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do u guys collect anything? Anonymous 79279

do u guys collect anything ???? something u guys like to use ur money on ?? i just started collecting anime figures, and i was wondering if anyone knew some goods so to buy some from. how many of u guys collect anime figures, or just anything in general ??

Anonymous 79280


Does virtual pictures of my husbando count? Sadly only half joking.

If I find a series that I'm really passionate about and that I know I'll return to, then I'll collect all the DVDs/blurays and manga/books for that series. I've got a complete collection for one and I'm working on another. Started snagging a few cute figurines too, but the quality ones are obviously expensive. I'm a bit of a cinephile too, so I've collected a lot of various movies as well.

Anonymous 79281

I archive video games and movies. If it's worth watching or playing, it's worth storing on my private 30 terabyte server so no corporation decides what's "appropriate" for me.

Anonymous 79284


Warhammer minis! I have two armies, Sylvaneth and Tau

Anonymous 79291

I used to collect figures but used way too much money on them so I stopped because of that. I've gotten pickier too and haven't seen any high-quality figures of characters I like since around 2018 or so.

Anonymous 79292

Awww that's a cute Mugi.

Anonymous 79300

I've started collecting physical copies of otome games for the PS Vita and Nintendo Switch as well as shoujo manga. It's definitely pricy though.

Anonymous 79331


Was that painted by you?

Anonymous 79335


I collect CDs, I love music
I have a lot of PS2 games too (some other systems but that's the only console I really collected for because it's my favorite) and comic books. I have disposable cash and no life. I don't really add to these collections anymore though, just sitting on them until I retire since I kinda lost interest.

Anonymous 79345

Lol. Art supplies I sadly almost never use.

Sewing patterns I never have the time to sew because I have an internet addiction.

Journals I never write in because I have no life because of said internet addiction.

Kill me pls

Anonymous 79346

I just buy shitloads off of etsy, red bubble etc. I will fill my house with art until there's 0 space left on the walls

Also things for my niece.

Anonymous 79359

Figures too. I also like Peanuts merchandise.
It's cool to see there are more anons into figures. Which type do you guys like? My favorites are figuarts and highly articulated figures in general, but I have some love for prize figures too.
Cute Mugi!

Anonymous 79526


I collect jewelry, I guess… if that counts. Plush animals, pins, magnets, socks (with cute designs of course), books I either never start or never finish reading, mugs,and uhhh I'll end this list with stickers.

Anonymous 79529

Shameful memories and horrible moments in my life that justify suicide since my first days at preeschool.
Im rather passionate about it and my collection steadily grows.

Anonymous 79530

>I have a lot of PS2 games too (some other systems but that's the only console I really collected for because it's my favorite)

Me too anon! My grandparents gave me a chest that they no longer needed, and I stored all my ps2 games in there. Makes them feel more like treasures. I don't really play ps2 anymore so my collection is mostly useless to me.

I also collect books because I spend most of my time reading nowadays.

Anonymous 79596

I like to collect obscure and old toys from 80s and 90s franchises. Think Rainbow Brite, MLP Gen 1, etc. etc.

I'll usually hang around farmer's markets and pawn shops for this. I'm trying to get an entire color kids set and I have shy violet and rainbow brite herself so far.

Anonymous 79597


:D What kind of games did you play? I love JRPGs and platformers, Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper filled me with joy.

Anonymous 79605

I used to collect porcelain and China dolls. I still have them but I haven’t added to the collection in many years.

Anonymous 79713

I got my first Funko Pop today and the quality was crap. It was super lightweight, the paint job was messed up, and mine couldn’t even stand on its own. I don’t know what I expected since they’re cheap. Nendoroids are much more high quality. I have the Nagisa (Clannad) one and she’s beautiful! Especially the paint job.

Anonymous 79714

I loved the ratchet series. One of my fondest high school memories was staying home from school because I was sick, and I had some soup and I was playing ratchet and clank. I think I like that memory because it was the one time I did something fun in high school for me, my parents were pretty hard on me getting good grades.

For some reason I also remember enjoying the ratatouille game, there were some minigames like a water slide that I found captivating. I liked platformers with lots of colours, and I was disappointed by the spyro games on ps2.

Anonymous 80235

everytime i get money i spend it on tools
not really tools for one specific craft but for everything
like needle felting kits, carpentry, sewing, home improvement, sculpting, painting, etc

Anonymous 80533


>I got my first Funko Pop today

Anonymous 80535

God I fucking hate the Funko Pops. Trash culture. Ugly little plastic nothings.

Anonymous 80550

And do you use them at all?

Anonymous 80557


i’d like to collect anime figs and dolls(not just bjd, any kind) but i don’t really have the money or space. i have some already but not sure if it’s enough to call a collection

Anonymous 80568


I have the nendo of Mackenzie from Touch Detective, pic related. Never bought a Funko or touched one, I picture it feeling really cheap like a pez dispenser with a matte finish.

Anonymous 80575

Why are you bullying me

Anonymous 80606

I love Nendoroids and would love to collect more, but they're really difficult to find in my country and the shipping prices are sometimes double the amount of a Nendoroid, so I can't really buy them. Used to get them during a Japanese culture con that was held here before Corona hit.

Anonymous 80646


Anonymous 81541

>order new things for collection to cope with life
>supposed to come today
>no updates on tracking
>realize I fucked up the address when I ordered
>they might never come
I hate myself

Anonymous 81542

:( Which part did you fuck up? If the zip code is correct it might be ok

Anonymous 81543

The zip code is correct. I am hoping it will be fine but the lack of updates makes me anxious.

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