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Anonymous 56407

What is your life goal?

Anonymous 56408


Unironically this.

Anonymous 56415

Please explain why

Anonymous 56421



Anonymous 56424

A stressed out, single-mother, working from home?

Anonymous 56425

Anonymous 56426

A quick and painless death hopefully

Anonymous 56428

I want a unexplained tragic death that becomes a local urban legend.

Anonymous 56429

Having a stable job and owning an apartment.

Anonymous 56431

I just want a family

Anonymous 56435

Have you ever seen A Christmas Story? I love the very last scene, of the Mom and Dad sitting together, their kids asleep upstairs after an exciting and memorable Christmas, just watching the snow fall, and feeling so content and peaceful. Sure, I'd love to rich, but if I can get that happy family in comfy home on a nice quiet street… sign me up.

Anonymous 56438

You don't have to give up the career, unless your really keen on the masculinity of your partner.

Anonymous 56522

To rot

Anonymous 56523

Big fucking house for no other reason than to have multiple places to sleep and chill in, like 3 cats at least and a woman or man to spend the rest of my life with. So long as said partner can eat it like the groceries, I'm not that picky.
Or just offing myself, the first one sounds like too much work to get to and I'm suicidal most of the time anyway.

Anonymous 56528

Contribute something valuable to the ivory tower once I finish my degree in microbiology, hopefully land a research position

Anonymous 56530

Thats actually really cool and admireable

Anonymous 56533

Yes, 4 kids in a countryhouse, my husband and some chickens and palmtrees.

Anonymous 56534

What kind of job?

Anonymous 56537

It's my dream to work with animals in a shelter or aquarium, but as they don't pay much i would be happy with a nice programming or tech support job.

Anonymous 56538

What is that? Do you need a degree or preparation for those things, don't you? Animal sheltering and programming look like two completely different things, it's cool.

Anonymous 56539

To be heroic and help those around me.

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