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Crystal Cafe Zine 52217

This idea was posted in a thread on /meta/ that caught my interest and I thought I'd post about it here where more people might see. >>>/meta/2632

Here is what I was thinking of:
>What I would like to see in a zine from here includes essays about experiences or feels, poetry, thoughts on the world, that sort of thing; comics, oc, collages, anything artistic; or things like that. As an inaugural issue, it would be interesting to loosely focus on the experiences we've had in online spaces and how it affects our lives, just to keep things closer to the board itself, but other topics would be great as well.

Is there any interest in this? I think zines are so much fun and I'd love for something creative to come out of this community.

Anonymous 52225

Ooh what are you making anon? Makes me want to draw something too.

Anonymous 52226

Sure, I'd be into making some art for it.
It would be fun to have some themed around classic CC moments. Like the mountain-hate thread. Or the Garfield porn chat of 2019. Or the ongoing absolute JOKE that so many users complain about having no female friends on a female-only imageboard. Or maybe illustrations for some of the cyberstalking or manipulation stories on /x/.

Just throwing ideas for any other art anons! Idk if I'll even do any of these or something more general.

Anonymous 52227

>Or the ongoing absolute JOKE that so many users complain about having no female friends on a female-only imageboard
Not attempting to derail the thread, but browsing a women's imageboard doesn't mean you'll have other female friends, lol.

Anonymous 52230

I know, I just mean it's funny that we're complaining to other girls who are also lonely about being lonely when we could be befriending each other.

Also I'm just as guilty.

Anonymous 52231

I'd love to contribute something to this. CC has been part of all my 20s and I was here in the month it opened, I think. This place means so much to me, I'd love to have a PDF memento of it at least.

I've documented so many snippets of my life here, so many integral events that have shaped me. I've felt supported and encouraged, even when I was alone. I remember being in a long-term abusive relationship and it makes me cry looking at how kind and caring anons were, it meant the world to me then and now that I'm free, it means everything to me now. There's so many more things I could say, but I will leave it at that I love this place dearly and I've even thought of getting a subtle tattoo in reference to this place.

Anonymous 52235

>You should, I'd love to see other anons' art as well!
I’m gonna start a drawing rn!

Anonymous 52236


Anonymous 52241

This is a great idea, I think we should always encourage each others to be creative and to improve our skills, but I have no idea what I could make that could be CC related…
Actually I used to draw monsterboys for that one thread but I kind of stopped using cc and I feel bad because I promised I would draw something and never finished it so would it be ok if I made some drawings of monster boys to include, if that is not too unrelated?
Maybe we could also have a part about DIY ideas (DIY fashion, DIY home decor or something) and also definitely songs made with that Beepbox thing to show anyone can learn to make music


I'm happy to hear that people are interested! You can post content in this thread or you could email it to me at [email protected]; email might be better if it's something written in case I have editing suggestions. If you want credit attached to your contribution, be sure to include that in your post or email.

I'm tentatively planning on creating a pdf that could potentially be printed as a 5" by 8" booklet, so keep those dimensions in mind if you're making art.


A CC barista sounds super cute.
I think it would be really cool to have some sort of contribution from a long term user like you.
Monster boys sounds perfectly fine! It doesn't have to be explicitly CC-related; I just want a few contributions in the zine to speak to the site specifically so it keeps its character. A variety of content would be great. I like the idea of a DIY section.
I can't wait to see what you'll make!
I love the idea of illustrating stories from /x/.

Anonymous 52252

It's times like these that really made me wish I had any semblance of artistic ability.

Well this still seems really interesting so it'll at least be fun to see the finished product!

Anonymous 52253

That really only matters if the zone is actually going to be printed. If it doesn't the any program should be fine with entering inches as your dimensions.

Anonymous 52293

Just change your unit to inches instead of px when you create a new canvas

Anonymous 52526


>You can post content in this thread
I made Crystal Cafe in Minecraft (if this counts as content lol)! Couldn't really follow the 5x8 format in my screenshot though.

Anonymous 52527


This is lovely, anon!

Anonymous 52528

Awesome!! It looks so cozy!


Awesome! I love the "no boys allowed" sign lol

Anonymous 52535

This is very nice.
speaking of which,
what are the chances of a c.c minecraft server? it would be comfortable.

Anonymous 52542


Thank you anons!!! <3

>what are the chances of a c.c minecraft server?
That would be comfy! I wonder if admin plays minecraft. I did build the cafe on a tiny minecraft server. The IP is gaiamc.space and my username is r0mance if anyone would want to say hi lol.


>I'm the other anon who mentioned making some art work for the zine.
Can’t wait to see it anon!

Anonymous 52543

cant wait to see : ) if we're serious about this, I'll make some stuff too.

Anonymous 53964

Hey r0mance, guess who.
serb IP changed.
play.gaiamc.space now.
haven't seen ya since it changed. cya around.

Anonymous 53973


OHMIGOSH so cute I am melting internally from the cuteness. YOu are really great!

Anonymous 54082


i made something for the zine too!

Anonymous 54248


young miner

Anonymous 54252

I dunno who this is.. but thank you! I was wondering why it wasn’t working.

Anonymous 54255


seamstress miner

Anonymous 54256

wow… can seamstress miner be my wife

Anonymous 54258


Anonymous 54316


Anonymous 54319

Ahhh! Thanks she is so beautiful and I love her heart pincushion!

Anonymous 54409

Love her!

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