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/r/GenderCritical has been banned. Anonymous 54264

Does anyone have any recommendations for GC discussion forums on the internet?

Also, general discussion regarding this ban.

Anonymous 54265

This account is apparently the official twitter of GC and they said to stay tuned for updates of what direction they're going in next.

I'm not very familiar with this imageboard but a lot of anons on lolcow have mentioned it as a place where GC/radfem/pinkpill posters can go.

Anonymous 54266

anyone else annoyed how feminism has become a catch-all term for social inclusivity? like black power and trans rights aren't feminism, theyre just black power and trans rights. admittedly theres a lot of overlap in the social justice space, but its like feminists have become overrun by increasingly diluted views to the point of not having any of their own

Anonymous 54267

Transphobic racist misogynist

Anonymous 54268

Identity politics in general are a plague upon actual activism. How is there any intersectionality between women's rights and the rights of literal men?

Anonymous 54269

and proud of it!

Anonymous 54273

r/radicalfeminism is still up, but nobody's posted there in months. I didn't even know it existed.
Also, every single female-centered subreddit is being shut down. This is insane and is making me think I'm going to leave reddit, I can't believe they actually hate women this much … like GCguys is still up… what the fuck.

Anonymous 54275

I wish they would ban all the annoying couples who post cuck and fetish porn. Nothing irks me more than gross normies trying to imitate porn.

Anonymous 54277

Anonymous 54279

It would be nice if r/GenderCritical refugees can come here
It would be nice if c.c can have /XX/ like lolcow did before that place got irreparably cucked by trannies

Anonymous 54281

What about Asherah's Garden?

Anonymous 54282

It looks ugly

Anonymous 54283

It doesn't matter where women go. Every social media is owned by men and will ban honest discussion of women's issues. And even women-run spaces always get overrun by trannies, SJWs, pickmes etc because most women are too nice to exclude people.

Anonymous 54284

I don't even use that shithole but this is so depressing, seeing that shit like r/theRedpill and r/StruggleFucking is alive and well
I hate to even think how many people will now end up on /pol/

Anonymous 54285

Last I checked, lolcow was pretty GC (there was a pretty active thread on /ot/)

Anonymous 54286

Not anymore. Scrotes and twitter handmaids have taken over. You can't even shit on men there anymore without catching a ban. I hope miners stay based.

Anonymous 54288

Nice try retard
It's exclusively men's fault of all colors

Anonymous 54291


Anonymous 54292

This but unironically

Anonymous 54294

Maybe because black power generally means self-determination for black people, supporting black-owned businesses and improving black neighbourhoods.
Meanwhile, if you look at communities that declare "white power" and what its participants stand for, it generally means “KILL ALL THE NON-WHITE SUBHUMANS 14/88 RACE WAR NOW”, and they have the most mysterious penchant for swastika tattoos.

Anonymous 54295


I hate this world



Shut the fuck up,the most deranged trannies are white

Anonymous 54298

>reads post with salient point
>changes the topic to slavery and typical /pol/tard sperging
>"There is nothing wrong with men wanting women to be broodmares, it is beautiful"
The way CC has been destroyed by raiding scrotes. Vomit.

Anonymous 54299

Kill all scrotes

Anonymous 54301

How the actual literal fuck did we get to anti-semitism, racism, holocaust denial, and misogyny THIS FAST? jesus christ please reset your brain

Anonymous 54305

>the most deranged trannies are white
This is true.

Anonymous 54306

Agreed. Ignore scrote baits.

I wonder what the GC twitter is gonna realistically do. I think it's a good thing if more fringe GC websites get foot traffic. How to promote them without drawing the horde of 41% chans is the question.

Anonymous 54307

This thread went left so fast that I wonder if it's someone doing it on purpose to drive away any actual discussion of the OP topic. And where are the mods? Why do we have to deal with brain worm posters? These moids aren't even hiding themselves anymore.

Anonymous 54309

>>54307 here, Sorry I deleted my first post, I wanted to complain some more, lmao. Sadly, I don't know if it's possible. Any sites like that will just need diligent mods who will ban that sort of thing on sight.

Anonymous 54310

all we can do is just make new spaces and accept that they are temporary. GC went to saidit but I don't like the terms of that site, it seems to basically make it against rules for mods to ban men or bad faith discussion, so any community there will be in high risk of just being flooded with scrotes. ruqqus is full of incel nazis but it's where I'll start something once the site comes online.

it's on purpose. there's constant attempt to create a false connection between radfem and alt-right, because it justifies banning and dismissing radfems.

Anonymous 54315

Looks like the mods finally got here! Thank goodness. Not used to that, the GC sub had faster mods I guess lol. I miss it so much goddamn.

Anonymous 54317

You can customize the css on that site to make it how you want it to look

Anonymous 54321

im a gc refugee. i love this place already

Anonymous 54322

It's pride month, and with all the BLM happenings people are trying way too hard to be politically correct right now.
Hopefully this doesn't become the new normal of just immediately shutting down any dissenting opinion as hate speech.

Anonymous 54323

You know it's going to stay that way for all leftist spaces.

Anonymous 54324

Anonymous 54327

So reddit is just a cesspit of troons and coomers now. Fucking disgusting.

Anonymous 54336


i'm black, so having trans-negative views has always felt icky. i mean i'd be cheering if this were r/trump or a white supremacist / black hatred subreddit being banned, but…i don't know.

tell me what i'm feeling, /b/

Anonymous 54337

Anon you were born black. Don’t let these middle class LARPing white males gaslight you into think they’re “just as oppressed” as blacks because they can’t force their way into a women’s rape shelter.

Anonymous 54339

What does being black have to do with it?

Anonymous 54342

There are many many places on the internet where you can feel sympathy for those degenerates. Please just don't bring that bullshit here.

Anonymous 54346

A few years ago, all this was half-jokes on tumblr, now it's policy in corporations; soon it'll be law.

Anonymous 54371

>as a black women who has gone through the hardships of racism and misogyny, I feel bad for straight white men but only when they put on a skirt
I'd say you're feeling stupidity.

Anonymous 54376

Ah, Emilia Decaudin. Skinny dweebs like him are my kryptonite. It's a shame he's only interested in sexually assaulting lesbians.

Anonymous 54377

GenderCritical is fucking stupid. Sage.

Anonymous 54384

He has that revolting AGP smirk.

Anonymous 54387

I don't see any reason for you to be happy that cis women have one space less to talk to each other without cis males and trannies around unless you're either a male or a tranny.

Anonymous 54390

Language is already compromised, best use the differences we have to draw lines and make distinctions who's acceptable and who isn't.

Anonymous 54392

>Language is already compromised

Not here it's not. We're not Reddit, we're not Tumblr, we're not Twitter. You don't have to pretend some Mr. Bean looking motherfucker in a Party City wig is any kind of woman.

Anonymous 54402

Holy shit just found this place and I already love it

Anonymous 54403

>but guys if you don't use their language THEY win

Anonymous Admin 54408

Remember to ignore and report male bait.

For now, I'm not planning on opening a board for GC discussion because I don't want c.c to turn into a new refuge for ex-redditors. As much as I believe that these threads need to exist to provide spaces for us, I think a separate board would overshadow the rest of the site. Alternative sites that focus on this topic exclusively have already been linked ITT.

Anonymous 54411

we both exist as an oppressed class. it's like, i don't know, i feel hypocritical (?) or something

but weren't they born trans?

Anonymous 54413

No one is “born trans”

Trans dudes are either Homosexual transsexuals or more commonly, aurogynephiles who jerk off in panties

Anonymous 54415

You were born as a black person. Trannies CHOOSE to transition and choose to delude themselves that they are something they’re not. They can’t even define what the word “woman” means, despite claiming to be one. Go ahead, try asking one and you will see their logic fall apart.

Anonymous 54417

You have to realize that this "oppressed" class is made up by a bunch of mentally ill white males. Mental illness is not comparable to race.

Gender dysphoria is a literal disease that happens in the brain. Trans people only exist because we haven't found a way to cure it, and enabling them is the only thing that has helped. But once there is a cure, there will be no more trans people. Can you say the same about race?

Anonymous 54425


This didn't happen, lol.

Anonymous 54453

>It's a choice!
>It's a disease!

While I know you two aren't the same anon the juxtaposition is funny.

Anonymous 54454

It's an illness, choosing not to pursue any treatment that's not forcing women to pretend your dick is female is the choice.

Anonymous 54456

Much like narcissism is a mental illness, yet there's no cure according to narcissists except making everyone else miserable and ill like them.

Anonymous 54460

Dilate yer prostate, more news at 8.

Anonymous 54468

native america is not a monolith.

some native american cultures like the iroquois were matriarchal… and they did not have the two spirit/third gender social tradition. they were agricultural and had fixed location, but also developed a communal rather than individual property-based economy. (eg women were never excluded from inheritance of property because there was no inheritance system.)

the two-spirit concept is found in patriarchal semi-nomadic honour cultures like the navajo and the lakota.

the traditional third gender is for cultures with strict and repressive views on sex roles and especially masculinity, and need a way to file effeminate, homosexual men who don't fit the traditional concept of manhood.

Anonymous 54470

Alright then, what "treatment methods" are moids in dresses refusing to use?
There's no cure for any personality disorders, that's why they're called disorders. You can learn and practice coping methods to ease social interactions, but you don't just "fix" the personality. Assuming people can just change their personalitY, why are so many posters here "choosing" to be maladjusted?

Anonymous 54472

>There's no cure for any personality disorders, that's why they're called disorders.
That doesn't mean people with personality disorders have the right to inflict their disorders on others, which is what transpeople are doing when they demand you use their pronouns or lose your livelihood.

Anonymous 54489


>arbitrarily assigned

Anonymous 54503

Yet if I keep using the word you don't like…

Anonymous 54504

They're not "arbitrarily assigned" a gender, their sex is accurately described and then gender is forced upon them depending on what their sex is. Gender doesn't fucking exist, we made it up. But sex is real… except oops, I'm literally not allowed to say that anymore. That's not transphobic. It's not possible for humans to change sex.

Anonymous 54505

Ah yes bc it's totally normal to grow up learning that English has different-sex pronouns and then forcing yourself to use them wrong… or better yet, making up pronouns which are completely new and unheard of. And it's more than just that, women can't have their own sports, their own groups, their own bathrooms, their own LANGUAGE to talk about menstraution, rape, pregnancy, birth, menopause, sexual harassment etc because whenever we try to talk about that we're called "transphobic." Denying an oppressed class of people the right to just TALK ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCES LIVING IN THEIR BODIES is oppression, dumbass. This is why we needed the subreddit GOD this is like day 1 shit.

Anonymous 54510

This is probably a tranny, don't forget to report.

Anonymous 54513


The gender dysphoria/narcissism/autogynephilia is the “disease,” but “transitioning” is the choice.


Gender isn’t real. Sex is. There is no such thing as “feeling” like another gender. Having your observable sex written down on a piece of paper is not “arbitrary.”


>The absolute equivalency between sex and gender is a patriarchal concept.
Actually, the idea of “gender” itself is a patriarchal concept. It implies that being a woman is simply a “feeling” (which, by the way, no tranny can describe) rather than a biological reality. Then trannies feel like it’s okay to deny sex-based oppression like FGM.
>They come up with concepts like masculinity and femininity
Actually, that’s exactly what GENDER does, not the fact of sex. Trannies enforce the idea of “gender” being an innate thing seperate from one’s body, rather than a social construct.

Anonymous 54516

I find most trannies to be far more toxic than even scrotoids. I mean, they ARE scrotoids but ones that have found a way to not only fetishise us even further, but also to infiltrate all our spaces and take more of our rights away. It’s like a superpower. Super misogyny.

Anonymous 54520


Posts on this imageboard with values separate from the typical rhetoric seen on r/gendercritical seem to be biased against on the basis of it being bait or posted by a man or man in disguise, despite there also being a group of cis women that consider transgender women "real" women in the same way many of you don't. Haven't been on the boards in a long time and here I was thinking the "don't say you're anything other than a woman" rule was anything more than a loose tool to keep out blatant male roleplaying, but evidently that wasn't the case.

I'm all for removing blatant disregard for the rules, but I guess I anticipated a little more political neutrality on an imageboard.

I think the 'truth' is probably between the two extremes. It took me really talking to real life trans people and people from the gendercritical side of things to come to my current feelings. I hope the majority here has done the same?

Love ya, CC, but I'll see you on a different corner of the WWW. And before you say it, no, I won't miss you either.

Anonymous 54527

Why do libfems assume anyone gives a shit about what they have to say?

Anonymous 54528

Don't mean any disrespect here, I'm sure you guys have a good idea of what's best for the site. But I think a containment board would be a good way to go. The other boards here are pretty active beyond GC stuff, and a lot of Redditors don't know anything about image boards.

Anonymous 54529

See you tomorrow

Anonymous 54552


>two-spirit concept
I found a really good post that relates to just this topic, actually.
It lists most of the groups western Tumblrites like to use as a "gotcha" to justify trans/non-binary arguments.
tl;dr: They're all fucking oppressive, but uneducated people with names like "Brandon" and "Karen" who call themselves "Kai" and "Koneko-chan" love to plug their ears and insist it's woke

Anonymous 54575

Not only that, but it's racist as fuck when they try and imply that native peoples didn't know the difference between a man and a woman before they were colonised. No one is that dumb.

Anonymous 54609

Right like… they still knew how to make babies lmao. This idea that knowledge of sex is some colonialist construct is so bizarre. If a group of people was reproducing successfully they had discovered the concept of humans having two sexes.

Anonymous 54610

on the r/GC twitter they have announced they're building their own website so they can control everything. should be interesting to see what that looks like!

Anonymous 54612

Really interesting. Many other communities for reddit refugees are built for men whose dull alt right adjacent subs have been shut down, so any platform centered around free speech type concerns is by default filled with the most annoying scrotes. I hope this site won't market itself as a bastion of free speech now that it's apparently going to have a wider scope than just GC topics.

Anonymous 55077

Crazy troons on reddit got the rest of the terf subreddits banned. I'm really starting to hate troons.

Anonymous 55080

What's with the transgender obsession on this site? I don't think I have seen one thread where no one feels the need to put someone else (usually trannies) down to make themselves feel better. I agree that a good lot of them are very creepy but can't you just like ignore them? I have not encountered any irl and the ones that I did online were either ok or I just ignored them. Christ, this place is just as bad as r9k sometimes I swear.

Anonymous 55082

There is not obsession, this is a gender critical thread. If you think it is bad and you're feeling sorry for troons then go suck on their balls so they feel better

Anonymous 55086

>the need to put someone else (usually trannies) down to make themselves feel better.
>to make themselves feel better
No its actually because trannies deserve it, lol. Like it or not, people are going to be upset at an offensive and misogynistic ideology, and with a group of people who have the same rate of violence as plain men.

Anonymous 55087

Christ no need to be so hostile, wht is your problem? I have a good amount of lgbt friends and they are all chill, sure I have met some uncomforable trannies but I have also met a lot of really rude LGB people and minorities, doesn't mean that I am gonna hate on them now though. If you only encountered the CWC type then I truly feel sorry for you, but there are a lot of places where you are free to talk about such experiences, no need to shit up this place with pointless hate too.

I mean, that is the same type of rebuttal I have heard people from /pol/ say when they are accused of being racist. It's really despicable to hate on a whole group just cause there are some uncomfortable extremists. Do you also hate all muslims cause some of them are extremists?

Anonymous 55088

It is not a matter of a tranny's personality of individual trannies as person. We are against the ideology and them as a group

Anonymous 55089

That's literally just pol thinking. Do you have to put others down to feel better about yourself? Insulting people when you clearly know none irl is just sickening.

Anonymous 55090

>there are a lot of places where you are free to talk about such experiences
Are you dense or just trolling? this is a thread about those spaces being banned

Anonymous 55091

>can't you just like ignore them when they sue you when you won't touch their genitals, go to your home and assault you, spam children with pornography, and get you fired because your sexuality isn't "inclusive?"

I actually could ignore troons. I'm straight. My attraction is invalidating, so they don't chase it. I don't have a young son they can force me to castrate or a young daughter whose ribs they can force me to crush in a binder. But I'm tired of pretending I don't see them harassing and molesting lesbians, or that I don't see them mutilating other people's children. CC is great because I don't HAVE to pretend I don't see it.

Anonymous 55094

>That's literally just pol thinking.
Caring about women and being against a misogynistic ideology is “pol thinking”? Also, I never said I “hate” trannies, I just hate their ideology. The ones who aren’t predators are usually misled and mentally ill.

Anonymous 55282

They banned gender critical guys now too, surprised it took them this long.

Anonymous 55350

It's just fun to make fun of trannies
r9k is much worst than this place because it's full easily baited incels

Anonymous 55758

it's funny how on the right image, lots of trannies before transitioning actually look quite respectable, handsome and attractive even. and the left image evokes an instinctive urge to scream and run away and hit his face. nature is amazing

Anonymous 55765

Honestly if I didn't know he was supposed to be a troon I'd assume left was a photo of a normal cis guy. Nothing indicates he's even trying to look like a woman besides the earrings and necklace.

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