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terfposting thread #7 Anonymous 80203

last thread>>78254

Anonymous 80204


Picrel ironic given trans sewerslide rates. They hate us cuz they anus lol

Anonymous 80206

We need more TERF Miku. Miku should be our mascot since it will also make the message popular in Japan.

And we should make Vocaloid TERF songs. That would be so funny.

Anonymous 80211


My contribution

Anonymous 80216


Transphobia is valid and cute.

Anonymous 80217

I'm trying and failing to figure out what is meant by this

Anonymous 80218

i guess it just means that no trans woman has had an abortion yet but they think it's gonna happen soon enough with uterine transplants and whatnot. so a troon who is currently alive is gonna become the first yas queen girlboss icon to abort his child.

Anonymous 80219

He is fantasizing about being able to transplant the uterus that belong to a woman onto his tranny body only to then abort, because that makes him feel hecking girly and valid.

Anonymous 80220

what is even the point of ‘getting’ a uterus if you’re just gonna have an abortion

Anonymous 80221

Abortions are empowering, apparently.

Anonymous 80222

I suffer from gender dysphoria (I am biologically female) but it's so obviously stemming from sexual trauma and misogyny. Despite the pain I could never transition. I wonder how many other girls like me fell into the trap of ideology.

Anonymous 80224

something about this thread is deeply unfunny because it feels like the mirror image of fag hagging. just really annoying people obsessing over some crazies on an existential level

Anonymous 80225

can always hide the thread. here we laugh at troons, because we are not allowed to do so anywhere else.
I did when I was a teenager. It sorted itself out and looking back the causes had nothing to do with gender. If it was today, I could have been memed to sterilize and mutilate myself. It is why the previously quoted anon is full of shit and these are not just "some crazies", it's an extremely dangerous ideology.

Anonymous 80226

It's an extension of the noble hobby of manhating. We have a thread for general misandry but there's a unique sort of pathetic coming from a man trying to become better, aka become a woman.

To male lurkers, you brought this on yourselves, so if you feel wounded know that I am glad.

Anonymous 80227

so what if he murd…


Getting real tired of people using the word 'obsessed' to refer to appropriate anger in response to violent perverted criminals making it illegal to call them out by their sex.

Anonymous 80229

I’m in the same boat and IMO no idealogy can cure gender dysphoria. Once the troon brainworm enters your head it never really comes out. I tried to get into radfem/TERF idealogy for a while but whenever I see the pictures of ugly unpassing MTFs that TERFs share online, I feel sad instead of angry, because I know that’s how I would have probably turned out if I was a moid. Not shitting on any gender dysphoric women who are gender critical feminists, that’s just my experience

Anonymous 80232


I get what you mean, but I also get the need to have TERF threads. There are very few online spaces where women can talk shit about the trannies we’re expected to deal with irl.Going to a liberal college and actually being around trans people is what made me realize they’re insane.

Anonymous 80233

More insanity to validate themselves as ACKSHUAL WOMEN. As usual, our oppression, lived experiences, and hard choices are their fetish.

Anonymous 80234

So there are FTMs that think gay men are obliged to fuck them too lol, who would have thought

Anonymous 80241

It seems to me that, just like men can not seem to be able to differentiate colors or physical expressions, they are also not able to properly clock TGs. Women are much better at it, although stealth trannies can still go undetected.

Anonymous 80242

Do we really need 7 threads to discuss hating tranny penises? Is this thread supposed to be somesort of planning center for internet tactics or irl get togethers or do we just keep discussing tranny penisses day in and day out.

Anonymous 80243

Yeah, I often end up thinking about how they're probably deeply aware of the fact that, despite all the overwhelming lies and positivity thrown at them, they are always going to be outcasts deeply unsatisfied with themselves. Of course some don't care because it's all for the coom, but from the ones I know irl, coomers are the minority and the rest are just victims/potential victims like me.

Anonymous 80245

>Do we really need 7 threads to discuss hating tranny penises?

We could use an entire board for hating trannies.

Anonymous 80247



Anonymous 80253


How would that even work lol. How can a male body make a extirpated uterus even work…? LOL! Objectively impossible.

>pic kinda related but not towards you but to some seething trannoid

Anonymous 80255

Where do you see seven threads? It's a general thread that is remade whenever the previous one fills.

Anonymous 80257

I think it was because OP liked badly by typo

>>78254 here is the previous thread

Anonymous 80260

the fetus would be implanted into the scrotum

Anonymous 80263


Top row of those three goth NEET girls are what I'm aspiring to be. I just want to be a shut-in NEET with pale ass skin and long black messy hair. It is my inspo tbh.

Anonymous 80265


It's more common than you think, it's a meme at this point the yaoi fujoshi to ftm aiden pipeline

Anonymous 80266


Anonymous 80267


Anonymous 80268

what kind of brainrot are the fujos getting to end up like this, is it all the self inserting into japanese twinks?

Anonymous 80285


when i read the first few lines thought you had stumbled on the other end of pic related

Anonymous 80287

I don't know if i should hate the man for leaving her like that in a very vulnerable situation after she betrayed his trust, but one thing i know is that the more stories like this i read, the more i hate trannies.

Anonymous 80288

please stop… I know someone who looks exactly like this… I can hear her voice when I see this image…

Anonymous 80296

would you have stayed?

Anonymous 80300

I mean he cared enough to visit her in the hospital, I don't think I'd want to jump back into a relationship with a hot mess like that either.

Anonymous 80303

Naw those troons would just get a c-section to fulfill their fetish

Anonymous 80307


trannies are crazy enough to spend the requisite year/lifetime in a wheelchair after undergoing the dangerous experimental surgery to reshape the pelvis. they'll have legions of supporters telling them their doing the right thing.

Anonymous 80308

Imagine being so full of yourself that you are angry for being catered to because the people doing it aren't proclaiming their love for you hard enough

Anonymous 80324

look up youtube channel amy. it has some terf songs like ginger male market failure we should make vocaloids sing them

Anonymous 80326

tbh me too but it would be nothing like anime so it should just stay as a fantasy

Anonymous 80367

wanted to vent a bit, quick. i'm a fan of jerma and the amount of absolutely braindead, annoying transposting in his communities is aggravating.

at least he never really talks about politics and there are an equal amount of people shitting on trans people in his chat because he doesn't moderate it very much.

Anonymous 80369

What is he supposed to do? Continue dating this mentally ill wreck who dumped him and ran off to an orgy the next day?? I’d avoid her ass like the plague

Anonymous 80378

>Where do you see seven threads? It's a general thread that is remade whenever the previous one fills.
What's the meaningful difference? What does this thread actually accomplish, discussion or otherwise? Is this just a hang out thread where everyone gathers to be angry when tranny penises get posted, to make a social event over thinking about tranny penises?

This general is a behavioral sink that will just continue until the thread isn't more than a glorified hang out spot themed around tranny penises.

Anonymous 80379

The weird fixation on penises makes you sound like a butthurt moid sis

Anonymous 80380

Tell me what this thread is about other than tranny penises? Basic cycle observed in this thread.

>someone posts a troon twitter screencap

>other posters respond how troons are crazy and will never be women
>other posters respond how SRS is just mutilated troon penis
>other posters respond that troons will never be well women because they have penises

What does this thread do exactly? Why do we need a thread specifically for obsessing over troon penis?

Anonymous 80385

me too anon honestly even before i peaked the transpride spam was just annoying and made me uncomfortable, at least there’s another terf in chat

Anonymous 80386

>Oh, looks like we filled out the tranny thread, looks like we can never discuss this topic again!

Anonymous 80389

so? go to pedo tranny cocksucking twt if you don't like women making fun of them. obviously this site is not for you

Anonymous 80390

I avoid twitter because people obsess over trannies, only to come here and you guys need 7 dedicated threads talking about mentally ill tranny pensises.

>she needs a thread to hate trannies instead of doing it recreationally everywhere

I'm glad we can all bond over troon penis, but again, what does this thread do?

Anonymous 80392

It’s a thread where we vent about troons.

It doesn’t need to do anything.

Anonymous 80396

Well if you need a place to talk about troon penis I'm glad you've found a place to talk about troon penis all day in that case. Sure hope you guys enjoy your outrage porn over troon penis.

Anonymous 80403

Go back to /r9k/ troon raider. Nobody thinks about your penis as much as you’d wish.

Anonymous 80405

The fetus is stored in the balls.

Anonymous 80408

This is a thread where we share memes roasting troons and shit talk them. it says it right next to the link you click to get to this thread. It’s your own fault for not reading properly and annoying everyone else here about it.

Anonymous 80412

If Belle Delphine can prance around like the bimbo she is wearing pink haired cosplay wigs, cat ears, and colored contact lenses and stay skinny enough to look like a 3-D anime girl, then damn it I can aspire to be a messy black haired NEET anime girl.

Anonymous 80416

thats the spirit queen maybe we should start a neet look inspo in /hb/

Anonymous 80417

The funniest part is that I'm sure that she will blame her misadventures on the evilness of cishet men.

Anonymous 80418

Cishet men are evil though.

Anonymous 80420


Well trannies truly are wasted lives that to businessmen don't matter, this does not surprise me, when opportunists take advantage of their autism to just frankiestein them. If they could do this with retarded down syndrome people they would seem them scams too, the weed dealer telling a retard his weed is smart weed just so he can sell more, etc.

Anonymous 80423

>penis penis penis penis penis
Note how the troon can only notice posts that talk about his penis and relates everything about troon topics to his penis, even though there is plenty of talk about FtMs and more general topics. Even when they want to cut them off moids are so penis obsessed, it's hilarious.

Anonymous 80424


We need our own party.
For what? So we aren't managed by moids. Remember what happened to the UK's green party that it got trooned and all the women left. Rightfully so.

Also we need our own platform to host our content when one of us gets banned in the mainstream media.

Anonymous 80427

Well, what else was he supposed to do?
She went to an orgy the day after she broke up with him due to pressure from an echo chamber.
Is he supposed to be with her out of pity?
If I had a BF (>tfw) who went to an orgy the day after dumping me I wouldn't take him back, what she did was shitty even if you ignore the tranny circlejerk involved.

Anonymous 80446


Reminder of the core ideal. We will be free.

Anonymous 80460

If no one says anything it'll just get worse this are the threads that peaked me personally so if posting a stupid meme is enough to get another woman to think critically about men in wigs then I'm going to do it lmao it's nice to have somewhere where people aren't kissing trans ass all day especially with all the shit they have and are doing

Anonymous 80493

Honestly, it's such a predatory community full of fake smiles and agp coomers. I went through some gender dysphoria stuff myself, they really make you feel like transitioning is the only option and you'll "finally be happy and who you truly are". To this day I still have the nagging thought in my head over the whole gender thing every now and again. It's literal fucking brainwashing.

But what makes it even worse is the social immunity they get. I'm mostly a 'live and let live' kinda person, I don't care what people choose to do with their own bodies. But it's super fucking unhealthy when any and all criticisms get shot down and silenced. So for anyone who may feel uncomfortable in their bodies growing up (and honestly, who doesn't in their teens?) or questioning stuff see all the trans positivity, that becomes super dangerous. Been there.

Anonymous 80503

>I'm mostly a 'live and let live' kinda person, I don't care what people choose to do with their own bodies.
this. idc when grown men took hormones and fuck up their bodies, but theyre grooming kids to do the same -not to mention being rapey against lesbians and erasing women

Anonymous 80530

lmao exactly

Anonymous 80531


What peaked you guys? Curious.
For me, it was realizing that I've never felt like a woman unless I was acting out some "feminine" stereotype (e.g. cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, scolding men).

Anonymous 80532

The realization the only defining traits of being a woman is having a womb and ovaries and anything else is an abstracted stereotype based on culture. Thus, nothing makes you identity feminine other than the fact you have a vagina, and this can't be related to any other experiences you can have. To say that those experiences matter is to open the door to troondom.

Anonymous 80534

Finding out that they wanted to skin walk their ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, children, to the point of murdering them. And denying Female genital mutilation saying it's about gender identification. Everyday I peak higher and higher though.

Anonymous 80540

lurking the terf threads on here and lc and itsafetish probably had an influence but it was really the jk rowling controversy that did it for me. i’m embarrassed that i used to consider myself a trans ally

Anonymous 80541

Every time I read this story, I feel like her friend knew exactly what he was doing.
Or at least I'd like to think. If not, I hope he got shat on for bringing her.

Anonymous 80543

>Complaining about this thread, immediately and only mentioning "tranny penises"
>None of their bulletpoints or "concerns" apply to transmen, which are discussed just as often, if not a little more.

I think the hit dog is hollering.

Anonymous 80544

The first time a joke was even made at transmen expense was here >>80265 otherwise the threads have been exclusively focused on men in dresses. The only other time that transmen have been mentioned was for a "transmen are my sisters" badge that was posted in the first thread. If people don't want to discuss troon penis stop focusing on outrage porn over men in dresses.

Anonymous 80545

I've peaked so many times.
The first time was when I realized many of them were trying to live their fetishes manifested through misogyny (for both women and men, it always seems to come from misogyny) and not handling dysphoria.

The second time was when an online women's group I was in had a male """nonbinary""" member meet up with and rape another member. The leaders of the group kept policing people on his pronouns even after kicking him out and letting other predatory men remain in.

The third time was with JK Rowling. At that point, I knew there was really no good side.

The fourth and final time, not counting minor peaks, was when a few of my long-time friend and husband trooned out. That one also made me peak regarding polygamy.

It's all so tiring.

You are really hyperfocused, my (obvious) man.

Anonymous 80546

I think poly is suitable for people culturally attuned to it or for a tiny minority of people otherwise, but not for 99% of people getting into it cause it's fashionable right now.

Anonymous 80547

Says the moid waving penises around.

Anonymous 80549

I should be clear; I have no issues w/polyamory (which is what I meant to write) in of itself, but I feel the same as you. The only reason why it contributed to my peaking is because, where I live, there seems to be a massive overlap with troons and polycules. They're both fads, so I guess it's par the course. Many of those polycules feel like cult denominations.

I think you're confusing me with:

Anonymous 80551

Typical moid wanting to own a women through singular marriage instead of embracing women exploring their freedom. We don't want you here.

Anonymous 80552

If you're the /r9k/ raider trying to weaponize what's being used against you on one of us, it's not gonna work. At least you realized screaming about the poor trannies has no place here.

Anonymous 80553

i peak 'sex worked' and the peak trans followed soon after.

Anonymous 80555


Anonymous 80556


Oh I'm so sad this is gonna get deleted, I really am, anon.

Anonymous 80558

Why would it get deleted? Being pro-trans isn't a banneable offense, and Admin has already stated that trans-men are allowed to post here, they just wouldn't want to.

Anonymous 80559

It's very obviously baiting.

Anonymous 80560

peaked when a tranny had a go at me irl for not wanting to fuck him

Anonymous 80561

trans men are women anon!

Anonymous 80562

They sure are, I'm just laughing at this deranged woman trying to act like a man!

Anonymous 80596

i support polyamory for women who get more than one partners but men dont deserve to marry 4 women and use them as chilbearer/sex slaves

Anonymous 80602

This post ignores the sorts of people who have multiple relationships. Have you ever seen the men who accept sharing one woman? They’re always the ugliest, fattest, most desperate geeks alive. Having four men like that is worse than being alone. I’d rather be a sister wife to a chad than have to deal with a bunch of betas.

Anonymous 80608

damn youre right i hadnt thought about that

Anonymous 80613

Yea but the betas probably are the type to obey you, rather than chad who is going to give you an STD

Anonymous 80614

That's why it's just better to be alone and have casual sex very selectively if at all. Tying yourself to a moid is never worth it

Anonymous 80615

>the betas are probably the type to obey you
Do you want a man or a pet? Have you had a relationship like this where the man just does things to appease you? Having an ugly pushover sounds awful to me, but if that’s what you want I guess…

Anonymous 80629

Exactly, plus none of them will do the housework so you have to clean up after them even more

Anonymous 80637

One of my first boyfriends was like this. It honestly made things so boring between us. I tried to get him to talk to me about things he liked, what his passions were, but it just felt like everything he did catered to me. Otherwise, it was like no direction, nothing to strive for.

Got out of that so fast. Ever since, my #1 thing to look for in someone is if they have their own life and interests separate from 'us'. I don't want someone to constantly bug me 12 hours a day or want to do absolutely everything together.

Anonymous 80645


Ran into this troon on a twitter thread (https://twitter.com/Deadshot_queen/status/1377709756425629703) for women to share their experiences of being creeped on by older men, where he barged in basically co-opting his coworker's experience. Went through his profile and of course it's another pornsick ~totally gay~ transbian. Not included: lots and lots of other nasty nudes.

Anonymous 80647

give me some prompts and i will draw anime miku for you (unless the captcha breaks again)

>my (obvious) man.
That one is really obvious because it doesn't understand why women post against MtFs here. Anon thinks it's of some fetishist dressing up. For us it's rapists in women's bathrooms. To a woman it is a bigger issue than a male being perverted in his own time. The tranny you replied to doesn't understand that.
Of course I think FtMs are freaks too, all trannies are a problem but at least they don't bring me harm though I'm concerned for other girls being indoctrinated. Obviously people will post more about issues that directly affect them.

TRAs will tell you that "what's it to you if a person wants to be trans? It doesn't affect your life" This is 100% wrong. It doesn't affect me when someone lives out their fetish alone and it doesn't affect me directly when people destroy their own bodies through substance abuse or some other harm. (Though everything you do affects people around you to some degree.)
But troons affect every woman there is, women that lives around them, women they haven't even met yet, and women they will never even meet. Troons enforce gender roles that women are better off without, they cannot survive without gender roles. Everyone that supports trans is giving encouragement and letting young girls become FtMs and destroy themselves. Every MtF tranny included in a female locker room increases the chances of a woman being harmed.

Trannies can't fathom why we are against them, they ignore the fact that it's an issue that affects half of the population, that it's not a private matter. Hence they think we are "obsessed," they can't imagine a different explanation.

Anonymous 80650

>Anon thinks it's of some fetishist dressing up. For us it's rapists in women's bathrooms.
These are the same thing, one enables the other. If you allow one the other happens.

>TRAs will tell you that "what's it to you if a person wants to be trans? It doesn't affect your life" This is 100% wrong. It doesn't affect me when someone lives out their fetish alone and it doesn't affect me directly when people destroy their own bodies through substance abuse or some other harm. (Though everything you do affects people around you to some degree.)

This is 100% correct.

>But troons affect every woman there is, women that lives around them, women they haven't even met yet, and women they will never even meet. Troons enforce gender roles that women are better off without, they cannot survive without gender roles. Everyone that supports trans is giving encouragement and letting young girls become FtMs and destroy themselves. Every MtF tranny included in a female locker room increases the chances of a woman being harmed.

Also correct.

>Trannies can't fathom why we are against them, they ignore the fact that it's an issue that affects half of the population, that it's not a private matter. Hence they think we are "obsessed," they can't imagine a different explanation.

You're retarded. Again, I hate troons, it's why I'm here, to avoid everyone talking and gushing over troons. However, now I am here, and this thread is purely dedicated to outrage porn over troon penises. You're not making plans to kill all troons, you're not making plans to raid or ruin troon places, you're not even discussion practical legal steps on what to do in regards to troons, you're just posting outrage porn over troon penis and getting angry over and over again wtih no real point. There's a meme like, once every thread maybe, but most of the thread is just people getting angry over troon penis. I could almost understand if this was the "TERF vent thread" where people went to "vent", however, that's not what's happening. You're not unloading your anger, you are coming to a thread specifically to be angered by troon penis even more repeatedly. The thread is a social gathering to get outraged over troon penis. Not do anything productive about it, not solve it, not even discuss things to do about it.

Anonymous 80662

I love how these "lesbian polycules" are always entirely men or 2-3 men and one woman. I wonder who does domestic labor between the four of them!

Anonymous 80671

Requesting lesbian miku pls

Anonymous 80684

I guess someone is pissed at us…

Anonymous 80685

What does that have to do with the thread? Or are you referring to the general TERF out and about in the world.

Anonymous 80686

this must be bait. most women want monogamy myself included so back up

Anonymous 80687

Second alternative.

Anonymous 80689

>she also wants to be owned by a moid
>she supports a culturally institution that started so that woman could be sold by men to other men as property

Anonymous 80704

i’m a lesbian, and i think you’re conflating marriage with monogamy.
all good tho. you seem radical and if we’re both on this board then we probably have a lot to agree on so i don’t want to bicker. gg sis

Anonymous 80770

if you want to make plans to raid or ruin troon places go ahead.i dont want this board to get banned tho, remember what happened to incels? (they deserved it but still)

Anonymous 80784

Lady I'm married and a marriage is nothing more than a contract of cooperation which protects the female party much more than the male party. read up before you spout nonsense.

Anonymous 80787

I really wonder where we're gonna be in 10/20 yesrs with all this trans shit. It seems more and more and more common online.

Anonymous 80800

I think we’re going to have more Kiera Bells and trannies will go the way of the lobotomy.

Anonymous 80802

>begs for HRT/surgeries for years
>regrets it
As much as I dislike troons Keira Bell is like a child that begs for a toy and then finally gets it on Christmas and proceeds to immediately throw it in the trash

Anonymous 80806

Anon she was literally a child, that's the whole argument against puberty blockers. A 15 year old's brain development is nowhere near the stage to make decisions that'll most likely drastically change their body for the rest of their life. The "doctors" know this and take advantage of it. Do you know about the tavistock debacle and why staff members with an actual conscience started resigning in droves?

Anonymous 80820

Anonymous 80821

Lacks entitlement, understands that gender-dysphoria doesn't change the way the world works, and all around level headed look at the whole situation.

"We should be taking a part in society, rather than demanding things of society". Honestly, I can really respect that. I think if everyone with gender dysphoria had this same sentiment there would be much less of an issue around it.

Anonymous 80822

I appreciate him but I used to follow him on twitter and there was SOMETHING off about him, I couldn't put my finger on it.

Anonymous 80825

Yeah I remember looking at all this GRA stuff that people were saying outrageous on twitter and it was like:
>you should have to be 16 or older to start HRT
>you have to be 18 or older to make a decision to change how you identify
>there should still be women-only spaces that do not include MtFs
That's all… really reasonable? What is the problem? I don't think we should go encouraging 13 or 14 year olds to start HRT and as I understand it even there they actually still can with sufficient medical backing (in those cases where a girl or boy has wanted to be the other sex since day 1, since they were literally old enough to express it).

Anonymous 80827

>I don't think we should go encouraging 13 or 14 year olds to start HRT
they push for young teens being able to start HRT because troons and hons are salty they started HRT at 20+, too late to make any significant changes to their body with hormones. Saying you have to be 18 minimum triggers them, because at that point there's no reversing the thick knees, man hands and wide shoulders

Anonymous 80828

Which is what the hormone blockers (not HRT) is supposed to solve instead by not radically changing development instead of just delaying the task until they are mentally mature. This of course assumes normal hormonal development is not a key part in developing mentally.

Anonymous 80831

She was a fucking child, dude. She has a right to be angry about what that cult did to her

Anonymous 80832

Harry Potter TERF …

Fresh from /tv/

Anonymous 80837

Puberty blockers are not a harmless way to buy time like big pharma would have you believe. It's still chemical castration, an abnormal stunting of physical and mental development that results in potentially devastating health risks. No one with a soul should even entertain the thought of shilling this shit to literal preteens that do not yet have the mental capacity to understand the weight of it. You cannot just fuck with one of the most impactful processes of your formative years with no consequences.

Anonymous 80841

If hormones are vital for mental development, would this not imply that differing levels of estrogen and testosterone would effect mental performance? That sounds pretty "male brain/female brain" to me.

Anonymous 80842

I saw this mentioned in the political square thread, but it looks like the posts were deleted, so I'm just going to ask here. For those who believe that gender dysphoria is real, but transpeople shouldn't transition. What exactly is your proposed alternative that wasn't already tried during the time when conversion therapy was in full swing?

Anonymous 80845

It's not new but there's always learning to live and deal with it like everyone else with a mental illness has to. Go to therapy, learn to cope with reality as it is. Unless you have something like Klinefelter Syndrome or if you're 100% not baiting and literally going to kill yourself without hormone treatment or due to the inability to socially transition, there's absolutely no need for medical intervention beyond maybe SSRIs or something of that equivalent.

Anonymous 80847


Anonymous 80848


>that shirt

Anonymous 80849

This cannot be real.

Anonymous 80850

I am fine with people transitioning, I just don't think MtFs should have access to all female-exclusive spaces nor do I think we should be letting pre-adult kids decide to go on HRT.

Anonymous 80851

i hope it isn't but moid depravity knows no bounds. i also can see an adam's apple i guess? the nose seems legit but it could be a filter or a nosejob. when i tried to search up the pics google didn't give me shit.
the original tweet is here btw https://twitter.com/TheHeke/status/1375689056831602690
on the 2nd pic i can see what looks like a filter applied to the eyes and somewhat of an instant tan being used. i could be wrong though.

Anonymous 80852

How? Most organs, including non-dimorphic ones, are affected by hormones in some way. There is no such thing as a strictly "male" or "female" brain because every single brain is mix of "male" and "female" physiological traits. It doesn't magically have a sex separate from the body it is found in.

Anonymous 80856

>converstion therapy
Why are you using this term to demonize therapy that combats mental illness like any other? Is gender dysphoria not a mental illness? It's very much possible to alleviate it with therapy, you just don't see it in mainstream discourse because God forbid someone may want to choose an alternative that doesn't make them a lifelong medical patient fattening the pockets of pseudo-clinics. There's powerful lobbies behind this. I personally don't care if an adult makes an informed decision to transition but I won't stand for "gender" ideology aka denying sex as a biological reality and replacing it with stereotypes and vague feelings, medicalizing homosexual/gender non-conforming kids, eroding sex-segregated spaces etc.

Anonymous 80857

>How? Most organs, including non-dimorphic ones, are affected by hormones in some way.
For the majority that aren't involved in reproduction, not really, that falls under Human Growth Hormone predominately, then thyroid, then the sex hormones typically. To imply that the brain simply doesn't mature at all without sex hormones, and the fact that testosterone and estrogen activate wildly different chains, this implies that brain development must be heavily impacted by them.

You are in a catch-22, if you imply that sex hormones have zero relevance to the development of the brain, then there is no female/male brain distinction. If you imply that there is a critical component of brain development that does not happen without it, this implies that categorically, something must development differently between men and women which implies performance differences.

You can't say there's no difference between male and female brains and in the same breathe say that sex hormones are critical to mental development. Sex hormones don't effect them as directly, at the very best, most organs get stressed by the indirect effects.

I am personally in the camp that there is no difference that makes men or women superior over the other as your view implies.

Anonymous 80860

Thanks for your feedback, that isn't an alternative. By allowing this you inherently allow the slow push for this to be applied to younger and younger individuals.

I'm personally under the opinion there's nothing wrong with conversion therapy, what I am asking you is, after years of people trying to fix trannies without them trooning out and falling, what exactly are you proposing as an alternative?
>It's very much possible to alleviate it with therapy, you just don't see it in mainstream discourse.
This was the goal of some categories of conversion therapy as well, not "stopping you from being gay/trans" but "alleviating the urges and preventing taking actions in response to said urges".
Then why did it not succeed when conversion therapy (which this categorically is) was in full swing. If conversion therapy actually worked, we would still be doing it.
> I personally don't care if an adult makes an informed decision to transition but I won't stand for "gender" ideology aka denying sex as a biological reality and replacing it with stereotypes and vague feelings, medicalizing homosexual/gender non-conforming kids, eroding sex-segregated spaces etc.
Great, I applaud you, now actually propose an alternative that hasn't already been tried with conversion therapy. Why do you think you will succeed where they failed to do the literal exact same objective?

Anonymous 80862

>Thanks for your feedback, that isn't an alternative. By allowing this you inherently allow the slow push for this to be applied to younger and younger individuals.
lmao, no you do not

Anonymous 80863

Yes, you do. If it didn't work like that, why are we here having this discussion in the first place? The situation as you desired it was present during the 70s to the 90s, yet here we are, in the current year, living with the consequences of "live and let live".

Anonymous 80875

This gal gets it

Anonymous 80878

We are looking at the bullied nerds we might have grown alongside in school the ones almost nobody talked to but in tranny form. Interesting.

Anonymous 80882

men dont like trannies cause they can't impregnate them

who in their right mind would want to waste their time dating a "woman" who couldn't bear children

Anonymous 80886

that's moid reasoning lol

1. who cares why men do or do not like something
2. plenty of women can't have children or don't want to

Anonymous 80887

It's more complicated than that, that is too reductionsist.
Also because it must be so disgustingly gross to have sex by pulling in and out a dick inside a literal wound, also trannies just don't have the features of a woman outside or inside. There is a lot of reason why 98% of straight dudes refuse to date them.



Anonymous 80890

female posters only

Anonymous 80892

then why are you here?

Anonymous 80893

>It's very much possible to alleviate it with therapy
How, exactly? I've been in therapy since I was 9 and I'm still dysphoric. Plus it's pretty much impossible to find a GC therapist since therapy is a scam

Anonymous 80900

Anonymous 80906

Differing hormone levels effect literally everything in your body. Yes, the brains of biological males differ from those of biological females in that they have higher T levels and a y chromosome in every cell, we don't call that a "male brain" though the same way we don't call an arm with y chromosomes and high T levels a "male arm". because brains, like arms, are not sex organs or even secondary sex characteristics.
Furthermore, when a tranny says that they have a "female brain" in a male body, they're not saying that their brain somehow has xx chromosomes and high estrogen levels while the rest of their body doesn't. That would be false and easy to disprove, of course. They're claiming they have some sort of vague female "essence", "identity" or soul that makes them female despite their y chromosomes and naturally high T levels. They're intentionally vague so no one can really prove them false. But they provide no evidence that such a thing as a "gender identity" even exists.

Anonymous 80910

I believe there are actually biological brain differences in trannies but the work done researching that so far is limited and suspect (needs to properly account for the effects of hormones etc). There's some stuff on prenatal androgen exposure too, and it wouldn't surprise me to find that has an impact, because it certain does on male/female occurrences of homosexuality (IIRC often gay men have less and gay women have more than typical prenatal androgen exposure).

Unfortunately research on all this stuff is pretty rough because of modern day idpol. We don't actually want to find out the biological causes of what we term lifestyle choices.

Anonymous 80912

As much as there is a brain difference with people with dementia, schizos & hyper aspies. Then yes.

But there ain't a cure for them either right? We make them accept that their perceived "reality" is delusion. Because it is. They are unhealthy.

Anonymous 80914


Anonymous 80915

Also, at the end of the day, it's your genes, reproductive systems, ntarually produced hormones, and gamete cells that determine your sex (whether you are male or female), not your brain.
Just because there is a certain brain difference that makes people more prone to gender dysphoria, doesn't mean they have a "brainsex" or that they literally are a member of the opposite sex in any way. If a grown man wants to larp as a woman in certain social situations and take estrogen, because some part of his brain makes him feel better about himself when he does so, that's his choice. Doesn't make him an actual woman though.

Anonymous 80916


Anonymous 80917


Anonymous 80919

I would separate out aspies there because we actually do do a lot (or there is movement to try and get us to do a lot) to accommodate their thinking rather than override that.

Anonymous 80926


Anonymous 80932


This gave me the greatest kek

Anonymous 80943

Anonymous 80946

Transplanting an uterus doesn't mean it's going to work without the biological woman body to support it ffs. Trannies literally believe in sci-fi magical shit.

How would that shit even work ffs. And for what a woman would want to extirpate her uterus to give it to a tranny? Maybe a rich loonie tranny like William Bruce Jenner and shit could pay enough for one I guess but how to even make it work lol? Ridiculous, the body itself will have that organ dead and inactive it has no way to life support it.

Anonymous 80947


There are definitely some that are desperate enough to buy into that lie. Enough that there are certain organizations that are pushing for serious study.


There is definitely no way in hell that this would ever work without some miracle genetic therapy along with it. They've probably already tried some mengelian shit like this on rats at this point just to see. Even if they gather enough frankenstein scientists to make it work it would probably need some outer apparatus like a giant insulin pump.

Anonymous 80948


Anonymous 80958


Anyone got the caps of his posts on FB?

Anonymous 80959

based robot
a rare and kek-inducing phenomenon

Anonymous 80961

Even modern vital organ transplantation (which is well researched and incredibly well funded, thanks rich old people) needs heavy supplies with immune suppressants to the point were patients are in serious danger of dying from a common cold, need special nutrition, take a lot of care and deteriorate in overall health tremendously fast since they have severe systemic side effects. Even then there is a big chance that the organ will just be killed off by the receivers body instantly otherwise it won't survive for longer than a decade tops.
Transplantation of anything than blood is nothing but a measurement to prolong the life of an already terminate ill patient.

On the other hand, uterus transplantation could kill off the remaining tranners that didn't suicide right away, suicide after transition, died from hormone intake or from axe wound sepsis (septica pseudovulva infernale).
Evolution finds its way and people with the inherit urge to mutilate themself usually end up dead pretty early.

Anonymous 80963

>Evolution finds its way and people with the inherit urge to mutilate themself usually end up dead pretty early.
Is this why gay people have gone extinct?

Anonymous 80965

Don't recall self mutilation being hand in hand with homosexuality.

Anonymous 80967

If selective pressure would remove these people then homosexuals would have died a long time ago, unless you believe that homosexual men pop babies out of their asses and homosexual women impregnate each other with their eggs.

This also doesn't cover the fact that troons have been present in a lot of cultures for a very long time at this point. I don't think the "problem" is going to solve itself.>>80965

Anonymous 80968

Evolution likes gays because a kid had better surviving chances if it has a father plus a gay uncle caring for it.

Anonymous 80971

I don't believe moids hetero or homosexual actually give a shit about children, your theory is bullshit. Unless you want to argue that homosexuals act more "feminine" than heteros.

Anonymous 80973

Not the same thing, a lot of gay people have children outside their homosexual proclivities.

Anonymous 80974

With caring i don't mean cuddeling or babysitting. Think about aquiring food and other resources and protection against animals and evil ooga booga clan.

Anonymous 80980


Look what i found!

Anonymous 80982


Anonymous 80983


Oh no chris tall coffee is cancelled what do we do

Anonymous 80986

Anonymous 80987


Anonymous 80988


I found his instagram. Beware

Anonymous 80989


did he get NYPA'd already?

Anonymous 80991


Fucking kek, I thought the IT troon meme was just a joke. I can't believe this

Anonymous 80992

Even if there is a biological cause for gender dysphoria, I doubt most who experienced it would have gone as far as mutilate themselves without a culture that encouraged them to do it and told them it was the only way they could be happy

Anonymous 80993

new fav twitter account

Anonymous 80994

The Indian Hijra has been going on for millennia even with heavy resistance from society and comparatively "poor" treatment compared to modern transpositivity.

Anonymous 80995


New story

Anonymous 80997

this has to be a troll

Anonymous 80998

iirc, the danganronpa fandom is almost exclusively female, even if they claim to be whatevergender. bait by a fellow miner?
or did they just search up "junko crying" and went with the first image to show up

Anonymous 80999


>first they came for arrr slash Jen dur cr1tikal
>I did not speak up, for I was not a lezbeeann

leik if u crie every tiem

Anonymous 81000


Why these trannies and nonbinaries has obsession with children

Anonymous 81002

Oh wow we haven't been spammed with stupid bullshit ever before… We definitely not just gonna hit that report button and ignore the thread if it happens. I'm being sarcastic btw.

Anonymous 81003

They think kids are rational agents and can consent to a lot of shit. Arguably even sex for some tranners.

It's just a way to have more of them once these kid moids go infertile they already fucked a human being up out of a bodily function and by then he might commit to the whole thing. It's a way to legally castrate without the physical input from another agent, so you fool the person into thinking he needs castration. It has to be subversive now. Can't do it forcibly without being a crime anymore.

Anonymous 81006

türk phone interface

you are the one who made that account arent you

Anonymous 81007

they can always buy from organ harvesting operations
there are already some in africa, china and israel

in this age
human lives are cheap
cheaper still are the lives of those who live in the third world

Anonymous 81011

> I thought the IT troon meme was just a joke.
What makes you think that post isn't a joke?

Anonymous 81013

Am I still a terf if I think trans women make good men

Anonymous 81015


>trans women make good men

Anonymous 81017


Anonymous 81018

we'll show those damn terfs that we're real women! by attempting to scare them and make them uncomfortable in the most male way possible!

Anonymous 81020


based thread

Anonymous 81024

They’re so close to getting it lol

Anonymous 81026


glad im not the only one who's noticed, alot of " w*stern " fujoshi's that i knew a decade ago are ftm now, so much for pretty boy on boy drawings right

Anonymous 81033

This is from a /pol/ thread. As dumb as /pol/fags are they’re right about liberal women. It’s funny how even they claim to support trans rights but immediately show their true colors if you accuse of them of being one lol

Anonymous 81040


>mfw the tranny thoughts are back
>mfw i lurk and post in every terf forum in existence but i still want to have a dick and fuck girls

Anonymous 81043

that's… a fetish anon. get help. seriously.

Anonymous 81044

Lol, every time I see someone online complain about yaoi and representation, I check their bio. Every time so far they’ve been either ftm or nonbinary. Fujoshis have become delusional and self hating.

Anonymous 81046

yea that's why i tend to hang out more at eastern twitter, they are just more honest with themselves and in what they like rather than trying to cope by delusionally larping as a moid to continue their uguu boy on boy fetish without being called out for it at this age by ameriwhales who feel the need to pronounce everything as problematic.

Anonymous 81048

I don't think there's anything wrong with the fetish bit, honestly it's pretty tame and kinda common to fantasize about having a dick. Just don't go troon because of it.

Anonymous 81049

its more like owning the man these days
marriage is often used to court rape men regardless of initial feelings from when the contract was agreed upon, depriving them of their money and often children.
but I digress marriage is more of an out loud statement that SHOULD mean that you are going to stick with your significant other for life but we all make mistakes

Anonymous 81050


Everyone fantasizes about having the opposite sex's genitals sometimes. The problem is when you start to obsessively believe you can actually change them and become something you're not. (see: troonism) Even most TIF's don't get the vienna sausage stitching ceremony because they know the immense risks involved, plus the fact you can buy a strapon/ prosthetic dick and live out your fantasy like a TIM can't. They tend to get dangerous breast-cancer removing surgery without the breast cancer instead :(

Anonymous 81051

>you can buy a strapon/ prosthetic dick and live out your fantasy like a TIM can't
You can't feel anything with a strapon

Anonymous 81052

Guh why do people take pictures of this shit

Anonymous 81053

It's true but you can feel something hard and pp-like where a pp should be. It is still kind of fun to play with.

Anonymous 81067


Anonymous 81068

Anon I’m ALL FOR harrassing troons, but
>tme is in her bio
Anon, the girl you’re messaging is “transmisogyny exempt” aka a woman

Anonymous 81069

Doesn't tme mean they're female?

Anonymous 81072

get a two-sided one, with a vibe that goes inside the wearer
still not the same as feeling someone from the inside but at least you feel pleasure

i suffer from the same fucking thoughts

Anonymous 81089

I mean, the writing was already in the sky for at least that amount of time. They followed the same trajectory as transbians.

Anonymous 81096

ne alaka

Anonymous 81097

agreed. there is a difference between delusional 30 year old fetishistic males and teen girls with internalized misogyny who were groomed into troon shit by social media

Anonymous 81105

Agreed. Idk why we’ve reached a point in the West where you can only read yaoi if you’re an “mlm.” I doubt that many actual gay men are into it, considering there’s a separate genre for comics made for and by gay men.

Anonymous 81108

I thought you were kidding about this and then I went and ended up looking at a kpop stan/fujoshi's twitter for gamedev stuff today and yep, they're transitioning.

Anonymous 81110

why can't they just be normal and get a strap-on instead? fakebois look as gross as fakegirls anyway, the whole ambiguity thing does not work at all when you're trying to actually pass as the other sex.

Anonymous 81121

fucking liberals.j…

>tfw it will be federal law to cover disability pay for those six months but maternity leave will still not be mandated in the USA

Anonymous 81122

Have a good sit fe…

I peaked because I saw how men didn't stop being men just because they pretended to be women. Still murdered and raped and talked over women just like they were still men.

Anonymous 81123

Hahaha, no. Polyamory may be able to work in an all female utopia, but if men are involved, then it's just playing into their fantasies.

Anonymous 81125

That blog is such proof of how different men and women are.
TRAs receipts: constant rape and death threats, literally expressing desire to skin women and wear the skin.
That blog of TERF receipts: "men who use the word TERF hate women", "I hope doctors are held responsible for medical malpractice", and "a women who caters to the male gaze is not empowered by doing so".
Wow. Such hate, very misandrist.

Anonymous 81127

>I don't believe moids hetero or homosexual actually give a shit about children
Moids absolutely care about their genetic children over the kids of others. Humans would have vastly different social structure (more like orcas) if this wasn't true. Instead, moids stay to add resources so that children that are theirs, or related to them, survive in greater numbers compared to children who have less resources from less adults contributing.

Anonymous 81128

Evolution selects for homosexuality for the same reason it selects for grandmothers. Because human babies are so helpless, adults who are not reproducing are needed to help care for the young that are not directly theirs, but that are still related to them.

Anonymous 81129


Does redkatherina have a new account?

Anonymous 81131



Anonymous 81132

same :(

Anonymous 81133

The funny thing is they don’t even see the irony in sending rape and death threats, which is an entirely male reaction.

Anonymous 81137

Fairly new to her art. What happened?

Anonymous 81145


Anonymous 81155

>marriage is like owning men these days
>"court rape"
>responding to a reply from 4 days ago
Take a load off, anon.

Anonymous 81157

kek at the one trying to look like a literal meme. Haven't seen that before. Most troons I see try to look like blowup dolls or lolis.

Anonymous 81158

Do these people unironically not understand how babies are made? You can't just get a uterus implant, have some dude cum inside your intestine-lined crotch wound, then get preggo?
I mean, that would be consistent with them denying that sex is real and binary i guess, but I thought them making such claims was just larp to exploit intersex people and destroy sex-segregated spaces.

Anonymous 81159

moids wasting taxes on their shitty wars and their man-made illnesses while refusing to help mothers and poor women is nothing new tbh. The troon shit is just the latest excuse to withhold resources from women.

Anonymous 81161


Anonymous 81184


That makes 0 sense. Evolution selects for traits that allow an individual to further THEIR OWN genetic material, not the genetic material of their community. Evolution doesn’t select for grandmothers, being a grandmother just means that you lived long enough for your kids to have kids. There is nothing genetic about that. Please don’t say shit like this outside of this site, you’ll make us lesbians look retarded.

Anonymous 81188

I've seen it in some pop science articles so she is probably just parroting. Technically evolution doesn't select for anything, it just selects out things that cause something to die before it reproduces. A lot of things slip through despite not being especially advantageous just because they don't impact reproductive fitness. Trying to come up with specific reason why is kind of retarded.

Anonymous 81195

>Evolution selects for traits that allow an individual to further THEIR OWN genetic material, not the genetic material of their community.
That is incorrect. How would have such reproductive strategies as the ostrich communal nesting syndrome have evolved if this was true? Furthermore, no species would adopt orphans, something that is commonly seen in mammals in social groups.
Stop making up lies about stuff you don't understand.

>Technically evolution doesn't select for anything, it just selects out things that cause something to die before it reproduces.

That is literally what selection is. All you did was rephrase evolution. You're like that article that says "Men aren't biased against hiring women, they just believe that men are superior to women in all tasks and so hire only men."

Anonymous 81196

Yeah but it's there's not a reason behind it, selection is negative not positive. It wasn't selected because of its advantages it was selected because its what stuck out of billions of random mutations. Our brains just like to attribute reason where there is none and act like evolution has a mind of its own.

Anonymous 81197

>Evolution doesn’t select for grandmothers,
Further proof you don't know what you're talking about. Why do women go through menopause instead of reproducing until the end of life? It's because within kin groups menopause enhances fitness by producing post-reproductive grandmothers who can assist their adult daughters.

Anonymous 81200

>it's because
God I hate evopsych, it's just extrapolating whatever you think makes sense retrospectively to evolution, you can argue any point with this shit. I don't like when moids do it and I don't like when you do it.

Anonymous 81202

>It wasn't selected because of its advantages it was selected because its what stuck out of billions of random mutations.
>Something wasn't selected because of it's advantages, it was selected because it offered advantages over all other mutations
There is not a literal god of creation who is like "Being able to fly would be hella cool, I'm going to evolve wings in birds." Mutations happen, those mutations lead to increased fitness in a species, more of that mutation group reproduce. This whole process over millions of years is called evolution.

That's not evopsych, that's evolutionary biology. Within the same science tree, but totally different branches. You also going to claim that a dolphin having nostrils on its head is a complete coincidence and doesn't contribute to survival of the fittest at all?

Anonymous 81267

The evolutionary reason for menopause isn’t solely for older women to help raise their grandchildren. It is more dangerous for us to have kids as we get older. At that point it’s more beneficial to help raise your grandchildren, who are your direct lineage. That and the ostrich example wouldn’t account for homosexuality, as being gay makes you much less likely to even have kids in the first place. Grandmothers and ostriches are still successful in reproduction. I’m not saying there isn’t such thing as altruism in evolution, but most gay people don’t have kids. That wouldn’t be a situation where you’re trying to help reproductive success in your community as well as your own. I get that I was being reductive, but neither of your examples are really comparable to homosexuality.

Anonymous 81403


Why trannies are so violent

Anonymous 81405

the corndo(n)g doesn't even have erotic sensation and can't penetrate without extreme pain to the owner. it's just for show which if funny because it ugly as sin.

Anonymous 81414

pee your pants heckin terferinos! >_<

Anonymous 81418

lol'd @ the google translated message

Anonymous 81419


This. Pic unrelated

Anonymous 81423


looks like a character creator where you can choose the outfits

Anonymous 81449

i like cute boys wearing lingerie but wtf is that shit…

Anonymous 81454

choose your fighter

Anonymous 81488

Anonymous 81490

Didn't this guy kill someone like his wife or something?

Anonymous 81491


Spot the difference

Anonymous 81494

Anonymous 81499


Anonymous 81518


>>I had sex with a post-op MTF
>>It honestly felt like putting my fingers inside a deep belly button

Anonymous 81532



Anonymous 81549


Anonymous 81554

very cool habibi

Anonymous 81578

Accidental own to religion and troons actually

Anonymous 81581

Nigga dual strapons exist

Anonymous 81591


Anonymous 81593


Anonymous 81595


Anonymous 81596


Anonymous 81597


Anonymous 81598

Might make you smile. Althought I'm afraid TRAs will use this as an example it's fine to have troons in women's sports because "look a woman won against him so its ok!"

Anonymous 81599

A tranny can just not train hard enough in the fight and can get out skilled but in the muscles and bone department there is no way a woman will ever win so it makes the punches more lethal from the moid by default. It is so rare that with 4-6 oz gloves a skull is cracked with a punch, these usually can happen with knees to the head which are mostly illegal in the sport but that moid did it with a punch. It's insanity. And it will keep being attempted so long as women do nothing but I'm positive the world is waking up to the tranny madness taking away our rights.

Anonymous 81634

Based more people waking up.

Anonymous 81635

well religious people can argue that atheists don't have any physical proof that god doesn't exist either. mtf troons on the other hand…there is physical proof that they are male.

Anonymous 81637

Sure but here is the thing. The one proposing existence of something has to explain how does it exist what are the mechanisms of that object, how creation happens explained physically not just "haha things pop out of nowhere with magic" that person has to explain how that magic works physically to be a rational theory otherwise it's a super natural irrational theory.

Similar to gender ideology. There is no real "Trans" object in physical sciences in the end that object is a man.

Anonymous 81648

mental illness.png

Maybe they are right on the last line there. Maybe humanity would be better of if we dealt with severely mentally ill people just by shooting them in the head.

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