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Do you consider yourself a femcel? Anonymous 61088

Well, do you?

Anonymous 61143

i think the incel "women can't be incel because there's ALWAYS men who'd leap to have sex with them" canard is true, so fixating on pure carnal celibacy isn't psychologically relevant to a woman's loneliness and alienation. loveshyness and unloveability are relevant.

Anonymous 61145

being a spinster has been a thing since the beginning of time so I think the label is stupid. but when people start talking to me about sex and romance I just want to throw my hands up and scream I'm a femcel.

Anonymous 61146

You could make an argument for spinsters being closeted lesbians or asexuals.

Anonymous 61149

yes but it'd be a tumblr argument

Anonymous 61154

That's a fair argument, so, in your opinion, what's causes this loveshyness and unlovability?
I don't disagree with you but I also feel that at least a percentage of those women were indeed asexual/queers, but what about the rest of them? I don't think personality and looks mattered all that much for women's romantic prospects because there were some genuinely disgusting women like Ayn Rand who still had relationships.

Anonymous 61175

i think it varies. ultimately, the men available to you are too repulsive to love or unable to love you. this is what comes to mind, divided into two sections:

the external:
- developmental problems and ugliness are all big ones, and are the most cruellest and insurmountable. men will have sex with these women, but will not love them affectionately.
- economic malaise, and the modern impossibility for most of the population to own their own homes. this means we have very reduced nesting instincts. we know we simply cannot build a stable family unit because we won't have the stable foundation of our own fixed dwelling. we're always going to be shuffling between renting shitty undersized dwellings, barred from painting our rooms and nailing stuff to the walls. how can we find a mate to nest with, when we can't settle in the way our cultural tells us to?
- population imbalance, which isn't a problem in the west today. but it was a problem historically, and it remains a problem in third world countries.

the internal:
- mental illness leading to attachment problems. fearful-avoidant and dismissive-avoidant women. the unrealistic, abstract obsessive romantic/ideological fixations found in satisfactorily attractive women who have stable economic lives. (this one is me, and most of cc.) fantasists and agoraphobes, basically.
- the age-old problem of the undesirability of the available men. the lizard shallow part of our brains, which cannot settle. the men who we find repulsive are often wildly attractive to se asian villager women. i know this, and still find them viscerally repulsive. it's not a part of your brain you can turn off.

Anonymous 61214

Or perhaps, the men who date you see that you have issues.
I think blaming them for being repulsive or unable to love you is denial.

Take a good look at yourself and what you bring to the table in a relationship.

If you were a guy, would you date you?
What are your good points?
What are your bad points that make you undesirable to have a relationship with?

Work on the bad points while projecting the good points to the world.

Anonymous 61217


>some genuinely disgusting women like Ayn Rand

Anonymous 61223

I think you're seeing your first three points backwards.
- I've seen plenty of beautiful women who can easily get laid but can't get steady relationships due to her partner being unwilling, conversely, I've also seen plenty of couples where the woman or both the men and the women were unattractive, and they had a steady loving relationship.
- the idea of nesting is to nest with a couple, not only is it more economically feasible having two people contributing but it also makes live easier for the couple (sharing chores, for instance)

Anonymous 61224

Two* points, sorry, it's like 6 am here

Anonymous 61226

That's really good advice, not just for dating but for life in general.

You're not seriously going to defend Ayn Rand are you?

Anonymous 61240

Thanks. I have found that if you work on yourself, you notice 3 things
1. You start to see yourself in a new light. Not just another hopeless person struggling to make their way in life. i.e self confidence.

2. Other people start to see the good changes you are making, and respect you more. i.e less anxiety around others and more social interactions

3. Your mindframe shifts from being a victim of circumstance, to being the one person in your life who can make the most difference. i.e leadership.

The simple task of (personal example for me) getting up to exercise in the morning can lead to an avalanche effect that changes who you are for the better.

Anonymous 61242


This is a thread about winning boys. Rand came up with a philosophy that boys like. Also, just look at that smile.

Anonymous 61244

Rand is the Stacy's philosopher. Cope more, femcel.

Anonymous 61247

>Ayn Rand
you have to go back

Anonymous 61250

If you're wanting to date men who like Ayn Rand you have shit taste in men

Anonymous 61253


>implying you wouldn't a young Alan Greenspan

Anonymous 61310

Look at that basic bitch face

Anonymous 61312

This guy's ear makes his face look off or disproportionate somehow. Strange

Anonymous 61314


Rand is a meme tier philosopher. The devilish handsome Harvard professor on this pic (and the guy that derailed the thread about dicks) are the real thing.

Anonymous 61340

all true. i should particularly have added a point about cultural attitudes leading to men having no-commitment hookup culture attitudes to love, which is a common and very psychologically painful situation to be in.

on the subject of unattractive women who have happy relationships - absolutely. there are men with all the typical traits of incels who have plenty of enjoyable sex. we're generalising, here.

& yes, but you can't nest without somewhere to nest - the pleasure of making a home is really in having your own home, your own space that is really yours. getting married is a practical economic arrangement that leads to home ownership being easier. without the reward of home ownership, marriage is less enticing. i think it's one of many factors causing lower rates of marriage.

"work on yourself first" comes under the "mental illness" point. i don't mean men you would date, but the men who would happily love you, but who you literally could not entertain romantically without wanting to leave your skin. it's like, you will always be repulsed by the pakistani IT guy on okcupid messaging you with "hellO, very beautiful lady..,"

Anonymous 61359


Not a femcel exactly but I am recluse and socially awkward. I've had boyfriends before and I don't hate men.

Anonymous 62014

>the canard "women can't be incel because there's ALWAYS men who'd leap to have sex with them" is true
Is it tho?

Anonymous 102999

Handsome but never understood his book.

So you're just an asocial prude.

Anonymous 103000

how is she a prude when she's had boyfriends before?

Anonymous 103130

>i dont think men are even capable of love.

This is your problem right here. And this is a stigma that warps mens minds and keeps them just as closed off because they then feel like it's natural and how they're supposed to be :/ Just hurts everyone full circle. Makes men confuse emotional and physical intimacy cause they've never experienced intimacy at all, cause people assume they can't.

sauce is having moid frends

Anonymous 108772

nah, just picky

Anonymous 108777

kinda, though i probably am more of a fakecel

Anonymous 108879

Men would fuck a rotten corpse, so the definition of not being able to get sex when you want it doesn't apply to femcels. If the definition of femcel is someone who wants love but can't get it, many women are femcels.

Anonymous 108880

I've been volcel for years at this point
But I just suddenly got the crush fever hard on someone wnd it's really difficult

Anonymous 109884

tbh i used to consider myself one but i think it’s because i has really low confidence and bad anxiety

a year ago i met someone who boosted my confidence and i improved my anxiety and finally started having sex

it was kinda a mindset thing for me

Anonymous 109903


Anonymous 110007

how so

Anonymous 110273


Anonymous 110277

most cels are Schrodinger's cels.

Anonymous 111009

No because I'm not a virgin.
But if I was a virgin, I still don't know, because while I'm pretty weird and don't relate to other people at all, I do know how to fit in when I have to and I can manage to do so. However, I don't see a point in doing so unless it's at a job.

Anonymous 112584

More like asexual volcel. Thinking about doing sexual things with a real person and the thought of a real person thinking of doing sexually things with me makes me gag.

Anonymous 112604

heidi 2.PNG

if there are obvious differences in women/men socialization/dating experience how can we categorize a femcel?
i'm talking about my ass here but here's my idea (since its true scrotes will throw their peens at any woman willing to accept it, but the majority of men are genuinely disgusting, especially these ones)
I think femcel includes
- women who get male attention, but only from undesirable males (ie. ugly, mentally ill, stupid, crazy, desperate, that sort)
- women who get no male attention
- virgins
- never had a boyfriend
FEMCELS MUST HATE MEN. You can't be a femcel and be like "wah wah not all men". Yes, all men.

what do fellow miners think… since the difference between male and female dating opportunities and the desperation of males vs. women is obvious… how do we characterize it?

Anonymous 112605


talking OUT my ass not ABOUT my ass LMAOO

Anonymous 112797

>women can't be incel because there's ALWAYS men who'd leap to have sex with them
yeah but then they will say that having sex with a prostitute isn't the same and doesn't make THEM not an incel if they have that, because they know it's more about having loving relationships they desire than sex itself, so this argument is bullshit anyway

Anonymous 112798

Agreed. Paying for it shouldn't count any more than being approached by some fatso homeless person who reeks of piss and garbage. Normal standards should always apply.

Anonymous 112802

>about my ass
lmao anon

okay this is just my opinion on things, not saying it's gospel

personally, I think a femcel is just any female virgin in her 30s+, if you're in your 20s you're just a virgin mate
people say "volcel" (like myself about myself since I'm not a virgin, a lot of my friends are though) but at the end of the day there are always reasons for being celibate and sex doesnt endlessly exist pouring out of a spout for women like most retard "wizzies" who coined this terminology and the various rules around the words think. "Oh you can be attacked because 99% of men want sex? then you cant be femcel! youre just picky!" Crazy old world. If you're in your 30 or 40s, lurking here, and haven't had sex, it's fair to say you're a femcel because the reason for that to be voluntary are usually because of how gruesomely disgusting men can treat women, which isn a truly voluntary situation for us, is it? (I'm straight but Im still not blind, men treat you like shit, no questions about it, even/especially if you're hot.)

Anonymous 112803

samefag, I typed like a moid please dont report my dumb take please, wanted to add Im in my mid 20s but most of the women i look up to are older virgins, they seem to have their shit together and most of my relatives that lived to be extremely old (90s, 100s) attritube this to not wasting energy on men (for whatever individually circumstantial reason.) All still femcels.

Anonymous 112826

i do semi-ironically but i'm scared it'll be unironic down the line

Anonymous 112832

can confirm this is exactly what I saw in incel circles. bundles of fakecels.
how they get out of it is claiming any ugly man dating isn't being genuinely loved by their partner.

Anonymous 112833

tbh I'm almost 30. I have been talking to a guy for many years online and might meet up with him soon. He says I just have the worst case of BDD he's ever seen. But guys irl have said I look like a tranny (most of them were shorter than me) and fugly. I regularly experience abusive language like this. A guy has never talked to me for the sake of it.

I don't really consider myself a femcel despite never experiencing any romantic or sexual attention irl but absolutely I think being femcel pretty much comes down to men viscerally finding you offputting/ugly in a way that you would struggle to find one that genuinely values you. Like we all know men would fuck anything and that this in itself is idiotic to value whatsoever–even if they insist otherwise.

Anonymous 112834

also I think a lot of old women are functional femcels because they have almost no leverage in the dating market–even if they aren't a virgin. The sole reason why men would even show them attention is out of desperation, not genuine crushes or affection.

Anonymous 112837

As if old sixty year-old men have all this leverage in the same market. The people who claim that older men have all this leverage rely on sexist and misogynist tropes about gold digging young women.

Anonymous 112842

they don't. They're usually coping because only a very small amount of men age and 1. are good looking enough still not to come up like mega creeps to young women and/or 2. have money/status (which I'm sorry but happens–there's a lot of celebrity creeps with a history of being a creep still getting gfs)….alternatively 3. actually be a good option but god knows that's rare as fuck.

in any case we all can rest assured the majority of those men will viscerally be seen as leering Frollo-looking rats to young girls. a lot of them even have to rely on manipulation and gullibility even when they do have things going for them too.

oh, also, single middle aged women seem to be happier and better off than single middle aged men on average. it's why I can say stuff like >>112834 pretty smoothly. men are the ones whining about men having a loneliness epidemic. they bring it on themselves.

Anonymous 113545


and you can just as easily argue that there is no such thing as a male incel because they all have access to prostitutes. The involuntary aspect of celibacy is more circumstantial than material.
As an aside, I don't necessarily think this situation needs to claim the femcel label but I think there's this phenomenon where we date in our early twenties, get a bit burned by the whole ordeal, and then begin got come to terms with singlehood in a very self-defining way. I don't know what this can even be called, but I am noticing a pattern with myself and a few of my acquaintances. Standards go up with the experience, the naiive romanticism evaporates in the dry heat of adulthood, obligations, etc. I've been throwing myself into hobbies all the harder because of this, and now I can't really imagine myself dating anyone because I want to just make the most of my life where I know I actually can control for more variables. I can't guarantee myself a husband, but I can plan for other facets of my future and this is enough of a distraction to keep me (mostly) contented. It does get lonely, but I have to just make the most of what I have going on.

Anonymous 113554

you have a point.

I have known a few so-so looking, very awkward girls that ended up finding guys finally in their mid-late 20s…most of them ended up worse for it because it turned out they had all sorts of pre-existing issues that made them vulnerable to questionable or abusive guys (mind you, most of them came off as nice at first) and often unable of valuing themselves enough to leave. Or, they literally had no money to leave.
All of them ignored the feedback that they should get a safety and support network beforehand, and pretty much stopped talking to the few people they knew beforehand. They all seemed to have this mental block continuously telling them that everything would fall into place if they found someone. It was depressing.

Anonymous 113786

This actually makes a lot of sense

Anonymous 114391

why, 'cos you said so? :^)

Anonymous 114400

^^^^^^^^^ This. Retards who say all men are evil have never been raised by an abusive mother. Fuck off

Anonymous 114416

thinking all men are bad =/= thinking all women are good

Anonymous 114431

I have been raised by an abusive mother and I think all men are scum. Nice false equivalence tho, moron

Anonymous 115198



Anonanya 116315

Yeah…I mean I get called a NEET a lot I play league of legends and Osu so..I’m pretty much though bottom Of the barrel

Anonymous 116345

i didnt until i started listening to boyfriend audios on youtube

Anonymous 116613


I’m a female volcel (a vemcel..)

I have a boyfriend whom I love. After the honeymoon period concluded it slowly came to light that neither of us are very good at sexually satisfying the other and neither of us have much of a sex drive anyway, so we have just mutually agreed that sex doesn’t really need to be part of our relationship.

Anonymous 116620

don't care for labels much but maybe if i was a few years younger i would've. i've never been intimate with any guy irl or really had any of them show much interest in me. i've had an online relationship, but we never met. when i was younger i thought i was very ugly and that was why men didn't really interact with me, now i think i'm attractive though. i just find it difficult to approach and talk with men. maybe if i was desperate i'd try out a dating app but i don't have any interest in relationships right now, nor in having sex. i think meeting with the intention of dating right off the bat is odd anyway, ideally i'd meet some guy irl who i could befriend for some years and then blossom a romance with

Anonymous 116640


Do I count as a femcel if the only reason I'm not in a relationship right now is because I'm middle eastern and my dad would honor kill me if i even breathed in the direction of a man? I love my dad but I'm 21 and I'm constantly cuntblocked by him and by his retarded religion.
Pic unrelated but I would risk it all for him.

Anonymous 116642

Dang, good luck to you anon, it does't sound easy

Anonymous 116714

Must leave ASAP. Leave the country, as quick as possible. Good god I would hate that douche.

Anonymous 116728

Idk how you can even love him. Having a muslim dad sounds terrifying

Anonymous 117914

>I don't think personality and looks mattered all that much for women's romantic prospects because there were some genuinely disgusting women like Ayn Rand who still had relationships.

She didn't have romantic partners, she was in a jewish, libertarian, sex cult. It's pretty different from what you want.

Anonymous 119135


Don't fall for men's "we are less picky than the evil shallow wimminz" crap.

Anonymous 119143

Practice gfs are such a fucked up thing. Going into a relationship you know you will end from the start.

Anonymous 122644

Moid from the post has fried his brain on video games logic. "Practice girlfriend" lmao. You just know the guy who wrote this is also a 6/10 at best.

Anonymous 122645

Not really, but I am self isolated.

Anonymous 122794

No because I have a boyfriend who isn't ugly and I have a sex life. Also other people are interested in me apart from my relationship if me and bf break up. I'm gonna be honest though. I am socially retarded. I only have a sex life because I have a nice body and am a yes-man. Good luck girls.

Anonymous 122795

I detest 4chan lol

Anonymous 122804

I relate to femcels mostly. I'm sure I'd be called one by some people, lol.

Instead of catcalls I got screams about how ugly I was when I was young (dogcalls? idk) from grown men. And I was beaten up by a group of skinhead boys in high school laughing and asking when I'd shoot up the school while saying I looked like a fugly freak. The only boy that I heard people say was ugly fake asked me out (I said yes btw, we talked so much about our favorite sci-fi book series in class, I seriously regret it) as a joke…him and his friends laughed at me afterwards.

The only thing that kept me confident and not thinking about how I looked in grade school was just loving my friends and my hobbies. Then at age 20 I saw the first video of myself…hunchbacked, frowny, crooked-toothed and tall, looking sinister as Jafar in a group of otherwise normal-looking girls that had been shared around the entire school and everyone had been making fun of me (no, really, THIS WAS COLLEGE).
Everything clicked and from there I degraded quickly. Lots of stuff happened and…I broke a few bones from a failed suicide, yada, yada. A lot of stuff actually was bad in my life, not just that.

And then things just…stilled over a course of a few years.
To most mens' standards I'm probably old, and unlike before I don't hear insults anymore. I hear compliments about my looks and many "omg you look like a model!" from (usually older) women, which I'm sure happens to everyone, but it's at least an improvement over before where I never heard anything good.

Also, yes, I'm a kissless virgin, though I realize I've never felt bad over that. It feels very…safe. I'm making some serious money at a business I started after years of depressed neetdom and I'm finding some joy in some silly little everyday things. At least the pain is mostly gone and on a lot of days I feel like I'm just floating through life.
Being able to be alone, as a boring person with no personality is kind of comfy.

Anonymous 122807

Did those piece of shit college students face any consequenses?

Anonymous 122811

Gosh this one is heartbreaking. You sound - for want of a more specific word - resilient, not at all like you have no personality if I'm honest, but that's just from the tone of your post that I say this, maybe you are a robot beneath it kek. I hope you have a great, well-deserved life, you sound like a good "member of society" and should stick around until you're 180 to spite those idiots

Anonymous 122864

>- women who get male attention, but only from undesirable males (ie. ugly, mentally ill, stupid, crazy, desperate, that sort)
yeah that's me. I'm ugly and stupid too so I guess it's fair but the only moids who have approached me are desperate, immature incels. Most of them are horrible human beings too so I'm doomed

Anonymous 122964

Yeah women should forget that men make up the majority of violent criminals

Anonymous 122968

I'm sorry all that happened to you. I have an eerily similar story. It's nice that you're mostly doing better now. Do you still dream about finding love one day, or are you glad to be alone?

Anonymous 123067

Femcel implies the same thing as incel, wich would mean "women who can't have sex with men". I don't consider myself a femcel. I don't need scrotes, sex from scrotes or anything from them at this matter. I would better call myself a spinster. Or even better: moid disrespecter.

I like the term "female separatist" too. It fits me well.

Anonymous 123104

I think I probably am a femcel, but I'm not a KHV or anything. If I had been straight, I could probably get into a relationship or have sex easily. Meanwhile as a lesbian, my datingpool is tiny and trying to have a conversation on dating apps is like pulling teeth. Scrote incels should stfu, it's much more difficult for lesbians than for them. Straight women's standards are abysmal, the bar is on the floor and yet scrote incels still can't meet it. A lot of lesbians are picky af, at least nowadays. It might be caused by the meatmarket that is dating apps. I don't have massive standards personally, I have been attracted to women of all sorts of weights, aesthetics, ethnicities, heights, whatever, but many women will get turned off because you're 5% too butch or 5% too femme for them. Which is silly imo, but to each their own. I'm not going to get angry at other women over this, I'm not entitled to anything. I'll try to move to a bigger city eventually and get fitter.

Anonymous 123127

yeah but in a sexually active way

Anonymous 123250

I just don’t want to even use dating apps anymore, since I could be reading profiles carefully and writing thoughtful messages all day, and it doesn’t make any difference. No dates, ever.
At most some messages back and forth until she ghosts or clearly stops being interested. It’s discouraging, and really stresses me out.

Anonymous 123273

>female virgin in her 30s+
That's just a Christmas cake/spinster/old maid etc, a femcel is a catch-all for any age group

Anonymous 123274

I hate how they call older women who are virgins or still not married "Christmas cake". We are all humans not objjects, our value doesn't fall as we age. I regret being born a woman, but I'm happy I'm not from the lesser sex.

Anonymous 123290

is it me or incels think there's some sort of special status to being an incel? talk about egoistic, kek.

Anonymous 123292

Sorry if this is too ot, but I have family friends who I have known since I was a kid from our parents being in the same community. Out of all of them, I'm the only one who still hasn't had a boyfriend. I was always the odd one out too (emo phase in middle school, didn't go to prom, didn't get invited to parties, etc.) I guess I'm a volcel(?), but I wonder if my friends secretly feel sorry for me when ours moms talk and there still hasn't been any mention of a boyfriend yet lol. Like, "oh that's too bad she's always going to be kind of a loser."

Anonymous 127884

I just want you to know this was an insightful and useful read. Thank you!

Anonymous 132593

Have you heard of the halo effect?

Anonymous 132640

I jokingly call myself that because I spend so much time online and I had no idea how to talk to other people when I was younger.
I'm somehow in a relationship so no I'm not a femcel.

Anonymous 226476

I spent some years having no interest or even trying to date or have relationships but I recently realized I want a gf so Im on a quest.
Installed tinder and some other lesbians dating apps, I already matched w some girls and Im texting a few. Where I want to go with this is that if Im a real femcel and Im trully doomed then things will go nowhere and Ill continue being a virgin, if it was just my desintrest then Ill probably get laid and girlfriend one of these girls.

Anonymous 226519


>only ever had 2 boyfriends, never had sex with any of them
>first one self-harmed, cheated on me with one of his swagfag druggie friends
>second one was distant and preferred the company of his friends over me, my clinginess pushed him away
>last time i felt love was in my early teens
>in my 20s now, still haven't even had a crush on anyone
>not too ugly, just not very mentally stable
i'd like a bf some day but no moid ever appeals to me and i appeal to no moid

Anonymous 226531

maybe when i was fat, but even then i still had a few creepy men into me so not really. ive had boyfriends too. so id never call myself a femcel but i still am pretty sure ill feel alone until i die since i feel extremely alienated from most people around me

Anonymous 226536


>women who get male attention, but only from undesirable males (ie. ugly, mentally ill, stupid, crazy, desperate, that sort)
god, this is me. there's only one type of male i consistently attract and that's thirtysomething underemployed males who still live with their parents, can't carry a conversation outside of sperging about their special interest that i have no interest in, and expect me to prod them when i want to spend time together because they're so absorbed by their screen time.

living with parents is a turn off for me, formerly a dealbreaker, but whatever, it's pretty unlikely i'll find a man that does live on his own. i could look past the living situation, if they at least didn't make it feel like i'm pulling teeth anytime i try to get them to talk with me about something i want to talk about, and they made a real effort there instead, and if they were to regularly make plans to do stuff together, stuff that's actually fun for me, and doesn't just go back to their special interest, instead of expecting all the planning to fall on me, as if i'm some sort of unpaid event coordinator, and they're the bystander, waiting for the entertainment.

i got back in touch with an old male friend a while ago, and when i told him about my situation, he said i could do so much better. that was nice, but honestly, none of my experiences have proven that to be true.

i thought i'd like nerdy loner males, but they're the fuckin' worst.

Anonymous 226925

>can't carry a conversation outside [shit] i have no interest in
>absorbed by screen time
>need to prod them for time together
>talking feels like pulling teeth
>make no effort to be there
>planning falls on me
That's all men, not just some specific type of neckbeard that gravitates towards you. I don't know if it's their brain chemistry or upbringing but that's my experience with 95% of men. My boyfriend is sociable, successful, clever, healthy, attractive and well-groomed and you perfectly described my life with him.

He can act like a human being but that act is reserved for new friend he wants to impress, once the novelty wears off he deteriorates into the Default Scrote that is a rude and reluctant child piloting a hulking meat golem.

Anonymous 226938

your first bf sounds literally like mine except mine also killed himself

Anonymous 226941

>boyfriend killed himself
I know this may be a weird question, but how do you get past something like that?

Anonymous 226958

I've never been asked out, but I know there are desperate guys who would go out with any girl if asked so I guess I am a volcel? idk, sex also scares me alot, and men scare me in general so maybe I should just stay virgin.

Anonymous 226967

literally me.
Despite wanting it a lot, the very idea of being seen naked scares me. I think I might have AVPD
>Avoidant personality disorder (AvPD) is a Cluster C personality disorder characterized by excessive social anxiety and inhibition, fear of intimacy (despite an intense desire for it)
the description seems to match

>I know there are desperate guys who would go out with any girl if asked

those can't be good people. I understand being desperate and hopeless, mainly because I am, but they just seem like they're either egotistical assholes who just want any girl to be their "training girlfriend" to dump once they gain more confidence and experience from dating her, or just worthless guys, with no ambitions or goals other than having a grilfriend, willing to give anything up for a shred of attention from a woman.

Anonymous 226994

>Despite wanting it a lot, the very idea of being seen naked scares me. I think I might have AVPD
I suspected the same about myself, but I was afraid of self-diagnosing. It would make sense actually why I behave the way I do, but I won't dump about it here because I'm afraid of derailing. I also do desire some intimacy but the idea of having sex with a real person terrifies me, although I don't have sexual trauma that would explain that fear.
>those can't be good people. I understand being desperate and hopeless, mainly because I am, but they just seem like they're either egotistical assholes who just want any girl to be their "training girlfriend" to dump once they gain more confidence and experience from dating her, or just worthless guys, with no ambitions or goals other than having a grilfriend, willing to give anything up for a shred of attention from a woman.
That's true, and I think a lot of those types also tend to be too mentally unwell for a relationship, even the ones who don't want to "train".

I think either way I'm going to be a permavirgin, I don't see any instance of meeting up with a guy irl naturally because I'm not interested in dating apps and considering how much of an avoidant I am, I don't think anyone should be dating me anyway. I'm not a very attractive partner in prospect and I'll probably die young or have health complications at an early age.

Anonymous 227443

yes. I have a boyfriend but I continue to find men inferior. this is comparable to incels who get girlfriends but still are misogynists. I understand the term incel meant involuntary celibate but to me it means a male misogynist antisocial loser. I’m the female equivalent I suppose

Anonymous 227444

I see you as an underdog hero that will become a goddess one day. I hope you are doing well nona from 1 year ago

Anonymous 227457

Incel and femcel have been watered down to mean nothing. If you have or have ever had a SO you are not an incel or femcel. You are not a femcel please stop calling yourself one.

Anonymous 227509

They’ve been watered down for years now. They’re retarded internet terms anyway, it doesn’t really matter. I understand ur point but I’m gonna continue to call myself a femcel so long as there are incels sperging out about how evil women are online and irl

Anonymous 227523

You are a misandrist. Not a femcel. Femcels never had a rep for hating men in the first place, despite what you may have learned from normies doing yt video essays on femcels,they are not just a genderbent incel and CC is not genderbent /r9k/. Why do you feel the need to call yourself a femcel and why can't you call yourself a misandrist?

Anonymous 227524

Nope I'm not a Virgin in the least

Anonymous 227539

I've had boyfriends and I've had men like me so I'm not. I'm a volcel though. Either I find a man that I want to marry or I die virgin, don't care. For me sex is very intimate and vulnerable act and my heart cant bear getting like that with someone who is likely to leave me at the end. So it has to happen with a husband.

Anonymous 227762


nope. although i've never been in a relationship before and i'm pretty sure i'm unattractive to the point where some would call me an ugly femcel, i don't necessarily look for someone either. it's hard to call yourself a femcel if the definition is "not being able to find someone who is interested in being with you" since there are many desperate men and some of them would even try to fuck a carboy without hesitation.

Anonymous 227767

Idk much about Ayn Rand, just the fact that she supported her husband financially. Wouldn't call her disgusting but the only reason she had a relationship was because she was a pulling dead weight.

Anonymous 227787

we need to go back to using the term khhv. im so tired of people like >>227509 and others in this thread who have kissed/fucked/dated a male or several yet are still so fucking adamant that they are femcels and are desperate to hang onto the term because I guess they think it makes them look cool and edgy and different.

At least we have the virgin thread which is less likely to be filled with larpers unlike this "femcel" thread.

Anonymous 227788

Imagine gatekeeping a loser term this hard. Also not everyone is straight so you automatically assuming any woman having done something romantic must have been done with a man is just very telling on you.

Anonymous 227789

i mean im a virgin but ive been in online relationships with like two women who only dated me because they felt bad for me but still i wouldnt consider myself a femcel or a lescel

Anonymous 227791

something i noticed about femcel communities is that its all about men and boyfriends or how much they want a man

i guess thats why i see alot of other lesbians use the term lescel

Anonymous 227802

A lot of femcel identifying women aren't normal women who are simply seeking love or companionship. They're severely mentally ill women, most of which don't have a job/education or anything going on for them, who believe a man is somehow going to fix things. They're not as different from incels as they'd like to pretend. They even hate beautiful girls or women who are content with themselves almost as much as incels do.
Most femcel communities can't even comprehend not all women are straight.

Anonymous 227810


I agree with you. Why do the more normie women even want to call themselves a "femcel" so badly anyway? It's not something to be proud of. "incel" stands for involuntarily celibate. Very few actual incels exist, because very few people are that irredeemably horrible at socializing with others. To lose your virginity, have multiple boyfriends/girlfriends in the past, etc, pretty much disqualifies you from being an incel/femcel. But hey, when bitter-faggot scrotes love to call women "femcels" for having a personality or an opinion they don't like, maybe it gets to many of their heads that they are femcels….even though they're not.

Anonymous 227812

I think its mostly just attention seeking

Anonymous 227814

To be completely honest, I still have no idea what a femcel is, a same sex attracted women, in theory, has no reason to avoid women the way osa women might avoid men. Rather than being single because their prospective partners are garbage, they are single it's hard for them to find other women who are into women or because they would suffer prejudice and violence. I guess you could say that is much closer to being "involuntarily" celibate for real, but again, I have no idea if femcels are or aren't involuntary, the term is all over the place. If femcels aren't involuntarily celibate, I'd say there isn't much for lesbians to relate to.

Anonymous 227828

nta but I agree, the semantics of "femcel" are weird that's why I personally refer to myself as a volcel or simply virgin instead. Or better yet, I would just have no labels, because people seem to have different ideas of what certain terms can mean.

Anonymous 227860

There's always a retard who leaves a reply just like this whenever someone points out that normies like them ruined the term.

>Imagine gatekeeping a loser term this hard

Imagine missing the point this hard. Imagine clicking on a femcel thread thinking you'll be able to find women who are still khhv at a late age just like you. And thinking that you can talk about how it makes you feel with women who are also khhv. Except, instead of that, you see that there's several posters talking about the relationships they've been in, and that yeah they have a bf but they're still a femcel because they hate men!!

And then a retard like you shows up and just adds to this pile of dogshit by posting more crap because she can't understand that words have meanings and don't just change to mean whatever someone wants them to mean.
This is some tranny "a woman is someone who ID's as a woman" logic here but it's "a femcel is someone who ID's as a femcel"

>Also not everyone is straight so you automatically assuming any woman having done something romantic must have been done with a man is just very telling on you

Oh no u guys how dare someone make the mistake of assuming most of the posters are straight when the majority of the population happens to be straight! I guess we have to disregard the entire post instead of just applying the statement to lesbians too and changing "male" to "female" or a Gender Neutral Term.

Also why did you even bother to point this out? It's even worse for lesbians because the dating pool is smaller on top of trying to find someone you're attracted to and get along well with. So they could be more likely to remain a femcel into their 20s or past that and want to talk to other femcels/lescels that they can relate to.

But you don't care about this right? You just want to use the quirky femcel term to put it in your twitter bio and use it to tag your tiktoks with so people think you're so hecking edgy and cool!!

Anonymous 227868



i am not the anonymous you replied too so i kind of disagree with them too, i dont think its iffy that het women assume most other people are straight. they dont need to be hashtag inclusive all the time. however, because of that lesbians are bound to create seperate spaces for that reason.

male/female relationships are way different than female/female relationships you cant just switch out the terms in your head. gay dating culture and het dating cultures r different, that is why gay people make their own terms not because we want to use the "quirky femcel term". why is everything gay people do to you guys just a trend or us wanting to be different? like i noticed its a common thing on this site for people to call anything related to gay people "quirky" especially towards lesbians. some lesbiansjust want spaces where they know everyone else is like them. im sure you'd get that because you clearly want your own khhv communties too away from the """""""femcels"""""""" with bfs…

>(off topic but i feel likethose people actually wanna be quirky, the amount of "schizoposts" ive seen from self proclaimed "femcels" who brag about how much they love their boyfriends) .

but like lesbians just want their own khhv communties that r for lesbians. y'know?

>i might actually make a lescel thread since i cant just complain about lesbians not having their own khhv that are specifically for lesbians while knowing damn well i can just make one in two seconds

Anonymous 227874

So, who wants to take the opportunity to explain to me what a femcel is?

Anonymous 227882

ntayrt, but the only one trying to be edgy here is you, lol.

but yes, a lack of clear terminology is the problem here. khhv is pretty clear, while femcel is too ambiguous, or widely debated. if a term were made that's pretty clearly for women who have a relationship history, but never experienced a good relationship, that would help things out more. believe it or not, those women are also just looking for a space that has women like them, and talk about the problems they share. they may be more normie, but there's still a great stigma in wider society to say you've never been in happy relationship. scrotes drool over the chance to cudgel women with that stigma, so yes, a space is needed for them too.

Anonymous 227961

They're all internet words which boil down to "guy who gets pestered because he doesn't have sex or a stable relationship" and "girl who gets pestered becayse she doesn't have sex or a stable relationship"

Anonymous 228063

I call myself both, but femcel rolls off the tongue faster and it angers moids when they discover women have "stolen" their term that they created (incel).
Yes, you are right. khhv is a much more apt term and its not something I would use because its not accurate. I will admit i simply use femcel as a way to anger men and troll them, not because i want to fit in or act like im edgy with other women. however, femcel memes that women make are pretty funny and I like to save them. I respect kkhv, but I can understand if you don't respect me at all for calling myself a femcel, but again, i only do so because i am misandrist and most internet moids dont even take that term seriously or care. I want to make them seethe

Anonymous 228096

You sound like an incel who got told the shower, same energy. Take your pills next time before you reply to me and boast about being so disgusting no one had ever even held your hands or kissed you.

Anonymous 228585

how likely is it that you're ugly if you exclusively attract men who are more than a decade older than you

Anonymous 228592

Not likely, it's more likely you'd be really pretty

Anonymous 228593

with men its not about looks its about their chances to fuck you. you can be pretty or not, think about what makes specifically older men assume you will be willing to sleep or have a relationship with them

Anonymous 228594

Older men don't need a reason to pursue a young girl, there's no 'energy' a young girl needs to give off for older men to want her

Anonymous 228596

then good thing i reject all older men who approach me and stick to the pretty young ones, i'd hate not being special to a male and have him approach me just because im "young" lol

Anonymous 228600

older predatory moids are just more experienced and know how to exploit younger women better, and they also tend to sniff out young women with lower self esteem. you may be shy and withdrawn, to the point that younger men dont know how to approach you.

Anonymous 228647

this is what I fear
seems like I have nothing to bring to the table other than my age

I've been trying to make moves on men my age and I can't pull them, not even talking about the pretty ones, I can't pull even an average/below average young guy

Anonymous 228648

Im actually quite proactive and have asked out guys my age multiple times
they tend to blow me off, ignore me, ghost, etc
at most I can get a hookup with a guy that's under 30, and even then they're not my age but about 5 years older than me

Anonymous 228650

perhaps the younger men you have approached are not interested in a serious relationship? they are okay with hooking up with you as you said, but you might want more than that and they don't.
i think older men are more likely to "keep" women around more, be it because they're less attractive or have slept around enough in their younger years and are now interested in more stable relationships.
i'm sure you are not wrong in any way nona, i'm sure you're attractive and enough, you've just had bad luck

Anonymous 228655

you may have to be less direct with men that you like, and wait for them to come to you.
ive also asked out men, and it doesnt work for me either. i do get more attention from older men, not necessarily sexual/romantic attention but at my job the older guys there tend to try to talk to me more. i think a large part of it is probably confidence as they are older, and also that they were raised in a different time when men were more proactive for better or worse in romantic/sexual scenarios and in talking to women in general. i dont think our current generation knows how to interact with the opposite sex and there are no "third places" for us to meet the opposite sex either. dating apps have made us hyper focus on appearance as well. easily available pornography also allows us to distract ourselves from real life encounters.
i actually havent had a boyfriend in a while, and im not actively looking because actively looking for a boyfriend never worked for me. it used to make me feel really lonely and i still struggle a lot with the lack of sex. but remember that youre not a lesser person for not having a boyfriend. if anything not having a boyfriend is often better than a lot of relationships. i mean just look at the relationships around you, a lot of them probably suck and the people are only together for convenience. i also realize that saying this isn't entirely helpful to someone who is starved for touch and romance haha.
i dont think im ugly but beauty has never been my strong point. so i dont just attract random moids begging for my number. however this is a blessing in disguise. lol this turned into my blog. maybe you can relate to me though.

Anonymous 228656


>slept around enough in their younger years and are now interested in more stable relationships

Anonymous 228658

so how do you get someone young to commit

Anonymous 228667

Someone with good parents would commit young instead of whoring around and getting as many STDs as possible on his dick.

Anonymous 228668

You can't get someone else to commit, that's a problem of theirs they need to work out on their own. It's a character issue.

Anonymous 228671

Some males show interest in me, so no. I'm just too socially retarded to get a boyfriend.

Anonymous 228806


can someone fix this to not be like it was made by a twitter larper? thigh highs and eyeliner? come on

Anonymous 228808

this is more like egirl wannabe bingo..

Anonymous 228810

It would be easier to tweak it into a tranny bingo.

Anonymous 228817

well the original twitter is deleted but the description still shows up in search results and suprise suprise it was an underage.

Anonymous 228819


forgot file ofc

Anonymous 228821

Minors can not be femcels or diagnosed with BPD anyway.

Anonymous 228822

It looks like it was made by some twitter hoe who calls herself that because its so quirky and edgy, if you scratch the virgin part that is.
I was lurking some weird edgy discord servers and the ammount of both women calling themselves "femcels" and guys "incels" really makes me think that "cel" has become like new "cool" word for the normies. Its just like with the term nerd. You get bullied and called a nerd, and then few years later normies start calling themselves nerds because a thing you liked became popular.

Anonymous 228824

My culture is not your costume…

Anonymous 228825

waiting for quirky -cel merch to hit the shelves like "I walked out of my goon cave for this" shirts or something

Anonymous 228827

pick one

Anonymous 228829


>I walked out of my goon cave for this

Anonymous 228845

>I walked out of my goon cave for this

Anonymous 228846

>toxic femininty t-shirt

Anonymous 228853

Femcel Bingo.png

I tried my best

Anonymous 228854


Here's me doing my own bingo

Anonymous 228859


no bingo :)

Anonymous 228860


I don't consider myself a femcel but I got so close to bingo. Thank god I have a twitter to follow artists kek

Anonymous 228861


the stains one idk I feel like it's not fair lmao. there are times I bled through my underoos and feel wasteful just throwing them away. I don't know how to get the blood out, even after multiple washes so I just keep them for the times I start my period so I don't have to ruin new ones.
Do people usually just throw them away when that happens? I literally never gave this thought… guess I'm too much of a poorfag

Anonymous 228862

I assumed it meant discharge? I suppose women are societally expected to be wearing car crash underwear 24/7

Anonymous 228865

buy a hoodie and get worse vision anon, you shall be our queen

Anonymous 228868


Am I a femcel? Not really, I don't think so but eh, I got one…

Anonymous 228872

I thought there would be more koreaboos on cc

Anonymous 228873


Close calls

Anonymous 228875


yay! i win!

Anonymous 228877


I don’t really consider myself to be a femcel, I’m moreso just a fucking loser lol

Anonymous 228878


funny thing is I am not a femcel and have a bf.
If I can do it you can do it lol

Anonymous 228879

oops i forgot "doesnt have a skincare routine"
Running shoes for me could be replaced with flats. I don't own amy other shoe type

Anonymous 228882


Flats aren't femcel, in my opinion.

Anonymous 228885

>wears clothes multiple times before washing
Doesn't everyone do that? The only ones I only wear once are underwear and gym clothes when I sweat a lot.

Anonymous 228887


I used to dress up more for my job but I can get away with wearing a hoodie and old jeans so that's what I do. I just hole up in my office with the lights off and read books or browse wikipages for my own personal projects. I definitely feel femcel adjacent at a minimum– I have no romantic prospects, and I'm getting to the point where I don't want that to change. I'm just too comfortable in the present.

Anonymous 228889

Yeah there's multiple and then there's multiple. I often turn my underwear inside out to get one more wear out of them because I can't bother doing laundry. To be fair this is a fairly recent development in my depression journey.

Anonymous 228891

What's khvh

Anonymous 228892


Nvm Googled it

Anonymous 228898

>doesn't have skincare routine
How does that make you a "femcel"
It's fairly normal for women in a lot of places to not have one

Anonymous 228901

It's not one thing that makes you a femcel, rather these are traits those who identify as femcels often have.

Anonymous 228903

Screenshot (81).pn…

Anonymous 228904

>zero nonas said they like kpop
i'm so proud of you

Anonymous 228909


hate to be the one

Anonymous 228911

>doesn't shower everyday
I can never understand this. Hot water just feels so good. Sometimes I'll shower multiple times a day because I'm just bored

Anonymous 228917

My water isn't always hot :(

Anonymous 228920

more than I thought but I did have sex once with my hs gf so see ya loosers

Anonymous 228921


why no pic :(

Anonymous 228925

kissless handholdless virgin

Anonymous 228946

Nta but I've always been fascinated by the "handholdless" bit. I feel like it's there for comedic value, holding hands is just annoying and couples who walk around holding hands look stupid, but maybe thinking that is a symptom of femcel.

Anonymous 228954

I understand what you mean but…At the same I cant stop having a "ew" reaction to that. I think it's the femcel side…

Anonymous 228987

>Nta but I've always been fascinated by the "handholdless" bit. I feel like it's there for comedic value,
There is a general and default assumption that a virgin, even a kissless virgin, does have a deep well of normal, positive experiences with the opposite sex. And the normal range of such positive experiences does include formative experiences that asymptote relationship behaviors. E.g. formative experience in junior high or whatever of a reciprocated puppy love thing that for whatever reason never made it to makeout sessions. The handholdless thing is a joke, but it also isn't. It's there to affirm that no, there really isn't some deep well of positive experiences and associations for the KHHV, and attempts to assume that the normal range of human affection are and must be universally accessible is incorrect, and borders on gaslighting.

Anonymous 228995

I thought its
>kissless, hugless, handholdless, virgin

Anonymous 228998

I only have recollections of holding hands as a child out of obligation, like with my parents or classmates when a teacher ordered for an activity, I hated it, so warm and sweaty. I'm also unsure where the line with hugless is, I've hugged a lot of people in my life, but I live somewhere hugging friends or even just acquaintances is normal, kisses on the cheek too.

Anonymous 228999

Never held hands with a girl or kissed, but she did lay in my lap as we were watching a movie. I didnt like her though, I told her afterward I wasnt interested. She kept talking about how she wanted to kill herself 3 years prior and all this deep shit about her dad, as if this wasnt our first date and I hadnt met her before. Also, she kept texting her ex and screenshotting it violently. Oh yeah.

Anonymous 229004


>Holding hands is basically the most simple, basic, childish form of "romantic" interaction you can have with the opposite sex.
>The handholdless virgin is someone who has well and truly NEVER taken even the first step in romance at any point in their life.
this hurts

Anonymous 229008

I've never held hands or hugged someone romantically, but I'm not kissless, who wants to psychoanalyse me?

Anonymous 229009

Retaining significant oral-expressive focus, probably significantly closer to your mother than usual. Something something breastfeeding, can't quite recall.

Anonymous 229010

>significantly closer to your mother than usual
Sure, but not in a good way.

Anonymous 229016

What if I want to save handholding for marriage?

Anonymous 229024

The poster you replied to never recovered.

Anonymous 229038


Anonymous 229039

Kpop is for underage normies
>I can never understand this

Anonymous 229057

>i'll never understand this
>i'll never understand this

Anonymous 229155

Bingo .jpg

Found another

Anonymous 229158


this was really fun, thanks nona

Anonymous 229160

What does
>exceptionally poor hygine
mean? I'm scared.

Anonymous 229168

is twice a week exceptionally bad

Anonymous 229169

not even close

Anonymous 229171

Bathing? Depends on
>How often you leave home
>How phyisically active you are
>How much you are around other people at home
>How hot it is
If it's hot outside, you leave home every day, have to walk/run often and live with other people, then you better be bathing daily.

Anonymous 229173


I'll do them both.

What is considered an unusual build?I look like a praying mantis

Anonymous 229174


Number 2

Anonymous 229185

not really, I'd say its bad but not exceptionally so

Anonymous 229218


One more

Anonymous 229219


Anonymous 229220


Anonymous 229233


>Decent Job
>Still a loser

Tracks. How my husband puts up with my shit is beyond reason and I'll be damned if I go and pull that thread.

Anonymous 229273

Is having no guy friends a sign of inceldom?My best friend growing up was a gay guy but I’ve had no straight guy friends IRL, only online. No guys ever approach me to talk to me in class unless it’s to work on a group project/classwork since I’m a nerd. I almost enjoy being a nerd since it makes me an asset.

To be fair, I know I have rbf and have been told that I seem like a bitch (based off appearance) but that’s because I grew up used to no one wanting to be friends with me (besides the same 3 people I grew up with with) and being constantly bullied throughout my childhood. I don’t want to be rude but I don’t want people to be rude to me. I sort of feel like having an rbf prevents people from messing with me but I would also like to make friends.

I also don’t know if it’s the rbf or if I’m just hideously ugly and that’s why no one wants to be friends with me.

Anonymous 229274

All this came up because I saw a TikTok about how girls all know that their guy friend is into them and so many girls in the comments were agreeing. And I’m just here thinking about how I’ve never experienced that and will never experience that. And how will I ever get into a relationship with a guy if I can’t even make guy friends?

Anonymous 229567


oh god

Anonymous 229574


Me too anon

Anonymous 229678

I feel sorry that others had to experience me gracing them with my appearance. I always feel so shameful from my therapist, friends, people I develop crushes on, my mother. I feel she might’ve loved me more if I were more attractive and fit her beauty standards. I feel so bad for people I talk to. I just feel so nasty all the time. No amount of grooming, outfit, hygiene, makeup or hairstyle could save me.

I feel like a disgusting, gross freak all the time and I hate it. I just want to be less gross to people.

Anonymous 229718


I found this in a 4chan incel thread and it didn't even surprise me that I could fill about every box despite having a boyfriend who lives with me. Most self-proclaimed bitter incels in that thread were doing much better than me, a woman with a moid for a life partner. I wish I were gay.

Anonymous 229719


should i kill myself

Anonymous 229723

No you're based

Anonymous 229759


oh f*ck

Anonymous 229821


checked off nearly everything, the only thing i have going for me is dressing nice >>229155

Anonymous 229822


i did use to cook for myself but i've been too depressed so now i only really eat takeout

Anonymous 229831


i have asperger , i'm a north african living in a majority white country who's very racist towards anyone who's MENA, agnostic with a hooked nose and recessed chin , do i need to say more ?

Anonymous 229846

I'm 18 and never a guy has been interested in me or said I'm pretty. Am i a femcel?

Anonymous 229847



Anonymous 229850

I'd say 18 is still pretty early to say that

Anonymous 229861

I'm doomed, aren't…

I think I can appear to be a normie in public by never talking to anyone, but I probably just look like a giga autist.

Anonymous 230220



Anonymous 230352


Anonymous 230354

I don't think men really mind hair as much as we think they do I think it's mostly just marketing. It might be because I'm lucky enough to have light-colored body hair but my husband has never commented on my hairy legs when I'm wearing shorts or a skirt, even though I'm self-concious about it.

Anonymous 230356

I'd rather normalize washed, shaven, moisturized boys.

Anonymous 230358


Wait…. not everyone has stains on their underwears?
Also bottom row is a copout

Anonymous 230383

>stoop to moid behaviour
lol never

Anonymous 230385

>Wait…. not everyone has stains on their underwears?
Uh, I think I got bad news for you

Anonymous 230399

Washed shaved moisturized fakecels gtfo

Anonymous 230428

?? How do you not get stains on your underwear?

Anonymous 230487

Ft8ubkzaIAEAiae (1…

i found it

Anonymous 230489


Rise and grind femcel nation

Anonymous 230501


I don't want to be humiliated and degraded
I don't want to swallow genitals
I don't want to receive cum on my face
I don't want to serve as a sex object

I just want to live a happy comfy life with someone agreeable
Is it too much to ask?

When the dating pool is choosing between being a single use cum dumpster or a multiple use cum cumpster, I can rightfully consider myself a femcel ; as evolution made females more sensible beings than men that value long term commitment and emotional support over meaningless and degrading meat slapping

Anonymous 230507

Based af, more power to you nona

Anonymous 230524


Samefag 18yo

Anonymous 230530


Anonymous 230532

it hurts
make it stop

Anonymous 230533

why nona? being a femcel is not so bad

Anonymous 230534


I wish I could be here for you but the truth is we are alone in our pain

Anonymous 230535


I'm open to a lot of sex acts but dick in mouth/cum anywhere that isn't in a condom or inside my body are the two things I won't do, fucking disgusting.

Wow was this bingo made about me or what. I don't really qualify as femcel though because I'm nonvirgin and have somehow had 2 boyfriends (both majority online)

Anonymous 230538

Femcel is just a woman who doesn't have sex, could also be volcel on purpose. Not all our reasons are the same. The loser stuff is just an add on. And the underwear staining was probably referring to discharge/period blood not shit. Even after washing it can bleach your clothes and stain them that way. At least that's how I interpreted it. Thoughts and prayers to nonas who don't wipe right lmao

Anonymous 230545


yeah genuinely? What am I missing?

Anonymous 230546

>Is it too much to ask?
No, it is not.
>evolution made females more sensible beings than men that value long term commitment
there are men who value long term commitment too, but I guess there's less of them.

Anonymous 230547

It's saying do you keep threadbare stained underwear or do you toss them. I'm team keep them to use during your period lol

Anonymous 230777

Why are “daddy issues” attractive on a stacy but ugly on me? :/

Anonymous 230779

It's not attractive to anybody

Anonymous 230780


Not too bad.

Anonymous 230783

Also, we need to get a "pickme" bingo going.

Anonymous 230852

>tfw others think your struggles are of comedic value

Anonymous 230861

no bingo!


congrats true femcels, how does it feel that youll never have a bf in the future?

Anonymous 230872

Anonymous 230890

That should be in a pickme thread.
Or maybe there should just be a bingo thread.

Anonymous 230893


let me join

Anonymous 230894

A lack of heterosexual male friends is a sign of femceldom, in my opinion. I don’t put too much value on female-male friendships or envy them but it’s an observation I’ve made.

By a friend, I don’t mean a coworker or an association, I mean someone you would hang out privately or go out with.

Anonymous 230895


It only gets worse

Anonymous 230901

Looking at these bingos it is quite sad how many of you are fujoshis for a board that is supposedly made of TERFs. LARPing moids? Either way gtfo because you are disgusting

Anonymous 230902


You gtfo

Anonymous 230903

You sound young, nona. This is an 18+ board.

Anonymous 230905

Hating troons doesn't make us radfems

Anonymous 230923

you're all batshit crazy, seek help

Anonymous 230926

>nooo don't be a stinky weeb female with interests that hurt no one nooo

Anonymous 230928

Stop using the language of the enemy. There is no such thing as a femcel. A woman may not be able to sleep with a man she is attracted to or wants as a bf, but she can always get sex. It’s not the same for men and they resent that.

Anonymous 230934

Incels aren't real they could have gross gay sex but choose not too. Technically we're all volcels.

Anonymous 230937

>she can always have sex
yeah i can pay for sex but so can inkels, does this disqualifies us for being involuntary celibate?

Anonymous 230949

men will sleep with anybody. even hot men. if you think otherwise, you don’t know men. unlike women, men don’t really have types. they may claim or like how one woman looks more than another, but they will never refuse sex unless their job is at risk or something else which would threaten their social status. i.e. a professor refusing to sleep with a female student because the financial and legal risk is just too much. men will get sex where they can even if they aren’t attracted to the woman. i know plenty of women with very obvious physical flaws who are getting sex regularly.

Anonymous 230950

Anonymous 230951

not having sex with somebody you are attracted to vs not being able to have sex period are two different things. there are some men no women will sleep with. look at the 1,000 pound sisters. Tammy has had many men and so has the sister. The sister has even had two kids.

Anonymous 230952

i myself can call at least 10 losers in my phone book to have sex with now if i wanted to. they are all disgusting, but they will do it.

Anonymous 230958

then go ahead and do it

Anonymous 230963

The term incel was coined by a woman.

Anonymous 230968

Fucking faggot

Anonymous 230970

You act as if having sex is something to be proud of. Trying having a loving wife or husband and five to six kids, you fucking losers.

Anonymous 230982

i don’t want these guys, but i know they are an option if i were desperate enough. the thing is women aren’t desperate enough. sorry that bothers you.

Anonymous 230983

i have been married before. this isn’t the 1950s. men are scum these days. most are just pedos who dream of fucking teenagers and are quick to tell you you’ve hit a wall when you turn 25. actually even when i was 19, a man tried to weaponize my age against me. it was an ex’s jealous friend. this guy tried to tell me my ex was crushing on a 17 year old. making it seem like the 17 year old was better than me because she was 2 years younger.

Anonymous 231002

Men don’t consider ugly women marriageable. Most women prefer relationships to casual sex, but for women of lesser attractiveness this simply isn’t attainable. Ranting about how we could technically have sex with desperate horndog males is missing the point; those same males would never consider anything long-term with us. Celibacy is preferable to being used and discarded, especially considering the risks, e.g. abuse, STDs, pregnancy. Even if an ugly woman did take an inordinately desperate man up on an offer for casual sex, it’s unlikely he would be interested in making it a comfortable and pleasurable experience, especially considering the baseline hatred and disgust many of them have for us.

Anonymous 231013

that’s simply not true. there are many of ugly women who are married and beautiful women single.

Anonymous 231031

This isn't the thread for you if you want to dream about prince charming. You're ignoring her other points, women are safer in general without a rapeape in their lives, so what's the harm in her choosing to not date when you'd be treated like shit for not being stacy enough for them. You seriously cannot be trying to argue that men respect women they don't find attractive, they barely do for the women they like.

Anonymous 231041

yeah, dif anon and I'd like to be told this isn't true but I'm feeling more and more that the only thing that dictates how men will treat you is appearance. all "good" men choose the most attractive female they can get, as an ugly woman you will just get used for sex by complete degenerates with mental illnesses

access to a relationship/"love" from a moid hinges on your looks, how you will look when he shows you off to his fellow moids. I feel that as an ugly/"mannish" woman I am forever barred from ever experiencing true courting.

All I will ever get from a somewhat sane male on my own level is resentful, low effort attempts at casual sex

Anonymous 231046

>You act as if having sex is something to be proud of. >Try having five to six kids, you fucking losers.
There's something that has to happen first…

Anonymous 231256

>this isn’t the 1950s. men are scum these days.
implying they weren't 70 years ago?

Anonymous 231283

>It’s not the same for men and they resent that.
Yes it is the same for men. Maybe it's not exactly as easy for a man as it is for a woman but still very much possible.
That's why I don't understand some people calling themselves incels, claiming that what they want is sex. Any guy who truly wants nothing more than sex can get it. Either by lowering his standards a lot and just spending enough time on tinder or straight up paying for a hooker. If this is all he really wants, and isn't a hypocritical moron who won't accept anything less than a perfect 10/10 girl that looks like his favourite pornstar while being way below average himself, then he is bound to eventually find some ugly fat slut who seeks validation from anyone and will gladly fuck him to feel wanted.
Unless they are truly a genetic failure, so digusting that people vomit at their mere sight, they can get laid, if that's truly the only thing they want. Which makes me think that plenty of the so called "incels" are just not honest with themselves as to what they really want. Or a lot of normies calling themselves that as in:
>yeah bro I get laid but not as much as I want, I'm such an incel bro

Anonymous 231288

Here is the thing. Traditional misogynists didn’t want women in the work place, but at least they were mostly providers and could do things around the house.

The men of today just hate women period and they aren’t providers. We are living in a second wave of sexism that much worse than previous waves. Google Roy den hollander.

Anonymous 231300

>We are living in a second wave of sexism that much worse than previous waves.
That isn't because men got worse. They were just as evil in the 1950s it's just back then they were actually given what they wanted and were told to expect from women, so they didn't act on it.. Now they aren't and they refuse to accept that.
If you took a husband from lily white picket fence america and put him in cybertime atomized America, he'd be a chud just like the chuds are.

Anonymous 231305

you are not understanding how this wave of sexism differs from traditional sexism.

Anonymous 231306

both waves of sexism are different and different goals. just like feminism is a broad umbrella.

Anonymous 231310

We need next wave of feminism to be even more radical so that men finally see how lovable women are.

Anonymous 231312

feminism is dead, chud. we have already surprassed you in career and education. you might as well give up trying to contribute to society since you cant rely on being the provider to make up for your unnattractiveness and lack of personality now. theres no point in life if you cant get pussy right? you are uninteresting, unworthy and dont give a fuck about humanity. please kys

Anonymous 231313

I don't understand why you're upset, but i wish you have a nice day.

Anonymous 231315

ive been browsing r9k all day

Anonymous 231317

Try listening to this.

Anonymous 231401


at least boot tastes better than marital abuse

Anonymous 231419

What exactly is the difference in goals? Back then men were sexist to keep women submissive and nowadays that is also the case.

Anonymous 231642

>Incels cannot get sex (for free) and/or love.
>Femcels cannot get love.
I'd say incels are 1 whole step behind femcels. They are qualitatively different so femcel as a term becomes very misleading because it makes you think the only difference between them is the gender. That is not the case.
Besides, the term incel was created by a woman so by every right, a woman who is extremely disadvantaged to the point she can't even get sex for free should be considered an incel, not a femcel. They are very few and far between but they exist, and using the femcel term may even offend them (I do also think the term incel was hijacked by redpilled guys who aren't incel at all but still, there are way more male incels than female incels in my opinion)

Anonymous 231644


It's weird seeing the lingo outside the internet. Regular, average guys are identifying with such terms and without irony believing that they're not normie due to minimal understanding of what they mean.

Anonymous 231645

no, though when i was younger i considered myself so unlovable that it was unbearable. breaking out of that frame of mind is hard as i feel it has seeped into my subconscious

Anonymous 231659

Same here…except it never went away and now I'm a 26 years old virgin (admittedly I live reclusely though).

Anonymous 231671

I love you both femcelnons

Anonymous 231672

I definitely used to be but as I got older my face got less fat and my hair got straighter and then normies started being way nicer to me and now I'm more sociable. I sometimes have nostalgia over how I used to feel though - the thing about being desperate for social contact is that validation from others sends you to way higher highs than when you're used to it. I was a femcel (in that nobody would date me) until I was 19. Then I dated some guy with AvPD who dumped me 6 years later and I responded by becoming absurdly sociable in my graduate program out of sheer needyness and now I know how to interact with people and am 28. I'm still a bit worried I'll die alone though, but I do have a bf so assuming he doesn't steal the last of my reproductive years I might be okay.

Anonymous 231678

Being a virgin at 19 sounds pretty normal to me. I would only consider incels men and women >25 yo

Anonymous 231717

Screen Shot 2023-0…

>tried to cast a spell to make men like me
>still a virgin at 25
Is God punishing me?

Anonymous 231804

>tried to cast a spell to make men like me
>Is God punishing me?
As far as I can tell God isn't a big fan of witchcraft.

Anonymous 231809

I used to carry around love romance crystals, they never worked

Anonymous 231827

You know, I used to post here for years about being a femcel but have gradually been freed.
Confidence and dressing in clothes that suit me and my personality, not arbitrary ideals, has helped. I'm not the hottest and wear mostly men's clothes now but have had both men and women show interest in me. Simply leaving the house also does wonders for the mind since most people are not supermodels as the internet may lead you to believe. Most normies are just struggling through life and don't overthink things like us.
I still have not had sex at 25, but it's by choice now. Had the chance with a guy I dated, but I'm waiting for the right woman.

Anonymous 231828

Anonymous 231918

Do you actually believe in magic? Or was it just out of desperation?

Anonymous 231923

It's almost as if there's a direct correlation between self-worth and putting in the work to look more presentable.

If you're ugly, it's probably from a lack of effort.

Just because there are some lucky people out there who don't need to try very hard to look good doesn't mean it's a good excuse to live in unwashed squalor like a schizo moid.

Anonymous 231997


Anonymous 233033

I've had men confide in me that they would only befriend/interact with women they want to fuck

Anonymous 233034

Im celibate because it has been impossible for me to find a man that meets my standards:

-no more than 5 years older than me. This is a big one, all my options start at 10+ years older. Even though I get a lot of compliments, I've found that attracting older men is typical of women that aren't very attractive…. I'd like to be able to enjoy a good solid 15 years of athletic sex with the man I marry. Not to mention all the other problems with age gap relationships.

-wants to be in a relationship with me. Finding a young man that wants a relationship in today's hookup culture is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even middle aged men seem to be acting like non-committal fuckboys

-IQ over 85

-not significantly shorter than me (I'm average height ffs). I am not picky about height, however I've found that men tend to be just as picky as most women. Been rejected by guys who were my height because they want tiny women.

-no severe hairloss in their early 20s. A guy's hair is kind of important to me

-not obese. I am physically active and in very good shape…. I'd really prefer someone whose gut doesn't protrude/no man tits.

-an existing chin. I used to be picky about face but at this point, I know I can't be. Only thing I want is no facial deformities, particularly in the lower face. Probably too much to ask for is that they have at least one facial feature that I find somewhat attractive.

-preferably the same race as me but I know at this point I can't afford to be picky about that because men of my race are extremely sought after by all women.

I'm afraid my prime reproductive years will all be wasted trying to find this.

Anonymous 233035

And the sad part is those are all reasonable wants, scrotes are just that baseline disappointing

Anonymous 233059

same nona, im saving myself for,
1: athletic
2: committed
3: nature lover

Anonymous 233063


I hate the term "femcel" because of the association with incel scum and sex having e-girls but I'm only attracted to men who has the gay face (who indeed turn out to be gay) I will never be loved back.

Anonymous 233124

Yeah, this is me too. I don't even think I have high standards necessarily, but with my personality there is only a specific type of person who I could get along with romantically I think. I'm not really flirty or affectionate and I'm not interested in traditional relationship stuff, but I still want companionship… I know this is going to make me sound autistic as fuck, but a lot of the shit men do to women they're interested in gives me such the ick (and I've seen women also do this to women they're interested in too and I hate it, but it's irrelevant since I'm not into women). The way they smile at you or talk to you in that certain way that seems so patronizing to me (even though I'm sure it's affectionate and feels good for most people) or even the way they text you with smiley faces or whatever. I hate flirting so much and most men tend to think you're not interested and get turned off if you don't flirt back so I'm sure I've "ruined" a lot of chances for myself, but I can't bring myself to do it.

I have an idea of what kind of person I think I could get along with really well who I think would also be interested in someone like me. But what are the chances I'd meet someone like that? And what are the chances that if I did that they actually would like me back? I've accepted my fate pretty much lol.

Anonymous 233132

i'm a celibate because i'm retarded. simple as

Anonymous 233136

Also based

Anonymous 233145

you are smarter than any stacy

Anonymous 233543

>not interested in traditional relationship stuff, but I still want companionship
I understand that. I don't think I could ever "flirt" myself too. Although there are some romantic things I'd like doing, like holding hands while going for a walk.

Anonymous 233546

>Simply leaving the house also does wonders for the mind since most people are not supermodels
this, looking at random people I see on the street makes me really confident about my own looks. Appearance isn't the issue.

Anonymous 233561

>>Simply leaving the house also does wonders for the mind since most people are not supermodels
Honestly this being the reality makes me sad why can't 3dpd moids look like 2d wtf…

Anonymous 233664

Maybe in the far future we will be able to make everyone look like that through gene editing

Anonymous 234601



Anonymous 247355



Anonymous 247369

Huh… why spiders?

Anonymous 247384

agoraphobia is being afraid of crowds/outside, arachnophobia is spiders.

Anonymous 247948

like unironically? lol no. and those who do need to love themselves.

Anonymous 247949

I hate moid language, femcel is literally a moid term. I truly despise all men who use imageboards or/and are terminally online in general.

Anonymous 248015

>bragging about dehumanizing first
way to go moid. also, it's not used by incels since they are repressed faggots who would love to take it up their ass and would never call a scrote a "moid".

Anonymous 248035

what did the moid say

Anonymous 248036

he was like "ur using incel lingo bc moid comes from foid!!1!"

Anonymous 248040

I guess he's technically correct from now on I'll say scrote instead of moid. And more on the topic of femcels and how the term femcel has now hit the mainstream and became popular with normies… I just hate the labels that scrotes will push onto women, as if celibate women are anything like incel men or as if women who use imageboards are anything like the men who do, simply the difference in attitudes and content between male and female spaces shows this. I also hate how femceldom has become an aesthetic or trend online or seen as quirky.

Anonymous 248129

this just STOPPED prostitution with facts and logic

Anonymous 248133

Europe and the rest of the world that isn't USA still exist, nona

Anonymous 248137

This. In my country there used to be, up until a few years ago, a website which was basically a whore catalogue. It was so well known that to this day people often refer to prostitutes by the name of that website.

Anonymous 248140

What happened to the website to be taken down when it was widespread general knowledge? I'd imagine it to be like craiglist

Anonymous 248148

Apparently It's already back. I just read a bit about it and once more I am puzzled by the laws in my country.
Apparently while prostitution is legal, there is a very specific type of crime that is basically
>making it easier for someone to practice prostitution
by things like providing a place for it or making it easier for clients to contact hookers. And that in itself also isn't illegal unless you take money for it.
So yeah, hookers had to pay a fee for creating an offer which falls under "taking money for enabling prostituation".

According to one news outlet, the site was visited by 12 milion people per month, which is more than 1/4th of the population so I doubt that less than 70% of those users are bots. Still it was known to the point that people who never used it joked about it and used the word "whore" interchangably with the name of the site.

Anonymous 248562

>men are already being unwashed, unshaven, unmoisturised girls
troons will never be real girls

Anonymous 248563

In my experience men either
a) Hate body hair and will shame you for not being bald everywhere except your head
b) sexualise it and make it into some creepy fetish

Anonymous 248960

Men stigmatizing body hair on women is a symptom of systemic pseudo-pedophilia. It's not a coincidence that, most of the time, moids are attracted to features that are associated with children (no hair, petite, submissive, high-pitched voice) and frequently browse porn terms like "barely legal" or "teen".

Anonymous 248961


Don't underestimate the impact of broken bird syndrome Nonas.

Anonymous 249007


Yes. In my opinion, just as a guy being able to afford a prostitute doesn't automatically disqualify him from being incel, a woman being technically able to find a guy who would have sex with her should still count as a femcel if he feels no sort of romantic or sexual attraction towards her and is probably going to feel shame and regret "stooping so low" afterwards. the narrative that guys secretely want to fuck every single woman that exists is bullshit. Just being slightly below average in appereance, without curves or of a different race from the majority is enough for them to not even acknowledge your existence. Even normie women usually have to put in significant effort to attract the attention of a mediocre man and keep him

Anonymous 249085


dont like the word, not trying in life right now, and have dated as a kid anyways. but i find it fascinating how people just know people then feelings arise then they date or whatever this situationship stuff is in such a short timepsan. if i ever get serious about dating and get my shit together, i feel a bit stubborn towards dating apps even though i'll have to since i'm a lesbian. just doesn't feel natural. si i'm just going to try not to care.

stupid question, but is passion/hobby a meme or what, i try to convince myself it's not. only deep urge i have is to connect with other people. i was talking to some moid about it, then he said it was a feminine trait and that he had self control, but literally got engaged with someone in two weeks and would have different personalities that were gay or lesbian. i always have the thought i should just get obsessed with a skill or hobby so i don't feel lonely/suicidal but it just doesn't click as my life purpose when i try things out, and i know people who have tangible passions who still want to kill themselves anyways.

Anonymous 249504


Anonymous 249505


not a femcel though, i've dated

Anonymous 249705

not being a virgin honestly dosent get better

Anonymous 249715

My violent misandrist takes are realistic, this is bullshit.

Anonymous 251094


Anonymous 251096



Anonymous 251215


Why is "not reading a book" a femcel thing?

Anonymous 251217

I think I am out of my femcel days. I’m not sure what changed but I’ve recently been getting complimented on my looks by strangers everyday. I’ve also noticed more guys coming up to me to talk to me.

I think I’ve just bettered my makeup skills and found hairstyles and outfits that work for me.

Anonymous 252753

What is the character arc of a femcel? Sure, we are more aware of “the other side” of lookism and how men treat women they’re not attracted to but what else besides that? The life of a stacy or normie (based on looks) will be better from start to end. Being ugly all of high school and college and gaining beauty at 25 dims in comparison to someone who’s been considered attractive the entire time.

This rings true to my story. I’m 25 and I’ve been working towards improving my looks these past couple of years. I got my braces off last year. I had horrendously crooked teeth that parents couldn’t afford to get fixed so I had to pay for them myself when I became older. I found a skin care routine that works for me and finally learned what looks best on me. This is all excluding some light botox and fillers here and there, as well as breast implants.

It’s just unfair that there are women out there, some I know in real life, who didn’t have to pay tens of thousands to have the beauty they do and be treated the way they are.

Anonymous 260311


Anonymous 260312


Anonymous 260430


I used to be worse.

I look like a normie, cool.
>compulsive sexual behaviors to cope with anxiety
>compulsive eating habits
>diagnosed with some mental health issue
>lives with a dysfunctional family
>doesn't know basic life skills

Anonymous 260431


Oh yeah, this is good.

Anonymous 260433


Technically idk how these count
>hairy legs
<i dont shave but my hair amount in legs is very minimal
>doesn't have skincare routine
<i wash my face and use oil few times a week, so thats technically skincare ig
>doesn't cook her own meals
<i dont cook every day but when i eat i cook it so my most meals are like fruit or cup of milk so you dont have to make anything
>wears a hoodie all the time
<i own zero hoodies but i wear the same long grey shirt every day

Anonymous 262124

i manage to shower at least once every 2 weeks. but I have done 2 months without bathing a few times. My personal hygiene is abysmal

Anonymous 263284


Here we go!

Anonymous 263594


Well, yeah. I got a job but still a 23 KHVV. Can't talk to men and always stay around women. I've been scared of guys since HS, and can't break the cycle. I think browsing incel forums, using irc (which consists of 99% men), and larping as a man for almost a decade ruined my mentality. I debase women all day online, at work, and disrespect myself on a daily basis. Ruined any self-esteem I had left. A guy noticed I was being so harsh and called me out for it. Seriously need to leave those forums one day.

Anonymous 263626

KHV chart.PNG

Glad I'm not the only KHHV one here

Anonymous 263740

Damn you sure that agreement was mutual??

Anonymous 263741

Anonymous 263809


Not to mention I have a hairy ass and I'm flat-chested. Also I think I'm retarded.

Anonymous 263832

nope but i don't qualify as a normie either

Anonymous 263835


is it over for me nonas..

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