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shitposting gen Anonymous 74104

don't think
just feel

Anonymous 74106


Anonymous 74108


Anonymous 74109


Anonymous 74111

someone explain the racoon shit to me

Anonymous 74112

I THINK raccoon is codework for a subby guy?

Anonymous 74113

A year ago on /feels/ a thread was made concerning anon being intimidated by male strength, lost to the mods, a single post rose to ask what would be the changes you would see in society if men were smaller? Say, racoon-sized? A most unholy form of true female autism was unleashed, as the thread devolved into esoteric discussions of what a world full of racoon sized moids would look like. Pandora's box opened, all the androphobic yet heterosexual posters on this site latched onto the meme, it has lost it's original quite literal meaning for men who are only 3 feet tall, and now generically refers to subby men in general. Alas, lurking underneath the surface at anytime is the autism waiting to reveal itself again in all it's crazy glory.

Anonymous 74114

Hmmm, thought that link would work.
Let's try this
and this
but guarantee it with this

Anonymous 74120

Listening to someo…

Anonymous 74122


Pls lord just give me the strength to stop being a massive retard

Anonymous 74123

i faintly remember this game
samurai zero, right?

Anonymous 74131

Close but not quite lel
It's Katana Zero

Anonymous 74133


Anonymous 74175

I think batman and joker should kiss.

Anonymous 74260

trying to decide on breakfast.
0-2: ramen
3-4: eggs
5-6: bacon + croissant
7-8: bacon + croissant + eggs
9: reroll

Anonymous 74278

Anonymous 75219

Anonymous 78867

Holy shit I haven’t been on that website since the start of last decade. You just unpacked forgotten memories in my head.

Anonymous 78870

jfk arrowheads.png

Anonymous 78871

This is actually a little bit like how the spider society in Children of Time works. Even down to the unadopted males scavenging through refuse.

Anonymous 78948

moid jail.jpg

moid jail

Anonymous 78993



Anonymous 78994


Robert Lawrence Leonard (born February 28, 1969),[1] known by his stage name Robert Sean Leonard, is an American actor. He is known for playing Dr. James Wilson in the television series House (2004–2012) and Neil Perry in the film Dead Poets Society. Leonard won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance in The Invention of Love in 2001. His other theater credits include Candida, Long Day's Journey Into Night, Breaking the Code, The Speed of Darkness, Philadelphia, Here I Come!, Arcadia, The Music Man, Born Yesterday, and To Kill a Mockingbird. From 2013 to 2014, Leonard had a recurring role as Dr. Roger Kadar on the television series Falling Skies. He also starred as the leading role in Swing Kids playing Peter Muller.


ROBErT LaWrEnCe lEOnard (bORN feBruarY 28, 1969),[1] knOwn by hiS stAge name RobERt sEaN lEoNArd, Is aN AmerIcAN ACtOr. He is KNowN FOR pLaYing Dr. jamES WIlsOn iN The tELeVISion SerIEs HoUsE (2004–2012) AND nEIl PERrY in THe FilM dead poetS soCIeTy. leOnArD Won a TOnY AwaRd FoR BeST featUrED ACTOR In A PLay foR his perFOrMaNCe iN ThE inv
enTIon of LOvE iN 2001. HiS Other thEATER CRedItS inCludE cAndIda, long daY's JoUrneY INtO nIGht, BREAKing The CoDe, tHE sPEEd OF dARKnEss, PhiLADELpHia, here i COMe!, aRCAdia, the MUSIC mAN, bOrN yESTeRDAY, AnD TO kIll a MOCkINGbiRd. FROm 2013 tO 2014, lEoNArD had a rEcURrIng rOlE As dR. roGer KadAR ON thE TEleVISION serieS FAlLiNg SkiEs. hE AlSo StARrED as tHe LEADiNg rOLE IN SWinG kiDS PLAying PETER mulLEr.

Anonymous 78995


he's cute

Anonymous 78996


He's special to me.

Anonymous 78997

Isnt that Dr. Wilson from Dr. House?

Anonymous 78999


that's him alright

Anonymous 79001

i think they should kiss while I'm being double penetrated between them

Anonymous 79010


I didn't knew he was this good looking when he was young. He was so wholesome as Dr. Wilson.

He is like the perfect father, super empathetic, super carning for everyone. He was a cancer doctor so he was a smooth talker in the series, he tried to calm everyone down even to somebody as direct, objective and emotionless as House. House considered him his best friend because of how loyal and good as a person he was.

Anonymous 79021


Anonymous 79022


Anonymous 79534

>February 28
Holy shit we have the same birthday.

This made me look up other celebrities who were born on the 28th and I learned today that I also share a birthday with Gilbert Gottfried. Then I learned he groped Wendy Williams on live tv in 2011.

There's a lot for me to process here.

Anonymous 79869


what does this mean

Anonymous 79897

means youre gay

Anonymous 79911

Thats pretty much half of the episodes.

Anonymous 79913



Anonymous 79955


The Demons inside me is taking over

Anonymous 79956

girl what

Anonymous 80182


Anonymous 80213


Anonymous 80442

big brain.png

shitposting is an art, and you have all desecrated it.

Anonymous 80445


Anonymous 81001


Anonymous 81009

tmbg story.gif

I love verbose GIFs

Anonymous 81022

i thought the skinny guy was young yanderedev and read all the captions in his voice

Anonymous 81058


A classic for you then.

Anonymous 81070

Forever iconic

Anonymous 81367


Anonymous 81369


Anonymous 81371


Anonymous 81377


Anonymous 81379

ri chocolate milk …

Anonymous 81397



Anonymous 81398

idk why ppl consider it funny

Anonymous 81467

Anonymous 81470


Anonymous 81471


Anonymous 81472


Anonymous 81483


oh i think i might have deleted it by mistake

Anonymous 81505

of course the fuck…

Anonymous 81506

and I took that pe…

Anonymous 81507

you're welcome bitch

Anonymous 81508


saw this on Jodi Arias's myspace …

Anonymous 81509


Anonymous 81510



Anonymous 81515

oh my fucking god lmfao

Anonymous 81517

going to the yaoi convenience store, anyone need anything?

Anonymous 81521


alexa, add unfettered devotion in a word to my shopping list

Anonymous 81537


eat shit

Anonymous 81538


Anonymous 81577

fabric modloader very based

Anonymous 82364


Anonymous 82383


Anonymous 82560


Anonymous 82561

This activated my school shooter instinct.

Anonymous 82574


his apples

Anonymous 82575


shidding and farting

Anonymous 82577


Anonymous 82582


Imagine your kid coming home like this. I'd piss myself laughing

Anonymous 82583


This is kind of cute but the fact a male wrote it bothers me. Anyone read it? Is it just scrote fuel?

Anonymous 82585

These are the guys who made the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song.

Anonymous 82586

Anonymous 82588

Just watch some episodes or read it, you'll get enough entertainment out of it from picking it apart at a meta level even if you don't end up liking it

Anonymous 82589

>but the fact that a male wrote it bothers me
The author made dozens of doujins about things like lolicon, rape, snuff, bestiality, and guro. The two main characters in nagatoro are originally from three sadism imagesets by the same author.

Anonymous 83410


It has come to my attention

why are the monkeys getting del? are they part of an invasion? please no del. I'm a CC regular and worked hard on this shitpost, please I have a wife and children

Anonymous 83412

Sorry, but I watched just one episode of this, and it was fucking awful. I don’t even know how you can call it cute? It felt so pornified and the main girl is so hateable. None of the characters are likeabke. It just felt like I was watching something solely made for men to jack off to,

Anonymous 83413

japanese dudes (most of them) are too scared to talk with girls, and can't enterprise relations with them. It became a fetish: a girl who teases in a with sexual tensions, BUT still """"pure"""/naive when it's about sex again gotta still be innocent.
Like everytime the male prota need a girl to feel alive and go throughhis personal problem.

for this kind of herbivore male they create
uzaki chan wants to hang out

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro
and probably more manga/anime with archetype

SO YES IT'S MADE FOR GUYS, but I found it interesting to watch

Anonymous 83414

100% moid bullshit not worth a watch

Anonymous 83415

fair enough

i wached it because I was bored
and i was shoked it reminded me the virgin porn actress for incels

Anonymous 83417

I knew I wasn’t the only one seeing a pattern with those characters. I tried reading the manga for each of those series except for Nautiljon and they all felt weirdly porn-y and so obviously written by and for moids. Not very enjoyable.

Anonymous 83426


shitpost or die

Anonymous 83427


toot toot bitches

Anonymous 83428

yeah exactly a pattern
I also tried to read and watch but too painful, authors/readers are too horny.

we can also found that pattern with the Onee-san or mommy characters
it's a loop

Anonymous 83433

Got any recommendations?

Anonymous 83436

manga or anime?
I want to rewatch Isshuukan Friends it's really fluffy in my memories.

If you want cool girl prota maybe try read Nakamura Yoshiki's manga skip beat! (there is an anime but the manga is better!)

tell mewhat kind of manga/anime so I can see if I have something cool you might like!

Anonymous 83444

I prefer manga to anime. Our Precious Conversations is the most recent one I've read.

Anonymous 83447

Looks really chill, I'll read that one
you might like the two I mentioned

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