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Anonymous 69544

What, according to you, is the maximum acceptable age difference in a relationship?

Anonymous 69545

For others or me personally?
OP shotacon?

Anonymous 69546

Half your age plus 7 always seemed like a reasonable rule to me.

Anonymous 69548

10 years (as long as you're 21 or older), but I personally wouldn't want to go for more than 4-5 years
No it's dumb

Anonymous 69553

a 25 year old and a 45 year old are rarely at the same stage in life, unless the latter is a loser or has other kind of issues

Anonymous 69555

Yeah. A 45 year old with a 25 year old is always gonna be creepy, but a well to do 45 year old who has his life together is less creepy than some manchild.

Anonymous 69556

usually a well to do 45 year old who has his life together has been married for years to a woman of similar age though. I never met a man in his 40s who's single and doesn't have some issues. They're alone for a reason

Anonymous 69557


I was seriously dating a 46yo man when I was a sophomore in college at age 20. May mom was a single mom and I never had a father figure. He was successful and kind to me and told me about the world gave me love and security and could fuck better than guys my age.

What's creepy is a grown man fucking his 8yo niece when she does not know what is going on.

When an adult woman who is plenty old enough to join the army and be issued a machine gun chooses who to fuck it's never creepy

Anonymous 69560

Why'd you break up?

Anonymous 69561

Anyone can be exploited by anyone more powerful of any age.

At what age is a woman allowed to decide who she wants to fuck?

I was fine at 20, guys seem to be fin at 18

I guess you think women are too fucking stupid to know who they like till their 30s

I don't think that, I am a feminist

Anonymous 69563

eh same reasons as any couple I suppose. ActuallY I kind of turned into a bitch on him he was always loving to me.

There are only 2 ways any relationship can end, you can break up or one of you can die. That's it.

When the lights are off and there is a dick inside you I am not sure why people think it's magically worse if that dick is 45 vs 27 or whatever.

If you don't think a 20somthing yo girl can manipulate the absolute fuck out of a 40+ yo lonely man and get nearly anything she wants out of him..you have never met a man of that age

Anonymous 69565

You said your own issues made you seek out an older man, so why are you saying it doesn't matter how old someone is?

Anonymous 69568


Because it does not matter. My reasons for wanting him were my own. I was happy to have his love and attention.

Girl… he looked good. 45 is not really that fucking old if a guy keeps himself in shape. He was ripped and tan. it's not like a 45yo is a rickety old man who is dying and can't get it up

this guy is 50:


Anonymous 69571

I'm not going to turn down 20something dick when I'm in my 60s and neither should any of you.

Anonymous 69574

Do you live in California?

Anonymous 69577

No there are actually other locations on earth with gyms and either the sun or tanning beds.

Yes most guys that age are fat cunts, but it's getting to be where most 20something guys are too…

Anonymous 69579

>a much older man's tricks and not realize the many ways in which she has been used and disrespected.

didn't happen, I fucked him because I wanted to, my current bf is a little younger than me and I am fucking him because I want to and I am not tricking him

I guess demi more raped austin kutcher too

what is wrong with the world when someone fucking an adult in their 20s is implied to be a tricky pedofile lol

Anonymous 69581


The president of france has a gf who is 24 years older than him

how did she trick and use him so expertly?

Anonymous 69583


notice they say he seduced her

because women at that age are too stupid to decide who they want to fuck, but men are smart enough to be the seducer….

Anonymous 69585

roids/TRT costs a few hundred dollars, botox maybe $1000

any guy who could afford a new car or to have a house at 50 can afford those things.

That shit does not cost a million dollars, tit implants are often $5-10,000 and millions of women have those who are not "rich".

Anonymous 69586

She was his teacher when he was a 15-year-old schoolboy. Frogs are degenerate scum.

Anonymous 69588

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Anonymous 69589

Yeah, but he's azn, that's like cheating.

Anonymous 69590

Jason Moma is 41

tell me you would not fuck him

Anonymous 69592

She lost all of her friends because of her relationship. If their sexes were reversed, his friends would be happy for him and people would be making excuses for Macron because "muh times were different"

Anonymous 69594

We're talking about relationships.

Anonymous 69595

uh no fucking way if a guy that age fucked a 15yo he would spend years and years in prison. On "to catch a predator" they would often tell the guys the girl was 15 and then arrest them and charge them with felony attempted rape as a pedophile - just for meeting

ur crazy

Anonymous 69596

15 is French for 18. Anon is right, age-swapped Macron would get backpatted.

Anonymous 69597

they say he seduced her, they got married and she rode his underage cock for years. What her friends did or did not do is hearsay, impossible to verify and irrelevant. You also cannot confirm what hypotheictal men would do to their 45yo friend if he fucked a hypotheitcal 15yo

facts are facts and made up shit is made up shit, she factually rides his cock to this day

Anonymous 69598

You gals do know Macron is gay right ? It might not be common knowledge internationally but it certainly is here.

Anonymous 69601


Moids should be within 5 years.

Women unlimited.

Deal? Deal.

Anonymous 69604

>You also cannot confirm what hypotheictal men would do

Men must be super nice in your dream world where there's no such thing as patterns

Anonymous 69618


Sorry but you sound dumb. Human's brain isn't even fully developed until you're 25. Your prefrontal cortex matures around 25 and it's a part of the brain resposible for things like insight, response flexibility, emotion regulation, morality, intuition, attuned communication and fear modulation. Someone who's fully developed and has WAY more life experience than you will find it easier to manipulate you (I'm not even a member but there are many horror stories about dating older men on FDS, I mean, there are horror stories about all kinds of men, but those men tend to be even more power hungry, manipulative or toxic etc.) Also it seems like your main motivation was just daddy issues anyway.

Yes, age does matter. If you look at marriage stats, the bigger the age gap, the higher the risk of divorce. Those with a 10-year gap were found to be 39% more likely to divorce, and those with a 20-year gap were 95% likely.
The risk of autism in children is higher when there's an age gap between parents.
Not to mention, aging. I saw it myself and I read about such cases a bunch of times; when woman was 20 or 30-something she thought it's fine, but then she's 50 and she has to take care of her 70 or 80-something year old husband. Male health tends to detoriate faster. Would you want to be someone's nurse when you're still full of energy?

Anonymous 69625


This, but I would say that the woman is and always shall be the older one for the sake of what >>69618 said about age gaps when the moid is the older one.

Anonymous 69629

It's better that way honestly. Moids can't into empathy, they are just meat robots ape animals that do what savage animals do.

Moid's existence is ideally an ironic self-destructive one because they are monsters but a monster can be put to good use & bad use, when used well their role is to protect (only go violent at) against other violent moids that go rogue within that system/order. Moids are only good at violence sadly most are brutish, stupid & end up only harming everyone even more these are the ones the world doesn't need & should just die out. So ideally they only are to use violence against other violent moids that started their abuses on a whim. They shouldn't be permitted to be any other way. This is better for everyone & the basis of any society's justice.

Anonymous 69630

We already had this thread btw
>>59167 and concluded it was disgusting when moids try their schemes. It's really grim dark when they do and yes those moids are losers or rich people that have to "buy gf" like Donald Trump or Hunter Biden aka also losers disgusting pieces of shit that it's better if you avoided or killed in their sleep doing the world a favor.

Anonymous 69632

I always heard moids saying that war and violence is what pushed the civilization forward and without it science and great discoveries wouldn't be possible

Anonymous 69633

actually never being content is what drives innovation among some other things.
Tech from war is just a side effect

Anonymous 69641

Personal opinion, extreme life circumstance is a much bigger indicator if an age gap relationship is unhealthy than actual age. However, if you’re regularly seeking companions of a specific and significantly different (either older or younger) than your own, kys. Chronophilia is for retards.

Holy mother of based

Anonymous 69643

In the beginning of WWII the british had prop-propelled bi planes and by the end of them had gloster gladiator jet fighters, over the course of 6 years. I'd probably agree that war pushes technology, the german v2 rockets were also what lead to the american's mission to the moon

Anonymous 69645

5-7 for people over 18, if late teens (19 or 18) then anything under 16 is creepy

Anonymous 69650

Yeah nazi scientists were taken by americucks in operation Paperclip, and instead of being punished, they made them work for american military and medicine. It wouldn't have happen if not for the atrocities commited by nazis, but men will always say the ends justify the means. I think people would've discovered most of the things they discovered even without wars but it would took them way more time. But I would prefer a simpler and less violent world. Also, if women always had 100% control over their reproductive systems and weren't controlled by males through violence or laws, the problem of overpopulation wouldn't have existed in any part of this world.

Anonymous 69651

now that i think about it, maybe 19 was a bit too much

Anonymous 69663

you mean gloster gladiator biplanes at the beginning and gloster meteor fighter jets at the end? :DD

Anonymous 69688

while I’m at it
fuck duncan sandys
fuck the 1957 defence wh*Te paper
fuck whoever axed the TSR-2
but most of all
fuck those phallic looking m*Ssiles

Anonymous 69689

Yeah poor uneducated women have no access to birthcontrol. And their husbands despite knowing they're poor still decide to cum in their wives and breed them. Many women would face a threat of violence if they refused to fuck their husbabds. Your point?
Also, males always tried to make it harder to get an abortion.

Anonymous 69691

There's no maximum. If both are of legal age and there's no other illegal practices, then it's nobody's business.

Anonymous 69692

Spoken like a true liberal

Anonymous 69694

I agree with them. It's also better than people trying to culturally enforce age gaps when it's unrealistic or unwanted generally speaking.

Anonymous 69695

Man-older-than-woman model will a l w a y s be culturally encouraged, while the woman-older-than-man will always be discouraged, thus there's nothing wrong with criticizing the first. Those relationships often have power imbalances even bigger than relationships between peers, especially if the woman is younger than 25, because her brain isn't even fully developed, as I mentioned here >>69618
Legal doesn't mean ok. Slavery was legal once too. There was a time when the age of consent was 7 and 10 in most states, despite the fact that girls back then were maturing later than they do now.

Anonymous 69697

Nah. Thats what gave birth to law & teaming up against the savages in order to have peace & growth, nobody has growth during war its all about using creativity for destructive proposes but protection is also a form of violence but a rightful one, its violence against the violent. So basically the only good type there is.

What pushes science and civilization further was necessity. What gave birth to higher forms of organization & civilization though it was what I told you organized rightful violence against the violent. So basically moids that finally realized that they are a threat to the things they grew to love as well, self aware moids that put a stop to other more savage violent moids.

Anonymous 69702


"Brain isn't fully developed" isn't a synonym for "oh she is a poor babby who can't think for herself", because this is the exact way of thinking that kept us from working, voting, and having a right to be heard for millennia.
Yes, "legal" doesn't always mean ok, but the default legal here is modern civilized laws, not some backwards shariah.

Age difference doesn't automatically mean power imbalance as well. There is no safe way to spot an abusive douche, no matter the age.

And either way, it's none of your business to criticize others' relationships, no matter how they are viewed in society. Women under 25 are adult women who have a right to make choices, not babies for you to be nursed.

>I agree with them.
I appreciate it, but "with her", please, this is a female-only board.

Anonymous 69706

>it's none of your business to criticize others' relationships

Of course it is. We're social animals and every decision we make affects everyone else in the system.

Anonymous 69713

>because this is the exact way of thinking that kept us from working, voting, and having a right to be heard for millennia
No it's not, because despite thinking of women as "eternal children", males had no problem with fucking literal kids. You can't compare it.
You just sound like a typical liberal feminist who can't into class analysis.

Anonymous 69716

Flash news, the world still does not revolve around you.

>You just sound like a typical liberal feminist who can't into class analysis.
But I can into common sense, which is already more that can be said about those who are screeching that women are literal babies until they hit 25.

Anonymous 69717

>the world still does not revolve around you

That's exactly why you should consider the social consequences of what appear to be personal decisions. I'm glad we agree!

Anonymous 69720

>screeching that women are literal babies until they hit 25
Putting words in someone else's mouth won't make you win an argument.

Anonymous 69725

maxresdefault (1).…

Isn't it the scrotes that are "eternal children" now?
Like, it's acceptable for an old 40 yo moid to like superheroes, childish stuff, have the emotional capability of a 4 year old (95% of moids do), etc but not for women.
Somehow this also justifies huge age differences (with the older moid) in the eyes of society.

Anonymous 69728

>women are still going to be rightfully critical given the fact that society pressures, encourages, and idealizes these arrangements.
Is this even true? All I see is pressure to either not have kids at all, or to race-mix

Anonymous 69752

5 if they're in their late 20s but 1 max if they're younger than that.

The difference between someone who is 45 and someone who is 50 is pretty minimal but the difference between someone who is 15 and someone who is 20 is huge. When people are younger, they should be dating someone who is at a similar stage in life to them. If you date someone who is still in school while you're in college, you can't relate to one another. I think it's a huge red flag when men date teenagers, it's like they're mentally stunted themselves if they're able to hold a conversation with someone who hasn't ever had a real job or who is in their first serious relationship. Seriously, what do you talk about at dinner (rhetorical question because they don't talk, men just want to pump and dump these young girls)?

Age difference creates a huge power imbalance. The younger person doesn't have the experience to pick up on red flags, they might be financially reliant on the older person, leaving the older person might render them homeless (especially since older people are more likely to have a stable income and might already even own a property) and from what I've seen irl, dating someone older cuts you off from your friends and family, so they wouldn't have the support system of someone who dates within their age group.

There's much, much more to a relationship than having a dick in you. Not really surprised it didn't work out for you. You post like you're trying to defend age gap relationships but everything you've posted about your own is so incredibly off-putting and has the opposite effect. It's like a cautionary tale against becoming you.

Anonymous 69755

Are you retarded?

Anonymous 69756

It's probably a man, so yes

Anonymous 69759


I want /pol/ to get the fuck out & stop trying to subvert. It's ironic that they act exactly the same way as the things they hate. It's all projection, all losers project 100% of the time.

Anonymous 69777

>That's exactly why you should consider the social consequences of what appear to be personal decisions. I'm glad we agree!
>Why by your logic aren't you barefoot and pregnant with your 11th child in your kitchen, then? You wasting time on the internet has long-term social consequences. Society needs soldiers and workers, pop them out, fast

Kek is this place being raided by scrotes again?

Anonymous 69778

Consider social consequences of your presence on this board; why by your logic aren't you barefoot and pregnant with your 11th child in your kitchen if you are willing to bow to society standards this much? You wasting time on the internet has long-term social consequences. Society needs soldiers and workers, pop them out, fast.
An average relationship has a minuscule impact on the overall picture; just if something makes you feel icky it doesn't make it wrong.

I am not arguing.

>Everyone I don't like is a scrote!1
That's her logic, not mine. In order to be "productive" to society we must undo a century of fighting for our own rights. I, personally, do not want that and I do not think that anyone has a business of sticking their noses into other couples' lives.

Anonymous 69779

Except being barefoot and pregnant subjugates women. Criticizing toxic models of relationships between men and women which were culturally enforced for years - doesn't. Your analogy is retarded.

Anonymous 69780

>Except being barefoot and pregnant subjugates women.
So are mandatory demands "ye not be dating anyone over or under 5 years relative to your age". If a woman is an adult, she should be treated as such. You can't mandate legal relationships: it's none of your business and it subjugates adult women.

Criticize toxic relationships all you must, I criticize them too, but age gap still doesn't make a relationship automatically toxic and abusive. There is a ton of same aged couples who fucked once, made a baby, and now live miserably.

Anonymous 69783

No one here talks about "mandating" relationships. You sound like a teenager triggered over the fact that someone doesn't like their favourite tv show. Age gap relationships have the obvious potential for even bigger power imbalance than relationships between peers due to factors like life experience, social status, money etc. Also there's a reason why marriages with big age gaps carry such high risk of divorce when compared to marriages between peers. Older men literally suck the life out of young women, even more than men their own age. And then they expect their wives to become their (unpaid) nurses when they hit 60 or 70. Marrying a much younger woman is the ultimate act of male selfishness. Lack of criticism of age gap relationships is literally what scrotes want, you're doing their work for them kek

Anonymous 69784

>No one here talks about "mandating" relationships.
>Talks about mandatimg relationships


Anonymous 69786

criticizing age gaps on a female only forum has nothing to do with mandating relationships in the real world

Anonymous 69791


There's no way to talk about mandating relationships without talking about man dating relationships. This is why we should all be lesbians at this point.

Anonymous 69793

My parents are 10 years apart and even then I feel like they have a generation gap about a lot of things. I think more than that would be difficult.

Also think about if the couple are born on two sides of a big event/social change like the corona virus. They’re likely to have very different ideas about what’s normal even if their personalities mesh well.

Anonymous 70010

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