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/neetgen/ - NEET General Anonymous 55098

Anonymous 55108

How do you guys convince your parents to pay for your stuff? i had a taste of the neet life during quarantine and i don't want to go back…

Anonymous 55119

I miss drawing ;-; I don't know why but I lost all motivation to participate in any of hobbies which sucks because i just want to be good at something, anything.

Anonymous 55206

If only i could find a wife and gay marriage was accepted in my country anon…

Anonymous 55210

That's what some male NEETs unironically think female NEETs should do.
They don't seem to understand that there's a big difference between someone who dreams of being a traditional stay-at-home mother with two kids and a working husband versus someone who "wants" to lead a NEET life with no responsibilities and gets told to just get married.
Some NEETs who are healthy and able end up this way because they want to avoid and run away from real life due to mental illnesses or bad life experiences and faliures. Looking for a husband would be too much work, too much real life.

Depends on what you mean by stuff. Food and tampons? Or gaming consoles and art supplies?

Anonymous 55211

I'm not a NEET but I had a roommate who was mostly a NEET for 3+ years (she had 2 jobs she quit after a few months since it was too stressful), she had rich parents who funded her lifestyle because she was "working on her mental health". To rely on parents funding your NEET life you just have to get lucky and have ones with a certain personality type.

Anonymous 55212

I mean food, rent and power. It's so alien to me because my parents made me work and study since young, even when i was suicidal because of it, and i still am to this day. Spending these few days at home has been heaven for me, i wish i could just focus on resting and getting better and not on controlling my panic atacks while on the clock.
Sorry for the vent friend, not what you asked for.

Hmm i see. Good for her, it's nice to have this backup.

Anonymous 55226

>and has a good job

If they had good jobs, they'd have bought themselves gfs already.

Anonymous 55228

Leeching off of people who aren't my immediate family is reprehensible in my eyes. I wouldn't do it.

lol this.

Anonymous 55233


i'm currently a neet. a broke neet. it sucks.
i was a half-neet but, after how shitty this semester went, i'm taking a break from school.
currently trying to figure out how to write a resume when i have 0 job experience, an unfinished cs degree (i can't do much more than solve c++ toy problems atm), and abysmal social skills.
if i'm lucky, i'll get one of these online jobs i'm drooling at.
like right now my realest goal is just to save up enough for a new laptop/desktop/etc. and ~70 for my meds. thinking $1200 monthly until the end of this year would be damn nice

cross your fingers for me cc x

Anonymous 55250

> Looking for a husband would be too much work

I mean it is based on luck somewhat if you do try. I imagine most girls here didn't give up yet and would like a trusting lifelong partner. So it's still worth a try. Not every man wants kids either.

Anonymous 55257

Take the dodgerpill

Anonymous 55284

>wake up at 4pm
>check websites on my phone first
>get up and go on the computer to browse the internet more
>after a few hours cook a large meal which will be the main meal of the day
>clean and watch a few episodes of tv
>at 1-2am my brain is too tired of screens so i read 50-100 pages of a book
>watch youtube or more tv after until sleep at 6am

Me too, I've been trying to pick up some new ones to replace browsing the internet but I give up after a few days. Maybe start off forcing yourself to do it for 10 minutes each day and see how it goes.

Exactly, many of the people who end up like this have mental issues that won't work out in relationships.

Anonymous 55285

Most mental issues can be treated. Don't act like it's a sentence or an excuse to be miserable. And being a NEET is not something to look down on. Just because someone has trouble functioning out in the society doesn't mean they're failing at normal daily life.

Anonymous 56441

having an existential crisis about leeching off of my bf/living in his house.. his roommates almost never notice my presence but i am a parasite…


>wake up around noon
>go on my phone until my back starts hurting and i am forced to stretch
>play video game, browse internet
>listen to podcasts or music
>sometimes write or play instruments badly
>watch movies/anime until my bf comes home
>then watch him play games or watch tv together until we pass out

Anonymous 56442

If they hardly notice you, how are you a parasite?

Anonymous 56451

currently unemployed and not enrolled in school this summer semester so ive been a parasite for my brothers the whole time.

>wake up around 9am

>get ready in bathroom
>cook breakfast and clean kitchen
>be on my phone and cuddle dog for the next few hours
>play video games
>use phone and read stuff before bed

my sister-in-law is weird as hell though, she got mad i used some of her cheese to cook and my brother was so fed up with her petty complaints about me that he filled the fridge with $70 worth of cheese.

Anonymous 56452


to summarize the last part, my SIL has been annoyed by me being a NEET in their house even though my brothers don't care. I understand her its irritating but she also is the type to hide HER toaster or cups I use often.

Anonymous 56464

That's a normal thing for your brothers to do, to host you if you're in university without a summer job. You should maybe try to find some petty work to do anyways though.

Anonymous 56468

i was a neet for almost a year until just recently
this was my routine:
>wake up at noon
>physical exercise
>read a book
>mental exercise
>cook lunch
>french lessons
>cook dinner
>browse imageboards and messages
>watch tv (anime/movie)
>read book

ngl it was great and i miss it but earning money feels nice too because I get to buy things for myself without relying on my mom.

Anonymous 56469

ive been job hunting but so far have been rejected by a couple of places, but i'm still applying left and right.

Anonymous 56470

do you help out with cooking for others and cleaning bathrooms and shared areas?

Anonymous 56471

dodgerpill? dodger’s definitely not a neet.

Anonymous 56484

i do, i actually clean the entire house while everyone is at work. its the least i could do while i have all this freetime

Anonymous 57065


Anyone else here with an addiction to mindless internet browsing and reading comment sections due to being a NEET? I want to get over it but it's too difficult.

All of you are so productive; drawing, learning languages, playing instruments or at least finishing a couple of TV episodes every day.

More than half of my day is filled with reading posts and comments on forums about relationships, dating and "life topics". What do men think about X, why do people think that Y, is it true that Z and so on and so forth. When I read news, I only skim the top third of the article and immediately scroll down to read other people's opinions. Sometimes I participate in discussions and waste the whole day refreshing and waiting for replies. I can't even concentrate on other things anymore.

The experiences of other people greatly interest me because I'm not really living life now. Doing this makes me feel as if I wasn't missing out on everything. Talking to strangers on the internet (excl. obvious trolls) makes me feel better because the only people I interact with irl are my family. The few friends I have moved away right after high school and we talk infrequently.

Before I know it, another day is over. Nothing finished, nothing done. Wake up, rinse and repeat. Pls help.

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