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lolcow farmers Anonymous 62542

There’s been talk on the threads of /ot/ that some anons are making the move over to cc.
Do you browse lolcow? What do you like/dislike about the forum?

Anonymous 62549

What’s cc?

I browse through the pink pill thread, a bunch of moid hating to satisfy my anger. I don’t regularly go on threads that talk about others, I get a little bored.

Anonymous 62553

I’m dumb nvm what I questioned

Anonymous 62555

kek anon

lolcow is not all that different from here (as much as they would protest because of their overarching paranoia that everyone is a moid or a tranny) except more active. It really reads like farmers already make up the majority of regular users here, so it makes sense if they want to migrate here for some threads that got banned on lc.

Anonymous 62559


Anonymous 62566

the tea.jpg

Lolcow's more active and more granular. I get e-celeb dish there, I get to vent my spleen about trans shits with less risk of banhammer here. But we're not really that different. Swapping communities feels like continuing a conversation rather than changing it.

>nitpicking jargon on a women's Sammarinese zoetrope enthusiast bulletin board

Anonymous 62572


im scared of farmers i don't want them to bully me for liking weird/niche anime stuff

Anonymous 62581

It’s mostly weird weaby bitches. Just don’t be scrote or tranny & you’ll be fine

Anonymous 62582

I feel like cows are too envious of other women and see them as competition
I prefer this place, it's more comfy.

Anonymous 62585

I hope not. Lolcows are gonna ruin this site with their bitchiness.

Anonymous 62590

How did people who aren't farmers even find cc? I thought all of us (minus scrotes) came from there?

Anonymous 62591

i actually found out about lolcow through here, i came from /cgl/ or /adv/ on 4chan, cant remember which

Anonymous 62601

Farmers are going to ruin this site by baiting people into posting their own nudes and photos, and even their families photo. Keep them contained to LC, they can't go a second without baiting someone for intimate information

Anonymous 62610

>baiting people into posting their own nudes and photos, and even their families photo.
Literally what are you talking about, mate??? That never happened on lc.

Anonymous 62618

Don't get baited. I don't know why you'd even post identifiable shit on an anonymous board in the first place. If some anon rustles you to that degree, you have other issues to worry about.

Anonymous 62660

Just talk about the anime they like like Utena and skim through their anime criticism essays.

Anonymous 62702

Lolcow is more active and less scrote-infested, I only check out CC once a week or so. I don't care much about the cows, I mostly lurk /ot/ and /g/.

Anonymous 62951

Yeah, I hate the bitchiness there. All female spaces end up having that catty atmosphere which sucks. I like that this board is more chill.

Anonymous 62963

LMAO if you post ur shit on anon boards because you're a retarded attentionwhore, you deserve everything that happens

Anonymous 63050

Been browsing 4chan for years and only just now discovered lc and this place bc some tards like to call it “crystalk - - afe” apparently.

Anonymous 63056

This site is bitchier. Lc is nice when you look at ot/g (with the exception of a few threads), cc has the most sarcastic replies even in the fucking vent thread.

Anonymous 63169

I know nothing about lolcow but unless you are personally dedicating time IRL to farm your local grassfed personal scrottie lolcow you aren't a farmer in my book

Anonymous 86458

I just like going on there for /m/ and the celebrity thread in /ot/.

Anonymous 86478

Ladies, we can argue about cc vs lc all day. One thing will always be true though: /cgl/ is the worst woman dominated image board

Anonymous 86483

I like both sites but theres a lower concentration of tards on lolcow. (Don't get me wrong, there's still definitely tards on there)
But I like how you don't get banned here for using emoticons or typing weird

Anonymous 86503

For a couple of years, I've been interested in lolcows. I prefer kiwifarms because they're a lot less catty and more organized. Nowadays, lolcows aren't doing anything really interesting. I still go back to lolcow often and browse the other boards

Anonymous 86506

Some of the stuff I've read on /cgl/ made me want to kms.

Anonymous 105742


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