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Anonymous 65317

Matchmaking is a fucking cringe

I live in a shithole village in southeastern Poland and my mum decided to find me a husband. She chose her friend's son. He was in my class in primary school but that was 12 years ago and even then we didn't know each other very well and hardly ever talked to each other. I'm a jobless, uneducated shit, i didn't finnish my school and lost my job 3 months ago due to the crisis, and he is quite wealthy because he works as an engineer. My mum forced me to take on my best dress and visit him, our mothers then forced us to spend an hour in his room talking. He was as confused as I was and we both was happy when it was over. The worst of all is that my mother thinks that her matchmaking intrigue is succesful and we fancy each other.

This shit should not be legal

Anonymous 65324

Skrzetuski is my fictional crush ngl. I need to rewatch the movie in my free time, thanks anon for the reminder.

Anonymous 65343


>I'm a jobless, uneducated shit, i didn't finnish my school and lost my job 3 months ago due to the crisis,
>and he is quite wealthy because he works as an engineer.

Sounds like you might be out of luck without your mother, to be honest.

Anonymous 65346

Where exactly do you live anon?

Anonymous 65372

It's some old world shit practices pre-internet or hella older than that.
Your mum is basically trying to get you married the old fashioned way which sucks and is not even effective, quick or consistent. I respect the ovaries of your mom for having the guts to try to "help" you out and she probably doesnt realize she made everything more unconfortable.

Anyway is the guy cute at least? If not you should look elsewhere definitely who cares about career as long as the moid is consistent in providing, doesn't have to be super rich just one that can make you happy in every way. Money matters but there is such thing as enough, all of the other "Stats" must be balanced as well.

Anonymous 65389


thats right, after all
Podkarpacie, pic rel
>is the guy cute at least?
He is quite cute, the problem is not how he looks but that we don't really know each other and all this situation is created by our mothers

Anonymous 65391

Get his Discord or something, no reason to not try and get to know him if he didn't seem completely repulsed by you.

Anonymous 65394

I don't really need discord as we live in the same village, I could try to meet him to >explain him my mother's behaviour and try to make him like me more, especialy since back in school times he wasn't mean and unlike many other kids he didn't mock me for my father being a buisnessmansmuggler
However, I already had 2 boyfriends and both of the relationships were total disaster, I'm probably to shy with my emotions.

Anonymous 65395

>tfw no smuggler dad

In any case, don't be afraid of trying to foster something good from a situation like this.

Anonymous 65398

I think it's worth trying but he might be too confused the yesterday situation.
Also having a smuggler dad is awesome until he gets caught which happened when I was 7. 4 years later he died in prison hospital due to heart problems. My mum is a retired teacher. I also have an uncle (dad's brother) who was always nice to me and his son who is my only friend. My older sister works as a doctor in Warsaw, she always despised me and since she become a doctor she is even more haughty. I meet her only during christmas. After all, this family is quite strange to say the least.

Anonymous 65399

Nah, sounds like a normal family.

Anonymous 65400

RIP your dad anon

Anonymous 65402

Thanks. He was a smuggler but also a good man
Well, at leased my parents didn't beat me when I was child.

I will try to meet him today and tell you what happened

Anonymous 65403

I'll wait in anticipation.

Anonymous 65439


I met him, we walked trough the forest (in this village there is no restaurant or any better place to talk) apologizing each other for what happened yesterday and talking about what happened in our lives since we finished the school. He used to have 3 friends in the village but one of them migrated to England, second moved to city and third is drug addicted gambler who is always borrowing money from him, so he was glad that he can talk to somebody else at least. He is, as I said, an engineer, he always was clever (I wasn't an idiot too, I was quite good at Polish, English and history but I played truant a lot to avoid being bullied by other kids). I still have a lot of sympathy to him for not being one of those kids. I told him where I worked before I was fired and that it's good to know that he's more succesful. Of course I didn't tell him about my sister being a doctor, cause I'm so much failed when compared to her. We also talked about our old friends, TV series, books, politics etc. He seems to like me but I don't think it's romantic at all, I'm more like good old friend to him.

Anonymous 65440

That sounds nice. It's fine to pursue being friends with him even if it doesn't go anywhere romantically, you both sound kind of lonely.

Anonymous 65441

This is so cute but makes me so anxious because what if he falls off?

Anonymous 65447


Yeah, I'm quite lonely and he never was very sociable as well. He works online from his house and I don't really have anything to do now, I hervested my field in the summer, but now the harvest is over and I won't probably find new job soon cause there is no job for people with my lack ofeducation so I spent last few weeks watching movies and drinking before the screen which is definetely not the way of life I'd like to continue.
I don't even want to think aboit it

Anonymous 65476

I didn't finnish school so I can't go to university. Also, that would mean leaving my mother alone with the farm she can't handle on her own because of spine problems and I don't think that my sister would help her then.

Anonymous 65478

You should make some plans for your own future. You should at least finish school somehow. Helping your mother out is a valid argument. She should help you too with stuff then. But you really should start attending evening school. Do you have a drivers licence? Get one too.
Stay realistic. Dreams are ok, but plans have to be realistic.

Protip: Ask him for help.

One m it's never to latet
You have

Anonymous 65481

Alright everyone, taking bets now. How long until we see OP back in the thread again saying
>Update 3. Ok so we decided to try going out. He's actually a really great guy but I still hate matchmaking this one just happened to kind of work out by coincidence.
>Update 4. He proposed to me! I've never been so happy, I still don't have a job but he says he doesn't care and will support me.

Anonymous 65482

For most things its never to late
You need to get things done

What did you do all these years?
Start working out at least

Anonymous 65483

Oh fug you cannot do high school online?

Anonymous 65485

10 bucks against it

She is just not presentable right now. I'm sorry.
Also he needs to move out first.
I'm sure this is his no1 priority rn. Until that nothing will happen. His mom is too controlling and mean.

Anonymous 65489

>I'm sure this is his no1 priority rn
doesn't work like that in eastern europe, especially in rural areas

Anonymous 65492


Yes, I have a driver licence, but it's not very useful because I don't have a car. Finnishing school would be awesome but it's difficult to even sign up for clesses with all that covid19 stuff.
>What did you do all these years?
I did a lot of things. I was a barmaid for few months, than I worked in Sweden as a cleaner in a hotel for two years. Than I came back to Poland and worked in a shop for 3 years, until it got bankrupt, and then I worked in a factory of bottle labels until i was fired 3 months ago.
>She is just not presentable right now
Sad but true

Anonymous 65495

So you have been abroad. That's good.
Yes rn everything is closed down.
Hone your German skills.
Sell stuff on ebay. Get rid of things. Clean your place. clean your house. Paint some rooms.
Can you fix a place ad rent it out?
Buy a fiat polski, it must be very cheap.
Work on your ambition ffs!

Anonymous 65497

But absolutely focus on finishing school. You really sound like a sensible person. You can do it.

Anonymous 65582

He visited me today. He told that it had been nice to talk to me yesterday and we should talked more. We sat in my living room for a few hours and watched a movie (vid rel). We recalled old days and I haven't felt so good for years now. I think he trusts me and I can trust him even if we are just friends. We should have started talking to each other years ago, we are very similar to each other, we are both outsiders and we have similar vievs on many things.

Anonymous 65600

inb4 body of a girl found in the woods

Anonymous 65606

inb4 the mothers had it right all along

Anonymous 65608

she's in eastern poland. No body would be found. Bisons would eat it

Anonymous 65610

droga osiedlowa.jp…

I always carry gas and a knife so I'm not afraid of anything

Anonymous 65611

As I said, it's not romantic at all We have similar characters and get on well with each other. To be honest I found myself thinking about hin a lot today but it's probably because now when I'm unemployed he's the only man from outside my family I can talk to and he's clever and openminded so talking to him is nice

Anonymous 65615

This almost feels like a joke or a larp at this point with how blatantly you're falling into everyone's predictions.

It's like some kind of propaganda story you're just making up to convince people arranged matchmaking can be a good thing.

Anonymous 65616

yeah, you do live in a shithole alright lol.
Now I feel bad for laughing, sorry

Anonymous 65620

Of course arranged marriages are bad and I'm not marrying anybody in any time soon. I'm just happy cause I made a friend, although circumstances were cringy as fuck. I was lonely for most of my life so now I might be quite excited but that's all. Do not arrange marriages off your daughters

Anonymous 65622

Why are arranged marriages bad?

Anonymous 65637

Why would you restrict someone from finding someone they like and might even love? A lot of the times arrange marriages are selfish of the parents because they often do it for self-centered reasons. Such as money and stature.

Anonymous 65646

Yeah the way this is going you'll be married in six months 🍳

Anonymous 65647

I’m cognizant of the fact that arranged marriages are a cover for child grooming, sexism, exploitation, and other variants of quasireligious human trafficking in parts of the world

However in the abstract, I don’t think arranged marriages are always doomed to fail or be loveless. I mean, the circumstances under which couples have been meeting for millennia are already constrained by random butterfly effect factors out of our control (eg went to same school, attended university together, coworkers, grew up in same neighborhood). In some aspect you can see selection by parents as a logical evolution of selection by timing / location / random chance. Plus your parents *should know your preferences and personality attributes you’d get along with if they’re not retards. Idk just once I’d like to read about an arranged couple that got along really well and ended up falling in love happily more than a “traditional” couple

Sorry if people have already stated this I haven’t read the entire thread

Anonymous 65648

Yo we can post emojis??

Anonymous 65660

It's technically possible but the rules don't allow it.

Anonymous 65694

What do you not like about him? Why is he not a potential partner for you?

Anonymous 65717

I don't want any partner cause all my previous romantic relationships ended in disaster and dishonor

Anonymous 65763

Were any of those relationships arranged by your mother?

Anonymous 65764

No, she probably wanted me to find somebody by myself but she lost hope now.

Anonymous 65766

Don't read your own insecurities into here, talk to her. Ask her why she chose him, and why he might be different from your other relationships.

Anonymous 65767


My previous partners were assholes, my first bf seduced me, fucked me and left me. The second one cheated on me and was very proud of it, told my secrets to everybody and almost raped me once. Nonetheless I was with him for almost 2 years because I feared lonoliness.

I know he would be totally different, and my mother knows that too but it's hard to enter a relationship with all those memories and he really deserves someone better than me - being 25 yo uneducated neet says a lot about me.

Anonymous 65793

Seems like a funny and cute situation.
I wish my mom did this with some of her friend's sons. She would know better than me, so I wouldn't date assholes like I do now.

Anonymous 65803

Never met anyone online from the same area I'm from, I moved to the states when I was young all I remember is that south eastern Poland is a boring shithole.

Anonymous 65804

>being 25 yo uneducated neet says a lot about me
Not really, but the importance you give to formal education does portray you as very immature

Anonymous 65834

It's not good anons. We were arranged to go to forest to pick some magicalmushrooms. Than we planned to go to my house and eat them. I wanted the house to be warm during that, so I started to light the fireplace. I was cutting the wood and a piece of wood broke off and hurt my leg quite badly. I cleansed and dressed it and took some painkillers but it still hurts as fuck while walking.
Looks like the universe is against me.

Anonymous 65841


That's a good closing scene for volume 2, him and you in front of the fire. Be careful though, in volume 3 your rival will appear, so prepare for misunderstandings.

Oh I wish that happened to me.

Anonymous 65843

I just hope the scar won't be terrible, I don't my legs to be repulsive

Anonymous 65874


based fujo

Anonymous 65878

What would you do if you were OP?

Anonymous 65909

I fucked up again. I should have agreed when he proposed to help me but I looked really bad and I tought my mother will help me. She planned to visit my sister and come back in Monday, but I assumed that her another daughter injuring her leg and staining half of the house with blood is enough for her to change plans. I was wrong. Birthday of my sister's husband is more important. Now I'm alone, and I can't stay in bed cause I must eat but every step is so painful. Moreover he surely feels rejected, because of my foolish pride. Fuck. All I wanted was some magical mushrooms and comfy time with him during my mother's absence. I'm a hopeless idiot. Sorry for this complaining, I really had to tell it to somebody.

Anonymous 65950


OK, I texted him and he came to help me. I took on my longest skirt for him not to see my leg. He served me my breakfast, gave me painkillers and helped me with going to toilet. It didn't hurt as much as yesterday thanks to painkillers or companionship or both of them. Now he's gone to his house to cook dinner, he promised share it with me too. I feel quite guilty for using him but I have no other choice.

Anonymous 65952

This thread is just so beautifully romantic.
I love it.

Anonymous 65953

It's probably all made up, but honestly I am loving it.

Anonymous 66117

Yeah, my guess is that this thread is actually being run by a moid poster.
A polish moid whose mom tried to match make him with his childhood friend he hasn't talked to for years but because he's a fucking sperg he spilled all his spaghetti and now larps on here about her perspective if the initial date had gone better.
That's my headcanon at least.

Anonymous 66124

Same. I stopped believing this thread was real after OP responded with the most retarded fantasy ass fake shit ever.

Pics or didnt happen.

Anonymous 66136

Big and adorable if true.

Anonymous 66174

Yo OP, post a pic of your injured leg.

Anonymous 67250

Give us an update OP you lying larper. You almost made me believe in love for a while

Anonymous 67262

>I didn't finnish school so I can't go to university
If you can get into a trade school or polytechnic, you can usually use the fact that you were let into the polytechnic to get into university. I did that (in New Zealand.)
You might also try faking high school qualifications in order to get into a polytech, they are much less vigilant about that kind of thing.

Anonymous 67272

Not sure where you live but is there not a high school equivalency degree you could get? In the U.S. it's the GED, not sure what it is elsewhere. It's good enough to get you into technical schools and community colleges here, at least. Then you use those as a stepping stone to university, if you want.

Anonymous 67414

cute thread. i hope my inevitable arranged marriage goes like this uwu manga but knowing my life i will probably get a coombrain autist in asian misogyny flavor. invite us to your wedding anon <3

Anonymous 67742

where are you from, India?

Anonymous 67913

wait, did mods inadvertently ban this poor anon with the rest of Poland?

Anonymous Admin 67981

OP's IP is not banned.

Anonymous 72986

I miss this thread. I wish we didn't scare OP away so they could conclude their story.

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