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Any other websites like this? Anonymous 80711

Any other websites like crytal cafe, i know there is lolcow.farm but I don't know any other websites….
pic not related.

Anonymous 80715

i know of other slower imageboards but none of them are female only. well, besides choachan but it’s kpop themed so unless you’re really into it(i’m not) it’ll probably be boring to you. there used to be asherah’s garden too but it’s gone now

Anonymous 80716

What happened to asherah’s garden?

Anonymous 80721

i’m not sure if the owner ever put out an official statement but i feel like she just got tired of running it. moids spammed it with shock images of women having sex with dogs and stuff like that, the last time i tried to go on it it wouldn’t even load. someone mentioned an alternative but i don’t remember the name right now. if i find it again i’ll post.

Anonymous 80725

It's so fucked up, we can't have anything :(

Anonymous 80729

Yeah I know, although if a website has a good moderation team, i think it can survive.

Anonymous 80731

i found it: https://grungebunny.wixsite.com/anna-koldings
it’s really dead though. barely any posts.
i hope that ag will come back one day but it seems unlikely, it’s hard for women to have spaces anywhere

Anonymous 81206

i wish it was more active lets boost it

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