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Anonymous 64722

Whats it like being pretty?

Anonymous 64736

being paranoid everyone around you is only there because of how you look, not your personality

Anonymous 64738

Define "pretty," like a girl-next-door 6.5-7/10 kinda pretty, or a 8-9/10 Stacy?

I'd imagine 9/10s have to deal with constant staring, people treating you like an object of conquest and dehumanizing you, treating like you are stupid and that the only notable assets you must have are your looks, that you're a happy normie, and assigning all of these surface level, vapid personality judgments. People probably act full retard around you, and people probably like you a lot more due to halo effect.

I can only speak as a 7, but
I went from being a mousy 5/10 Plain Jane aka completely ignored, people would sit on me like in the princess diaries, teachers would constantly ask if I was a new student even though I had been there for years, to looksmaxxing to a 7ish (where in rural Kansas where I'm at, is pretty top tier as everyone is overweight and frumpy lmao), and I get complimented usually at least once every-time I go out.

I attract attention, and people usually remember me, but I have a striking/flamboyant matter of dress too (bright colors, very extra). I definitely attract less attention than Gigastacies, but people are so much nicer/more inclined to invite me to a social group, or think I'm interesting and start conversations with me. It attracts people's attention more, so you don't have to put as much effort in to attract it with personality, which is good because I'm shy/not very charismatic.

Anonymous 64760

So sad :(((((((

Anonymous 65167

ez mode. anyone who denies it is a liar.

Anonymous 65168

easy mode for the issues ugly people have, but pretty people have their own problems that ugly people have in easy mode

Anonymous 65171

It's nice that I can look in the mirror and not feel like I have to get surgery or makeup, but socially, it hasn't made up for any of the things that are wrong with me.

Anonymous 65175

Imagine if everything in life is just easier
That's what being pretty is like
And that's without even doing anything with that prettyness

Anonymous 65276

Like what? Im actually curious.

Anonymous 65281

Mobbing is one, getting catcalled, feeling like you gonna get raped at night.
I obviously wouldn't wish to be ugly but it is true. Beauty is more advantageous than it is bad don't get me wrong but it has it's small list of problems. You realize how dangerous moids are.

Anonymous 65282

None of those things are exclusive to being pretty. I think ugly women are more likely if anything to be targets because no one would believe them or care as much

Anonymous 65283

That could be the case when the perpetrator knows the victim personally, but if youre walking down a street at night its more dangerous being beautiful since attractiveness brings attention and awakens something inside of men.

Anonymous 65284

Not really, men like that harass anything recognizably female. It's less about attractiveness and more about the area you're in.

Anonymous 65289

thinking you're dumb based on your looks, being treated like an object by people, being stared at, having less pretty people hate you just for being pretty

Anonymous 65385

I refuse to believe pretty girls have a hard time socially, men swoon over them and uplift them out of it.

Anonymous 65405

Pretty much unless you are super ugly, a man looking to rape won't give a shit about your looks
Only that you are rapable.
And that's for the whole "drag someone into an alley" thing.
Which doesn't really happen unless you go to shitty ghettos

Like they say, most rapes are done by someone the victims knows, and if they're already that close to you your looks mean nothing

Anonymous 65406

There's always the "serial killer with a specific type who kidnaps you in broad daylight" type.

Anonymous 65407

Just lol at the bluepillers in this thread claiming being pretty won’t increase your life quality. You’ll grow up having friends and receiving infinite validation. Being unattractive makes people ignore you and treat you badly.

Anonymous 65421

You´ll grow up having friends and receiving far too much validation you did nothing to deserve besides being born pretty and it´ll very likely make you a shallow cunt addicted to said validation.
Being "the pretty one" growing up is a hindrance to actually becoming a human being with a worthwhile personality or achieving any kind of lasting happiness.

Anonymous 65429

Receiving unjustified validation won't make you a shallow cunt, the opposite rather. Attractive women have better personalities. They also have better job prospects, are less neurotic and have happier lives in general. Stop coping.

Anonymous 65573

You do realise there are normal people that don't have these kinds of neurological obsessions like you. Right?

Anonymous 65580

Yes, because their lives are not ruined by their looks. Truly undesirable ugly ethnic women like me suffer greatly from lookism. Years of rejection has mentally fucked me up and lead me to spending my youth rotting on cringe internet forums/boards.

Anonymous 65585

It's great actually.
Can't complain.

Anonymous 65586

>Truly undesirable ugly ethnic women
If everyone lived apart the playing field would be more equalized.
It's especially tedious for both women and men. People assume the world and think they're owed your time. I'm no star, but I always find it tedious when people show interest in me because I'm almost always doing something at the time.

Anonymous 65623

Honestly the worst part about being pretty is men. I hate being perceived by men, especially old men. I hate being stared at by them, I hate when men do double takes and crane their heads to look at me or catcall and honk. They disgust me. I especially hate when men who are clearly with their partners ogle me…

Anonymous 65624

But with this said I absolutely realize how disastrous pretty privilege can be and how dehumanizing it is to women who aren't conventionally attractive. Being pretty is certainly better than being ugly but… everyone knows this.

Anonymous 65626

Okay but that could happen regardless
A serial killer who's type is "ugly girls"
Could just as well have a type too

Besides not exactly worth worrying yourself over getting murdered serial killers
If you worry about that then you'll never leave the house

Plus are serial killers even a thing anymore? With cameras being everywhere I can't imagine that they're that common anymore

Anonymous 65986

Like the other Anona said, that could happen regardless. You're getting into the statistical territory with those kinds of thoughts (more likely to die tripping down the stairs or hitting your head on something/getting into a car accident/ect.).
Serial killers will always be a thing as long as psychopaths exist in the genepool, if our society was more sane about… well everything tbh there would be a lot less opportunities for those demon-possessed shits to start gestating, and then actually operate.

Anonymous 66003

Why don't they do something to get rid of the psychopath gene(s)?
Are there that many of them in science that it would be against their interests?

Anonymous 66038

I have never been really pretty but when I started college in my third world country, I lost like 10kg in the six months prior and the fact I was enrolled in engineering and there's was practically no women in the campus made me like 8/10 there when I was like 6/10 max, it was honestly annoying mostly because I have bad social skills (i didn't even know when to blink in convos lmao), like the class finished and dudes just try to talk to me and maybe because i looked innocent or maybe my lack of social skills but guys would try to say a lot of very obviously bullshit to try to impress me but i was so shy that i didn't wanted to call them out, one of my teachers was super creepy always trying to get me to go to his cubicle after class so i stopped going to his class, it also increased my anxiety because before that I was invisible, in middle school one of the popular kids was told that I was crushing on him and literally made a pucking sound when they told him, i was never considered pretty before.
There's was a much more prettier girl but most of my classmates in college wouldn't even go to her or attempt to speak to her, but if she said anything to them they latter between them would be speaking like God touched them or something like that, eventually i reversed to my ugly state and the way people treated me was still no really bad since there's still no a lot of females around them so uggos would still try to hit on me.
My country has a lot of problems with girls literally being kindapped of the streets and then being dump somewhere raped and killed, so it really doesn't matter if you are super ugly just because you are a woman and alone you can become a target, I still feel more at peace being ugly tbh I just avoid looking at mirrors.

Anonymous 66047

>My country has a lot of problems with girls literally being kindapped of the streets and then being dump somewhere raped and killed
I was going to try and guess the country but then I realised there are too many to choose from like this. Hope you can get out anon.

Anonymous 66049

It's kinda hard to detect someone having no soul if you're talking about purely scientific methodology, also just because someone might have the psycho genes doesn't necessarily mean that the genes might express themselves… yeah it's complicated.

Anonymous 66052

>kidnapped off the streets
I've that in America. Cops don't care either.

Anonymous 66093

I've seen that*

Anonymous 66108

>You’ll grow up having friends and receiving infinite validation

Just because you're ugly on the outside doesn't mean you have to be ugly on the inside.

Anonymous 66158

Eh generaly it does. Its a lot easier being nice and positive when youve always been given attention and affection. And its much easier becoming bitter and hateful when you get ignored. These things don't happen in a vaccum.

Anonymous 66200

What’s it like being ugly or just not pretty? Does your appearance cause you major problems? Are you treated worse than attractive people in general? I’m curious about how the other side lives

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