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Houseplants and gardening thread Anonymous 54094

I don't remember seeing a thread about plant stuff on CC but I love them. Did anyone else go overboard with the pre-post-apocalyptic stuff in March, and start a huge kitchen garden? I'm growing some cucumbers, tomatoes, and alpine strawberries lol.

Post your plant situations, aspirations, variegations, etc etc.

Anonymous 54101

Oh yeah. A neighbour gave me so many tomato and runner bean plants. I bought some cowslip and catmint seeds and the other day I treated myself to a monstera deliciosa for my room.

Anonymous 54110


Monsteras are my fave houseplant, they're super easy to care for and really make the room cozy and kinda witchy with their huge leaves. Sometimes you have to chop large plants into pieces and grow them in separate pots though when they get too chaotic, so I'm not sure what the endgame is, just drowning in endless monsteras?

Out of curiosity I also sometimes check what's happening in the variegated monstera scene, it's really something else lol.

Anonymous 54535

nordic houseplant.…

I'm not sure what the endgame is, just drowning in endless monsteras?

Anonymous 54539

Hahaha this is delightful anon I love you

Anonymous 54691


yup, I built two raised beds at the start of quarantine, and I have some more plants that aren't in the beds. This picture is from about a month or so ago.
I'm growing tomatoes, kale, peas, cilantro, basil, garlic, watermelon, broccoli, carrots, and peppers

Anonymous 54692

Whats worked out well is the kale, tomatoes, watermelon, basil, and I think the garlic.
A third of my pea plants died. Nothing else has shown much progress :/

Anonymous 54693

Well as long as they're not dying, it should be okay. Just be patient.

Anonymous 87645

Gonna necro this thread instead of making my own. Anyone else like SUPER into plants? I'm crazy about collecting them. I started off worh cacti and succulents but recently I've moved towards actual leafy plants. I have 20+ in my home and still growing my collection

I recently bought a half dead calathea that I managed to bring back to life and a croton that I'm incredibly intimidated by

Anonymous 88070


That sounds beautiful. I'm working towards that. I want to be surrounded by green.
I have a black thumb when it comes to sprouting, but it turns out buying seedlings means even I can grow plants. I have five tomatoes, one pepper, two pine trees that my work was going to throw away after Christmas, and one maple tree that tried to grow in the gutter.
Also, did anyone else try balkanradfem's advice on pee fertilizer? I tried it on all my outdoor plants and they grew more in one day than all of last week. Definitely recommend it.
How to make: Pee in a jar when you're well hydrated and healthy. Dilute to one part urine to ten parts water, use this to water your plants once every two weeks and watch them explode in growth.

Anonymous 88074

I can feel the rust developing from here.

Anonymous 89454


I have planted lots of herbs this summer: basil, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, tarragon and chinese parsley. Nom!
Sadly one of my beloved cacti died and I don't really know what happened. rip :<

Anonymous 89463

During the outset, I completely landscaped my yard and now have 50-something plants. I've got a dwarf lemon tree, tomatoes, celery, onions, potatoes, spring onions, bok choy, shallots, cabbage, broccoli, garlic, lettuce and spinach.

I wanted to build a hydroponics bay filled with racks, but with stores closed, I could only get farming material from my boyfriend's family.

I'm also considering trying to transplant a bee colony that's in a tree and start collecting honey, but I think I'll collect some gear and skills before I attempt that.

Anonymous 89541

Jealous of the mini lemon tree, anon. I'm germinating some lemon trees in a ziplock bag because I really really want to grow a tree that isn't a fucking avocado.

I'm also working on hydroponics. I'm planning to put together my own little hydroponics system with stuff from my local hardware store

Anonymous 89582

meme tender.jpg

>Grow shitloads of oregano, rosemary, cilantro, dill, mint, and thyme.
>Every single basil plant withers and dies after like a week

I just want to make pesto

Anonymous 89702

I plan on having a few of these dwarf trees, considering each one can fruit 4 or 5 at a time. Should give me plenty of homemade lemonade. (If you've never had good lemonade before, look up recipes with oleo-saccharum. They have an incredible depth of flavour)

I found the Kratky method of hydroponics and I've been collecting pieces to put together a neat and tidy bay. I like that it's low maintenance and just requires refilling and a schedule of nutrients.

Anonymous 89824

Look for African blue basil. The taste is close enough to make good pesto, and it's hardier than regular Italian basils.


People need to be warned about oregano like they need to be warned about mint. My entire lawn would be oregano if I didn't watch out.

Anonymous 89826

Its rosemary for me. Its literally too goddamn dark in my country for most of the time so it always dies.

>People need to be warned about oregano like they need to be warned about mint. My entire lawn would be oregano if I didn't watch out.

I was always thought that mint would be very delicate. Hell I was wrong. I had one in a big raised bed and frozen solid from top to ground for a month and after the last remains of last summer died off it just came back in like a few weeks even bigger and suffocated everything else I planted new. Pro side is that I now have so much mint that I will be able to drink mint tea probably for the rest of my life without ever buying one again.

Anonymous 89862

Who is this cute lizard I see so much? Very nice!

Anonymous 89871

I have a started propagating any plant I even mildly fancy out on the street in addition to buying succulents for my collection. I want so many plants that my house looks like a jungle. I moss growing on me

Anonymous 90022

Ive been growing a metric ton of houseplants over the past 2 or 3 years. All they hype has raised prices tho for the worse. Been doing what I can to propagate and trade for more un common stuff.

Got ahold of a lot of magnificum seeds that im germinating

Anonymous 90152

I raise all my own shit now. I'm propagating ivy by the fist full to cover the inside of my house with hanging plants and I using seeds from the fruit of my own cactus collection to grow them by the dozen

Why should I be arsed paying €10 to €40 every time I want a new plant? I can have a whole plant experience by planting, raising, and feeling the pride of watching my efforts turn into flourishing plants

Anonymous 90153

Is outdoor mint aromatic? I have some open space in my garden and I dont mind having a whole patch of mint growing. I love mint tea and the smell would be fantastic(it it smells strongly)

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