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Baking thread Anonymous 7341

Do you enjoy baking, miners? Let’s share our favorite recipes!

Anonymous 7342

I like baking but I don't know how to do a whole lot. I want to make really adorable cakes and pastries but I'm stuck with a shitty community kitchen that's either always in use or dirty. Does anyone have any simple recipes besides an easy cake or cookies that I could try when I'm at family's house(usable kitchen there)

Anonymous 7343

Can't bake for shit but I'd eat any baked goods you girls made.

Anonymous 7398

I enjoy baking but the past two years or so I either haven't had the time or haven't been in a place where I could bake. I'd like to make some pepperkakers and a cheese cake before Christmas, but who knows if that'll happen.

Also my family has terrible luck with stand mixers. The one my aunt bought she managed to bend the drive shaft the first time she used it, while the one my mom bought came with a fucked up base that makes trying to get the bowl out such a hassel.

Anonymous 7399

I can make cupcakes and stuff from premade storebought mixes but whenever I try to do anything from scratch it ends up a disaster.

Anonymous 7400


Macarons. So cute to look at. A bitch to prepare properly.

So far I haven’t tasted any that isn’t too sweet.

Anonymous 7402

Oh good lord don't get me started on those.

I myself really enjoy making brownies and cheesecake, my big sis at one point taught me, and I've made my own desserts sometimes after that.

Anonymous 7403

I love baking! But it's so fattening so I generally only do it once or twice a year for Christmas or Valentine's Day. My favourite thing to bake used to be Bakewell Tarts or Black Forest Gateaus. I love making cheesecakes too, although mine are no-bake.

Since I went vegan I've been finding it difficult to find recipes/weird ingredients. Also I can't make my cheesecakes anymore since I used soft cheese and butter in them :(

Anonymous 7404

I haven't made these since my food processor got lost in the move. I really like making them at home best (since I am a perfectionist) and I get somewhat bothered at messy macarons at shops. Macaronage is slightly difficult to learn, but it's just as easy as doing stuff like folding meringue and the like. I also bake bread almost all the time. Even if I'm tired after work, making yummy bread to have at dinner is a great feeling!

Anonymous 7405

Sage, but forgot to mention I used to be a pastry assistant but had to stop due to a leg injury, now I'm an office lady with a hobby, I'd be happy to provide any tips!

Anonymous 7406

Yaay please do. I love learning about all the tips and tricks of baking. And now that December is about to set in, so is the mood of making treats. I’m going to gain some extra pounds but hey, it’s good to keep warm lol.

Homemade bread is the best. I once made burger buns and instead of sesame seed put furikake at the top. Best decision ever.

Anonymous 7407

Well, comfort, taste, and warmth all go together when it comes to baking at this time of year! I hope you make something delicious!

Anonymous 7408

>food processor got lost in the move
Polite pseudo-sage for vaguely ot post, but thank you for saying this, I thought I was the only idiot stuff like that happened to!

On topic though, does anyone have plans for Christmas baking? My grandmother and aunts used to do variety Christmas cookie boxes, and I'm tempted to try and revive the tradition (if the stars align!).

Anonymous 7410

The cake in OP looks so good! Black forest cake is my favorite but I haven't found a recipe for it I like yet.

I fell into the hole of obsessing over these before I even tried one because I couldn't find them locally at the time. I kept making batches that turned out beautifully but taste grossly sweet, and I kept thinking I made them wrong until I realized they were just very sweet treats.

I usually do something similar, though I haven't picked out what recipes I'll be using this year.

I made a sweet potato pie with purple sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. I only found a place to get purple sweet potatoes locally very recently and I'm hyped to bake them into everything because the color is so pretty~

Anonymous 7413


>furikake on top

sounds great, I'll do this with some of my sandwich buns. I'll be lurking the thread but will also try to think of a list of tips, stuff is kinda second nature to me so it's hard to make a random list without specific questions.

Haha, no, you're not the only one!

I am making a buche de noel (pic related for those who don't know what it is) for my fiance the first time this Christmas. I'm also making gluten free gingerbreads for my office, and probably just chocolates for friends.

Anonymous 7415

Bread anons, do you have any fool-proof recipes or tips for anyone looking to have fresh baked goodness?

Also what baking tools are most essential to your stashes?

Anonymous 8064

I love to bake and last Christmas, my mother in law made brazo de reina. I can't wait to make it myself.


Anonymous 8068


I tried my hand at baking this rose apple tart and it was a big hit at the work holiday party. :')

Anonymous 8069

Its really pretty, anon!

Anonymous 8073

i tried making this without using gloves…i ruined my fingers! there's also a cute version where you do a bunch of small roses.


Looks amazing, wish I was celebrating with you!

Anonymous 8082

C-can I come to the next party anon? This looks delicious and so fancy!! :D

Anonymous 8259

Thank you! The party was not that great, but it was worth the effort to impress the boss's wife lol. Although time-consuming, it felt good when the pie came out well. I think I will save this recipe for events where I want people to shower me in compliments, heh.

I didn't use gloves either and my hands weren't too wrecked, was it because of the citrus or the cutting? (or the fruit juice and dry/cracked hand combo?)
I think I prefer the large rose version aesthetically, but I want to try making mini tart versions.

Anonymous 8260

i think it was the juice and my hands being dry. i think the large version looks more impressive, but the smaller roses make it feel like a bouquet or something imo! i think mini tarts would be nice too tho.

Anonymous 8284


Woah anon, this is so pretty! I’m in love!


My starter tools were a bowl to mix, cake pans, rolling pin, a tray and a working oven of course. I remember that before buying spatulas and my current mixer, I used to mix everything with spoons and forks lol.

Anonymous 9703

wow this looks amazing! i kind of want to try it myself! how long did it take to arrange the slices?

Anonymous 10120

I can't say for sure since I was multitasking two pies for the party (other one was a mixed berry of raspberries and blueberries), but I recall starting to cut the apple slices around 1pm, finishing that in ~30-40min, letting the apples marinate in sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice for at least an hour, worked on the other pie and made the compote filling…

I realize that explaining the whole process does not answer your question so I will go with probably 20 minutes? It was not the most time-intensive part of the process for sure though.

Anonymous 10172

oh no, thank you! the more information the better! thanks so much!

Anonymous 10337

How can I make good looking ones? How ;_;

Anonymous 24924


I got a big thing of bananas from Costco and couldn't eat them as fast as they were getting super ripe so I made banana bread with them.


First time I ever successfully baked something that turned out good, the recipe is really easy with stuff I already had in the house. :3

Anonymous 25247


I like to bake, but I don't end up doing it that often because most of the time I'd have to eat it all by myself. I also rarely feel like looking up new recipes and I can't be bothered to make the same things over and over again. If only there was someone who ate everything I made and would bring me recipes they wanted to try out.

Anonymous 25253


Yes this thread needed to be resurrected.
That looks so delicious, and I feel the same as you. Also I feel bad about baking because some ingredients are expensive. But I love baking, I wish I could do it more often.
I make these healthy cookies so I can bring them with me, they are like a healthy energy bar to me. Only I also put in honey and cinnamon, and those other spices you find in gingerbread. I even tried it with peppermint tea and chocolate chips, that was also good.
Also I made a tarte tatin once, it was way too good, we ate it all in a few hours (would have been even faster if it cooled more quickly) I think that's one recipe you can't mess up, and it's easy and always tastes good.

Anonymous 25631


>didn't let my chocolate cake cool before I flipped it and it broke into pieces
>left my gingerbreadmen (actually shortbreadmen) on the tray after taking them out of the oven because I was afraid they might still not be done; they got stuck to the pan and broke as I tried to unstick them
>somehow manage to fix my crumbled cake by crumbling it all and pouring caramel over it
>decide to add bananas cooked in caramel on top of it cause what goes better with caramel and chocolate than bananas right?
>bananas are a little unripe and taste horrible cooked
>tfw I ruined my could-have-been-really-good-probably-choco-caramel cake with those goddamn bananas
a-at least my shortbread cookies turned out good… But I feel so bad because I wasted all those ingredients
I'm sure my mom is gonna be happy to eat my cake anyway

Anonymous 25634

It's all right, happy little mistakes help you get better every time.

Anonymous 25635

thanks, I wish I could share my cookies with you but I can share the recipe instead: https://www.bbc.com/food/recipes/shortbread_1290
if you feel like eating some cookies, these are extremely easy and quick to make.
I put some caramel and chocolate on mine and made sandwich cookies.

Anonymous 25638

Sounds like you tried a lot and succeeded plenty, well done.

Anonymous 80909


I bake a lot, and people really love when I make sprinkle coated sugar cookies. Pic isn't mine, but this recipe is:
1 cup butter
1 egg
Splash of vanilla
2 1/4 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
Roll in sprinkles
Bake 350° for 8-10 minutes depending

Anonymous 80935


I love to make these but add more garlic and seasoning and some bacon bits.

Anonymous 81021

1 DSC_0079.JPG

I made chai spice snickerdoodles yesterday and they were really good. I used the snickerdoodle recipe on King Arthur Flour's website which gives you a really amazing texture.

Anonymous 81028

Black pepper or a tiny pinch of cayenne is great on a snickerdoodle, too! I've never tried chai spice, but I like to use pumpkin spice in fall/winter.

Anonymous 81073

Any suggestions for Macaroons? I'm scared of not getting the fluffy texture right; I've seen people's recreations turn out into flat, eh cookies.

Anonymous 88105


coconut rolls want some

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