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Anonymous 55730

what’s crystal cafe’s thoughts on lolcow/kiwifarms? this might be unpopular, but both of those sites make me really uncomfortable for bullying people and doxxing people

Anonymous 55734

There are a good amount of immigrants from there here since a there's been a rad fem presence thier thanks to mtf lolcows, otherwise I haven't been on site enough to say anything about the culture there besides the obvious or have an informed take on the morality of the place beyond finding the politics of the posting base bad

Anonymous 55736

These are the social equivalent of gore sites. Most of the negative stereotypes of gorehounds and bodyhorror fans apply equally to both groups, and both sets of stereotypes are broken about as often. There are plenty of nice, well-mannered, clean gorehounds, and a surprising number of gorehounds are women. But women and men seem to seek both for very different reasons. You're far more likely to find posters who sympathize or identify with the target on LCF.

Anonymous 55744

detest them. it's bullying, it's delusional, and it's stalking.

i also get the impression every dedicated poster on these sites is just a more cowardly, introverted "cow" without a thread

people are cringy and dramatic and have several psychological complexes on rotation at all times. they always have been, particularly artistic, autistic or schizophrenic people like the "cows" generally are.

throughout history people have never acted better. pick up a historical diary or letters from any artist or poet in history, and it's ~milk~ all the way down. a part of maturity is coming to terms with how few people actually are "conventional" and "normal".

the only value is when they call out scammers, or popular figures who are behind closed doors severely abusive (like the pk thread, for example). even then it's not ok to cross over into just nitpicking people's routine psychological and lifestyle failures.

Anonymous 55763

Not a fan of it. It all has a malicious aura around it, so I'm never gonna use it.

Anonymous 55764

I know people who have been targeted on that site and often times a lot of the “facts” are completely fabricated. It is even worse than a bully site because it often leads to the victims being doxxed, facing real life consequences so that these shitheads can have their fun laughing about strangers. These aren’t political candidates, these aren’t spokespersons, these aren’t people who actually affect the world. They are just random people trying to live their lives.

Anonymous 55789

As someone who was really into celebrities and tabloids as a youth that later evolved into a fascination with internet personas, I can understand where the appeal of “researching” someone and talking about them comes from. I myself will go on both lolcow and kiwifarms for my favorite cows (the notorious ALR, onion boy, and the cum chalice consoomer) every few months and to see what they think of [insert b-list e-celeb] whenever there’s some new scandal.
However, people need to keep that in mind the kind of person who spends their life hate-following these people when browsing the forums. These places are fun for a few hours when need an escape, but they’re not places to stay forever if you care about your mental health.

Anonymous 55809


It's like drugs. Easy to get lost into because following a cow makes you feel superior to them, therefore you feel better about yourself.

Anonymous 55813

They're really efficient at what they do, but that's mostly because normalfags and lolcows post so much shit online. I have only attempted to dox someone once, and I mostly succeeded. The person in question was a redditor who raised his daughter to believe that Harry Potter was real. For some reason, I went into a mania digging through this redditors past posts in order to figure out who he was. I managed to go from knowing her lived in Toronto, to having a picture of his face, to knowing what places he worked at, to connecting his redditor account to his real name via a indiegogo. I found his current face and that of his daughter in question, and narrowed down what part of Toronto he lived in via his Facebook. I stopped there because going any further would probably have required me doing something quasi-legal. It was my first disturbing look into how easy it is to slip up and accidentally attach something from your online persona to your real name.

Anonymous 55814

>knowing her lived in Toronto
*knowing he lived

Anonymous 55907

Used to go on lolcow quite a bit. Loved how unapologetically honest many of the comments were even if they were just bullying. Also some of the people reported genuinely are awful and deserved to have their awful antics documented. After slowly realizing I only went on there when I was depressed and insecure, it also became clearer to me how many of the anons nitpicked cows to a ridiculous extent. Looking back, I think those sites are awful but I understand how they appeal to certain people.

There's a thread where lolcow users attempt to write about themselves as if they're lolcows. From reading them, a good number of the visitors suffer from the same disorders and possess the same physical/mental traits of the cows they love to make fun of. It's at least somewhat hypocritical in that regard, and it made me realize that I was involved in a community of pathetic self-haters.

Anonymous 55908

Not as good as Portal of Evil or Encyclopedia Dramatica, but both of those are dead forever so I'll take what I can get.

Anonymous 55921

I don't see why people expect that they can put all their personal info online daily for the world to see but then complain when people comment on it. The internet is not your personal diary or safespace. I do think sometimes these sites go too far or get too nitpicky (Dakota Rose springs to mind) and are often used for vendettas, however I do think they can help people realise how ridiculous they are being.

Anonymous 55923

No one’s saying you can’t/shouldn’t criticize the action of others. It’s just that lolcow and kiwifarms have a bad habit of doxxing cows, nitpicking them over the most miniscule shit, and exagerrating claims in order to make them look worse than they are at times.

Anonymous 55924

Yeah, the doxxing does go too far sometimes. Unless they are a scammer or otherwise harmful it's not necessary. PULL was especially bad for nitpicking, Lolcow too to an extent. KF tends to be a little better, depending on the thread.

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