm counts.

Anonymous 115277

I know this is saying it hasn't been fully explained by obesity but I definitely think sedentary lifestyles are playing a role. I also think it's perfectly relatable that epigenetics is doing something here but yeah. It is a thing that obesity in men is associated with lower testosterone. Even if you're not obese and just skinny, it's also a thing that exercise increases testosterone. Obviously it's not gonna be the same as like, juicing, but it gives you a little boost because of the muscle development.

Cue 2021 where we have lots of men now who are just sitting in front of a computer or console playing video games, sitting on their phone mindlessly swiping through catalogs of women on dating apps, turning the TV on to binge their favorite show or catch the latest episode of something. Obviously computers and the internet are a big part of our world now so I think many people are going to just have some screen time in their lives, but when I think of the more masculine men I've met in my life, even if they had some screen time, the majority of their lifestyle was centered offline.

This sounds pretty reasonable too.

Anonymous 115302

this is so true! masturbation was famously invented by zoomers

Anonymous 115447

Masturbation was actually invented by Nikola Tesla but it was only rediscovered recently

Anonymous 115448

Moid larp, fuck off scrote, go take some finasteride for your norwood 5.

Anonymous 115455

>>108544 no way this isnt a larp.

Anonymous 115498

This is larp. I fell for the meme. Got with 3 older dudes in total, each time whenever I opened my legs up they literally didn't know what to do. Felt like they were trying to jam something inside of me, it's just humiliating to pop viagra pill to perform like that. Oral was even worse, they all thought that they were supposed to stick their tongue in and out as fast as possible
Plus older guys just run out of energy super fast, they fall asleep super quickly, it looked like it was their first time. The money and attention is nice though.

Anonymous 115507

That reminds me of a Tumblr post I saw once, it was an anecdote where OP explained the process of menstruation to her much older male boss, and he said he fucking believed that women could just menstruate whenever the fuck they wanted and used their period as an excuse when they felt too lazy to work
Not sure if that kind of thing actually happens often or if it was bullshit, but imo older men are more prone to having misconceptions about sex, it seems that younger people in general are more open to learning about sexuality

Anonymous 115625

da f.png

got a job in manual labour. met men.

Anonymous 115638

That's just men in general, regardless if their age.

Anonymous 115644

men suitable for long term relationships, or gross ones who just happen to make 65k a year smelling sweaty?

Anonymous 115645

I'd rather be jobless if my workplace was full of men

Anonymous 115663

they will ask for dick pics

Anonymous 115664

But what if I don't have a dick?

Anonymous 115781

Smell is a relatively easy fix, anon. Also try more like 35-40k a year after taxes.

Anonymous 116351

There are many other things you can work on besides your body. Those things are often more demanding than exercise. Exercise is good and healthy and you should do it of course, but it can be a waste of time if you don't have a solid reason to do a lot of it.

Anonymous 119704

The problem is, where do we find a cute hot guy? There isn't even one in the media nowadays. Girls be looking like queens and then date a smelly looking rag with no redeeming quality tbh

Anonymous 119879

very true. this is a massive psyop to get women to date incels to worsen the genetic quality of the masses - they've already succeeded with the poor countries (especially russia where there's ZERO handsome men, all "cute + male + slav" you see fled from the country long ago). claims about "muh incel violence" are also part of this. it's all connected. earlier i thought i was the only one affected but turns out it's a global thing.

Anonymous 119880

>claims about "muh incel violence" are also part of this.
by this i mean they're still extremely violent, but just like all moids. maybe a little more but the threat they are is the same of all males.

Anonymous 119916

It depends what a cute hot guy is to you, I live in a place full of ugly fat millenial men and ugly zoomer boys with retarded haircuts, and unironically the only time i've stumbled into true qts is just by going outside to buy shit or take a walk.

Anonymous 119917

>I live in a place full of ugly fat millenial men and ugly zoomer boys with retarded haircuts,
>and unironically the only time i've stumbled into true qts is just by going outside
That doesn't make sense.

Anonymous 119935

might have something to do with millions of europes best and brightest men being slaughtered in the wars of the 20th century.

Anonymous 120077

>especially russia where there's ZERO handsome men
Not true, they're just rare
Uh sure, but how? I didn't say they don't exist, that's just how life has been. Or do you think if cute guys are rare to find you can only find them if you specifically look for them?

Anonymous 120089

I used to post on /co/ back in the day. Once there was one of those threads with the templates where you drew yourself and showed your interest in comics/cartoons through the years so I filled it out since I always liked drawing stupid things in paint

A dude responded to mine with some weird "haha you look cute" post which was like… it was a drawing. But I was lonely and had no friends so when he asked for contact info I put in a burner email I had for a while in my post (this was way before discord).

His first message was like semi-normal, kind of just talking about himself, asked my my name. I responded and then he was super weird, started talking about how I reminded him of his ex (we exchanged a total of ONE email and like 2 posts on /co/) and then started talking about how he wanted to meet up. His tone was… like serial killer-y. I don't know how to describe it beyond that. He was also 28 to my 19 at the time

Best thing was a namefag so I would browse /co/ after dumping the burner email and see him hornypost after EVERY anon who said they were a woman. It was really cringy

I don't suggest reaching out to men on imageboards is my point

I met my partner through a cousin's wedding, which was honestly the best way for me to meet someone since it forced me to be social with people when normally I'm too shy

Anonymous 120157

Get me the Tonga guy from the olympics…where do you find well-oiled guys?

Anonymous 120158

Men would get cuter if we abandon the ugly ones to die alone instead of getting desperate or kind to pick them up. You having more money and being independent helps to not settle for less

Anonymous 120507

I met my current bf when my best friend forced me to go out with her to some hard rock club.

Was left alone at a table and some guys on the table next to me were having an argument.

Then some tall lanky guy with a blonde Mohawk looked over to me and asked me if his haircut looks gay.

We've been dating for almost four years now, he's a weirdo, I somehow lucked out anyways.

Anonymous 120513


Kek, I used to post on /co/ too. That sounds about right.

Anonymous 120629


Anonymous 121451

Tranny hands types this post

Anonymous 122273

Are you American? I'm an active church goer but the youngest member of my church (who isn't me) is 55. Idk where all these youthful churchgoing bois are springing up

Anonymous 122417

Exactly. If they're not old they have a girlfriend on their side. Good for them of course but feels lonely sometimes.

Anonymous 122438

I met my nigel at a bar. We both don't drink, though for different reasons. So we talked about industrial and power violence while sipping on some soda water. All my exes I met at punk shows. They were all cheating misogynists. 0/10 do not recommend

Anonymous 122446

When you're not looking…! ..combined with not behaving like a pickme. Might as well beg to be trafficked if you go in with any desperation. I hate seeing it, it's absolutely shameful.

Anonymous 122490

Bitch the NSFW board has a guro thread you think Miners are not also degenerates?
Old post I know but still.

Anonymous 122549

Not here

Anonymous 122554

NTA but yeah she's probably American.
Church attendance is fairly high among young people in the US and many churches have youth groups for people in their teens and twenties where they can meet others in the same age range. I know that a lot of people date within these groups and I'm friends with several girls who met their BFs through them. If you're in the US it's unironically a decent suggestion.

Anonymous 122555

Intimacy you dumbasses

Anonymous 122574

This makes me wish I lived in America at times. The Christian youth movement seems huge there. Here in Europe I don't think I've seen any unmarried male aged between 18 and 35 at my church service. It's all little old ladies and kids.

Anonymous 122575

Don't you mean sex? Because you can have intimacy with people that isn't sexual.

Anonymous 122576

why the fuck is this site so slow.

Anonymous 122577

All the other women got boyfriends and friends. The site is only active because of the same 10 terminally online femcels spamming it.

Anonymous 122578

I don't want to cuddle my girlfriends, anon.

Anonymous 122889

i'm not american but here is a map with traditional masses in the western world that my friend is working on, i hope that it helps

Anonymous 122890

Anonymous 124971


I was complaining to my therapist about how hard it is to meet men and she tried to help so much and is a very sweet woman but her advice made me feel more cursed than before.

1) "Walk around and smile at people outside" I've been walking around hoping to bump into the love of my life for a decade now and in my experience, people try to not pay attention to others outside out of politeness.

2) Join a singles group on that meetup app. I had already looked on there and there was 1 group for old people and 1 singles group that hadn't been active in a year.

I refuse to use Tinder because it has only brought me pain and I'm more old school anyway. She told me dating was different before smart phones and dating apps.

I also told her about my experiences trying to get girls at the gay bars (there are always like 5 girls max, and the ones I'm attracted to all ignore me or reject me)

Anonymous 124972

that advice is terrible. you will look deranged smiling at people and those sort of groups always have people who are single for a good reason (or shoudn't be dating right now)

please consider finding another therapist if this is an area you ant to discuss more

Anonymous 124973

I'm Stacey passing and it's a new therapist so I don't think she realizes how hard it is for non-normies yet and she's just giving me basic "get out there" type advice. She's been very helpful with other things though and saw right to the core of important issues with my family and self esteem so I want to give her a chance.

Anonymous 124977

test (mods feel free to delete sry)

Anonymous 124978



Anonymous 124997

>I'm Stacey passing
that makes it even worse as both those techniques would attract abusers. if you smile at an abuser he will use it as an opening. those types of groups are full of abusers.

obviously not everyone out there is an abuser but i used to be stacey passing too and did both those things and only got terrible dates.

since you said you're looking for women, it might not be as bad but i still don't recommend it.

i'd say you're better off joining interest groups and see if you find someone there. don't make dating your top priority as it can seem desperate.

Anonymous 131326


Anonymous 206338

Virgin nonas are high above /r9k/ moids. A man that has't destroyed himself with porn and promiscuity and that doesn't plan to cheat will pick the socially retarded NEET virgin over the well adjusted non virgin that makes six figures when he is looking for a wife unless he is desperate for money.

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