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What's a popular thing you hate? 80192

What's a popular thing that everyone else seems to love but you absolutely can't stand?
This could be a TV series, movie, celebrity, book series, social media influencer (Youtubers, Instagrammers, Twitter person), social media artist (Deviantart, Art Station, Pixiv, Instagram), creator, meme, etc. Really any popular thing that you just can't help but hate.

What's a popular thing you hate? 80193


Anonymous 80194

Berserk. I just don't get it. He goes around killing hundreds of guys without breaking a sweat, none of the fights have any suspense or intrigue whatsoever.

Anonymous 80195

League of Legends, Dark Souls 3 because the older ones are better, I find every MMO this days boring as hell.

Anonymous 80198


Anonymous 80201

which show is this anon?

Anonymous 80202

Lots of people hate this but social media. I could just never get into it whenever I tried it.

Anonymous 80205


It’s better you don’t know anon

Anonymous 80207


Lol, isn't this site we're talking through technically a form of social media?
But yeah I get what you mean. Social media has retarded this generation tenfold. I believe it should be classified as an addictive disorder under the DSM-5.

Anonymous 80208

I deleted my FB and am much happier now. Though I do kinda miss MySpace tho
Eh, I think that because we’re anonymous it’s not social media in a general sense. While technically, sure. But because we’re all anonymous and social media has ties to your identity I think it now is something similar but different

Anonymous 80209

Not really, image boards are more like old style forums located on individual sites. Before social media, the internet was almost completely anon. Sometimes people would have a geocities or whatever all about their interests but there were seldom pictures or identifying info. Image boards are from that era where the focus was not on you but discussing common topics.

Social media is it's own thing though things like Facebook groups are forum-like. The focus of social media is you are sharing things about you and pictures of you and your life under your real name. When MySpace launched, using your real name online was such a new thing that lots of kids used a fake last name (that's why Jeffree Star is has Star as his last name and not his real one) or just a completely fake name.

Things like anon instagram accounts sharing pictures on a theme are more recent. Tumblr is a bit unusual that it is somewhere between old forums and social media.

If someone made a thread here about themselves with their name, pictures and what they were up to it would be really weird.

Anonymous 80212

every popular thing

Anonymous 80214

I assume it's Donnie Darko

Anonymous 80215

What I find funnier than that is that the "main series" has only a pilot, but the "spin off" already has 4 episodes. Really makes me giggle.

Almost as funny as the selling of Deltarune merchandise when Deltarune is currently a demo and nothing else.

Anonymous 80223

I thought so too but it seems to be some youtuber.

Anonymous 80228

Never really liked star wars or the matrix

Anonymous 80230

wish i possessed this ignorance

Anonymous 80231

Anonymous 80239

i fucking despise british men, all british men

Anonymous 80250

the fate series
it’s a youtuber called corpse husband

Anonymous 80261


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Tarantino movies
Superhero movies
The Godfather

Anonymous 80262

Damn anon. That's deep. Can I ask, did you personally have a bad experience with one that rubbed you the wrong way that led you to hold this sentiment about British men?

Anonymous 80318

Amen to that. I hate how people fawn over their accents. That and Australians, South Africans and New Zealanders. Some people date them just because of their accent.

Anonymous 80319

I wanted to read the deep mechanisms of English Socialism, not some gay fanfic about finding love and sex in a dictatoriship

Anonymous 80398

I hate action movies and fall asleep whenever there's any action scene in a movie that lasts longer than 3 minutes.
Everyone says "this movie is boring but the fights are so cool!", or whatever. The action scenes are always the fucking worst. I don't care how "cool" they are.

Anonymous 80404

i see an action scene my brain just zones out like cool. lots of movement and colors. when will they recap and verbally explain what happened, rendering this scene totally pointless

Anonymous 80407

Then I’ll bet you hate the John Wick films. They shouldn’t be considered actual movies, they’re more like video game play through. You’re just spending the 2 hours watching it to watch only a man go around killing and beating up a bunch of people. No story, no explanation, anything

Anonymous 80437

his thirst trap voice makes me vomit
and yet this lard is pleading for his fans "not to sexualize him" lmao

Anonymous 80439

>thirst trap voice
i don't think he can help that. like i think he has gerd and its eroding his voicebox or something

Anonymous 80440

genshin impact
boku no hero academia
kimetsu no yaiba
all youtuber shit ( minus some vtuber stuff but even then i only watch clips )

Anonymous 80443

Lmao you're entirely fucking right. I don't really enjoy action movies, but I do actually enjoy John Wick 2+3 and The Raid from a choreography perspective. Also the Peter Serafinowicz scene in John Wick 2 is extremely amusing to me. The one where him and John speak in euphemisms about everything. "Ahh, the finest cutlery my good sir!"
I'm so glad you brought up the videogame thing because that has always been my view on these movies. They are shockingly videogamey. The sequence at the end of 3 where John and Charon have to return to Winston's safe room in order to restock is ripped straight out of some sort of shooter. The action sequence with Halle Berry has several shots where the camera pulls over her shoulder as though it's a game. It's a cool novelty to me, but I really hope the next movie doesn't continue this. It makes for really unengaging camerawork.

Anonymous 80447

Peepeepie, tarantino films, COD, nihilism, Joe Rogan, comedians.

Anonymous 80450

Literally almost every western cartoon. Like regular show, gumball, steven universe, all the other stuff. I mean I know why I don't like it, I just don't know why this stuff is so popular with adults. Like people in their 30s putting their harry potter house in their twitter bio, or guys buying star wars merch into age 40.

Anonymous 80452

Genshin Impact. Play a lot of gacha kusoges in general, but Genshin just sucks and I don't understand why people are losing their minds over it.
Superhero movies. To be fair I don't like watching movies in general, but superhero movies annoy me to no end.

Anonymous 80455

Any kink and BDSM
Western tv series

Anonymous 80456

Yeah but he's exaggerating it, obviously. Teenage girls love a tragic backstory when it leads to something they find sexy.

Anonymous 80489


The Beatles.
I just don't get the hype behind them.
The Rolling Stones was a band just like the Beatles, with many more better songs and a band that withstood the sands of time and never broke apart, yet they hardly get as much recognition as the Beatles do. It's so lame.
The Beatles don't even have that many good songs, many of their songs sound childish in my opinion. (We all live in a yellow submarine, I mean come on, really?)
Not to mention they broke up over the most pettiest drama, and in all honesty, none of the guys in that band were attractive. At all.

Anonymous 80499

The Beatles have a small number of 10/10 songs but a lot of junk ones too. I guess the appeal of them is the perfect simplicity of the songs. Compared to the Rolling Stones, Beatles songs feel more quiet, and like a warm embrace. The Stones are more energetic and edgier. I like both.

As for unpopular opinions, Rubber Soul is the Beatles best album.

Anonymous 80501

People who are into basic beginner anime. I don't have any problems with the shows themselves but I just cannot stand people who only watch that stuff and nothing else.

Anonymous 80502

I prefer the Rolling Stones too.
The Beatles are more popular because they are more accessible and normie-friendly.
The Beatles have boyband looks by 50s/60s standards (even if you don't like those), sing pop songs about love and hippie shit and are very strongly tied to Boomer youth culture so listening to them makes the boomers nostalgic about lsd and vietnam protest-larping or whatever.
The Stones are more rock-oriented and songs are about the darker side of drugs, sex, addiction, etc. and the members didn't have the boyish good looks of the Beatles.

Anonymous 80525


Jeans. They are so ugly and uncomfortable(touching your skin everywhere all day), and they make everyone look the same. I wish people wore normal old-fashioned pants and suitpants and skirts and dresses.

Anonymous 80526

For me it's always the wellbeing of the other characters that keeps me engaged. I was totally convinced Puck was going to be smushed at some point so I was consistently terrified for him.

Anonymous 80537

huh, I actually like jeans. They're comfy to me, while I'm not really into skirts

Anonymous 80542

>Dark Souls 3
It has the best OST out of the three though

Anonymous 80565


have always hated jeans regardless of the cut, denim just is not comfortable and it sucks that denim jeans are The Pants to wear, I wish more people wore those floofy graphic design pants

Anonymous 80566

They are so slobby looking, and if you have wide hips and small waist, impossible to wear comfortably.

Anonymous 80589

For me its the woke/cancel culture. Tired of seeing it everywhere I look. It's convinced me that the people don't make the times, the media does, because nobody I speak to IRL gives a shit about any of it. Wanna call me a cultural appropriating racist because I wore an indian costume for halloween in 1998 and a dr. phil costume in 2002 or eating tacos? cool. Wanna scream "but its different!" when I catch you speaking English and eating fries and using penicillin based antibiotics and using computers? ok. What bothers me most is that I never cared until they made me care because they just wont shut up about it.

Anonymous 80600

bitcoin, crypto in general

Anonymous 80700


Overhyped music with a disgusting, disgusting fanbase

Anonymous 80703

I don't get NFTs
I mean people are literally out there spending thousands of dollars on jpegs. It's one of those things that makes you wonder how humanity ever made it this far if our stupidity runs that deep.

Anonymous 80708

i like some of her songs but i hate her whole edgy schtick. even if i dislike her fashion sense i do enjoy her take on body-shaming.

Anonymous 80807

Fishing in games. It's boring in real life, it's even more boring in games and I don't understand it's so well liked. I know it's not obligatory in most games but I don't understand the obsession with it or why out of pretty much any sport or mini game or whatever fishing has to always be the go-to choice.

Anonymous 80813


Sufjan Stevens

Anonymous 80836

I feel this, I have a friend who plays FFXIV obsessively, I took a look at their character once and out of all the non-combat crafting/gathering jobs, the ONLY one that was levelled at all was fishing. Don't get it. I even enjoy it a little bit IRL but the part I like isn't existent in video game fishing.

Anonymous 80859

Midrise and high rise jeans.

You're jelis u can't wear low rise jeans.

Anonymous 80881


i really fucking hate tik tok

Anonymous 80883

The Beatles did have some good and unique sounding songs after their initial pop boyband phase. The boyband pop phase did help them gain popularity before they started making more experimental and rock stuff, though. Might be why they were more popular than the stones.
I hate sakimichan. I know many people do, but she's still popular as hell with her shitty sameface art and ridiculous anatomy that all has the same shiny blur ig filter aesthetic.

Anonymous 80884

This. And people behave very differently when what they're posting is tied to their identity.
People on social media shoop the shit out of themselves, pretend they're all living a super glamorous life and that they're hot, successful, competent in many different skills, and happy 24/7 with perfect relationships.Also they constantly advertise products or do product placements to brainwash the masses into thinking that that product lead to their fake luxury life.
Not to mention all the virtue signaling and pseudo "wokeness" to boost their egos.
Anonymous imageboards result in some shitty behavior too, of course, but it's not nearly as obnoxious or dishonest.

Anonymous 80885

what does the video have to do with your post? don't tell me you can upload full nudity to tiktok, also who is that so I can obsess over not looking like her

Anonymous 80896

I also hate sakimichan's art but knowing that she's scamming retarded coomers out of their money makes me respect her honestly.

Anonymous 80899

You aren't technically allowed to, but it's like Snapchat. If you don't get reported a ton, nothing will happen.

Anonymous 80904


porn and anything sexual in general

Anonymous 80905

I mean normal money is just pieces of paper and hunks of metal, it's all stupid

Anonymous 80908

Anonymous 80928

Pfff. That's easy. Got a chalennge for you:
name something you genuinly like but most people hate.

Anonymous 80931

light mode

Anonymous 81005

Regular porn is disgusting but hentai is based.

Anonymous 81008


Anonymous 81030

black licorice

Anonymous 81031


Anonymous 81036

whenever I see an anime girl joker I can't help but think of that retarded radfem pedo on twitter

Anonymous 81038

Anonymous 81042

idk who that is, its just nanami from idolmaster as joka

Anonymous 81056

the lesbian incel girl? i think she's based

Anonymous 81545


Drag Queen culture and the LGBT community (not individually, collectively)

Anonymous 81546

This is the pre-tranny pipeline of Homosexual Transexuals. Blanchard was right.

Anonymous 81551

Who the hell is Blanchard?

Anonymous 81552

oh no
at first I rolled my eyes but a lot of drag queens do identify as trans in some capacity

Anonymous 81568

Lurk moar.

Anonymous 81574


I rarely feel strongly about anything but I despise this movie. Both of the main characters are selfish assholes who cheat and treat their partners like shit for the sake of "true love." The worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life

Anonymous 81580


Anonymous 81582

Damn you mean Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling cheat on each other, or on other partners? I am confused (this is coming from someone who has never seen the movie before).

Anonymous 81600

her face is so… ugly
im surprised even below average looking girls have this much confidence

Anonymous 81601

Below average face isn't as bad if you have good proportions

Anonymous 81603

>ugly girls aren't allowed to have any confidence!!11!!
Thanks for your opinion.

Anonymous 81608

Lolcows have to go back.

Anonymous 81617

they cheat and treat their partners like shit so that they can be together. its like a 12 yearold wrote the script for this movie. their relationship isnt even healthy. they put their hands on each other when they fight and just solve their issues with sex. its fucking stupid

Anonymous 81619

because you're similarly ailing of the mind, or your her lol hi nicole

Anonymous 81620

>its like a 12 yearold wrote the script
A 12 year old would write a pure Disney love story, not this crap, but I get what you mean.

Anonymous 81636

What's with the mean girls in this thread being sassy instead of answering you? Go back to lolcow kek. Anyway Blanchard refers to Ray Blanchard. He coined the term autogynephilia.

Anonymous 81646

>why this stuff is so popular with adults
I have better question for you: why do people like to listen to made up stories? Literally almost every movie, series, book with plot.
Imo adults watch kids show and buy toy cuz:
1 - many people never really grow up, they just learn how to pretend how to be adult well
2 - going back to lost childhood
3 - jokes that kids won't understand but adult will so it isn't so tiring to watch it with yuor kids
Personally I still can enjoy Gumball for example (but only older episodes) even if I'm almost in my mid 20. I love those hidden jokes. They are so unexpected and unfitting to show for children and that makes them even funnier

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