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Anonymous 80480

Is anyone into tea here? If so, can someone give me an idiot proof guide to getting into it. I don't wanna shell out 300 bucks for a clay teapot for every single strain of tea I buy.

Anonymous 80483

What type of tea do you like?

Anonymous 80506

Wait I don't understand OP. You buy a new teapot every time you buy tea?

Anonymous 80507

You don't?

Anonymous 80511

girl wtf you dont have to buy a new fucking teapot every time are you insane sweet jesus

Anonymous 80514

I think the idea is that you need a new pot for a new kind of tea so the residue of old tea doesn't taint the new tea.

Idk I get all my tea in bags.

Anonymous 80527

That's retarded and obviously a trick to sell more tea pots. I have 2 sauce pans at home and I've been making tea in them for years.

Anonymous 80528

This like buying a new plate for every different meal you have instead of just washing your dishes

Anonymous 80567


You don't need to buy a new teapot for every tea even if you're an autist like me. It could be a good idea to pick up either a gaiwan or a small japanese style teapot if you want to get really into tea. The best purchase, if you're going to buy any hardware though, is an electric kettle with multiple temperature settings.

To start out with, pick a few kinds of tea that you would be interested trying. If you want teas with a lot of natural sweetness, start with blacks (Chinese, Indian, or African can all be good). If you're interested in a more umami flavor or you really like matcha, check out Japanese teas. It's tea season now in Japan so it's a really good time to buy. If you like light, fruity, or nutty flavors, try out Chinese green teas. If you like smoky/malty/earthy flavors, you can try pu erh, although that gets expensive fast and is a little tricky to brew well imo.

No matter what, you want to buy loose leaf teas. Even if you're not a big 4ch user, their /ck/ has a tea general with a pretty good pastebin, so you can find a list of vendors there. Pick a vendor that specializes in the type of tea you're most interested in and get a few samples. I think it's also fun to pick up a few random teas that sound good while your at it.

Anonymous 80569

I just use an electric kettle with temperature settings and put the reusable filter with loose leaf tea right in the mug. Not a big fan of teapots for practical reasons so I think this is a good compromise. I know this isn't what you asked but fuck the system enjoy your tea in any way you want, you don't need teapots if you don't want to bother

Anonymous 80570

Green tea. I also like apple, honey, and cinnamon tastes (but I'm not picky by any means).

Helpful posts. Thanks anons.
I've been to /tea/ before but my questions are always ignored.

Anonymous 80571

I put crushed almonds in my tea. Also cinnamon.

Anonymous 80634

Most people do tea horribly wrong.

The absolute best way to brew tea is to cold brew it which is extremely hassle free and can be done in a mason jar. All you have to do is leave it in the fridge overnight and it's brewed. The cold brewing allows for very thorough extraction that's impossible to mess up.

Specifically for health I prefer matcha, oat straw, and blue berry leaf tea. Do a Google search and see the benefits for yourself.

Hands down the best place to buy tea is happymugcoffee dot com. Extremely high quality for wholesale price.


Anonymous 80691


Unpopular opinion, but don't shy away from tea bags. It's cheaper and easier. Yes, the quality is lower, but you don't know what you like, and you can buy sample packs to figure it out.

If you ever do get loose leaf tea, don't get those stupid metal strainer things. Especially tiny ones. I never used mine and they just got bent up in the junk drawers. I use a glass tea infuser like pic related.

For me, the best part about drinking tea is the comfort of it, the taste and aroma, and the ritual. It's so comforting and borderline spiritual. You can find out what you like about tea over time. Try different types, and find your preferences.

Anonymous 80726

If you brew your tea without bags, I highly recommend putting some fruit in with the dried leaves. Super yummy!

Anonymous 80939

where do you buy your tea?

Anonymous 80941

Fellow poors, what's your favorite shitty bagged tea?

I have a cheap electric kettle on top of a little water tank, and a shelf full of crap. I used to have a dozen National Cups everyday, but now I'm into lemon ginger. My go-to is peppermint, I always have a tiny cup of it near me. I have a bunch of little boxes of fruit teas I tried and hated.

I think I should "get into tea" for realz but I'm too lazy. This cold brew with mason sounds easy, I'm trying that.

Anonymous 80996

wild berry tea.jpg

I really like this brand of tea bags, and the peppermint tea from the same brand. Basically part of my breakfast in the morning

Anonymous 81010

Depends how autistic you want to be about it. If you just want to have something warm to drink just go to your local supermarket, buy a bunch of random teabags, boil water, throw tea bags in, leave it for a few minutes then drink when its cold enough. That's it. You can add lemon and sugar/honey, but at that point you're drinking lemonade. Teabags tea doesn't taste 'bad', but in my experience there are 2-3 tastes and all flavors fall in one of them, more or less.

If you want to taste something a bit more interesting you'll have to put a bit more money and effort into it. And I say interesting instead of "good" because a lot of people don't like "real" teas. I wouldn't say most of them taste good, like a taste you'll like instantly, but I love em because you get to drink stuff with tastes you won't feel elsewhere.

I get my teas from https://yunnansourcing.com/ (if you live in USA you can try https://yunnansourcing.us/ ). I don't know if there are better options, but these guys have quality teas and they ship to most countries. For the first time I recommend you buy a bunch of samples packs to see what you like, the more diverse the better. Try a sample pack of black tea, one of green tea, one of oolong tea etc. My favorites are oolong teas, but that tends to vary a lot from person to person, so you should try as much stuff as possible. A lot of people sperg out about matcha tea, I think it's fine but in my opinion it's overhyped, overpriced and a pain in the ass to "brew" properly (google it if you're interested, different process than normal tea).

There are multiple ways of brewing it, again, depending on how autstic you want to be about it. The main ways to brew it are:
1. Western style: basically same as what you do with teabags, put in tea, put in water, leave for a few minutes, throw leaves, drink
2. Grandpa style: put in leaves, put in water, drink half, refill with water, repeat until the flavor is gone
3. Gong Fu: put in leaves, put in water, cover it, leave for a short period of time (10-60sec depending on the kind of tea), move water to a different recipient, drink it. Add more water to the leaves, increase the infuse time by 5-30 seconds (again, depending on type of tea), repeat until the flavor is lost. With some types of good tea you can repeat this up to 15 times. This is the most autistic one by far, as the taste of tea will depend a lot on the infuse time and tea/water ratio. I suggest looking up how to brew it for every type of tea, (there's more to it than I explained here too, like for some teas its recommended to 'wash' it, as in pour water on leaves then immediately throw it away before doing your first brew) starting from there and experimenting with it if you really want to get into it.
4. Cold tea: someone already explained it, basically throw in water and leaves, put it in the fridge, let it there for a few hours. Personally I think that's a waste of good tea and a grave sin, but some people like it, so you could give it a try I guess.

For any type of brewing you chose I recommend googling it beforehand for the type of tea you want to brew to make sure you're not messing it up. Most important thing you should know (unles youre doing cold brewing) is that green, white and yellow teas should be brewed to lower temperatures (I do 80-90c) while most other teas should be at boiling or just below boiling temp.

My favorite way to brew it is Gong Fu, mostly because it's somewhat of a small ceremony. It feels pretty cool using gaiwans and drinking from those small traditional cups (you can find them on the site I linked above). If you want to try that I recommend getting one or two small gaiwans (120ml or smaller, I use a 100ml one), a pitcher and some of those cups. If you plan on making tea for multiple people you can get a larger teapot too (or a larger gaiwan, but larger gaiwans are hard to handle and you're probably gonna burn yourself, spill tea etc). Also you can get a water thermometer and a 0.1g precise scale to measure exactly how much tea you're adding. I know, it sounded like a pain in the ass for me too at first, but now it feels like part of the ritual.

If you don't want to get into any of this autism, but still want to taste some "better" tea than what you get in teabags I recommend grandpa style brewing, the only thing you should look out for is to use water below boiling temp for green, white and yellow teas.

Anonymous 81016

Their tea doesn't look that good, tbh. They don't even list what grade their matcha is.

I second yunnan sourcing. They have a really good selection.

For nip teas I usually go with Den's tea.

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