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Tranny discussion thread Anonymous 67804

A thread for tranny discussion and views on trannyisim

Anonymous 67836

if the people with medical and psychology degrees say pumping them with hrt makes them less likely to kill themselves, then sure, i support people being who they want to be.

however, i have had nothing but terrible experiences interacting with trannies, so i recently told myself that i am never going to let myself become friends with one again. in my experience they're either disgusting coombrains or emotional vampires. so next time someone tells me they're trans im just gonna be straight up with them and block them.

one guy i met was pretty chill and down to earth. we casually talked about movies and stuff for a few months. but one day he mentioned he wanted to be a girl. i was just kinda like okay you do you i guess… then he gradually started telling me more and more about his gross fetishes without me asking and kept asking if i wanted to see nude pics of him dressed up as a girl to which i said no, but he sent them anyways… i don't really talk to him anymore.

other than that, i don't really see the big thing over trannies. i usually only ever encounter them online where it's easy to block or ignore. i definitely see trannies irl every once in awhile, but i've never had to talk to them. to me the whole thing is kinda a non issue because they're so rare.

i don't hate trannies. i respect their right to exist, but i don't want anything to do with them. im sure some of them aren't bad people, but it's probably pretty rare.

Anonymous 67838

Is this the new TERF thread?

Anonymous 67840

To the TiMs lurking: You will never be a woman.

Anonymous 67846

Duplicate thread.

Anonymous Admin 67854

The old thread was full, so I asked for a new one to be made rather than filling up the terf meme/shitpost thread with serious discussion.

Anonymous 67883

>if the people with medical and psychology degrees say pumping them with hrt makes them less likely to kill themselves
They don’t, haha! Sometimes though, I honestly think them mutilating their bodies gives them a sort of reality check. When the tranny sees his scarred, inside-out dick in the mirror, he realizes that what he’s doing isn’t natural. It’s not normal. He thinks, “That’s not a vagina. That’s inhuman.” It honestly must cause some sort of existential horror looking at themselves in the mirror. Many trannies resort to seeing third-world doctors to perform experimental procedures like this. Even if the troon denies it, at least some sane trannies must have moments of lucidity like this, looking in the mirror, before they go back to their internet hugboxes to help ease their regret and cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous 68035

Okay, sure. I've been doing some of my own thinking about this, and I'll bite.

MtF are not "real women" and you cannot tell me otherwise. Someone said it before here, but this is my reasoning:
If you're assigned male at birth, and you're raised male, and you're treated like a male (by friends, family, peers, strangers), you can't expect me (female at birth, raised/treated female) to actually relate with you like I would another female. There are simply things that you will never understand. You didn't have a first period, you've never had a pregnancy scare, you've never had to experience what its like to be oggled by older men when you're still not sure what it is they could be even thinking.

I will fight for your right to have hrt and surgeries. You have to be able to fulfill your own happiness and I respect that. I'm a firm believer in there should be no limits on what you can do to your own body. But stay out of women only spaces. You don't belong there. And I'm not talking about bathrooms.

Anonymous 68280

This is basically my experience with them as well. I wasn't against the transgender movement until I actually started meeting trans people
Although most of the trans people in my own life have been FtMs. Not sure why most people here don't seem to focus on that

Anonymous 68281

>Although most of the trans people in my own life have been FtMs. Not sure why most people here don't seem to focus on that
because they're infinitely less problematic. they are still a problem but they're not sick pervs looking to spite women, for the most part. they're just misled and usually a little dim in one sense or another. they're not the ones looking to suck up all the oxygen in the room and make everything about satisfying their libido or ego.

Anonymous 68367

> they're not the ones looking to suck up all the oxygen in the room and make everything about satisfying their libido or ego.
I beg to differ. Take out the word "libido" and everything applies to them word-for-word. In fact, I'd argue that they're more hysterical than MtFs are, on average.

It's also worth noting that they constitute the vast majority of trans people coming out right now. The ratio of "trans boys" to "trans girls" is something crazy like 7.5:1. https://www.genderhq.org/increase-trans-females-nonbinary-dysphoria

If we focus exclusively on MtFs (who, by the way, have the easiest time painting themselves as victims), people are gonna think we're single-minded and hysterical about an exclusive hatred of men. FtMs are part of this equation too, and a big one at that.

Because think about it. Their beliefs are based on sexist presumptions as well. What is it they think they can be as a man that they can't be as a woman? And if there's something like that out there, shouldn't we fight to change it?

Anonymous 68385



Anonymous 68426

claire mc.PNG

claire mccaskill has some relevant thoughts. of course she'll get harassed into submission for this nugget of truth but at least someone recently relevant has said it. i don't think i've seen another dem say it yet.

Anonymous 68428

>people are gonna think we're single-minded and hysterical about an exclusive hatred of men

Our hatred of men is rational. They're violent and dangerous. Troons are especially dangerous because the entire reason they do it is to use women as props in their fetish lifestyle scene.

>they constitute the vast majority of trans people coming out right now

The girls doing this are mostly genderqueers and softbois. The only thing most of them change is their pronouns. They're embarrassing, but they're only a danger to themselves.

>if there's something like that out there, shouldn't we fight to change it?

We should! But combating mental illness in women is a different type of fight than kicking scrotes out of the women's restroom.

Anonymous 68430

i think a fair number of them, particularly in the uk where treatment is more easily covered by the nhs than necessarily by insurance in the us, are being shuttled to clinics and signed up for t even if they're enbys, but they seem to stop within a few years or less. mtfs keep going because it's so much larger than just a trend to them, it's a persistent fetish that can and does last decades and becomes legit psychologically satisfying even when they can't get hard anymore. it seems like there's a lot more desisting among women and girls because that sexual motivator is there less, and even with these young fujos, i don't think they're as likely to continue on w hrt for many years like the men do. and obviously you're right about the unique risks mtfs present and how their specific psychopathology is so much more dangerous and should be focused on more. enbys and super softbois are the loudest, brainless advocates, not even proper mtfs (not that they're not a problem still though). and you're obviously right about the 'hatred' being very rational. it'd be irrational to not be wary and resentful of men.

Anonymous 68434

Yes, all trannies are delusional. But ftms are just women after all. Mtfs, aka men, are the ones sexually harassing women with the guise of “learning how to be a woman.” Are both groups ideologically wrong? Yes. But I’m not going to harass random mentally ill people. My problem is with mtfs trying to gain access to women’s spaces where they will continue to hurt women. I could really care less what ftms do.

Anonymous 68442

You're posting on a site for them?

Anonymous 68469

I feel like FtMs are pushing regressive gender stereotypes as well, just in a different way. Their movement preys upon any young girls who chafe at the constraints of "womenhood," and tells them that their problems can be solved with gender reassignment surgery. They guilt them into thinking denying such a possibility is "transphobic," and are constantly growing in number.

There's even a book out on this right now: "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters." The author was interviewed on Joe Rogan's podcast. I'd suggest you check it out.

Anonymous 68470

> they're only a danger to themselves
And anyone they successfully convert. Shouldn't we be trying to protect other women? Isn't that what feminism is for?
If there's a harmful mental pathogen out there that PRIMARILY effects women, we should fight it; whatever the form it might take.

> combating mental illness in women is a different type of fight than kicking scrotes out of the women's restroom

I disagree. Both of these fights are fights against mental illness, and the normalization of mentally ill delusions. If we fight the trans orthodoxy, we have to attack ALL of its tenants. Not just certain parts of it. To kill the beast, we must first attack the heart.

> Our hatred of men is rational

Yeah, good luck convincing people of that. If we're gonna get people on our side, then we need to reach out to others. Including women who dislike open misandry, and yes, including men as well.
We can win this fight. But not with less than half the population on our side

Anonymous 68498

>If we fight the trans orthodoxy, we have to attack ALL of its tenants

I wouldn't attack an NLOG with a taser and neither should you. But we should both attack troons who expose themselves in women's locker rooms with tasers, ideally at the same time.

Anonymous 68516


These people need REAL help. The butchers must be stopped. Poor iamycky.

Anonymous 68522

This is seriously pure insanity. How the fuck is it actually allowed for medical practitioners, ones that swore hippocratic oath, to mutilate genitals into an open wound that cause constant pain, infections, necrosis and probably sepsis? I thought doctors were supposed to keep you healthy and safe, to preserve life. This is truly a clown world.

Anonymous 68523

Most doctors go to medschool for the money. Why do you think there are no many male gynaecologists? It’s not that they care about women’s health. They do whatever will make them $$$

Anonymous 68542

What the hell is a NLOG
Also, I'm not advocating physical force. I'm arguing that we argue. Make a stand. Ideological force, if you will

Anonymous 68547

Shit, I just realized I misspelled "tenets" as "tenants." My bad.
Guess that accounts for the confusion.

Anonymous 68557


>intense bleeding from boners

w… what. I thought they lost their boner muscles during srs

Anonymous 68749

>Our hatred of men is rational. They're violent and dangerous.
Violence rules the world. It always has and always will. Our species has been caving in the heads of each other and other animals from day one. Don't hate the players, hate the game. We are the top species because we mastered the art of organized violence.

The issue is that women aren't willing to shoot back. Only under the threat of mutual destruction can two human beings truly respect each other. Unless you're hiding some sci-fi technology to genetically modify our entire species into a sexless, hyperintelligent race of ascetics. Say what you want about China, but Mao was right when he said that power comes from the barrel of a gun.

Anonymous 68750

Mao was a madman who killed all the sparrows for no reason and made everyone melt steel all day and night.

Anonymous 68752

Sure, but even the maddest of lunatics are right from time to time. Successful men, women, trannies, animals, etc. are all violent. Either explicitly or implicitly. You think all those famous and accomplished women from history just drifted to the top? They got there through bloodshed and intrigue. Women got voting rights in America through bloodshed.

Look, I'm not saying to go fuck people up and break the law. But don't buy into the pacifism meme. Men are physically violent and aggressive because it is incredibly effective when used against people who will not defend themselves.

Anonymous 68764

>You have to be violent
>I'm not telling you to be violent
Unfortunately an outright gender war is just not in favour of women because of our size disadvantage. Unless your suggest aborting male fetuses until the current generation all dies out? That's the only strategy I can imagine, if done sneakily (since if they notice who knows wtf would happen). But all women would not agree to that.

I'm all for an all-woman lesbian utopia but it's not feasible. Men haven't even truly succeeded in getting rid of us or reducing us to nothing but incubators and they have the size advantage so it's just not happening. Heck, they can't even wipe whole groups of each other out very often despite their best efforts.

Anonymous 68964


Just heard a troon come up with a new definition for the word “woman” today:
>anyone who has a female reproductive system or anyone who wants a female reproductive system
It’s so infuriating. It’s like saying a dog is “a domesticated canine or anyone who wants to be a domesticated canine.” Sorry but no, you can’t fit two different kinds of things into one definition to entertain your delusions. I’m so fucking tired, the more I interact with these people the more I hate them.

Anonymous 68971

Everytime I hear someone say "person with an uterus" instead of "woman" it makes me so angry. At this point I'd prefer that definition so we can stop dehumanizing the word "woman".

Anonymous 69030

Posted this in pinkpill by accident oops:

I saw this on Twitter and it's hilariously sad. Tranners can sign up and for a low fee of 99$ a month receive a "prescription" for HRT and the letters required to change your name. They still have to pay for the medication on top of that fee. It promises exactly what they want, instant access to HRT without legitimate psych evaluations and time spent living as the other gender.

From what I can tell, this is exactly BetterHelp for transitioning.


Anonymous 69032

because men need women. even in their ideal world we'd be sex, cooking, and cleaning slaves. in ours, they flat out wouldn't be needed. that shows you who needs who.

Anonymous 69115


So what's your opinion about Angela Ponce?

I don't follow Miss Universum, but I kinda suspect her victory was a PR move. I usually dislike trannies and find them instinctively repulsive, but looking at her without any context I think she looks quite alright. Especially for a tranny.

Anonymous 69116

PR move duh. Ratings were falling, nobody watched that shit so they needed something possibly controversial. There you go.

Anonymous 69117

it is still a man, it looks like a man in a wig (a pretty one, but nonetheless), and men have no place winning "miss" titles
but of course this is a PR move, because these shows are all about PR anyway, if trannies are trendy, they will crown them, if not, they won't be even allowed to participate

Anonymous 69120

It's 100% a PR move, no one in the general public cares about Miss Universe. Slapping a veil of wokeness on it is the only way to stir up attention.

Anonymous 69122

I'm more interested in what moids think about him. They're his target audience.

Anonymous 69228


I can't be the only who feels being defined by genitals feels degrading as hell

Anonymous 69229

That is actually a radfem thing. Women have vaginas and two X chromosomes.

Anonymous 69230

Isn't defining yourself by your genitals what being a TERF is all about? Not to say that I hate trannies, but it's always "trannies will never have a vagina, trannies will never have two X chromosomes, trannies will never be women."

To be even more outrageous that's literally what gender use in language boils down to, being defined by your genitals in a general context.

Anonymous 69255

I don't hate them. I want to like them. But sometimes it feels like they hate us.

Anonymous 69256

I get a lot of jealous and bitter vibes from them, even from the "normal" ones who aren't fetishistic creeps (overtly, at least). Mostly I just pity them.

Anonymous 69257

That's the thing. Nearly every time I've befriended or gotten close with one, they've belied some deep-set jealousy and/or hatred for women. It feels really uncanny.

Anonymous 69264

Hmm, I wonder why. Radfems have been saying this for quite a while. It's no coincidence. Just like all of the mental illnesses, particularly Cluster B/schizophrenia/autism, that correlate with transgenderism/dysphoria, which, BTW, can also be groomed and for many people IS groomed into them. You should see this if you hang around /r9k/ enough… I don't ever go there, but I can tell you that for sure because it's filled with lonely men, and lonely men are prime targets for grooming. (And terrorist radicalization. Why do you think Islamist recruiters prey on young men that feel meaningless/excluded in life? NONE OF THIS is a coincidence).

Autism is linked to autogynephilia. Social awkwardness and lack of social skills, like in autism, causes men to live most of their lives online instead of socializing in real life. Lonely narcissistic men need attention, and to them it doesn't MATTER what kind that is. They think women get more attention in real life, and that gets worse when they go online and see the dynamic completely skewed to where even hearing a woman's voice in a video game lobby immediately turns heads. THAT'S WHY TROONS ROMANTICIZE CATCALLING—real women hate it, but it would validate them, and it would absolutely make a narcissist's day to know that someone wants them. Someone is attracted to them enough to say so. That's all the attention they need, even if it were to come (it never will, troons are hideous) in the form of "nice tits."

This post has been a little all over the place, but I'm an XX with autism and NPD and I can tell you without a doubt that all of this, including the psychological effects, is absolutely true from my anecdotal experiences with mental illness, and this is validated by my own experiences talking to trans people online. (I don't happen to know any in real life, and holy shit, I never want to.) There's no coincidence that scenes and communities like video game cheating contain a disproportionate amount of troons. (Internet trolling, and thus cheating in video games, correlate with dark tetrad personality traits, a lack of empathy, so those would be scenes disproportionately also filled with… mental illnesses! And there are also a lot of people who are socially awkward in real life and need attention online.)

Might mean nothing coming from me, but I don't hate trans people and I don't want them all to die like some sort of alt-right incel on 4chan. But I know that giving into delusions like these are directly toxic to women. Mental illness is seriously destructive to people's lives; practically ignoring it or encouraging "transitioning" rather than fixing it is awful. MtF transgenders commit violence at a similar rate as "cis-identified" men, not at the same rate as women. Pretending that these people, even if they're the one in 1,000 that manages to pass, are actually women is a great disservice to feminism and women and girls. They still think like men (hence why they sexualize themselves and commonly pine for inappropriate, superficial male attention when real women seldom do, and ESPECIALLY not even close to as commonly, proportionally), they still almost always look like men (lol). Womanhood is not what troons think it is. Their movement is built on sexist stereotypes, and many of them personally hold markedly misogynist views.

Anonymous 69282

This is my experience too. I would be more open to trans women if they approached transition with even an ounce of humility and grace — if they were able to honestly accept that they are not women, and seek to really understand women's lives before adopting our names and pronouns and bodies. But that's not what they do. They don't identify with women, they identify as women, and that's the source of their jealousy and hatred: we have something from birth that they will spend their lives solipsistically chasing, but will always be just out of reach.
Idk, maybe it's because I only know internet trannies, and they tend to be unfathomably shitty people. I'm sure there are some trans women who are honest with themselves and genuinely mean well, but they are definitely the minority.

Anonymous 69289


Yeah. I want to empathize, as a woman I know how it feels to be hated for how you look and dress. I don’t hate them in concept, I even want to understand. But then I see shit like this and I remember how they really feel about us.

Anonymous 69290

Hate females that pose as males while simultaneously posing as a female, as a male?
More proof trannys are mentally ill.

Anonymous 69295

How is that not a heterosexual relationship?

Anonymous 69300

Well thought out post with balanced views.
I enjoyed reading it anon.

Anonymous 69309

WELL, nta and definitely not dating a tranny, but I personally think it’s pretty fucking gay to date trannies.
Even if the parts are not the same and it’s not a homosexual relationship in the typical sense. I don’t like it when transbians call themselves lesbian woman, but they’re definitely not fucking straight and neither is anyone who dates them, fellow crossdresser or woman.

Anonymous 69319


Cranky because youre an ugly scrote arent you :3c

Now wait till you hear about this.
Absolutely ZERO self awareness or understanding of irony.

Anonymous 69322


Anonymous 69324

This stupid drama breaks my brain. It doesn't even seem to me like the character is meant to be trans in the contemporary sense, but everyone's reading it that way and somehow it caused a moral panic on both the left and the right.

Anonymous 69325

Yes it is. I fucking hate it when other dumb woman say shit like "if you are a person with a vagina" instead of saying "if you're a woman".

Anonymous 69342


>they wanna be us so fucking bad lmfao

yes… keep telling yourself that

Anonymous 69355

Wow… they really do have no sense of self-awareness, do they
Kind of reminds me how they called the lead in "transparent" a proponent of quote/unquote "transface"

Anonymous 69356

This is my experience with FtM trannies as well. Not with a hatred for women (obviously), but with a hatred for men, as well as a deep bitterness and hatred towards everyone and everything.
And autism is definitely a common factor as well. The book I mentioned in >>68469 has whole sections on this.
All the trannies I knew were in real life, anon. And they were all hypersensitive, raging narcissists as well.
It isn't just online. There is something fundamentally wrong with this movement

Anonymous 69359

How do you manage to have multiple interactions with multiple FtM trannies? I thought FtMs were super rare. Is there some sort of FtM cluster/clique at one of your social venues?

Anonymous 69360

NTA but you'll meet a lot of them in certain fandom groups, D&D groups, college campuses, etc. They generally congregate in subculture spaces that are entwined in a lot of other SJW shit (note a lot of them are former/current fujos who have realized it's now considered unacceptable for women to "fetishize gay men" so they pretty much become one). I've come across a lot of them as well by chance.

Anonymous 69366

they're not super rare, there are probably just as many as there are MtFs, you just see them in different spaces. lots of fandom and 'nerd' culture that typically attracts girls will often have them, as well as online art communities.

Anonymous 69388

They are actually WAY more common than MtF trannies. The ratio is something crazy like 7.5:1. You just have to know where to look.

I went to a liberal arts college, and my public-school district was pretty liberal, so maybe that was a factor. So what >>69360 said is pretty true.

But this is the reason I keep saying nobody talks enough about FtM trannies. They're pushing regressive stereotypes as well, and there's way more of them.

Anonymous 69389

It's interesting how many of them have fried their brains on yaoi. Kind of parallels the number of MtFs who wanna be cute anime girls. There's some kind of correlation going on, here

Anonymous 69407

Love anime but 100% agree.
It can seem to make men want to become girls.

Anonymous 69417

The problem is that it's such a disgusting, overly-idealized romanticization of girlhood. With innocence and pillowfights and none of the poisonous compliments or bitchy catfighting found in real intra-female dynamics

Anonymous 69431

dysphoria is case of cult-style progression of social isolation, groomed abuse, psychic destruction/replacement to induce trans mental condition

Anonymous 69435

I think this is especially true among women. We need to start combatting this force that's telling progressively-minded young girls that they'd be better off changing their gender with these life-altering hormone drugs. Especially since it preys on girls who are already lonely, and just not comfortable in their own skin.

The constraints of "womanhood" are horribly constricting, but that doesn't mean we should try to NOT be women. It means we should redefine what being a woman is.

Anonymous 69437

I think you're right that there's social grooming going on, and I also think this happens in lot of online ideologies, not just trans. I saw it with Gamergate, I'm seeing it with Q, and I even saw it a bit with r/gendercritical. I remember a thread where all these women talked about how their GC ideology had estranged them from their friends and family, and they treated it like a badge of honor. Isn't that a bit worrying? People get into these isolated, extremist online bubbles and start identifying with them, and listen to others in the bubble who are absolutely convinced of their worldview and reassure them they're doing the right thing, while everyone else just doesn't understand or is part of the problem. And if they challenge their new worldview, they stand to lose their social circle, their new forum where they've been getting dopamine hits exchanging memes, and ultimately their entire self-concept. It's even worse with trans because they have to deal with the consequences of changing their bodies.
I think it's terrible, and I'm worried about the impact it's having on society. We can't see each other clearly if we're living in entirely different worlds.

Anonymous 69439

>their GC ideology had estranged them from their friends and family, and they treated it like a badge of honor. Isn't that a bit worrying?

It's worrying that coomers have such severe genderpoisoning that they would disown family members who criticize their self-mutilation.

Anonymous 69440

always with the trannys


Anonymous 69443

Well, yes. Multiple things can be worrying.

Anonymous 69446


The good thing is that scientists have started to recognize that indoctrination plays a major part. The bad thing is that with modern political climate everything that is not "accept yourself by mutilating your social stand and body!" is ignored, shunned, and censored.

Anonymous 69452

Few people realize it’s extremely easy to gaslight insecure autists into gender dysphoria. Grooming and harems hinged on abuse is extremely prevalent in online trans communities, as well as other deviancy: sadism, pedophilia, m/s, etc. Online GD is a prison gay phenomenon.

Anonymous 69487

can you please suggest terf type books please.

Anonymous 69488

Anonymous 69490

Thanks so much.
Any that you recommend to read first?

Anonymous 69491

tbh, I haven't actually read of them myself yet. I think the most well known ones are "The Female Eunuch" by Germaine Greer and "Intercourse" by Andrea Dworkin. I'd start there.

Anonymous 69497

has anyone documented this phenomenon in an organized way? like people who have detransitioned and saved logs of their experiences? I have no doubt in my mind that this happens, but I'd like to read more about it, specifically how it happens online.

Anonymous 69523

Reading female eunuch at the moment I hope it goes well.
Thanks again.

It seems to have far left undertones but I am fine with entertaining an idea I do not agree with to learn from it.

Anonymous 69530

Earlier in this thread, somebody else also suggested "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters." I'd highly recommend it as well

Anonymous 69664


why are /pol/ memes always spreading so far wide.

Blessed is the /pol/s investigative unit, though this year their resources were extremely strained thanks to an election year, they still delivered maximum buthurt.

>Drillgirl who made snuff films of puppies

>she broke every bone then drilled into their anal rectum
>and then masterbates to their last wimpers
> /pol/ found her with nothing more than weather patterns for a lead
>She was promptly V& but it got worse
>/pol/ after the investigation, learnt she made CP films on demand
> put it out on some spanish forum, 5 days letter she was killed in prison.

But I feel they wasted too much energy on the hunter biden dumps as well, they desperately wanted to make connection of pedophilia between hunter and his niece, natali(14). They were still bitter about settling the Epstein score that was denied to them I guess.

outer /pol/ is brain dead. The investigative unit is really acool though.

Anonymous 69665

>found with weather patterns
Anon I.. You know this is just a meme on pol and has been for years and years.
imagine going on pol anymore

Anonymous 69666

>Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters." I'd highly recommend it as well
Reading at the moment anon. thanks

Anonymous 69668

/b/ is a smaller slower board its been this way for at least 5 years. So go figure.

Anonymous 69677

>they desperately wanted to make connection of pedophilia between hunter and his niece, natali(14
There was another photo of what looked like an underage Chinese girl that people either didn't see very much or forget. Looked even younger than the other one, and looks like she's crying when he's raping her while she's on her stomach. I don't like thinking about it because nobody will do anything about it.

Anonymous 69681

I hate American Elites they are all corrupt moid abusers and rapists. All of them. They should get killed by anyone that still cares about justice in that shithole of a country.

Anonymous 69686

why did I have to read that

Anonymous 69687

What do you mean? Of course its real.
HWNDU capture the flag season was the same, its well documented on youtube. Look at it.
It was just a flag and the sky behind it. They found it using weather patterns and star constellations at night. And of last reported whereabouts of Shia by normies reported on twitter.

They made mockery of Shia and his lame art project, for hours the live feed was of a maga hat instead of shias message.

The drill girl effort was all documented and I was really impressed with it. So was the bidden leaks, it was crazy how they were using Web dev toolkits to rip GPS data from images using Instagram API

These guys are insane.

I go there all the time, I just wish they weren't so vulgar and didn't so much pleasure from being vulgur and politically incorrect

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