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Gardening? Anonymous 58869

Does anyone else enjoy gardening or taking care of plants?

Anonymous 58876

Yes, I have around 20~ houseplants including a giant Monstera, a lemon-lime Maranta, String of Hearts, 2 rubber trees, umbrella plant, a fiddle leaf fig, several pothos, philodendrons, and succulents.

I don't garden, as my landlord doesn't allow it :( I dream of owning my own place so that I can plant a beautiful yard. That dream feels so far away gdi.

Anonymous 58877

I grow three rows of green onion, parsley, cilantro, chives, basil, and oregano by my kitchen door. Further away in pots are tomato, pineapple, chili peppers, lemongrass, blueberries, and melons. On my lawn are trees for mango, key limes, peach, pomegranate, and banana. God damn I love living in Florida

Anonymous 58910


I’m going to grow a basil plant and some herbs for cooking. It’s all comfy

Anonymous 58965

Based, I recommend the ones I mentioned in the post above you. They’re super easy to grow, and they regenerate really fast. Water once a day and keep outside in half sunlight

Anonymous 59230

I’m really jealous of you Florida-chan. Having all those plants for fresh food and cooking… being able to sit outside when it gets cooler… I wish I could do that instead of depending on an apartment with a north-facing window

Anonymous 59231

I can't wait for fall I'm going to plant a fall garden.

Anonymous 59442


I'd love to start my little own garden but i'm not sure how to
Any advice girls?
I live in an apartment so I dont have a "real garden"

Anonymous 59445

You can still totally grow most of those indoors. Green onions for sure

Anonymous 62935


I repotted my poinsettia today, the pot is huge. It is about three or four years old now, 75cm tall and looks a bit like pic related. The leaves turn red from time to time. Love that plant.

Anonymous 62942


I tried to grow a few chili plants once but nothing survived long term. It was fun but I don't think I can bear this responsibility anymore.

Anonymous 62960


My yew
I'm gonna keep it in the pot until it grows big and strong, then I'll plant it in the garden and let it grow freely

Anonymous 63170

I have a decently large garden but have let it go wild since there are monarch burrfly caterpillars everywhere and I don't want to kill one by accident while weeding

Anonymous 63180

That's so cool! I'm a Florida-chan too, but I am not good at keeping plants alive. I've tried to grow tomatoes like three times and they keep dying I also had some squash that committed seppuku a few weeks ago. I do have basil, green onions, chives, mint, and blackberries growing though and I'm really proud of them.

Anonymous 63185

>live in small apartment
>bought a succulent to be trendy
>accidentally decapitated it
>managed to regrow roots from the chopped off head, and the base grew a new top
>then i knocked it over
>put it back in the dirt and tried to make it like it was before
>the head died, the main base has a big ugly thick brown trunk and a few dying leaves, then the top part of it which is actually succulent-looking but messy and wild
>noticed bugs in it from time to time
>just want to throw it outside and leave it to nature and never bother with a houseplant again
fuck these things. this is why i don't have pets or kids btw, i can't even keep a fucking plant alive.

Anonymous 63192

I want to try growing shiitake or some other mushrooms. I'm researching now, I'm going to start once I get paid at the end of the month.

Anonymous 63193


Anonymous 63256

That's adorable. Don't be scared to weed. The caterpillars are conspicuous and easy to move.


Anonymous 63870

I have had dozens of tomato plants which have died from:
- rabbits
- saltwater
- hurricane wind
- excess sunlight
- snails
- ants
- pot too small
- the plant’s own weight snapped it

Honestly? Tomato plants are pussies. They don’t belong in Florida.

Anonymous 63871

Idk, succulents are the type of plant that the less of a shit you give them, the better they grow. I’ve had numerous succulents indoors that all eventually die in the ways you listed. Then finally I gave up, slapped it in a five gallon bucket of dirt and left it outside, and splashed hose water on it super infrequently. The succulent is now overgrown to the point of spawning twenty more “cores” of its body, flowering, and sprouting weird tendril stalks I didn’t even know existed. Shits weird

Anonymous 64537

I got hit with a bad episode of depression and nearly all my plants died during the heat wave. Its suppose to be fall and it still gets mid-90s Fahrenheit. Fuck global warming. I still have my roses and a couple of herbs still growing. I cant bring myself to care. Im going to plant them outside today and hope they survive.

Anonymous 64611

I had a few “dead” plants that I watered and they came back. There might be some greenness at the base you can’t see. Try it out, they might not be dead. Life is hardy

Anonymous 64614

I want to try growing mushrooms. Seems pretty straightforward and it would be cool to eat food I’ve grown myself.

Anonymous 64648


I have the best luck with eggplants! They love heat and water, which works well, as it gets blistering hot here in summer, so I just drench them every couple days and always have enough that I can give some away, too.

Anonymous 64662

Some gardening stores carry mushroom growing kits. If not I'm sure there's some online. In japan growing mushrooms is a common hobby, same with miss balls.

Silasimon takes manure to grow.

Anonymous 64666

I'm surrounded by old ladies that cultivate market garden sized plots of vegetables, surrounded by beautiful thriving flowers, while I grow the minimum necessary veg needed for my diet in buckets stacked on bricks in a yard I haven't so much as trimmed in over a year. I feel like a fraud.

Anonymous 64675

Currently growing a small potted garlic chives in the windowsill, alongside two avocado sees propagated in water, a pineapple, thai basil, and recently transplanted garden mint into a pot. Excited to start a mini raised bed next grow season with peppers, flowers, & oui’d lol

Anonymous 64883

This thread inspired me to go plant a bunch of veggies. I now have cucumbers, eggplants, blackberries, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce growing (plus some flowers and herbs).

At least I know it's not just me. I'm trying again with three different varieties so that maybe one will be successful.

Do it and then spoonfeed us

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