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Can a woman be conservative without being called a pick-me? Anonymous 79773

I'm a conservative, but I can never seem to be able to discuss my views amongst females without being called a pick-me. I'm not even an anti-feminist or anything, I'm just not a feminist myself.

Anonymous 79774

What are your views specifically?

Anonymous 79775

could you tell more about your views? i don't consider myself a feminist, i feel kinda neutral about most topics to be honest…

Anonymous 79777

what kind of conservatism? I'd suggest you stay away from the American kind, the nazi trad kind and the other retarded islamic trad kind. Trannies tend to be "trad", thats another reason I suggest against it. They are the ultimate pick-mes because they are literal incels desperate for human interaction.

Anonymous 79779

American politics and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

Anonymous 79782

I understand you because I have quite a few "conservative" views but, unlike you, also consider myself a feminist. In your case, though, I think as long as you're not putting the rights of men above the rights of women, you won't be considered a pick-me by all except for the most ardent of leftists.
US politics is a real pick-your-poison situation right now, so no matter who you vote for, you're going to be risking some rights. It's just which rights you'll risk over others.

Anonymous 79784

Yeah this thread is shit, as long as people keep thinking in American terms the world will always be shit.

Anonymous 79805

Your alternative is to think in Chinese terms as the next world leaders.

Anonymous 79817

Who cares, anybody who calls another girl a pick-me is a shit feminist anyway

Anonymous 79824

What else do you call a woman who throws other women under the bus in a blatant attempt to obtain male approval? It's a legitimate phenomenon.

Anonymous 79825

Dumb, lol. Girls with internalized misogyny. They aren't the enemy just because they drank some bad kool-aid and think their low self-esteem will make men flock to them.

Anonymous 79828

Yeah but in practice it's just a word for trying to shame someone with a different opinion. A means to make another conform. Which is off-putting for anyone who isn't just trying to be likeable and in-crowd. Kind of the opposite of what the word implies.

Anonymous 79853

It really depends on how you phrase your ideas. If you put the highlight on how conservative ideas are beneficial for society as a whole, including women, you can't reasonably be called a pickme. Especially when you explain how conservative ideas has helped you feel happier and more confident. Refusing casual sex to scrotes is a good example of such ideas.

If you have the same ideas, but as >>79824 said, you use them to throw "evil modern women" under the bus, you'll definitely be a pick me. Being a pickme isnt necessarily linked to conservative or reactionary ideas. You have plenty of liberal pickmes ("im not a boring prude like the other girls, teehee"), and i'm sure that lesbian pickmes are a thing too.

Anonymous 79860


Anonymous 79875

>it's either black or white with nothing in between
What are Americans like this

Anonymous 79876

There are plenty of conservatives here. That has nothing to do with being a pickme. You’ll get called a pickme if you start talking about how bad the poor men have it or complaining about modern slutty women like some incel.

Anonymous 79895

No, all diversity is welcomed, except that of thought. This will not be tolerated.

Anonymous 79920


I’m pretty sure I’ve said this on another thread but being a pick-me is less about what you believe and more about why you believe it.
For example, if you (OP) want limited government social programs and an emphasis on the nuclear family (assuming that’s what you mean by “conservative”) because you genuinely believe it’s better for society that’s not pick-me. However, if you say you want those things in order to put down other women for male attention (think trad thots), that’s pick me shit. Hell, I’d even say many libs and lefties are even bigger “pick-mes” if their public persona is largely around pleasing men/bashing women.
>pic related
So basically it’s a mindset, not a set of beliefs. One can argue that you only hold these conservative beliefs because you have internalized misogyny but that’s not as simple as wanting to “get picked”. The popularization of “pick-me” and “NLOG” is yet another example of how nuance cannot survive on the internet.

Anonymous 79957

Depends on what kind of conservative. If you're overtly trying to appeal to guys with your views, that's what gets you pegged as a pick-me. And it'll get you walked all over. Join your moid in the fagbashing and don't question why and down the road he might bring home gonorrhea because he "got curious" about something he totally wasn't repressing. But if you're just a fiscal conservative, well, welcome to the party of hating both parties, I guess. Good luck finding a moid who isn't a total redneck or soyboy.

Anonymous 80649

lol this loser is my inspiration to get out of my neet lifestyle

Anonymous 84987

the issue is that conservatism is retarded. like, its track record is absolutely abysmal. being called a pick me is better than being called retarded. consider yourself lucky.

Anonymous 101332


These labels are somewhat helpful if you're trying to explain to someone why you don't like someone else but it's so so so fucking RETARDED caring about it in relation to your own self. like that will get you absolutely nowhere. the term is already being fucked to shit just like "Karen" was anyway. Eventually it's just going to mean "gender non-conforming woman who likes sportsball and cars" and will be used to just further push casual misogyny. That's my prediction. But my point is people will call you whatever the fuck they want because everyone is so concerned they're not good enough.
You're doing fine anonette.

Anonymous 101349

>I'm not even an anti-feminist or anything, I'm just not a feminist myself.

"I don't think I SHOULDN'T have rights, I just don't think I should either."

This is why people tell you to fuck off.

Anonymous 101410

I consider myself feminist but also conservative in some important aspects.

Anonymous 101451

>throws other women under the bus

Jesus christ, this is pure, concentrated cringe. Even if it was a serious argument on your part, you just want them to submit to your will instead of theirs.

Anonymous 101486

Go back to twitter, dumb asshole. Is people like you that have made political discourse completely unbearable

Anonymous 101492

being a pick-me is about voicing specific views in order to be liked, or more specifically in order to picked by*men. If you're antifeminist bc that's what you believe you are not being a pick-me, yet will most likely reap similar benefits by espousing certain views in certain communities around certain people (read: in conservative circles, around men). Rather, here, identifying as an 'anti-feminist' does not make OP a pick me, just retarded.

Anonymous 101493

>I'm not even an anti-feminist or anything, I'm just not a feminist myself.
You need to define 'feminist' for this to work because there's a gulf of difference between women who think other women should have the right to vote, hold property, get maternity leave, serve in any job a man can, and earn the same pay while doing it. And people who think women should be drafted for wars, compete with men pretending to be women, be pigeonholed into specific roles to fight 'stereotypes', and should also be first pick for manual labor jobs that are dangerous for them.
The first one is a feminist, the second one is a political leech pretending to be feminist. Because the men-run governments in the world are pretending to be feminist; they group both of them together and pretend that you have to be for one and not the other. That's not the case. Read what actual feminists write and you may change your mind, and learn to spot women on TV who espouse the latter beliefs while also earning millions for doing so.

Anonymous 101494

I consider myself conservative. I think most women are conservative even If they don't know it. The problem with conservativism are the conservatives. The right-wing populism won. As long someone like Donald Trump is the beacon of Conservativism worldwide and people think being right-wing means being a bigot I can't support them.

We the right need more people like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Anonymous 101496

>The problem with conservativism are the conservatives.
And it's done this way on purpose to make people think they have no choice but to go along with the bad in order to get the good. It's a false dichotomy at work.

Anonymous 101508

"Wah wah I just want to feel persecuted for a neutral stance without explaining what counts as neutral! Get out of my feefee box you make me SAD!"

Have political discourse if you want to have political discourse. Start by defining your stance and its terms, not by starting imageboard threads about how the other girls won't play with you.

Anonymous 101515

Uh, she's right? Saying this sort of thing about people that disagree with you is a clear sign of ignorance and low IQ.
>b-but they say the same thing about me!

Anonymous 101517

>Everyone I don't like is a fascist
Don't worry, you'll survive your first year in college. In the meantime just study a bit more and you'll realize you're a very unsmart person.

Anonymous 101521

People who disagree with you about what? Define your stance. Explain your terms. Reread the incredibly brief and vague OP. A ton of the posts in this thread have been very understanding and nuanced, asking for specifics on the definition of 'conservative' and 'feminist' in this context. If the OP isn't going to give clear examples and just say 'why don't the other girls play with me' they're not going to get a reasonable discussion. If you're always this vague then congrats on your bountiful harvest of victimhood I guess.

Anonymous 101522


I knew you were young (believing that easy answers exist and that people disagree with you because they are evil is a clear sign), but I didn't know you were a teen.
It's a meme to mock some American liberals (and conservatives as well since they seem to think fascism os left-wing) that think that people that disagree with them are worse than Hitler, Stalin a and Mao all put together.

Anonymous 101526

You might be right, maybe conservative-chan really isn't like other girls…

Anonymous 101529

Not OP, but when did she say women are less than Men?

Anonymous 101530

Ah, you're trolling, now it makes sense…

Anonymous 101531

In all seriousness there are absolutely real women who do this shit, but usually they're also more willing to explain their actual arguments. Even if (especially if?) those arguments are batshit insane.

But I think we're just going to get 'no u' deflection here.

Anonymous 101537

>women are equal to men
That's literally what troons say. Nah, there are many differences between the two sexes. Equality under the law? Yes. Men=women? Wrong. And That is pretty much what the third wave of feminism believes. It is pretty much impossible to be a feminist nowadays without being a third wave feminist, a fractally wrong ideology, maybe that's why she's not a feminist.

I'm >>101494 and the reason why I don't see myself as a feminist is the same reason why I have a hard time considering myself a conservative. Feminists are on average stupid, just like conservatives. Yeah, there were many great feminist thinkers, some of them are still alive. But nowadays it's stuff like Angela Davis, Naomi Klein, Judith Butler among others and I can't be part of a ideology filled with stupid people.

Anonymous 101538

I like to try and assume the best of some of the young NLOGs who think "we already have enough rights." They're likely not conservative, just apolitical and don't pay attention to the news. They don't realize that progress can go backwards as well as forwards, and that right-wing politicians often try to pass laws that would restrict the rights they're currently enjoying.

Sometimes they also don't know how recent certain freedoms were given to women. Nobody talks about having to get a husband's approval to open a bank account, for example.

Anonymous 101542

>I'm not very brilliant myself.
Should I delete that post and correct it?

Anonymous 101543

Well, you're right, most people are stupid after all and I'm not very brilliant myself. But I was talking about the intellectuals and leaders of each ideology. The dominant feminists intellectuals and political figures are on average as dumb as the conservative ones, even if there were many compelling authors in the past that actually had a point.

Sorry, I'm on my phone, English is not my first language and I didn't turn off the autocorrect.

Anonymous 101547

Political movements aren't religions, who fucking cares about individual writers and academics who you may or may not agree with? Unless they have actual systemic power to change things, I'm not going to bother looking up any of those names.

Anonymous 101550

>judith butler is more notable in trans circles
Trans circles are already part of feminism. We don't know If things Will get better of if they will keep getting worse by the end of the decade.

Not that any of you care, but I also study enough economics during my college years to become a supporter of "neoliberal" capitalism (no, I don't think we should embrace Ayn Rand as a feminist symbol and I do support government regulation when necessary). The socialist tendencies on most feminist circles also alieneted me.

Anonymous 101586

They've been for decades. Angela Davis is almost 80 and she is as retard as ever.

Anonymous 101599


Lol, found the pick me. Stop supporting scrotes and gain some sex dignity. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

Anonymous 101604


>You have nothing to lose but your chains.

Anonymous 101606

Why are Americans so fucking retarded

Anonymous 101617

What's the more pick-me position

A. My boyfriend is allowed to have friends who are girls.

B. My boyfriend is not allowed to have friends who are girls.

Anonymous 101619

A is normal, B is psycho shit. This has nothing to do with pickmeism

Anonymous 101637

Imagine being a conservative woman
What, you like trust fund boys in pastel shorts
What a pickme

Anonymous 101641

thats not what it means at all lol, what a shallow way of looking at politics

Anonymous 101643

NTA but it's the same bizarro manichean "reason".

Anonymous 101674

Sounds like you're a victim of today's extreme and black-white thinking. Anyway you know you can just.. develop your own opinion and stance on different things right? None of the opinions you hold must exclusively side with one or the other if you don't want to. It's probably more difficult to allign yourself with a political party wherever you are but you can hold a mixed bag of views, some of them more conservative leaning and others more liberal if you waht to.

Anonymous 101685

>Trying to define a word
>Doesn't even know "irregardless" isn't a word
Good effort trying to sound smart tho

Anonymous 101703

>A biological woman who pretends to care about manosphere politics in order to get male attention.

Anonymous 101736

>being pro-marriage
>not anti-feminist
You're either with us or against us, there is no inbetween at anytime. Get with the program miner, there are no innocents. Those who choose to live "trad lifestyles" are inherently against us as well.

Anonymous 101739

Get with us or be against us pickme, there is no inbetween.

Anonymous 101740

This line of thinking is the exact same on that troon-positive feminists use to shame TERFs. Perhaps that should clue you into something miner.

Anonymous 101741

This thread is an eysesore.

Even though I strongly disagree with conservativism the anti-conservative posters (there's more than one, right? The arguments and writing style are too similar I'm not sure, maybe it's just a samefag highschooler) are showing somehow that they are even more ignorant with this "iF yOu DisAgreE wiTh Me YoU hate WoMEn".

Anonymous 101742

It has to be this way, you're either with us, or against us, and there's no in-between.

Anonymous 101745

Indeed. Your mistake is believing that people are against you simply because they disagree with you. Conservatives (or at least some of them) have their best intentions in their minds and actually think their ideas are the best for women, just like feminists. Hell, even tankies are well-intended. The difference is that you disagree with their methods.

This "us against them" mentality just shows that you've never read a conservative author in your life.

Anonymous 101754

Moderate or leave it open, if you can do that.

Anonymous 101769

It seems like you're against feminism, you're either for or against, there's no being neutral.

Anonymous 101782

>you can't have a neautral view on feminism
Uh, no? You can disagree and realize that the other side has strong arguments.

There are many conservative philosophers, historians, economists, etc out there and even Marxists intellectuals will acknowledge that their arguments are strong and vice-versa. Not every conservative is batshit crazy Donald Trump just like not every liberal is AOC.

Anonymous 101796

It's not the radical position you've mentioned here >101734

Anonymous 101835


Someone messed up their hiragana. I thought that was half an い but it’s supposed to be し

Anonymous 102181


whatever go back to the kitchen OP

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