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Anonymous 55730

what’s crystal cafe’s thoughts on lolcow/kiwifarms? this might be unpopular, but both of those sites make me really uncomfortable for bullying people and doxxing people

Anonymous 55734

There are a good amount of immigrants from there here since a there's been a rad fem presence thier thanks to mtf lolcows, otherwise I haven't been on site enough to say anything about the culture there besides the obvious or have an informed take on the morality of the place beyond finding the politics of the posting base bad

Anonymous 55736

These are the social equivalent of gore sites. Most of the negative stereotypes of gorehounds and bodyhorror fans apply equally to both groups, and both sets of stereotypes are broken about as often. There are plenty of nice, well-mannered, clean gorehounds, and a surprising number of gorehounds are women. But women and men seem to seek both for very different reasons. You're far more likely to find posters who sympathize or identify with the target on LCF.

Anonymous 55744

detest them. it's bullying, it's delusional, and it's stalking.

i also get the impression every dedicated poster on these sites is just a more cowardly, introverted "cow" without a thread

people are cringy and dramatic and have several psychological complexes on rotation at all times. they always have been, particularly artistic, autistic or schizophrenic people like the "cows" generally are.

throughout history people have never acted better. pick up a historical diary or letters from any artist or poet in history, and it's ~milk~ all the way down. a part of maturity is coming to terms with how few people actually are "conventional" and "normal".

the only value is when they call out scammers, or popular figures who are behind closed doors severely abusive (like the pk thread, for example). even then it's not ok to cross over into just nitpicking people's routine psychological and lifestyle failures.

Anonymous 55764

I know people who have been targeted on that site and often times a lot of the “facts” are completely fabricated. It is even worse than a bully site because it often leads to the victims being doxxed, facing real life consequences so that these shitheads can have their fun laughing about strangers. These aren’t political candidates, these aren’t spokespersons, these aren’t people who actually affect the world. They are just random people trying to live their lives.

Anonymous 55789

As someone who was really into celebrities and tabloids as a youth that later evolved into a fascination with internet personas, I can understand where the appeal of “researching” someone and talking about them comes from. I myself will go on both lolcow and kiwifarms for my favorite cows (the notorious ALR, onion boy, and the cum chalice consoomer) every few months and to see what they think of [insert b-list e-celeb] whenever there’s some new scandal.
However, people need to keep that in mind the kind of person who spends their life hate-following these people when browsing the forums. These places are fun for a few hours when need an escape, but they’re not places to stay forever if you care about your mental health.

Anonymous 55809


It's like drugs. Easy to get lost into because following a cow makes you feel superior to them, therefore you feel better about yourself.

Anonymous 55813

They're really efficient at what they do, but that's mostly because normalfags and lolcows post so much shit online. I have only attempted to dox someone once, and I mostly succeeded. The person in question was a redditor who raised his daughter to believe that Harry Potter was real. For some reason, I went into a mania digging through this redditors past posts in order to figure out who he was. I managed to go from knowing her lived in Toronto, to having a picture of his face, to knowing what places he worked at, to connecting his redditor account to his real name via a indiegogo. I found his current face and that of his daughter in question, and narrowed down what part of Toronto he lived in via his Facebook. I stopped there because going any further would probably have required me doing something quasi-legal. It was my first disturbing look into how easy it is to slip up and accidentally attach something from your online persona to your real name.

Anonymous 55814

>knowing her lived in Toronto
*knowing he lived

Anonymous 55907

Used to go on lolcow quite a bit. Loved how unapologetically honest many of the comments were even if they were just bullying. Also some of the people reported genuinely are awful and deserved to have their awful antics documented. After slowly realizing I only went on there when I was depressed and insecure, it also became clearer to me how many of the anons nitpicked cows to a ridiculous extent. Looking back, I think those sites are awful but I understand how they appeal to certain people.

There's a thread where lolcow users attempt to write about themselves as if they're lolcows. From reading them, a good number of the visitors suffer from the same disorders and possess the same physical/mental traits of the cows they love to make fun of. It's at least somewhat hypocritical in that regard, and it made me realize that I was involved in a community of pathetic self-haters.

Anonymous 55908

Not as good as Portal of Evil or Encyclopedia Dramatica, but both of those are dead forever so I'll take what I can get.

Anonymous 70766

It seems like there is a big chance KW will be gone soon:


Lolcow already seems to be on it’s last legs with the moderation issues. No doubt the ruling might affect them too. PULL already closed. Will the lolcow era be over?

I’m also wondering how this will affect radfem discussions. KW (and lolcow before they banned it) were some of the few places where you can speak about these issues and without having to word things carefully (see Mumsnet and Twitter) and where people actually go (all of the GenderCritical spin off sites are low traffic).

CrystalCafe might be one of the last openly radfem inclusive sites left.

Anonymous 70778

We could see a trend of new imageboards emerging in places like Russia or Iran and they certainly wouldn't have to comply with nonsense laws (or the lack of) and things like that.

Anonymous 70854

I don't use those sites. Occasionally Ill click on a link to kiwi farms to read about those tea spillers, but not often. Last one was about dolliguts, I think was her handle.
I only been to lolcow, like twice and I did not care for it. I didn't like how I saw a thread of them posting snapchat users and ripping into them. I just thought it was too sad and mean to pick on nobodies.
Doxxing is fucked and shouldn't be tolerated on any site. Because people are just flat out crazy. You don't know if someone is going to rape and murder someone just because they now have the knowledge of where that person lives. And I know people who get doxxed get those threats all the time. Not just to them but their whole family.

Anonymous 70867

I think there is good and bad in these sites. The bad is obviously the doxxing and that they can be pretty cruel at times, espcially if your thread becomes popular. The good is that they call out people on their bad behaviour and give them a wide range of advice on what to do to change. They also allow (mostly) free speech.

I never had a thread about me but I was mentioned in passing in one briefly as I knew a cow. Someone called me out on my bad behaviour and seeing it through a stranger’s eyes I could see that they were right and I made an effort to become a better person. I think having a whole thread might have been too much though.

Anonymous 70873

don't personally use kiwifarms but i think the internet would lose a great source of receipts and information on genuinely deranged invidivuals if the farms ever closed. mainstream media barely scratched the surface of predatory men like yaniv and without farm sites there's no hope for the internet imo

Anonymous 70890


There's an alternative to kiwifarms called onionfarms but it has a fucking tranny support board and the admin is an autistic middle aged moid.

Anonymous 70891


The gc/"transphobic" stuff doesn't get deleted though.

Anonymous 70937

Surely there has to be a middle ground. lolcow for example has incredible archives of degeneracy too and doesn't go as far as KF does. Both sites have their issues, but I wouldn't shed a single tear for KF. If they wanted to be a worthwhile archive of dangerous individuals, they shouldn't be dangerous individuals. exaggerated for effect

Anonymous 70952

I’d actually argue lolcow is worse as it’s so nitpicky. It also seems to have a lower threshold for what constitutes a cow meaning vendetta threads slip through. KF treats cows worse but only latches onto people who are truly terrible and has a higher evidence requirement. For example, you can make a lolcow thread about someone just for photoshopping themselves too much. This would never happen on KF. Lolcow also doesn’t remove threads or support cows to improve themselves as much, which KF does.

Anonymous 71033


can't relate to pathetic skelly bitches on lc cause I'm a fat fuck and proud

Anonymous 71050


I honestly like KF way more for those reasons. I agree that some KF threads, especially the more popular ones, devolve into nitpickiness and/or dunking on the same few negatively perceived traits over and over again but some are pretty fun to read if you look around enough. I like the particular flavor of radfem the Tranny Sideshows thread has gotten this past year. I'm genuinely gonna be bummed out if KF does go down because of 230 getting repealed, since there's no place quite like it.

Anonymous 71056

I disagree, lolcow is pettier but KF is more dangerous. The worst that will happen to a social media personality with cow tendencies but no following is that someone keeps posting them, gets banned for making a shit thread without evidence of drama, and the thread withers away and dies and might pop up on google but won't gain any comments. KF has threads on any random furry and autist, allows and encourages doxing, and is much more malicious.

Anonymous 71101


Not gonna say doxing is morally right or anything, but basically 100% of doxes on that site are due to the doxed persons posting identifying information themselves. I honestly appreciate having found KF since it taught me just how little information someone needs to figure out your real name/address/etc. Don't post pictures of yourself, don't link accounts with identifying shit to your Steam account, don't talk about irl locations with high specificity online, etc etc etc if you don't wanna get doxed. Online phonebook/address book-type websites are real, publicly available and put the fear of god in me more than KF laughing at autists

Anonymous 71118

I hate the constant insults and nitpicks they throw on every single woman. Because yeah, there are cows there are men but 80% of the cows there are women, and they're much harsher to them. The insults are basically what men would say, "fat" "fridge body" "saggy tits" and every single thing they can think of. Don't they realize they're just kicking themselves by reinforcing this kind of attitude, they're just reinforcing these harsh views of what women are allowed to look like? I'm not saying to never insult or nitpick anyone and be a cringy white knight, i think it's fine if it's done to be funny but most of the anon there are just projecting hard and it's frustrating

Anonymous 71148

lc is filled with moids and trannies now.

Anonymous 71346

when i first found lolcow it was really interesting to me. id spend so much time reading these threads of insane or interesting people, and i figured it was just some documentation of shitty people.

but then i started going on it more and realized how awful it is. i realized by going on there i was not any better than the people commenting and making the posts. for some reason it was just interesting to read about these individuals and i think maybe it was to make me feel better about my own struggles. but then i would see people i know get posted or made fun of over tiny things, false allegations and just bullying. it would be interesting if it was a site solely to document the behavior of shitty people but it really is just bullying. i get some stuff is “milky” or entertaining to them but i never understood how other girls can be so evil and tell the cows to kill themselves or make fun of their mistakes and appearances?

Anonymous 71356

Lolcow is only really fun for shitposting and gc discussion, the later of which is stifled as much as possible. The moderation is obnoxious as all hell, I feel like more often than not the mods are on powertrips banning anything slightly off-topic instead of actually cracking down on moidposting. The death of /XX/ was when lolcow started completely going downhill to me.
I used to actually enjoy following cows but now it just seems sad to me. Most of their cows are fairly normal people who occasionally make stupid decisions online, nothing really special. There's a lot of nitpicking over appearances that seems more insecure to me than anything else.
Kiwifarms is honestly a bit better with its choices of cows, though they have a trend of making threads where cow = woman on the internet I dislike/someone whose politics I disagree with. They're good at finding legitimately repulsive people and keeping actually shitty people documented (Zoosadists, Yaniv, Marl), they're basically a call-out site. Even though KF has a lot more moids the GC discussion is immensely better because they don't stifle it as much as lolcow.
Overall I like KF better for actually radfem discussion and keeping up with E-drama, and LC better for shitposting.

Anonymous 71372

>though they have a trend of making threads where cow = woman on the internet I dislike/someone whose politics I disagree with
KF seems to be more right wing which sucks. Every now and again a good thread will get invaded with sarcastic "orange man bad" comments. The Lindsay Ellis thread is unreadable as it's just the same users going on and on about her abortion. Lolcow isn't as political at least.

Anonymous 71397

Not really my thing. The only Kiwifarms thread I follow is the yanderedev one.

Anonymous 71472

I check the threads for the communities I’m part of so I can steer clear of bad eggs. I also check some C-listers so I can get a run down on what they do, but I don’t follow any threads dedicated to a specific person.

Anonymous 71474

LC is down again.

Anonymous 71479

do we know why? I wonder if its down bc of "cyberbullying" or if it's just maintainance.

Anonymous 71482

Not gonna lie it's making me realize how addicted I am. One of the few websites I actually like along with this one.

Anonymous 71483

Same here, I don't even care that much about any cow in particular, but it's entertaining to browse. I need more shit to do.

Anonymous 71490

Pay the bills admin you stupid fucking bitch, I need to talk about my husbando

Anonymous 71493

Yep. I don't visit LC every day or anything but I've been wanting to browse /ot/ all evening and it just keeps giving me that frustrating error message when I try to connect. Sucks.

Anonymous 71494

Tbh I mostly go for /ot/ and /g/ and I laugh at Shatna from time to time.

Anonymous 71497

I'm fucking dying. This is shit. A shit existence.

Anonymous 71507

I hate it when you write something in a thread and that one person HAS to have a retarded take just for the sake of edginess and twist your words

Anonymous 71508

>use an image board
>think you are better than everyone else
>mad that no one who matches your supreme intelligence replies to you only the idiots
Well guess what sweetie you are probably not too much of a hot shot yourself if we are being honest here.
Ever thought maybe you are not perfect?
WHy post on here if you expect normies to reply to you

Anonymous 71509

>that one person appears

Anonymous 71510

Those websites are cesspits filled with self hating hypocritical retards. They scrounge and dig and desperately search for any kind of justification for what they know is bullying. If you ever watched any of the CWC stuff, like he's fucked up sure, but the degree to which his bullies took it is absurd and their justification is always some ridiculous nonsense. It's sadism, psychopathy, plain and simple. You could grab any one of the people that browse those sites and they'd all deserve their own threads. Browsing those sites is bad for your health, nothing good comes from any of that.

Anonymous 71511

I know it's retarded but it still secretely makes me mad, can't help it.

Anonymous 71513

>You could grab any one of the people that browse those sites and they'd all deserve their own threads.
I feel the same. Most replies have pot and kettle vibes or just seem typed by BPDs. It's all very trashy.

Anonymous 71522


>Browsing those sites is bad for your health, nothing good comes from any of that.

I wish I realized this way sooner. I used to be an oblivious weeb but lc, cgl and pull made me self conscious and I started feeling ashamed of my interests while feeling disdain for weebs and itas. It's several years later and I still feel the same way

I do like the fact that they're safe spaces for women to talk about what they want without the societal pressure to always be the empathic gender, just sucks that it's used to mostly nitpick other women

Anonymous 71543

>used to mostly nitpick other women
>/w/ faggot AND a PULLtard
Ewwww that’s on for participating kek
You realize half of the board isn’t drama related. Fix your nasolabial folds weeb.

Anonymous 71544

The people that post on those sites are generally bigger losers than the people they mock. People full of anger or cynicism like that are never really as "normal" as they like to portray.

That being said I use it occasionally to get information about people. I think some of the people they mock are interesting. I can't help but be empathetic for most of them, internet really enables an extremely potent amount of bullying.

Anonymous 71545

>They scrounge and dig and desperately search

Not really. Cows are hilarious because they wear their fuckedupness on their sleeves. In most cases, you can troll them by saying utterly benign things like 'touching children's genitals is bad actually,' or 'video games can be good without representing your microidentity.'

Anonymous 71554

Fix your reading comprehension, salt chan. I never participated in the pt/snow threads, but I liked keeping track of weebs that "made" it and reading about how horrible some youtubers were so I don't make the mistake of liking them

Anonymous 71578

Thanks for being an example of the insane BPD losers that post there. Hahaha.

Anonymous 78764

I browsed LC on-and-off since 2014, mainly staying on /ot/, /g/ and /m/, and imo LC's moderation single-handedly killed the board culture. Moderation is carried out based on the mods' whims / personal agenda rather than in adherence to any sort of code/policy, posts get scarlett letter'd for the smallest infractions e.g posting a link instead of than a yt embed and even the most lighthearted joke will set off a full-fledged flamewar because posters there are perpetually seething over everything. Criticism of the moderation and dissenting opinions get ignored or censored, and for some inexplicable reason there was a constant stream of posts kissing the mods' ass over in /meta/ the last time I went there.

Anonymous 78766

>The people that post on those sites are generally bigger losers than the people they mock. People full of anger or cynicism like that are never really as "normal" as they like to portray.
i went on guru gossip the other day and i was just thinking about how insane you have to be to keep up with generic youtuber's lives like that to the point that it enrages you

Anonymous 78771

Why is lolcow so dead these days? Plus the ones who are left in /ot/ are annoying twitterfags and racebaiters. I'm about to bail too and just check on my favourite cows once a week. It sucks cause it's one of the last places online I enjoyed frequenting.

Anonymous 78774

It's because it has been around for years and young people are now using Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube more often.
Plus older anons are catching boyfriends and there's enough drama and gossip with that alone, without having to watch what celebrities and cows do.

Anonymous 78786

Possibly due to the nature of the information leaked, it borders dangerously close to real life stalking, only issue is that its online. If these people could they would take creepshots of their targets but they can't its all online

Anonymous 78791

Most of it is people "rewarding themselves" for hating someone. I assume it's a substitute for world wars. We can't kill each other anymore so the most we can do is make certain people hated

Anonymous 78823

I only go on LC for the tranny thread. I used to follow the vtuber milk one too but they shut that one down.

Anonymous 78824

i lurk moidfarms pretty often but don't post.
for lolcow, haven't visited it since the tranny jannies vent apeshit.

Anonymous 78907

I find it pretty interesting. I don't like the bullying aspects of it but yeah. It is a guilty pleasure. A lot of the people they cover are just outright shitty people like Susan Schofield. Kiwifarms was a big part of exposing her for the fraud she is and getting her abused daughter out of her hands. They do some good.

Anonymous 78911

>i lurk moidfarms pretty often but don't post.
>It is a guilty pleasure. A lot of the people they cover are just outright shitty people like Susan Schofield. Kiwifarms was a big part of exposing her for the fraud she is and getting her abused daughter out of her hands. They do some good.

I'll only go to lolcow once in awhile for select threads like the MtF one or /ot/ to harvest reaction images, I lurk kiwi more frequently but for both sites it just depends what threads you go on (and by extend what you're willing to put up with or read). People often forget kiwifarms is also behind the archiving of a lot of information and taking down a few shitty individuals like Schofield or the various zoosadists. Right now, they're digging up and archiving a lot of shit on Ashton Lucas David Challenor, the reddit troon diaperfur pedo protector and possible pedo, and his family.

Anonymous 78912

as much as I do like browsing it on occasion, most users are just bullies or overdramatic low key cows themselves. their thread on readytoglare is a good example of this. I occasionally watch her channel, but not frequently because she's a pick me (muh male victims) to some degree and really, really boring at times. but there's no actual tea on her. the whole thread is cows ripping apart her appearance. safe to say a good amount of them are just cunts. some cows are ridiculous and deserve a thread but a good amount of threads you can't justify beyond lolcow users being cunts
I don't have an opinion on kiwi farms much. some users are based, others are typical scrote mra's. it's really a mixed bag

Anonymous 78943

Some threads are really good, but yeah. RTG is a weird case because she absolutely has cow characteristics (and I judge you for watching her) but she doesn't really do anything so anons keep her thread alive by ranting about her unfortunate looks and random tweets while waiting for her to do something annoying. A few threads are like that, where someone's definitely cowish, but has learned to stay under the radar for the most part, but sometimes leaks a droplet of milk that validates their haturz. I don't think RTG would be as heavily discussed if she wasn't so unreasonably successful. On her own she's not the biggest cow but since she has an inexplicably large audience, her bad characteristics weigh in heavier because people are absolutely baffled about her success. It also doesn't help that she wasn't actively up to shit when her thread was made, it was only made because she keeps coming up in the Creepshow Art thread.

Threads always go to shit when they start to focus on appearance and nitpicking. You have threads like the Emalee/Katie thread in which you could sperg about how much less attractive one of them is compared to the other but nobody does. I think a lot of it comes down to the farmer demographic. A lot of youtuber threads are cancerous because they're full of tweens who are way too invested. You're supposed to laugh at the cows, not be obsessed with them. If everything a cow does is a personal affront to the posters then threads become unreadable. A lot of farmers were previously sympathetic towards RTG because she's ugly and, to some, relatable, but once you learn that she used to be an Onision patron and a crackhead and this is her "life experience" that she bases all her normie-tier judgements and posturing on, she just starts to look like any other mentally unstable attention whore who somehow ascended from retarded fangirl to having her own retarded fans. Nobody outside of her ex-fangirls actually care about RTG so her thread's users are idiots by default by virtue of having fallen for her shtick in the first place. No offense to you though, you don't sound like an actual fan/ex-fan.

I want to say in addition to all the above that once you get "into cows" you just find way more cowish aspects in people even if they try to hide them, and it starts to look like a serial killer red string corkboard of trying to convince everyone else that this person is awful. Of course that can be for better or for worse - it will really force you to reevaluate how online personalities grift, but you're also gonna tinfoil a lot and see the bad side of everyone. Which imo is very necessary right now as online celebs only gain more and more status but if it's a personal crusade (like pullfags seething over a weeb flake because they'd be so much better at being a weeb flake) it gets ridiculous.

Anyway I think getting too aware of all the things all these e-celebs do has made things harder for me personally. I don't trust anyone, especially famous people, and while I think that's the right choice to make, it makes it so exhausting to talk to people who naively defend their fav, put Twitch streamers on while eating dinner, shit like that. I'm so tired of it but most of the time they don't even know all the things cow XYZ pulled because they're normies and don't stay online all day reading drama, which is good and healthy but I can't un-read what I've learned, so I'm always the Debbie Downer who doesn't join in on the fun.

Idk why this post got away from me so much. Sorry for TL;DR

Anonymous 79007

But it's just delusional, people are shitting on stacies and models by zooming in on their least flattering image where they're still very good looking to find smth they can mock. It's honestly a joke, i feel sad going there because i can vividly imagine that the girls commenting on for instance belle delphine are below average and extremely insecure lol. I wonder how commenting on a rich and objectively good looking girl will make them feel better about themselves knowing that they'd be bigger lolcows themselves

Anonymous 79029

Whenever I embarrass myself on lolcow I hide the thread and forget about it until the next thread pops up and I declare that it's safe to interact with again

Anonymous 79033

Holy shit this was me before I stopped using lolcow (getting permabanned helped me quit). Once, I had tons of people in a thread gang up on me and it was pretty emotionally distressing. Was afraid to even go on the site for like a week.

Anonymous 79041

Things don't usually give me nightmares, I mean I've seen a lot of horror movies and I've never had a nightmare that was directly inspired by one. This video gave me a nightmare last night though.

Anonymous 79819

lolcow can be pretty fun to browse when they're not sperging out. Althought sometimes it feels like I'm talking to children since they tend to type like twittertards.

Anonymous 79822

>they tend to type like twittertards.
I swear, it used to not be like that. A bunch of newfags from places like twitter found the place.

Anonymous 79829

Some came from TikTok, too… I hate it.

Anonymous 79868

Its an important site that documents peoples wrong doings and exposes those lolcows for who they are; liars, cheats, perverts, predators, leeches.
Doxxing has never been a real thing, two decades ago everybodies adress was recorded in a phone book, this is not some kind of classified information. In fact, people who are scared of people knowing who they are usually are involved in some sort of wrong doing.
And bullying is discouraged and will get you thread banned.

The only bullies are the people threating null with violence or lawsuits to make him submit like they make all those other hosts submit by coercion and blackmailing.

Anonymous 79890

what happened to all the old users? I've noticed the twitter lingo on lolcow too. the yaaaaaas queen type of posters.

Anonymous 79898

I do this in /ot/ and /g/ for sure, luckily never managed to piss anyone off that much on the cow boards

Anonymous 79900

I noticed it’s the worst in the “dumbass shit” thread in /ot/. They also use those reaction images that people on twitter use. I guess the moderation caused the old users to leave or they just got bored of /ot/.

Anonymous 105764

lolcow.org is decent too, i think they're good for info on particular people but the stalking and bullying is not cool at all

Anonymous 105787

I would lie if I claimed not to browse Kiwifarms from time to time, but I honestly also hate myself a bit for my passive participation in online bullying whenever I do.
I can empathise with lolcows because I have plenty of lolcow-worthy things going on in my own head - I just know to control myself and never let any of that out in public. The only thing that separates me from the average lolcow on Kiwifarms is a more pronounced social filter.
I have the distinct feeling that most people on Kiwifarms are just like me in that regard, and that the whole lolcow thing primarily exists for them to project their own self-hatred onto.

Anonymous 105788

Agree. I've had some milky moments but thankfully never caught any attention outside of that community and had the sense to quit posting on the non-anon internet. I do think I post on these sites as a way of self harm, pointing out things wrong with people that I do myself.

However, having met people from these types of sites and cows IRL, cows actually come across as normal which makes it understandable how they manage to repeatedly find new people to scam and take advantage of. Being narcissists, cows drip compliments and fawning while posters are autistic ADHD weirdos you can spot a mile off.

I don't feel bad therefore for categorizing all the awful things cows do when I've been scammed by people like that myself. I do think there is a lack of comeuppance for people like them unless posters take the time to record and publicize their awfulness which kinda makes me sad to think about society as a whole. Unless you are caught and face real consequences, cheating and taking advantage of other people is most defiantly is the smart thing to do and all rich/famous/powerful people will have done it at some point.

Honestly, the whole thing has kind of made me withdrawn from society. Either you're being taken advantage of or you're getting nowhere because you have morals and refuse to take advantage of others.

Anonymous 105789

it sucks lolcow is gonna shut down, it probably used to be on of my fav ibs, though i usually only browsed /ot/ - it'll be interesting to see where it's refugees go

Anonymous 105792

Really good insightful posts.

Anonymous 105800


I have to admit, I lurk Kiwifarms everyday. I mostly follow the bad art threads. The major cows I follow are Onision and Philosophy Tube out of general curiosity. I just remember when Onision got into drama back on YouTube and have been curious ever since about whether or not he'll be arrested lol

Anonymous 105865

I dont know why they hyperfocus on women instead of men there. I guess i shouldnt be surprised though. Dox people all you want but it still makes a person look like philistine to be that obsessed with some woman online… enough to follow a bullying thread. It says more about doxxers than the doxxed. Although ill agree there are some people like chris chan that seriously deserve it.. the doxxers on lolcow arent interested in getting justice they knitpick random peoples lives to extremes. Its miniscule behavior at most to me

Anonymous 105880

The most popular cows are men though? There is a girl who blew up but that's because she fucked with chris-chan, the reason the site exists in the first place.

Anonymous 105894

lolcow focuses on women because the userbase is women. kiwifarms is more male focused because of all the troons

Anonymous 105910


why is lolcow getting shut down?

Anonymous 105912


I look at LC, KF when I get bored of normie social media, or when I'm actually super depressed and want to wallow in the cesspool.

I think that LC especially is full of self-loathing women - I notice that I'm most drawn to reading threads of cows that I relate to in some way. I can't imagine how horrible it would be to have a thread about me and my life. Sometimes I actually weirdly admire how vulnerable and "out there" some of the cows are. I'm so inhibited and don't share anything about myself with anyone, so it's sort of thrilling to see people who apparently don't give a shit and just put it all out there.

Anonymous 105922

I check LC daily, mostly /ot/ /g/ and /snow/ ofc. /pt/ occasionally. I think there is way too much nitpicking and general cruelty when it comes to some of the targeted lolcows. I just ignore those types of anons though, because their insecurities (which every woman has ofc) are too obvious and cringey to read. It's a great website and I enjoy peering into the manufactured lives of some of the internet's "finest" and witnessing other degeneracy and moral decay, and I enjoy the insights of women who have no interest in handmaidens and pickmes

Anonymous 105926

Admin just doesn't want to run the site anymore and is not really having luck finding a competent replacement. The server fees are paid for for a year now thanks to donations though so we'll see.

Anonymous 105969

I'd be happy to run it but I can barely turn a computer on.

Anonymous 106002

>people who are scared of people knowing who they are usually are involved in some sort of wrong doing
Yikes anon. Also there is a difference between your address being publically available and posted in a hate website with information tailored against you. Fatwas are a real thing. People also have uninvolved families and stuff. Anyway doxxing is not allowed on lc.

Anyone scared the new admin will go jokermode and expose all posters? I can see it happening since that website has many enemies and current admin doesn't seem too bright.

Anonymous 106077

I dislike it. They think they are so high and above everyone else so they take satisfaction in picking on someone that could have easily just been ignored or blocked. But people want to feel better about themselves and do that. Take a look at any of the off-topic threads and you'll see the amount of mentally ill posters who could have easily had enough ''milk'' to warrant a thread but are smart enough to not expose themselves to the public. I won't deny that some people are evil and deserve to be exposed but 90% of the ''cows'' are just mentally ill women (like Venus Angelic who is a victim of abuse) and mocking someone who is clearly mentally unwell feels sick.

Anonymous 106082

I don't understand how they turned on Venus. Last time I posted there she had just run away from home and everyone was cheering her for getting rid of her abusive mother. Now she is mentally fucked up, but who wouldn't be? I think most of the older posters left and now there is this new wave of posters who were drawn there only for the le edgy anonymous drama board novelty and have no real experience of the context and overall culture surrounding these personalities so they judge them more harshly and viciously.

Anonymous 109669

lolcow down again. wonder if this could be the end? one of these random downtimes surely will be

Anonymous 109695

lol being completely honest I have never even visited them. Heard a bit about lolcow and I was so disgusted and horrified that I basically just never looked it up again. each time I see an innocent person getting ripped apart it hurts too much. and mind y'all I'm not a sensitive soul.

also I never really get the "well you feel superior!" thing, nor do I understand the worth of those sites as having important information. massive amounts of misinformation being curated clouds the rest imo.

Anonymous 109703

Just came from there, and god I hope not. The MTF threads are a goldmine and I like the expectation of an all female userbase. There aren't really any places too similar to it, here ofc but I can't think of anywhere else.

Anonymous 109708

back up

Anonymous 109817


I don't agree with the doxxing stuff but besides that I don't really see the harm. Celebrity gossip and spotlighting odd occurrences have been a thing since the print and press. You may shame KF and LC for what they do but they aren't the first, and certainly not the worst of it.
If you're worried about having a thread on any of these websites then there's a simple solution to that problem, don't make a fool out of yourself online and certainly don't do it on a consistent basis. Even if you embarrass yourself enough to earn a thread, it'll die after 5 pages as long as you stop acting like a dumbass.

Anonymous 109866

man i'm retarded. i usually browse the farms on tor, but lately i can't access it through the regular url or the onion link. anyone have any idea?

Anonymous 109900

Wait a second is kiwi farns illegal? I just thought it was funny

Anonymous 109934

Not really a fan.
I discovered lolcow and thought it was great as a female-oriented alternative to 4chan. I only used it for /g/ and /ot/ and couldn't care less about cows. Stopped using it around a year ago when they exiled radfem discussion in favor of troons.
I admit that I do browse kiwifarms occasionally but I'm just an observer. I still don't really agree with doxxing and harassment, but at the same time if unhinged cows are willingly putting themselves and their degenerate antics online for the world to see, then where exactly is the harm if they are just spreading awareness? I'm specifically referring to people like Yaniv who are clearly predatory and dangerous.

Anonymous 110018

I came here from lolcow, found it in 2019 through their onision threads. I've never really followed any other individual cow, I just read some of the generals on /snow/ like the mtf and youtuber ones. Apart from that I just use the off topic boards. Oh and I lurk the kevin gibes extended universe threads on kf

Anonymous 110216

This comment did not age well.

Anonymous 110231

Soon is a strong word. They might have infrastructure problems but Biden for all his faults hasn't really talked about touching section 230.

Anonymous 110232

they have an onion link in case they lose their domain name and tor sites can't be DDOs'd as easily. they're legal.

their onion is uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion

if you're at work or something the network admin might be blocking tor connections try using a bridge from bridges.torproject.org

Anonymous 110259

i like KF because i am a loser that loves gossip.

i only use LC for /ot/ and /g/. i don't like imageboards for gossip since it's super unorganized. and i hate how every thread devolves into "look at how deformed her tits are"

i'm also not super interested in the cows on LC anyways, they're mostly camgirls and cosplayers and i just do not give a fuck. KF has the real freakshows, that's the content i enjoy.

Anonymous 110325

Same, I despise bullies. I ratted on every single one of them when I was back in school, even got one of them suspended for humiliating some weird mouse faced kid.

Anonymous 110326

Anonymous 110327

You're going to cry now?

Anonymous 110329

Maybe. What, you gonna tattle on me for crying? Tattletale?

Anonymous 110330

You honestly think that I'm a bad person for telling on a pack of oversized wild boars? Fuck them all and fuck everyone else who picks on defenseless kids

Anonymous 110333

Great demonstration of LC
If it isn't meant to be, then please don't derail the thread

Anonymous 110671

I have very conflicting feelings on lolcow. I like following a couple threads because I'm interested in people and psychology. Some cows fascinate me from that perspective. But at the same time I have a weird compassion for a lot of them so it hurts me when they are bullied for no reason. I genuinely like a lot of cows and relate to their messiness and I always wonder if other farmers feel this way too. I know I should stop reading there because it's definitely not good for someone's psychology to constantly read criticism. I would probably have better self esteem but its hard to stop following cows I've been following for years and it's given me a sense of community.

Anonymous 111006

Are you 10?

Anonymous 111104

I'm trying to browse their media board since they have active anime discussion, but there's too many people complaining about "problematic" things, like pokemon characters having attractive female designs or Kimetsu no Yaiba being "nationalistic" and "pro babies".
Wish normies would get out of my anime.

Anonymous 111111

this is morbidly wholesome.

honestly I was a bit of a lolcow back in grade school cuz I tried to talk to people instead of succumbing to my mental disabilities. People constantly recorded me, made fun of me, made memes about me, pranked me, etc.
The only thing that helped was becoming a complete, emotionless, dead brick wall–now people don't give a shit about me which is a huge improvement.

I avoid sites like lolcow because I'm so self-critical it stops me from going outside on most days already.

Anonymous 111117

I like lolcow. Off-topic and girl talk are my favourite but the mtf is why I check it once in a while, then I look at the other boards if I can be bothered. Never anime or media though, but maybe someday.

Anonymous 111179

I am in favour of bullying and doxxing, so no issue with either of those. If anything, I have an issue with LF because it is too ‘girly’ for my taste. Also, last time I checked, half of the anons there write like children.

Anonymous 111907

It's really obvious the entire concept of lolcows are losers that get a thrill out of laughing at and bullying even bigger losers.

Anonymous 111908

I thought they hated troons, unless it's self hate?

Anonymous 112160

I agree with you OP.

>i also get the impression every dedicated poster on these sites is just a more cowardly, introverted "cow" without a thread
That's completely true, they even admit it themselves from time to time. They'll say things like "if I wasn't careful about my online identity I'd have a thread already"

Anonymous 112341

i like both sites, and i know when it comes to kiwifarms it's mostly full of men that are borderline right wing and say misogynistic things, but i don't go there to debate politics, i just want to laugh at retards online, which is something i've done since i started going online, i used to be on encyclopedia dramatica daily back in the day

Anonymous 112348

I like KiwiFarms as a place where different perspectives aren't censored. It's true that sometimes people are extreme there, which I don't like- but, I admit, it does make the site entertaining. And I love how it's neither a reddit hivemind nor a 4chan regressive cesspit- but a fine melange of ideas and flavours of autism.

Lolcow is awesome as a place where the female perspective and experience is at the centre, which is really nice to have as a girl. It can be very funny, and there's something very cosy about a place where women get to be anonymous, honest and real together.

However, some users appear constantly unhinged and jealous of other women, and the snow board seems cruel and full of mental illness. Furthermore, although there are men pretending to be women there, it's very very easy to get called a troon. As a girl who lacks healthy female relationships and social skills, my attempts to blend in can come off as troonery, and any display of affection for feminine things can get you called 'troon' as well. Pure paranoia. I'm currently banned for being a male due to this paranoia. Also, I don't get choosing to be rude to strangers for no reason. Why would you want someone to have a bad day? It feels like an awesome girls club that gets very mean sometimes.

Also, I think crystal cafe is more lenient about not banning autism and rule breaking because the site is a little slow.

Anonymous 112737

They'll ban for being too uwuw girly (troon) but not for "not all men" diatribes because those are totally not moids.

Also, at least one of their mods/jannies is definitely a moid.

Anonymous 112739

Kiwifarms is a 4chan regressive cesspit. There is nothing to defend about it. Being a piece of shit is not "funny autism haha".

Anonymous 112751

can someone give me an overview of when the "troon" thing exploded? it seems like it became a huge thing in the past months.

I remember posting on /pol/ once (long story) and being "haha troon"'d and "you will never be a real woman" (I was born with a pussy) even though it was mostly unrelated.

Anonymous 114384

It borders on illegality if you ask me since what they do could be seen as targetted harassment.

Anonymous 114407

one of the youtube content creators I used to watch as a kid had a thread made about him a few years ago, and shortly after killed himself.
So yeah, I don't like them.

well to be fair his life spiraled out of control way before that, but I don't know how much getting internet stalked contributed to the tragedy. I wouldn't even have known about any of this if not for kiwifarms.

sucks to have one of my childhood memories tainted that way.

Anonymous 114432

Can you name the youtuber? i would like to know

Anonymous 114433

stumbled upon his channel because of this video:

It's cringy now, but that was the humor back in those days.

Anonymous 114452

I'm gonna be sad if LCF disappears forever. I like CC obviously but i like having more than a single female board to hang out at.

Anonymous 114456

It's down again, could this be the end?

Anonymous 114458

I don't think so. I missed the last town hall by minutes but people who were there were planning movie nights & the radfem board got brought back, which I don't think would happen if they said it'd get shut down for good.

Anonymous 165322

Just a two cents newsflash, if you're using autistic, schizophrenic, or other general mental illness/condition terms as insults, you need just as much therapy as an obsessive lolcow user

Anonymous 165324

Plus one this truth right here, if you can't come up with a creative insult and you call yourself a bully like my god you're more pathetic than even the worst artcow.

Anonymous 165331

t. turbo autist

Anonymous 165332


Got anything better nerd?

Anonymous 208062

I remember being monitored and laughed at by kiwifarms/lolcow types. I did treat sites as my personal diary, but I was an edgy teenager. And as soon as I stopped being a teenager, I grew up and started keeping my irl life personal.

The thing is, I don't really see what was so interesting about my problems in retrospect. Even at the time I was more bewildered than insulted and annoyed. "Abloobloo I'm depressed, wahhh I want plastic surgery" isn't that unusual or interesting, especially not for a teenager.

Anonymous 208067

I don't care about the bullying some people genuinely need it, but a lot of miners and lcs just take the bitter drama too far. They try to inject it into everything, every conversation. It's like if they don't have somewhere to spread the nonstop radioactive rage they don't know what to do with themselves. It's tedious. I'm starting to realize it's not just about trannies. If yoh had to be in the same room with the person irl or work with them they would be insufferable.

Anonymous 208068

I swear to God these people just grew up in pol.

Anonymous 208087

Growing up in Tumblr and Twitter instills more hatred against troons that growing up in /pol/ ever would. /pol/ has unfunny memes and sometimes tranny lust threads, on Tumblr and Twitter you see unfiltered unhinged troons being a menace to society and getting pats in the back for it.

Anonymous 208089

The stuff they come up with about how you shouldn't interact with male family members and so on, preaching "separatism" to lonely and mentally unwell teenage girls is borderline grooming.

Anonymous 208144

I hate people who are intrigued by lolcows.
An expression I have heard that sums those people up perfectly is "You are always on the same level as the people you choose to make your enemies"
>"Hey did you hear about the 34 year old with no job who spray paints himself to look like rainbowdash and possibly molested his niece?"

Anonymous 208145

>lonely and mentally unwell teenage girls
As if this group doesn't make up >60% of the lc user base, at least on the non-cow boards
Most farmers' understanding of radical feminism is as shallow as a kiddie pool, and the fact that many of the oldest are barely into their twenties explains this observation well


I use both sometimes but kiwifarms is just pol moids, LC I dislike how you get accused of being a moid or tranny and jumped on lol

Anonymous 208186

>pol moids
Right, like a cow will do something and in the thread some retard will go on a random tangent about da ebil!!!! leftists without contributing anything to the thread. Not to mention sometimes threads will get shat up with pages of nonsense infighting, and much is the same on lolcow

Anonymous 208274

It needs less men. Every thread that has a female subject gets idiot coomers and incels (Venn diagrams of these two is almost a circle) shitting it up. Some of the latest hits I saw were blaming a wife for her husband's behavior even though "men should know better and women can't." Eye roll The Internet Famous and Thunderdome boards are nigh unusable from the awful, aggressive, and sexist attitudes of the posters.
Users from 2020 onwards are the worst, so bad that join dates became visible on posts and there's a "fresh meat" subtitle.

Anonymous 208768

i'm glad i found this thread. i was really addicted to lc and now that it hasn't been working much, i'm starting to come out of it and this thread confirms it's probably a good thing. i still love lc, especially as a place to sperg about ot stuff and radfem topics with other women from time to time but obsession with lolcows definitely isn't healthy.

Anonymous 208789

>it's like existing as a woman holds you to this insane moral standard compared to men
While I see what you mean, consider that moids do talk about politics all the time and have an infinity of places dedicated to doing that. I can't think of one single place where women can discuss politics without self-censoring. Even here, politics are banned except for radfem discourse (the rationale is that it would attract moids with gayops, which is probably true). I get the need for lighthearted shitposting, but it's a bit insulting that every online space assumes that is the only thing women are capable of doing/are intrested in doing.
I have already swung the idea, but I really think we need a female politics board, it might even be on another imageboard.

Anonymous 208795

that's true, it feels like both cc and lc's userbase are now mainly very left leaning. i would consider myself center-left but it bothers me that there is no place where women of all political affiliations can actually speak their mind. maybe moids would shit up that board but honestly who cares if a small amount of people want to act like retards, they can be ignored and at least there would finally be some place online for free female-centric (note that i didn't say female only, because scrotes gonna scrote and will always try to infiltrate women's spaces) debate and discussion. even on lc and cc you have to be of a certain political affiliation to be able to have users listen to your point, or else they just call you an nlog or a pickme or whatever other term twitter has cooked up that month.

Anonymous 208796

I agree with you both somehow. I think it's tragic that female spaces are so few and far between that we have to pick between one or the other.

Anonymous 208809

Kiwifarms lolcow threads can either be "really good" or very bad.
>In a thread about lolcow
>every page an unfunny lyric change joke
> Not to powerlevel but spends 3 paragraphs powerleveling
>Well liked users are able to just make unfunny jokes and add nothing to conversation, while others will be called out for it
>20 unrelated rants about "niggers" "chinks" or "jews" the topic of the thread is rarely about black people
>highlights are useless because sometimes it's just jokes and no new information

I swear lolcows threads on cows are much more focused. My issue with lolcow is that some anons are very fucking serious. You cannot like a certin thing, make a certain joke without being accused of being a moid/troon.

Anonymous 208811

There is soooo much powerleveling on kiwifarms on threads I sometimes read, if I just see long paragraphs I know it will be about absolutely nothing. Or some users just wax poetic on a different topic.

Anonymous 208812

the rules are barely followed on kiwifarms and a lot of the time the users show themselves to be bigger lolcows then the people they are talking about. Keffals thread at one point had so many retarded "Jokes" and weird detailed bullshit about random things he's doing. They take gossip serious but at the same time, they gossip more then Lolcow does, dissecting every piece of some retard who likes to play with trucks or something.
At least we laugh at the bikini Barista in Shay's thread.

Anonymous 208817

I don't think the radfem space part is a problem on its own, I agree with most of it, it's good to have an online space where we can discuss this, and imageboards enforcing some nonconformity with mainstream bullshit political correctness is so traditional it's a force of its own at this point. What's a problem is that it goes way beyond just the 2X board (and assorted threads) and calling out people who refer to troons by their preferred gender, and ends up setting the tone for the entire place and creates this behavior policing spanning the entire site, where you can't like certain things or express certain opinions without being called a troon or a moid, and when you point out plenty of women like those things/think that way they just say those don't count and shut the discussion down. I know this is the internet and we have plenty of reason to guard against moidposters, but the purity standards are ridiculous. And I radfem discussion tends to attract people who have a lot of energy to put into that sort of "no woman would ever…" policing

Anonymous 208834

I agree with everything you said, nona. LC and even CC seem to live in this schizophrenic space that is on one end very "contrarian" to mainstream politics when it comes to gender but extremely conformist in regards to everything else, and no opinion that falls out of those lines is tolerated. I think you're right in assuming that it's mostly new Twitterfags with closet GC views, I'll add that these are probably people new to non-mainstream internet who haven't been terribly exposed to views deemed "unacceptable" or are just starting to break out of the shell, so they are quick to assume everyone is at the same stage as them or is otherwise a moid.
I'll predict that most of these people will see a shift in their views in the coming times, or they'll be successful in gentrifying the few truly free online spaces that exist.

Anonymous 208837

some anons on lc are so paranoid and schizo that they ruin every thread and every discussion because they have to endlessly argue about every post they disagree with, no matter how inconsequential. they are ridiculously easy to bait and insanely stubborn and speak about their mental illness delusions as if they are True Common Sense Facts and it would be funny to witness if they didn't derail every thread with that shit. kiwifarms never interested me, too many scrotes and plenty of posters that give cow vibes themselves. i also just hate the format of the site tbh

Anonymous 208847

Oh I think it's only the GC stuff, hence "some". But tbf I don't see much politics beyond that, and the few times I recall seeing it people seemed to not give enough shits to discuss it.

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